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Chamberlain CLDM1 Clicker Garage Door Monitor
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $17.71

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Product Description

Sometimes you just forget to close the garage door. But if "sometimes" is closer to "usually" for you, you may run the risk of having your garage emptied out by opportunistic passers-by, and you will certainly pay more to heat your house. Chamberlain's Clicker Garage Door Monitor helps you minimize the likelihood that you'll leave the biggest door in your house open. The device mounts easily without tools to your garage door via a Velcro strip; if your door is open, the sensor sends a signal to the monitor, causing a red light to flash. The monitor may be plugged in anywhere in your house where you're likely to notice the flashing light. Depending on your garage-door habits, this device could help prevent theft and lower your heating bills. Includes lithium battery.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Sensor, receiver, AC adapter, double-sided Velcro fastening strip, lithium battery

  • Garage door monitor with sensor
  • Indicates whether garage door is open or closed
  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to the garage and prevents theft
  • Fast installation--no tools required
  • 8 by 8.5 by 3.5 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Not bad for the price
    Except for a couple of times when the units stopped communicating with each other, the system works as per advertisement.

    When the inside-house unit loses its status with the garage door unit you simply unplug the DC power from the top of the unit for a second and then plug it back in. The communications resets and works again. 99% of the time it works but that 1% of the time you need to reset the system.

    Helpful hints:
    Use a clean flat surface to stick the garage door unit. Do not stick it on the door itself...use a metal part close to the edge.

    Be careful of inserting the battery correctly. The documentation was a little vague on this point.

    Esthetically, it leaves a lot to be desired. They never mention the ugly little antenna wire on the inside-house unit. But...that doesn't negate the usefulness of the system.

    Suggestions for improvement:
    Make the red LED light a little brighter. ...more info
  • piece of junk
    One star is too many for this piece of junk. Only product I've ever bought on Amazon that did not work. Very disappointed....more info
  • Well worth the price...
    I have now been using the Chamberlain garage door monitor for ~6 months and it works great.

    I have a detached garage and the base unit works anywhere in the house. I really wasn't expecting the range to be that good. The only other worry I had when installing it was having to reapply tape to the back of the sensor unit on the garage door, but to my surprise it has stayed in position now through extreme temperature variations (from -20 F to 95 F).

    The only reason I didn't give it a 5/5 is because I agree with some of the other reviews, aesthetically the design could have been better...
    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money.
    I purchased this item foolishly ignoring the warnings of other reviews. We have a small house (1550 sq feet) so I thought that the range wouldn't be an issue. WRONG! The distance from my garage door to the monitor is probably about 45 feet. The monitor CONSTANTLY loses contact with the transmitter. There are two walls (well, really one wall and a door) between the transmitter and receiver. Not much interference. I have tried a couple of locations, but in my case there is no were practical to mount the receiver making this item is pretty much worthless....more info
  • Garage Door Monitor
    Easy to install. Works like a charm! Very satisfied. Now we know the garage door is closed without having to walk outside....more info
  • Gives Peace of Mind
    This products works as described and is certainly helpful to me for the few times I 'forget' to close the garage door. The range seems pretty good as well. The monitor is about 50 feet away from the transmitter unit. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Worth the money spent
    It isn't the most robust device, but it was worth the money spent on it. The sensor attaches to the garage door with sticky back velcro. This makes it easy to remove to change the battery. I put it on the top of the door, so it will indicate open as soon as possible. Range seems sufficient. The only unknown is how long the transmitter battery will last. It uses a nickel sized lithium cell.

    Update 2006-10-25: I still don't know about the longevity of the transmitter battery (still going strong), but I have loved this unit for the past few months. It has become a little "confused" two times over the last 6 months. It would indicate open, when the garage wasn't. I unplugged the base unit and immediately plugged it in and all was fine. I would purchase this again and wish I had done so sooner....more info
  • does the job
    This is an amazing product. Only reason I give it 4 stars is because the Receiver requires an AC plug which is bulky. Otherwise, it does what it is suppose to do....more info
  • No problems
    I received this item three weeks ago. Installation was easy and the unit worked as specified. I didn't have a problem with any distance, however my garage door is only about 50 feet away from the base unit.

    You do have to plug the base unit into a wall outlet and it has a slightly bulky transformer. I didn't know that when I purchased it. I thought both units were battery operated. So you can't just hang the base unit up on a wall in the house somewhere.

    Overall I gave it four stars. ...more info
  • Works as advertised!
    My garage is a separate building about 15' away from my house, so I needed something to tell me if I left the door open. I'm using this about 100' away from the transmitter - a bit too much for it. It worked fine at first, but then would lose signal on occasion. I noticed that the receiver had an antenna but the transmitter didn't. I opened up the transmitter and found the antenna "loop" - I simply soldered on a piece of wire of the appropriate length (this uses 390mhz, so I used a 1/2 wave length of wire, which is 14.4 inches). Works perfectly now!...more info
  • No Support If It Doesn't Work!
    Bought this product to replace another one that stopped working. Two transmitters were learned properly, but third triggered a closed door light only when the door was open. Buy this only if your garage door is within a 100 feet of the receiver. Don't expect any help from the manufacturer. The technical support phone number inside the package sends you to a telephone call director full of options, but only pre-recorded instructions that you already have in the paper copy. NO WAY TO EVER SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON! You end up on the company's website and there is again NO WAY TO SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON! If the problem doesn't fit the cookie cutter they use, then there is an e-mail to technical support. I sent it on Friday the 21st, and got a message that they would get back to me in 24-48 hours. That ended up being 6 days, and they sent the same info found in the instructions in the package. I just occasionally forget to check and see if there is a live support number before buying stuff like this. Roll the dice. If you get one that works, great! If you don't, throw it away and forget about buying anything from Chamberlain again!...more info
  • Very pleased I have it ...
    Purchased this unit over a year ago, my garage is detached and the door faces away from the house ... cannot see if it's open unless I went out and trod halfway down the walk (CNY winter weather can make that painfully cold). I trust this unit ... it has gotten confused sometimes, blinking between red and green, but otherwise flawless ... did have to secure it with more/stronger velcro, the garage is unheated and the door too cold to hold it ... distance I have it is about 30 ft from the house/receiver....more info
  • No contact with transmitters is a recurring issue
    Went ahead and purchased this inspite of past stated concerns about range issues.I purchased two units and both work equally poorly.I tried several locations but if the receivers and transmitters are not in the same room together there is the flashing green and red signals indicating no contact with the transmitter. I frankly think that it is more likely an electrical interference problem with these units than a range problem.We have a fairly high tech house with multiple wireless items eg.Security System,Internet,Cable etc. I think that if you have multiple signals being transmitted in your home that it simply interferes with the operation of the 'hook up' between the transmitter and receiving unit.I suggest that you take this into careful consideration BEFORE you purchase one of these units.Mine are both going back to Amazon today....more info
  • Works great
    I HAD to get one of this after my local police called me at 4:00am to let me know my garage door was opened! I have the receiver on the second floor and it picks up the signal from the garage....more info
  • Garage Door Monitor
    Works well, exactly as advertised. The company could make a model that is inset and wired like a wall switch. Just a wall plate with a red and green light....more info
  • A little more cosmetic boost is desirable
    I have left open the garage door a couple of times after I left home for work. And I found my neighbors left open theirs even late in the night. That's why I decided to search for a garage door monitor.

    Among all the sensing method available in the market, this tilt sensor is most robust and does not affect by installation dimensional tolerance(means easy to install and fail-proof.)

    It works as claimed. But the design has some more to go. The color is not creamy white, which would blend well to painted common household drywall. It is rather grayish white, like office equipment. And the wire to power adapter and the adapter itself is black. It it would have been white, it will be perfectly blend into house interior.

    The price is somewhat high, considering the simplicity of this thing. I think total accquasition cost should be $30 for it.

    Anyway, it will be a useful helper for who is forgetful or busy to take care all small things such as closing the garage door. Again, because I have seen my neighbors with open garage door by midnight, I believe mine will keep such a thing from happening to me....more info
  • Simple, easy, works!
    Mmmmm... Sleepy. Snuggling into a warm cozy bed next to the wife.
    Just... falling... asleep.....

    "Hon, did you remember to lower the garage door?"

    "Wha... What!?"

    "Weren't the kids riding their bikes this afternoon?"
    "Do you think the kids remembered to lower the garage door?"

    Rrrr. Get out of bed, run downstairs, through the basement, into the garage to see if the door is up or down. No matter the result, run back upstairs and dive back into bed.


    "Ya, my feet got really cold on the concrete basement floor. Thanks for helping me warm them back up."

    I got pretty tired of this routine, so I was either going to build something with a proximity detector and a power supply and an LED, or see if somebody made something for less money than those parts. Yup, somebody does.

    This device couldn't really be easier. Stick the small remote to the top of panel of the door using the included velcro squares. Put the base station on your nightstand.
    Green LED = door down. Red blinking LED = door up.
    In my case, the transmitter and receiver are no more than 15 feet away from each other with just an insulated floor separating the two, so it works flawlessly.

    When first testing the unit, I placed the receiver so that I could see the LEDs, and walked away with the transmitter through the kitchen, dining room, down the hall, into a bedroom at the end of the hall, to the other end of the house. Probably at least 60 feet away and the thing worked fine. Tip the sensor and the LEDs would immediately change on the receiver.

    One very minor quibble: They used a diffused green LED and a focused red LED in the receiver. That means that the diffused LED is easy to see at any angle, but the focused LED appears very dim unless you are within about 15 of exactly in front of it; in which case it appears very bright.

    Another minor quibble: The remote uses a lithium coin cell. (CR2032, maybe? CR2016, maybe?) Hopefully it will last a long time, because I almost never remember to pick up coin cells at the store. I've got piles of AAs and AAAs and 9Vs and whatever, but my bathroom scale hasn't had a battery in over a year because as I am standing in front of the rack of batteries at Wal-Mart, I never remember which one it takes. I know that the same thing will apply here.

    Overall I am very happy with this unit. Great piece of mind. No more cold feet. Happy wife. All is good. Mmmmmm... sleep.
    ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    The short answer is: It works. My receiver is about 30' from the garage door's transmitter.

    The longer answer is this:

    The transmitter comes with adhesive-backed velcro to attach it to the garage door. (I added a staple through it to guard agaist it pulling off my older wooden door.) Being still quite new, I don't know how long the battery will last in the door-mounted transmitter (it's a large button battery). Hopefully it will have a long life.

    The receiver, though perfectly functional, could stand some improvements:
    (a) A simple paper template with markings for where to drill the holes in the wall to mount it sure would have been handy.
    (b) It doesn't even come with screws to mount it to the wall!
    (c) The AC adapter ("wall wart") is black. The color of the receiver is neutral, and looks decent on the wall, but the black wire running up to it is rather ugly. White would have been much better. I ran it along the baseboard and up the door trim (both white) so it at least isn't running straight up the wall.

    I think a neat feature would have been to have it beep as the "open" LED flashes -- with a switch to enable/disable the beep. It would serve as a mini-alarm if someone opened the garage at night, or if a child snuck out through the garage.

    But as I said at the beginning....It works....more info
  • good idea, just doesn' work
    The receiver is supposed to work all over the house, but we found that it doesn't work much past the back the the garage where the sender is mounted. pretty useless at that range....more info
  • This really works!
    I kept forgetting to close the garage door, so tried this. It works! It currently transmits reliably at least 30 feet through 2 thick walls. My only wish is that the lights would be larger, but it does flash if the door isn't closed, which catches the eye just fine....more info