Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar
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Product Description

Adjusts to fit most hinged and sliding doors / Top piece removable / Rugged 20 gauge steel construction / Pivoting ball joint assures contact with floor

The Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar provides your home with an added dose of safety by reinforcing doors from outside intruders. Built with Master Lock's world renowned durability, the Security Bar is constructed of 20-gauge steel to withstand more than 350 pounds of force, helping ensure that your doors remain securely shut. With a versatile and adjustable design, the bar fits most hinged and sliding doors.

The Dual Function Security Bar offers:
  • Versatility to work with both hinged and sliding doors.
  • Full contact with the floor for better security.
  • Padded foot and non-marring yoke doesn't damage or scratch your home.
  • 20-Gauge steel construction.

A removable pin releases the yoke end for sliding door applications.

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Versatile Design for Sliding and Hinged Doors
Whether you use the Security Bar for sliding-door or hinged-door applications, you can rest assured that the bar's design features are optimized to keep you and your family safe.

For hinged doors, the bar features a pivoting ball joint that keeps it in full contact with the floor, providing a more stable and secure connection. Simply place the padded foot against your floor, and wedge the specially designed non-marring yoke beneath your door handle. The foot will give the bar a tight grip against your floor, and because both the foot and the yoke are padded, your floor and door handle will remain unmarred, even with everyday use.

To secure a sliding door, simply turn the bar on its side, remove the yoke by pulling out the pin, and adjust the bar to the length of your door. Once properly adjusted, the bar will create a firm seating between the door and jamb, ensuring that no one can enter the door from the outside. The Dual Function Security Bar is designed to fit most sliding doors.

Master Lock Durability
The Dual Function Security Bar is made of thick, 20-gauge steel for strength. Backed by Master Lock's reputation for security and durability, the bar can withstand over 350 pounds of force. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

About Master Lock
Master Lock is recognized around the world as the solid, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Generations have grown up with Master Lock products at home, school and work. Today, a whole new generation has discovered Master Lock's new and innovative security solutions.

As the largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks, Master Lock continues to build quality and value into its expanding lines of security products. Long a leader in the sportsman, home and yard, school, and commercial markets, Master Lock has also entered the automotive, computer and security markets. As safety and security gain importance with the world's consumers, Master Lock continues to develop products that offer smart security solutions.

Founded in 1921, Master Lock continues to build upon its founder's spirit of innovation, quality, and good value for the consumer.

What's in the Box
Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar

  • Dual function door and patio door security bar; adjusts to fit most standard doors
  • Improves security on hinged and sliding doors
  • Rugged 20 gauge steel construction
  • Includes 1 security bar
  • 1 pound

Customer Reviews:

  • Dual Function Security Bar
    The bar acts in place of a second dead-bolt; similar to the old tried and true method of placing a chair under the doorknob. It is very simple to put in place and is probably 1/3 the cost of a dead-bolt. The heavy construction is superior to most general products of this day and age and in my opinon could be used for many years without fear of failure....more info
  • Well made and versatile.
    This is a well made product and it seems to work perfectly for the purposes for which it is intended. Easily adjustable, solid yet lightweight, attractive design. Master lock brand reliability is a plus as well. Nice that it can be used in a sliding door too. We won't be so worried about shutting the patio door every time we leave the house next summer, as long as this bar is securely in place....more info
  • Simple protection
    This is a great device for any door in your home where a little extra is just enough. easy to install and easy to remove in a hurry....more info
  • Does the job
    I bought this lock-bar for an old back patio door in my rental. It does the job, but the door is old, so even with the bar in place, the top of the door can be pulled back off the track. I would suggest getting this lock and one that you mount higher up if you are working with an older door. ...more info
  • security
    Works great. I feel better in my own home now. Shipped on time. no problems...more info
  • It worked!
    I bought this for some extra security for our house. Read that most breakins are caused by the door being kicked in. Long story short, my husband had the garage door opener which prevented me from using our back door. So, totally forgetting we had the security bar in place on the front door....I tried to open the door and couldn't budge it at all!! Well worth the less than $20 I spent on it for some extra piece of mind....more info
  • Not as good as I had hoped
    Unfortunately, the rubber footing slides, so it's not as effective as I would like it to be....more info
  • Great for Apartments
    For those people who live in an apartment where they're not allowed to modify the locks on their doors, or not allowed to add a security chain or other device, this will work for you. Easy to use, and I had my 6 foot tall son try to get in the door after we had it in place, and he couldn't budge it. A good security item at a reasonable price, and it works!...more info
  • Master Lock Bar
    I purchased this Master Lock Bar for my daughter's new apartment. Now she can feel secure knowing that no one can enter her apartment while she uses the bar. It braces the door closed from the inside making it impossible to enter. ...more info
  • If you are looking for peace of mind...look somewhere else!
    I used this product for months, thinking I was secure in my home. One day, a friend came over and stated that he didn't think the product would work. He went outside and tried to shove open my door...and was inside my house in less than 5 seconds. The "security" bar had broken with a minimum of effort. You are probably better off with a chair under the door knob. ...more info
  • These bars work!
    I bought five of these after reading other positive reviews. I add mine to those. These are light, solid, adjustable and easy to use. I have them protecting two doors and three windows, for which they work equally well. It took me about 10 minutes to install them all. They are made of aluminum so they are light a very strong. They appear to work equally well on carpet and hard floors. The rubber boot seems to grip very well. I believe it would take a lot of force to get through these. Hopefully enough for an intruder to think, "I'll go someplace else easier to get in to!" I recommend this product. Fair price, good Master Lock quality and they do what they advertise. What more can one ask for these days?...more info
  • Easy To Use Security Bar
    This product is simple and easy to use. We just wanted an added safety factor to our front door when we found out the new way that people are popping out the deadbolt locks....This is perfect!...more info
  • does the job
    i use this on a sliding door simply to keep my young child from sneaking wondering outside out of my presnce- works great...more info
  • Here are the features & measurements (minimum and maximum) if you need them..
    This security bar is very easy to use and a good alternative for providing additional protection. There are questions about how it's installed and its width - this is from the package:

    * This security bar adjusts to fit most sliding and hinged doors
    * Simple push button adjustment. No tools required.
    * High strength steel tube (20-gauge)
    * Portable, collapsible to fit most suitcases (**I wouldn't try to bring it inside a carry on**)
    * Ideal for home or apartment (entry doors, interior doors for privacy, garage access doors), student dorms and travel
    * Limited lifetime guarantee (see your store for details) (**Not sure what it means but keep the receipt**)

    For use with hinged doors:
    * Non-marring yoke designed to work with most types of door hardware. Can be removed for use with sliding glass doors.
    * Pivoting ball joint (assures full contact with the floor)
    * Padded foot provides sure grip on most floor surfaces and protects against finish damage.
    * For hinged door, adjusts from 30" to 44.5"
    * Should not be placed on loose rugs or floor mats
    * To install, adjust bar length so padded base is 15-18 inches from bottom of door when yoke end is placed firmly under door knob
    * Adjust length by rotating tube until silver button pops up
    * Place yoke end tightly against the underside of the knob
    * Slide padded base of security bar toward door until snug

    For use with sliding glass doors
    * Remove non-marrying yoke from end of security bar
    * Adjust bar length to fit in the sliding door track
    * Allow enough slack to remove the security bar quickly
    * For sliding door, adjusts from 27.5" to 42"

    For childproofing purposes, a Charley bar is better. If you don't have one, this bar may be better than the typical broomstick but you could consider placing an additional sliding glass door lock on top in case your child figures out how to lift it off the track (not too hard as it's not pressure fitted). In this regard, the Master Lock 251D which had a pressure lever was superior, as it could be wedged firmly high up, out of reach of children.
    ...more info
  • Works very well
    This is just what I was looking for. A little extra security for my front door. We have tile in the entry way, and when in place it is very secure. To test it out I have tried to open the door with a lot of force, with it in place. It kept the door closed and secure. It is very easy to assemble, adjust and use. Several of my family members have purchased it and love it also. Would buy again....more info
  • Security bar
    It works just fine. It was much less expensive than others I looked at, but is of good quality. ...more info
  • PLEASE READ: Retired MMA, had to really try to bust this
    I read all the reviews before I tried this product. I am very concerned and picky shopper. I thought I would give this a try. I believe the key to this product is the flooring you are using this on. The foot on the lock works excellent on title or wood. I would not recommend this product on carpet.

    One key point to remember...the farther away you have the base from the door the less strength it has. Try to get it between 70 degrees and 80 degrees. I was able to knock it out of place at 50 and 60. I normally do not worry about safety; however, I am a heavy sleeper. I can fend for myself but I have to hear it first. Let me know if you found this helpful!...more info
  • this item helps us sleep better at night
    I bought this for my daughter's use at her apartment. It is impossible to keep bad people from breaking into your place, but this security bar will give them a little more to contend with! It came within a couple of days of my order. We are very pleased.
    ...more info
  • Not solid!
    At first I liked the item, it looked good but after 2 times of use, I tried to lock the door with it and suddenly something inside it just fell apart and the lock just stopped functioning. I do not recommend it!...more info
  • Works well
    It basically works as advertised. It is easy to use and fits all of my door. It seems sturdy enough. You just have to make sure to push it firmly under the door knob and then the door is secure....more info
  • Master Lock
    Exactly what I expected. Easy to use. Requires no drilling into my brand new sliding glass door, which is the best part....more info
  • Not secure, base slides on tile floor
    Updated Jan 09: I ignored the instructions and moved the base in much closer to the bottom of the door - about half the minimum recommended distance. Now it seems to hold securely. Not sure how it would work with a determined burglar kicking the door though.

    Previous review:
    I'm surprised at all the good reviews for this product. The base of ours slides on tile, even when kicked in tight. Door will open when jiggled repeatedly. Not sure I would recommend this product....more info
  • Wrong Item
    I was surprised that this security bar was limited in the size. I have a doggie door in the patio frame, so my patio glass door does not close to the full length of the door frame. The security bar would not become small enough.

    The product was very well made and felt very strong. I would have been very happy with it but for the doggie door....more info
    I really enjoy the Security Bar. I feel secure in my home. When my husband is away, I can truly say, I can fall to sleep without worrying about someone entiring my home. I will be telling others about this excellent product....more info
  • Great product
    As a crime prevention specialist I like to practice what I preach. I bought four of these, two for home use and two for my mother. One is for the front door the other for the slider. Easy to use and works great! I also try to bring one with me to Neighborhood Watch meetings to show an inexpensive way to be more secure! ...more info