Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box with Set-Your-Own Combination Lock
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Product Description

Hang this lockable storage box to any doorknob or fence for easy access to up to five keys and never be locked out again. A large storage compartment holds five keys for house, car, or shed padlock, and more. Creating your own combination makes it easy to remember, and a personalized, adjustable combination lock with four dials offers up to 10,000 combination possibilities for optimal security. The compartment door pivots open smoothly and remains attached to lock body for easy operation. A shutter door provides enhanced weather resistance for rust-free performance. An easy-to-grip, dome-shaped dial with slick metallic finish means easy pushbutton operation and good looks. And, a strong, die-cast zinc construction with hardened steel shackle ensures years of reliable key storage. --Brian D. Olson

  • Hanging key storage box with combination access to 5 keys
  • Large key storage compartment holds over 5 keys for house, car, or padlock
  • Hangs from doorknob, fence, or just about anywhere
  • Personalized, adjustable combination lock with 4 dials offers up to 10,000 combination possibilities for optimal security.
  • Reinforced body withstands hammering and sawing

Customer Reviews:

  • Great price, great lock box
    Bought this when I was building my house so contracters could do their thing without me having to be there.

    Works great....more info
  • one thing missing
    I really like this product, but there is one problem with it. We use it for a vacation rental so that our renters can get their key upon arrival on the door nob. The problem is that it is too easy for the renter to change the combination or take the lock itself since it can easily be removed with a flip of a button. Hopefully this won't happen....more info
  • Great for REALTORS
    This is great for REALTORS. Just put the key inside and hang from the door knob. I love that you can change the combination. Great product for the price!...more info
  • Monstrous strength
    The masterlock select access storage box is a great product. I bought one for a slightly unusual purpose, in that I took it camping. For four weeks, this box was locked onto the frame of my station wagon, right next to the exhaust pipe. During that entire time, I used it several times without any problem. For the last two weeks, I found myself making hour-long treks over dirt roads, and across river beds every other day in a vehicle that was hardly designed for the task.

    When I returned to civilization, I fully expected to find the box thoroughly abused. I expected the rubber case to have been melted by the exhaust pipe. I expected mud to have gummed up the combination locks. I even imagined there might be a few dents or scratches on it from the road. None of this was the case.

    While my use of the box has revealed to me that it is not water tight, and the glue used to hold the rubber casing on may be a little weakened by heat or water, the worst damage I found on it were a few small scratches on the rubber casing around the lock part, where it had been attached to the frame of my car.

    Recently, I managed to get a key stuck in the device somehow. Perhaps it no longer worked right because I removed the rubber casing. Maybe the long car key I put in jammed the locking mechanism somehow, or maybe I managed to accidentally reset the combination while it was open. I suspect that I reset the combination accidentally. My one complaint with this device is how easy it is to do this. Users can easily fix this by gluing or taping the reset switch in place once you've chosen a good combination.

    Since I needed the key, I decided I would have to break open the device. Those of you concerned with the security of this product will be pleased to learn how hard it was to do.

    As I had gotten the rubber casing off, I already knew that there were six rivets in the back. I imagined that by drilling through these, I would be able to get the lock apart. Using a bench vice, and a power drill with a metal drill bit, it took me five minutes of serious drilling to get through these rivets. When I was done drilling, nothing happened, because the rivets were set in such a way that the drill holes had gone in crooked. I ended up pounding away at the thing with a ball-pene hammer and a cold chisel for another half hour to break the rivets on the sides all the way through. This allowed me to rip off the sides of the front panel. Once that was done, I had to beat in the back of the lock so that I could get the chisel into the top, and force the locking mechanism open. The hinge was too strong for me to break at all. Once I got it out, my key was slightly twisted. I'm not sure it will still work.

    All told, it took me fifty five minutes,to break into the master lock select access storage box. Fifty five minutes, using all the tools I could think of. At a private home, with it latched to a doorknob, or in an inconvenient place, it probably would have taken much longer. I don't think there are many places where the police won't get around to a criminal before they get at your keys in one of these things. I also don't think a criminal who can get at the keys any faster would be able to use them once he got them out....more info
  • Really Good - Except in the winter
    This is a great realtor lockbox especially if you have larger high security keys. It is fairly hard to jam by clumsy brokers.

    Its glaring fault is it is totaly NOT water resistant. In the winter expect it to be frozen solid, even if the sliding cover is up. Even in a protected area the cold can kill it. I keep deicer in the car.

    It needs a detachable rubber cover for the whole lock for winter use. ...more info
  • Great way to keep a key
    Our key has always been hid under a flower pot. Now, it is safely tucked away in this unique lock. Easy to use and easy to get key out. Just have to remember the four digit combo!! Feel much safer with key in this....more info
  • Easy to use!
    As a property manager for over 120 homes, I have used many different types of lockboxes on my vacant properties. This is by far the easiest to use. We change our combination code often and with these lockboxes it is so simple. ...more info
  • Very usefull
    If you forget your keys very often, this is the solution for you! It is very helpfull, if you don't have emergency keys around. Great solution. ...more info
  • Great lock box
    Bought this to use for house showings and to let contractors in for cleanup and repairs. The fact that you can change the combination whenever you wish makes it very convenient. Sturdy construction with enough room inside for several keys....more info
  • No more leaving the key under the mat
    We got one of these to use for our cleaning service. We used to literally leave the key under the mat...crazy eh? But this works really well and we now feel much more comfortable about leaving the key out. The only thing I don't like about it is that the dials are a little small for people with big fingers...other than that, great!...more info
  • works great
    The lock works great, I would say it works better than the push button type....more info
  • Great deal
    Excelente purchaise. Can you imagine never have to bother who's keeping the keys??? There're always there, hanging inside the key storage box !!...more info
  • Well made..easy to configure..versatile.
    Not a lot can be said for simply does the job.
    Holds enough
    I also have the 'other' one... permanent if screwed to a wall...without the 'attaching' hook.
    This one is versatile...not permanent.
    Consider for people who have disabilities...allows others to get in.
    Can also be left in a mailbox..etc....more info
  • Great product
    This is exactly what we were looking for - a way to securely leave a key and a note, and the ability to easily change the combination....more info
  • Surviving Brutal winter
    I have this lock outside in regularly freezing, snowing, sleeting weather, and it still works like a charm. The small door helps to protect the lock. Is spacious enough to hold multiple keys....more info
  • Master #5400D Key Storage Box
    This is the coolest thing. I have been looking for some way to store a key outside safely for a very long time. (I don't intend to hang it from the door handle.) The box itself is very strong and far superior to the push button type made by GE and others. The appearance of it in the photo is deceiving. It does not show the cover nor does it does not give the impression of how strong and well made it is. One other nice feature is the case has a plastic/rubber coating which makes it not only gentle against surfaces but easy to grip in nasty weather. For example if it was snowing outside and the temperature freezing or all wet, you could grip this without gloves. It's really a nice thing to have. I am going to get another and hook it to something under my car. I hate it when I lose a car key... Amazon has by far the best price and the reviews were extremely helpful helping me choose this item....more info
  • Master lock box is really worth it!
    I am a licensed real estate agent in Ohio and use this lock box on houses that are listed for sale. Easy to use!...more info
  • Great!
    This product has not been used yet so I am unsure of the quality, but it arrived on-time without any problems!...more info
  • Froze up. Useless.
    I bought this for my oceanside vacation rental last October. I placed it on a protected patio area and placed the key in it. It worked fine until last week when a guest absolutely could not get the key out. I sent my handyman over, who knew the combination. He tried it. Didn't work. Tried it again. Didn't work. Sprayed WD-40 on it. Didn't work. He never got the key out of there. Fortunately, I had a back up lock box that did work. My back up lockbox was a cheapo that had been sitting out in the tropical rain for 18 months. That had to be sprayed with WD-40, too, but it opened. I have no idea what went wrong but my guess based on previous reviews is the following: 1) it rusted, or 2) it was inadvertently reset....more info
  • Lock box
    Swift, smooth delivery. Product works excellently under normal conditions, though not used yet under extreme outdoor conditions....more info