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Nylon 336-Disc CD Wallet (Black)
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $29.31

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Product Description

A CD / DVD binder that can hold up to 320 CDs (160 with booklets) / Inside Cover Fast-File Pockets hold an extra 16 discs / Color - Black Unit Dimensions - 11.5 (l) x 5.5 (w) x 13.75 (h) Color - Black

  • Capacity of 320 disks or 160 disk/booklet combos
  • Fast-file pockets provide quick access to 16 discs
  • Padded black nylon exterior
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • CD Wallet
    This cd wallet works wonderful. I use it to hold all my dvd's in. When fully opened the zipper can be a little tricky to close, other than that I like it. Holds dvd's or cd's on both sides of the page, clear plastic so you can see the whole front of your cd. I will buy this product agian....more info
  • The only way to store.
    The case logic's are the best. I like the nylon ones. I store dvd's in them at home. I currently have about 10 of them filled. The pages are held in by 1.5 inch straps and I have never had one rip out. The side handles are firmly attached. Best way to store lots of disc in very little space....more info
  • CD Wallet
    Needed a safe place to store my hundreds of CDs/DVDs. I'm very satisfied with this product. Material is durable, CD pockets are good without that extra piece of plastic at the top that scratches the back of your discs. Also has extra card in the front to store more CDs. So far, no complaints....more info
  • CD Wallet
    This CD wallet is great! It keeps me so organized, I've been looking for this item for a long time and when I finally got it home, it was fantastic. I recommend this product for anyone with a lot of CD's to organize....more info
  • Excellent bang for you buck.
    Cheep and large. That was our two requirements when we purchased this. It meets both, and we've encountered no problems so far with pages falling out, zippers getting stuck, etc. We are also anticipating a healthy use of the fact that you can remove and move pages. Quite satisfied!...more info
  • Nice CD Case
    Purchasing from Amazon was a great experience. They had what I wanted and I didn't have to go to several stores to find it. The case is nice, zips up and has a handle which is what I was looking for in a large capacity case....more info
  • Huge capacity...
    This item has the potential for holding a lot of cd's or dvd's. My concern is that the zipper and the material that the zipper holds together is rather flimsy and I wonder if this will withstand full capacity without ripping or tearing. It doesn't seem like it was built to stand up to much wear and tear (even just basic everyday stuff). I don't have enough cd's or dvd's at the moment to test out what full capacity would be like but wanted to make sure that I posted my concerns for other potential buyers. Price seems kind of high for the material that this is made of....more info
  • Great Storage
    Recently because of the economy and other circumstances we have had to move into a much smaller living space. So we needed something that would get rid of all of our cd cases but still look good, and keep them protected. I have bought other cd books and the material that the cds come in contact with did not make me feel safe. But this looks great, and is the best possible material i think there is for something like this. Def. worth the money. And it takes up so little space. It also came very quickly. If you need room or need something to put your cds in then this is it. For the money its the best thing out there. there was some poeple saying it was hard to change out the sheets, but i don't care about that, i just need somewhere to put them, that is not cluttering up our small living spaces. ...more info
  • 336 Disc CD Case
    So far I haven't experienced any problems with the CD wallet. The pages and plastic protective casing that holds CDs/DVDs are a bit flimsy but it gets the job done. Its a bit bulker than I expected....more info
  • Great for storage
    I have bought 3 of these so far over the past year. They work great. Very sturdy....more info
  • CD Case
    Its pricey for its appearance and build quality. But lot of space for organizing all ur cds. ...more info
  • All in 1:Organizes cds, dvds, and comp software
    I was looking for something that was too space consuming for my cds, dvds, and pc software. Now, I can get rid of these media jackets and cd towers intended for organizing because everything is in this cd wallet. Good price....more info
  • case logic 336 cd wallet
    i had shopped around for a larger cd case and this case logic one was the best price here on amazon. the quality is excelent and has lots of room to expand if needed....more info
  • Holds all our movies
    This CD case holds all our DVDs and CDs and helped cut down my clutter tremendously. I love it!...more info
  • Case Logic Nylon 336-Disc CD Wallet
    The front cover was bent and mangled when I received it. Apparently, the covers are made of cardboard. This is not very durable compared to my older Fellowes case that holds the same number of CD's. The locking system is great. However, if you load your CD's from top-to-bottom, you will need to remove all the pages to add one to the bottom (assuming that page order even matters). I loaded my CD's from the bottom. The last page is on top. I can add a page to the top without removing the others. I greatly prefer my Fellowes case (but it is old... I don't know how it compares to the new Fellowes cases). ...more info
  • pretty good case
    i bought this case to organize my dvd collection and it works very well. My dvds now take up less then 1/3 of the space that they did when they were in their original cases. the case seems well built and sturdy. i have only 1 real complaint. The way that the pages are hooked into the case. instead of using a 3-ring binder style clip they use straps which lock/unlock on one side. this isn't a problem unless you want to add/remove a page in the back of the binder. you need to remove all the pages before the one you want in order to get to it. other than that it seems like a nice case....more info
  • Got what I wanted
    It works for me. I have a lot of DVDs and I keep copying more, so I needed something cheap and durable that can hold a lot of DVDs. Cheap and durable is what you will get....more info
    Enough space to stock dvd's or cd's save a lot's of room, in your dvd colection....more info
  • Case Logic vs. Case-It
    I have a very large collection of DVDs and CDs. I store them all in CD/DVD binders (300+ capacity). I have used both Case Logic and Case-It binders and each has its own pros and cons.

    Case Logic Pros - The biggest pro for Case Logic is the way the DVD sheets are held in the binders. By using two 1-1/2" plastic strips to hold them in place, it is hard for the DVD sheets to rip out of the binder. This is a very secure method of securing the 40 pages of DVDs in place. The individual pages are made of a material that minimizes scratching of DVDs and the extra 16 slots on the inside of the cover are convenient for often-used or new DVDs.

    Case Logic Cons - The same feature that makes for solid security of the DVD pages is also the most inconvenient feature - the two strips of 1-1/2" plastic that hold the pages inside the binder. If you have large collections like me, you will want to add/move pages as your collection grows. It is a very painful process with Case Logic as you have to remove all the pages preceding the ones you want to move or add, then you have to slide each one back over the strips. Case-It, on the other hand, has a three-ring binder system that allows one to open it at any point and add or remove pages at will - very easy. However, the three-ring binder system has its drawbacks too - pages can eventually rip out because the stress on the page is not distributed as well as the Case Logic system.

    Case-It Pros - Case-It has an extra strip below each DVD sleeve where a label can be placed - allowing one to label the DVD titles right below the DVD - great for those DVDs without an easily readable title on the DVD itself. It also helps one know what is missing from the collection. The zipper is also much easier to use - the Case Logic zipper is very hard to close once it is fully opened. Case-It also breaks its DVD pages into two sections (on the 304-disc series), each one secured by a plastic page and velcro. If this system is used, it negates the issue with pages ripping out of the binder. The Case-It binders have a label on the outside that you can mark with its contents - Case Logic does not have this.

    If you don't move DVDs or CDs around much after you get them in binders, you may prefer the Case Logic system. But if you reorganize your DVDs much at all, you will like the Case-It system better. And I believe the Case-It system beats out Case Logic with the small details - labels built in to the pages and on the outside of the binder, and the two-part storage system, Either brand is well worth purchasing to keep from having to deal with a lot of DVD cases laying around the house - buy these DVD binders and that's all you have to keep around - the DVD boxes can get tucked away in the closet or attic....more info
  • Great Product
    I got this to replace my 208 CD Wallet of 7 years because I needed more room. I like the CD Visor style in the front, better organization. About the only thing I don't like is the zipper. It's vinyl and gets stuck, I think I'm going to break it a lot of the time. Overall, I'm satisfied with this purchase, Case Logic is an excellent brand, great quality. ...more info
  • Great Space Saver!!
    This CD Wallet is great to keep all the CD's you have PLUS the jackets. Forget about the plastic individual covers. This is a great space saver!...more info
  • CD case - Excellent choice.
    I purchased 4 of these and am so glad I did. They hold so many CD's! The cases are made well and I would, if needed again, purchase this same case....more info
  • Perfect size
    this product was delivered exactly as described on the internet. perfect size for all of my cd's and surprisingly durable. It can actually handle the weight of all the cds....more info
    I really liked this CD wallet. Im going to use it for my movies i have lots and is a good way to keep them organized....more info
  • So far so good
    I have a quickly growing movie collection, so I ordered one at first. I was impressed with the seeming durability of this product that I ordered another one. I haven't had any problems with the zipper or anything else, and both wallets are 1/2 to 2/3 full. The pages are hard to move around since you have to start from the back and work your way to the front. A much more reasonable price via Amazon than anywhere else though....more info
  • Excellent other than the zipper
    Great product, very durable as is to be expected. Much wider than the picture suggests. My only complaint is the zipper; it is rather difficult to get it into the "zipping position" after the case has been opened all the way. One other minor quirk is the new trapping system: it can be annoying to move around the pages, but the durability of the plastic holders more than makes up for the effort.

    Other than that, great product, I definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Great CD case
    I got this product from Pepsi-Stuff. Looking for a CD holder for my collection of Church sermons. This did the trick....more info
  • Much room for improvement
    I decided to buy this product because my cds were getting wrecked keeping them stacked as they were when they were in their unburned state. I saw this large carrying case in Staples and then I found it on Amazon for less than half the price and free shipping. However, it is really not up to the challenge- the binder is flimsy and the zipper is just about impossible to operate. The pages are minimally capable of protecting the cds- offering just slightly better defense against audio destruction than stacking. Conclusion- if you're as desperate as I was for something that's better than nothing, then this is the product for you. Otherwise I'd suggest keep on looking....more info
  • Great CD or DVD storage
    Bought this huge one for my husband so he would give up his two smaller ones for the boys to store all of their DVDs in -- great idea! Bye bye to all those DVD cases and all the room they take up. We have purchased several Case Logic cases over the years and they are always great quality -- wouldn't buy a different brand....more info
  • Functional, yet melancholy
    I rated this item a 5, which Amazon translates as "loved it". But can one really be said to love a CD binder? This item is squarely in the realm of the functional: its rating comes not from being loved but by performing the task as advertised.

    The last several (and growing) albums I've bought have been MP3 downloads (The Budos Band, Power of Soul, etc.) An MP3 download comes with no case, no insert, and a severely downsized piece of "cover art" data. There's no physical storage needed,
    other than the hard drive in your computer. And 1TB drives will be down into the "impulse purchase" range next year (2009).

    We plan on consolidating several pieces of "home theater" equipment next year, by putting together an HTPC (home theater PC). It will, of course, act as a digital jukebox for the entire house, storing our combined music collection as magnetic fields instead of atoms.

    This means, of course, "ripping" through our existing CDs. In 2009 it's not "cool" to flash your music collection on countless shelves; you flash the newest iPod instead.

    That's the future, but traveling to the future always carries with it your accumulated past. Part of our accumulated past is the vast amount of music we've accumulated on plastic circles. (I also bring with me an LP collection; my wife is bemused.)

    Once our music is firmly ensconced in the realm of the digital, the discs themselves become a curiosity, a mere token of ownership, and possibly a reminder of certain times in our journey through life, should any particular album hold that kind of emotional resonance based on when it was purchased or received.

    Even as I take the discs and booklets out of jewel cases and slot them into the sleeves, I find myself wondering "why even keep the booklets?" In most cases they add nothing, some ancillary art of photos, perhaps, but nothing you'll ever think about as you page through iTunes.

    I suppose if you wish to devote time to keeping the discs in a pristine order as your disc collection changes, then perhaps the criticisms voiced by other reviews will apply to you. In my case, the ultimate fate of the CDs is to sit in the closet, taking reasonably little space, with some of the booklets kept for nostalgia.

    So for my purpose, this product fits the bill. Perhaps it will for you as well....more info
  • Not bad
    So far, these cases (I picked up four of them, to transfer my CDs from their taking-up-all-my-shelf-space jewel boxes) seem to be working pretty well. It is sometimes a little annoying to start the zipper to close the case: it's not that it doesn't work (it works fine), but the fabric isn't really stiff enough to hold its form sufficiently for it to start zipping easily; I have to fiddle with holding the fabric in place, so the sides of the zipper track line up, to make it go.

    But it does seem to be quite a good case; solidly made other than the zipper annoyance, and definitely a good value compared to buying more bookshelves, and compared to other cases too.
    ...more info
  • great value for the money
    It holds a lot of CD's, my only concern is that the fabric is a little thin so I hope it won't rip or tear easily....more info