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Twenty-four hours of a counter-terrorist agent's attempt to prevent a drug dealer from using a bioweapon in the United States.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 7-DEC-2004
Media Type: DVD

There's not one cougar to be found in 24's dynamic third season, and that's good news for everyone. After Jack Bauer's daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) survived hokey hazards in season 2, she's now a full-time staffer at CTU, the L.A.-based intelligence beehive that's abuzz once again--three years after the events of "Day Two"--when a vengeful terrorist threatens to release a lethal virus that could wipe out much of the country's population. Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) attempts to broker a deal for the virus involving drug kingpin Ramon Salazar (Joaquim de Almeida), whose operation Jack successfully infiltrated at high personal cost: to maintain his cover, he got hooked on heroin. That potentially deadly triangle--drug lords, addiction, and bioterrorism on a massive scale--sets the 24-hour clock ticking in a tight, action-packed plot involving a potential traitor in CTU's midst; the return of TV's greatest villainesses in Nina Meyers (Sarah Clarke) and former First Lady Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald); a troubled romance between Kim and Jack's new partner Chase (James Badge Dale); and a scandalized reelection campaign by president David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), who monitors CTU as they struggle to (literally) save the day.

The intricately woven subplots that are 24's greatest strength are masterfully developed here, and character arcs are equally strong, especially among CTU staffers Tony (Carlos Bernard) and his wife Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth); CTU director Ryan Chappelle (Paul Schulze), who is season 2's tragic bargaining chip; and the annoying but well-intentioned Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who makes pivotal contributions with by-the-book efficiency. It's 24's superior casting that overcomes the series' occasional lapses in credibility, and season 3's twists make marathon viewing a nerve-wracking delight. By the time it's all over, 24 once again leaves you gratefully exhausted. As always, Sutherland anchors the series in the role he was born to play. When Jack takes a private moment to release 24 hours' worth of near-fatal tension and psychological anguish, Sutherland proves that 24's dramatic priorities are as important as its thriller momentum. DVD extras include behind-the-scenes featurettes (about the prison break sequence, climactic F-18 Hornet air-strike, and real-life bio-weaponry) that pay welcome tribute to the series' hard-working crew, who create Emmy-worthy television under pressures as intense as 24 itself. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing
    Another excellent performance by Kiefer Sutherland and the entire "24" cast. The drug addiction storyline was compelling. Each episode had me on the edge of my seat. I still can't believe all that action takes place in one day. ...more info
  • Great
    The DVD set was awesome. I have seen season's one and two so I couldn't go without seeing season three. ...more info
  • season 4 of the tv show 24
    The box of cd's arrived quickly and played well. No problem with the service or product....more info
  • Excellent!
    ......the first time I was exposed to 24 was during the season premiere of Season Five. I was at a friends house and he was flipping through the channels and this was on. I loved the show from then on, but knew I would have to get caught up to know what was going on. I never watched an episode again for a long time (because I always worked when it was on). Recently one of my friends was telling me how great a show 24 is, and a store had the Seasons 1-4 on sale for $16, so I decided, why the hell not. I bought Seasons 1-3, then four and now 5. This is by far the best TV show I have ever watched. You will litteraly get hooked on it, as you will want to know what is going to happen next. It's full of plot twists and will not put you to sleep, it is very good. I don't want to give any details for those that have not watched it. Season 3 is about a virus that is set to be released in L.A. and 11 other locations. This season blew me away! It is fast paced action packed from start to finish. A lot of events occurred that I never expected (don't want to spoil it). Please, if you haven't got this far start from Season 1 and work your way up to the end, you will appreciate what is ahppening more. Also, do not read about upcoming seasons that you haven't watched (don't even read the back of the package as they contain spoilers). Stay away from message boards and don't talk to those that have watched seasons you haven't because they will give you spoilers! I loved Season 3, I have nothing bad to say about it I give it 5 stars. Now I am off to start Season 4! Until then......more info
  • Maintains the standard
    I'm just nearing the end of this series and can say without doubt that this is as good as the first 2 series and I have no reservation in strongly recommending it.

    The plot is a little hard to believe, but the whole thing is so well done that whether you believe whats happening could really happen doesn't matter in the least. As always there a number of different subplots running to keep you on edge and most of the main characters you have grown to know from the first two series are back in place. The story grabs your attention right from the start.

    Of course Jack Bauer is still the main man, but there are some real surprises in this series that you won't be expecting. So this is really high quality entertainment thats well worth getting - especially if you can find the boxset cheap!

    ...more info
  • awesome
    good price..positive; sent it to Philippines..everybody loves the show;all the dvds were working;good handling...more info
  • "That Man Has More Lives than a Cat"
    I find it difficult to imagine the tension of those who were forced to watch 24 in its original TV broadcast. As I rent my way through what I consider one of the most innovative TV shows of our age, I occasinally try to imagine how I would have reacted had I only been able to watch it one hour at a time. I'm sure the suspense would have been unbareable.

    This is particularly true of Season three, the most uneven season of 24 so far. Many sequences where cliche and tired; Yet ultimately, the series managed to transcend its unequal beginning in the best sequence 24 has had so far.

    In the unlikely event someone here is unfamiliar with the premise, I'll recoop. 24 is a 24 episode series occuring in "real time" (that is, every minute on screen equals one minute in the lives of its characters). Every season follows its heros through a single 24 hours day (but the days are not consecuitive - Season/Day 3 occures approximately 2 and a half years after Day/Season 2). The main hero is Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), whose position varries with the seasons, but is always affiliated in some way with the Los Angeles sections of a fictional government organisation called CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit). Every season the heros face a threat, normally from terrorists working in cohoot with government or ex-government officials, and Bauer has to -almost- single handedly save the day.

    Note on spoilers, I'll try to avoid them, but I make no guarantees. Read onat your own peril.

    The season features three main plots revolving Jack Bauer and the CTU units. In the show's first "movement", so to speak, Latin American Druglord Family Salazar use thge threat of a deadly virus to force Jack Bauer to secure the release of Ramon Salazar, the Drug boss whom Bauer captured while going undercover. In the second movement, we learn that things aren't quite what they seemed, when the Salazars have to bargain for the Virus, with results which are surprising to them but surely not to the astute viewer. In the show's final, and best sequence, CTU have to deal with Stephen Saunders, an MI6 defector, whose ruthlessness and viciousness make him one of the most challanging villains of 24 so far.

    Meanwhile, President David Palmer, having replaced all of his advisors, is counting on his brother Wayne. But Wayne is a Sherry Palmer type manipulator, and his machinations cause Palmer to quarrel with the woman he loves and gain a vicious new enemy. Speaking of Sherry Palmer (the President's Ex wife), she is back with a vengence; After having almost been redeemed for her evil past in season 2, she is cast as a villain again, losing more then just the audience's sympathy in the process. The entire Palmer plotline for this season is weak. Dennis Haysbert is of course excellent in his role, but the story is weak. It is neither as harrowing as the paranoia-trip he had to go through on day one,nor is it a natural part of the main plot as in season two. Palmer learns some humility in this season, but his dilemmas felt false.

    The weakest part of the show is its trend away from the action series to Soap Opera. There has been signs for this in previous seasons (and from what I've seen of season four, the worst is yet to come), but the show really focuses too much on the loves and hates of its leads. We get Kim Bauer (who, in the wierdest decision of the producers, has become a pencil pusher in CTU) falling into a relationship with her father's young partner, and Jack having to deal with it. We get a character who discovers that he is a father, and no less than three ex flames for Jack Bauer. Oh, and I almost forgot, Bauer had became a heroin Junkie during his last undercover mission.

    But season three has plenty going for it. Like its predecessor, this season forces characters not only through difficult physical travails, but also through moral decisions. In the second season, the question raised is torture - how far can a democratic country go in order to secure necessary information. In this season, the question is surrendering to blackmail - when an enemy controls everything that is dear to us, what won't we do in order to save it? Like always, 24 is both refreshing and shocking in its willingness to cross all lines. I have never seen a show as brutal and as honest as 24, and its grimness means that no one (excepting Jack Bauer, always) is really safe.

    In the climax, the show uses one of the best loved couples of the show - husband and wife team Tony Almeida and Michelle Dresler,in order to truly expose the dilemmas of the high stake game everyone in 24 is playing. Its the nature of the show that the "good guys" must prevail - but by the time they do, you are not quite sure how good they are. ...more info
  • So good and yet so bad
    This show is so good in so many ways. Good acting, plenty of action, very high production values. The DVDs are very good as well, with excellent video and audio. The main plot is very good this season as well.

    This show is also really bad in some important ways, this season in particular. The biggest single flaw -- and it's a huge one -- is CTU. CTU is an elite, front-line government agency for defending the US against terrorists. Unfortunately, CTU is also a place where egos run rampant, insubordination is commonplace, and respectful communication between coworkers is a rare occurrence. People are as likely to disobey the orders of superiors as they are to follow them. Personal drama takes priority over national security and public safety on a regular basis. Security is a joke, passwords and security codes are shared like office pens, and there are back entrances with no guards. This season, Jack's daughter Kim is working there. Three years ago (in the 24 universe) she was a self-absorbed, spoiled, pouty teenager with a history of making bad decisions. Now she's a self-absorbed, spoiled, pouty computer whiz with mission-critical responsibilities, played unconvincingly by someone whose main talent seems to be personal drama. Jack says he got Kim that job so he could keep her safe (although the logic behind that escapes me given how many people are killed there).

    Does any of this seem even remotely believable for an elite government agency that fights the most dangerous criminals and terrorist threats? I don't expect CTU to be free of personal conflicts or other imperfections, but in its current form it just requires too much suspension of belief. Mall security couldn't function with the problems CTU has, and highly talented people wouldn't put up with all the nonsense.

    Another issue, though much less significant, is some of the computer stuff at CTU. They throw around a lot of meaningless jargon, and are frequently engaged in questionable practices. For example, they often reboot some server or computer. The only reason to reboot a computer in the middle of critical operations is if something in the system has become unstable, and an organization like CTU wouldn't use systems that needed to be rebooted on a regular basis.

    So basically, I love the parts of the show set away from CTU headquarters, and I'm seriously annoyed by the ridiculous stuff that goes on at CTU.

    BTW, I tried to watch one of the episodes with audio commentary, but I just couldn't get through it. I think I gave up between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way through. It was one of the worst commentaries I've heard for two reasons: First, apparently no one told Kiefer and the other guy that you're supposed to be talking during an audio commentary. In a good audio commentary, the people are commenting about a wide variety of topics throughout the show. In this one they comment on something occasionally, but there are long gaps in the commentary during which you just watch the episode with the soundtrack at the normal volume. Second, even when they do comment, it's rarely interesting. I don't recall any comments about sets, very little about cast members or guest stars, and very little else of interest. The only comments I found interesting were Kiefer's comments about wearing a rubber biohazard suit in the heat of southern California....more info
  • The end of the first trilogy!
    This series starts off as a slow burn and builds the tension to breaking point. The first episode sets up the game pieces and characters that we are about to see for the next 24 hours. The first hour while slow establishes that it is 3 years on from the last series and the people that we know and love have moved on with their lives. Michelle and Tony are married and re happy. Kim is working at CTU (where hopefully she stays out of trouble, YEAH RIGHT!) and Jack is the most intrigueing of all, he has spent the last year of his life bringing down a Pablo Escobar-like drug lord Ramon Sallazar played deliciously by Joaquim De Almeida, in doing so he has pushed away Kate Warner (the woman he met in Season 2) and developed an addiction which could seriously effect his performance as head of Field Operations for CTU. Jack also has a protege named Chase who is almost as resourceful as Jack but who is also seeing Jack's daughter Kim. President Palmer, we learn, survived his poisoning at the cliffhanger end of season 2 and is returning to LA to compete in a presidential debate with Republican opponent Senator Keeler.

    With that out of the way we come to the plot, a body is left at health services by terrorists. The body shows that the person died from exposure to a weaponized virus (think of it as fast acting ebola). Terrorists demand the release of Ramon Sallazar from prison, if the authorities fail to comply they will release the virus upon the public. Being that America does not negotiate with terrorists it looks like there is gonna be a lot of dead bodies, as CTU has no way of stopping it's release, it could come from anywhere.

    This series throws most conventions set by the previous 2 out the proverbial window. A lot of the characters that we know and love make some tough life-altering decisions and not necessarily for the better. Jack is just flat-out ruthless this season, he is a workaholic who is still dealing with his wife's murder almost five years on, all he has is the job, he has just about pushed away all who care about him. He does whatever he has to do to accomplish the mission even if it means hurting friends and collegues, the man is separated from his humanity, which makes the ending so powerful, more on that later.
    Palmer is almost aloof this season but I think he was meant to be written that way as he has developed a certain hubris from being in power, what he sows comes back to haunt him at the end of day.
    Series 3 rips it's characters to shreds sometimes physically, always emotionally and we can't help but watch. The theme of this series seems to be about sacrifice, Jack, Tony, Michelle, Palmer, and Chase all lose something. Even Palmers brother loses the proverbial love of his life in a major subplot.
    I feel that this series concludes a trilogy. There is no big suprise cliffhanger ending like the last two seasons, no silent clock, essentially the producers could have ended the series at 3 and I would have been satisfied. This series wraps up the whole Jack-Nina and Palmer-Sherry saga. Which have been the crux of three seasons.
    Buy this series, the acting is superb and the themes are almost Shakespearean when you look closer. The plot as I said is a slow starter but delivers a great pay-off with scenes and scenarios that rival those of a Hollywood blockbuster, this folks is TV at it's best.

    ...more info
  • A Different Storyline From Seasons 1 & 2, But it Works
    Anyone who's tired of Kim Bauer running around, don't worry. She's pretty much done with that here. I know a lot of fans of the show were sick of her after Season 2, if not already from Season 1. While she does have a very minor storyline here, it's small enough to not really have an impact on the rest of the plot. Thank God!

    Season 3 introduces a new storyline and plot. I think you'll find that it is not like what we found in the first two seasons. This is good. I think the writers of 24 realized that they needed to come up with something different, and they also needed to add a new dimension to the character of Jack Bauer. There is also more of a "shock" element in this season, which is why I actually liked this season better than the first two. The surprises caught me off guard, and, for the most part, the story didn't wander into the bounds of the "oh, come on, that wouldn't happen," which is good. The story is more even as well.

    The first two seasons, we saw Bauer doing some amazing things, but here, you may start to question if he's doing more harm than good on this mission. Bauer puts himself in a situation that might have you quickly asking, "what is he doing?!?" I know I did. I won't say more than this, because to do so would give away a key plot-point. In any case, you'll see Kiefer Sutherland add more characterization to Jack. He has more depth in this season as he has new struggles and issues to deal with. The question now being, can he deal with it? Or is Jack Bauer finally in over his head?

    The plot in this season has to do with a deadly virus. This is mentioned on the back of the box in the synopsis, so I know I'm not giving anything away here. Everyone in the world knows the seriousness of biological warfare. This was a good direction for 24 to go in. You figure that after the threat of a nuclear bomb in Season 2, the most logical place to go next would be the threat of a deadly virus.

    Once again, the supporting cast is tremendous. Dennis Haysbert as President Palmer is back and seeking a second term in office. However, something comes up that might threaten his chances of staying in office. D.B. Woodside plays Wayne Palmer, David's brother. He's also the Chief of Staff. I know it's stepping outside the boundaries to have your own brother as the second most powerful man in the government, but just go with it. You'll find that this relationship is not all that's cracked up to be, and David turns to an unlikely ally to help him. Will it work? Or will it backfire? The answer might surprise you.

    Carlos Bernard is back as Tony Almeida. I like Almeida because there is a lot of depth to his character. Almeida is much like Jack as far as dedication goes, but just how far is Tony willing to go? What is he willing to give up? These are questions that will plague him during this season. Tony is now the director of C.T.U Los Angeles. His second-in-command is his wife, Michelle Dessler, played by the lovely actress, Reiko Alyesworth.

    Reiko does a great job with Michelle. She's able to find the balance between being sensitive and compassionate, and being tough and gritty. She'll do what it takes, and her focus never really strays. Aside from Jack, she's the one person you want helping you in a crisis.

    Kim Bauer is back in this season, but she's got a job at C.T.U. as a computer analyst. I know, I know...you have to wonder about this. Trust me, just let this story arc go. She's basically been relegated to a much more secondary role than before. Also, this story takes place three years later from season 2, so one could argue that she's acquired the necessary training. Kim also has a new love in her life, Chase Edmunds.

    Chase Edmunds is Jack's partner, played by actor, James Badge Dale. He does a good job with the part. Jack already has issues with Kim becoming involved with a field agent.

    Season 3 is very effective because there are several surprising events that take place that I doubt you will see coming. One of the things that I like so much about 24, is the willingness of the writers to do anything. These guys are not afraid to kill off main characters or instill severe tragedy into the storyline. In short, nothing is untouchable as far as their concern. They are always willing to push the envelope further and further. 24 is a show where anything can happen. And much like the first two seasons, the episodic power of the show is still intact. In other words, you simply can't stop with one episode. You HAVE to find out what happens next! And it's this element that keeps 24 aloft as one of the best shows in television....more info
  • Excellent
    My Season 3 of 24 arrived earlier than I expected and was in perfect condition. Really enjoyed Jack Bauer again....more info
  • As good as 24 gets
    Season 3 is just as solid, if not actually a bit better written and acted than the previous two seasons. The episodes are full of twists and the premise of the story is spectacular.

    The video quality is solid. The sound, despite being mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1, is under utilized and merely okay. The surround channels are seldom used. The specials are similar to what you find on season 2. Adequate, but not spectacular....more info
  • Awesome!!!
    If you love Jack Bauer this DVD set will not disappoint! We totally enjoyed watching episode after episode. There are twists and turns that you won't see coming!...more info
  • Brilliant
    It's been a couple of years since I saw Season One, and I'd forgotten how addictive it is.

    Three slightly niggling things. There seemed to be endless "moral dilemma" debates (should you do X or Y). Also, the theme of "are you fit to work if something bad happens to you?" probably came up a dozen times or so. And finally, people move around and things happen much faster than they would do in real time, but I can't really complain about that, it keeps the show fast paced.

    Despite those minor points, overall it's fantastic!

    ...more info
  • Best 24 yet
    Season 3 of 24 focuses on a threat of a virus being released into the city of Los Angeles as well as other major population centers. As usual, Jack Bauer is on the scene to stop the bad guys. Because so much of the entertainment value of the show comes from the twists and turns of the plot, I won't reveal many of the specifics but there two major story arcs that should be familiar to those who have watched the first two seasons. First, there is Jack and the other CTU agents who are racing against time to stop the terrorists from releasing the virus. Then there is President David Palmer and his administration that are fighting various potential scandals at the same time they deal with the virus.

    The first thing that a viewer notices about this season is that the pace starts off a bit more slowly. It's not dull by any means, but it is definitely less frenetic out of the starting gate. The good part of this is that the writers have also eliminated the flaws that were evident in the last third of the first two seasons. This season is the first that felt like the story had been thought through to the very end with solid pacing throughout leading to a good climax in the last episode. I found this a welcome change from earlier seasons where it seemed that all the good ideas were used up early and increasingly preposterous ideas ruined the story at the time when it should have been building to the big finale.

    Jack's character is generally much more under control than we have seen previously. He is still willing to go further than most men would, but he no longer seems to be driven by constant rage or a death wish. I found this change a welcome one. Kim Bauer is also improved as the amount of time she spends as a prisoner/hostage is radically reduced and she even proves useful at times in her new role as a CTU computer analyst. The performances of the villains were quite good, especially Joaquim de Almeida as Ramon Salazar. He brings a combination of charm and ruthlessness that is just right to make him a bad guy you love to hate.

    The biggest low point of the season was the soap opera swirling around David Palmer's presidency. This is a man who was shown to be very principled in the first season, but since then he has consistently done the wrong or immoral thing any time he's been faced with a tough choice. His judgment is so consistently poor that I found myself no longer pulling for him and hoping that he would be brought down by the scandal of his own actions. It's a shame, because Dennis Haysbert has terrific presence and the writers did not need to insert all this cheap melodrama into the story.

    I've only watched the first three seasons so far, but this is clearly the best one to date. The story holds together much better from beginning to end, and a lot of the worst plot contrivances that plagued the first two seasons have been done away with. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a thrill ride television series. There are many twists and turns and it makes for quite a breathtaking experience....more info
  • Subjectively the best season of the 4
    I am a huge fan of this show and this season right her is the best all of them very good but this one is completely unpredictable you will be on your feet....more info
  • 24- Season 3
    24 has become known for its non-stop, heart pounding action, and this season of 24 doesn't disappoint. Jack is still struggling with the death of his wife, and on top of that he is now coping with a drug addiction he incurred on his last undercover assignment to bring down drug lord Ramon Salazar. Not to mention that he has to deal with all that AND stop terrorists from using a weaponized virus on the American public. This season will take so many twists and turns its going to leave you speechless and the end will blow your mind. Enjoy!...more info
  • Another Season of Bauer
    This series has the wonderful habit of gettin better and better with each season, and this is no exception. Season three of 24 has it all, with not everyone making it out alive by the end. I was surprised with how many twists and turns this season had. When you think one thing, a surprising twist is thrown in so you don't know where the story is going to lead, but you are more than willing to follow. One thing that sets this season apart is that a couple of regulars from the first two seasons don't live to make it season four! I won't say who they are, but it is worth buying alone because it is a big part to the 24 universe. If you haven't seen this yet, but have seen the others, then this is a must have. I wouldn't recommend this season to new fans because the deaths won't mean anything unless you have seen the two seasons that back up their stories. It makes it more emotional. Overall, well worth having, just see the first two seasons first. ...more info
  • 24 - Season 3 Purchace
    Shipment of DVD came on schedule and in good shape. The condition of the package and the discs were satisfactory, per the expectation. Good value as it was purchased at half price versus new. Satisfied enough to pursue this option again. ...more info
  • 24 - Season Three
    I was introduced to 24 in it's fifth season and became a regular viewer. A family member knew this and gave me season one as a gift. Half way through this DVD my wife and I decided we had to have the complete set and ordered season two, three and four. Never have we been so "hooked" on a show as we are on 24. Each episode is pure adrenelin pumping action. There are some rather graphic scenes of violence to be sure but to the credit of the producers, off color language is practically non-existant. ...more info
  • 24 Season Three
    My wife and I saw all the episodes and the DVD disks were perfect! I used standard shipping and received the package overnight!...more info
  • The best one yet
    Probably the best 24 yet. New characters add some depth to the story. We all know that Jack is THE MAN but, come on, no one can do everything by himself. Less of Kim's distracting side stories, and getting to finally see Jack put an end to you-know-who make this my favorite season yet. Now, it's on to season 4. I am sure that I will love it also....more info
  • Best Show on TV
    Season 3 is my favorite one so far. As you watch you realize the potential threat of a bioterrorism threat, and how fast it can spread. Granted, it is a sort of "super virus", but even on a lesser scale this season is pretty realistic. Very addicting show!...more info
  • The Horrors Of Biological Terrorism
    After watching the first season of 24, I was completely hooked by the political angle. After watching season two, I was inspired by the intensity of lead character Jack Bauer. This season, the third installment, combined both of those factors, making it my favorite 24 hours of the series so far!

    Whereas the format of the show is basically the same as its two predecessors, the drama is ratcheted up even further (as hard as that is to believe) with the web of emotions surrounding each character. Whether it be Bauer, daughter Kim, boyfriend/agent Chase, or the entire CTU staff (Almeida, Dessler, Chappelle, and O'Brien), all have character arcs that will have you dying to know what happens next.

    The basic premise of the season (although true 24 fans know how much that changes from episode to episode) sees a terrorist threatening to release a deadly biotoxin in Los Angeles, while Bauer and CTU race against the clock to track him down. Every episode is (as usually) filled with new twists and turns at every commercial break, and the subject matter changes so much from beginning to end that you will feel as if you have watched multiple seasons!

    Each season of 24 that I have seen (I am currently working my way through them on DVD) has left me with one defining moment. Season One was the treachery of Nina Myers. Season Two was the brutal interrogation that Bauer orchestrates. This season, the moment that really stuck out for me was the (potential) disastrous effects of the biotoxin that is threatened to be released on the city. How much damage is ultimately caused I will not tell you here, but suffice it to say that even just the threat of it will having you rooting for Bauer and his cause more than at any time in the past....more info
  • Best 24 Season Hands Down
    This is the season of 24 I would compare to a wonderful, gritty, cinematic masterpiece.

    I found this season to be second in originality, but first as far as action, plot, drama, and acting. The reintroduction of Sarah Clarke was great: no longer imprisoned she can get back to being evil. Reiko Aylesworth is also fantastic as Michelle Dessler and of course Tony Almeda is the best character other than Jack Bauer. Many of the new characters introduced in this season are interesting and it is unfortunate that the bonehead writers decide to 'off' so many in the coming seasons.

    The story arc in Mexico is one of the best the series has shown. The play between Jack, Chase, and the Salazars is masterful. Joaquim de Almeida is simply AMAZING as Ramon Salazar. He breathes fresh air into the villain's role and one can't help but become intertwined in his and Jack's attempt to locate the virus.

    Other key plot factors that are wonderful:
    *Jack's addiction to heroin due to his undercover stint with the Salazars.
    *Kim Bauer no longer being attacked by cougars or creepy bomb shelter guys (basically thank goodness she is no longer damsel in distress).
    *Introduction of Chloe O'brien, one of the best new characters.
    *The budding relationship between Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida.
    *What happens to Ryan Chappelle (no spoilers!!!)
    *The plot tie up of the Nina Meyers multi season arc.
    *Part of the story FINALLY takes Jack more than 60 miles from L.A.
    *The scandal involving Sherry Palmer and the resulting mess.
    *Finally the military does what it does in real life: stop terrorists by shooting them with missiles!
    *The use of the decoy in the beginning (the teenager with the 'stuff') so that the terrorists could throw off CTU
    *The fact that CTU does NOT get attacked in this season.
    *The revelation that the terrorist mastermind is an American.
    *Limb-chopping with axes.
    *No nuclear threat for once!
    *The multi-episode arc with the hotel.

    All in all, this season has a lot going for it and it does not fail to entertain!
    ...more info
  • 24's up and down ride
    After the disappointment of season 2 I was anxious to see how it would improve for season 3. Improved? Yes. Even less believeable? Most definately. It's what you should come to expect from 24, plots that come and go, storylines that require a little more imagination to take them seriously. But isn't that why we love this show in the first place?

    The main plotline is the threat of a deadly virus being released and superhero Jack Bauer is giving it his all to stop it. The plots and storylines this year seem a bit more far fetched. Some even completely unnecessary but you should expect that when it comes to 24 episodes. The main villan passes from person to person every few episodes but again, most likely to keep the audiences attention, but it does seem hard to believe 5 different people would hold this virus in a span of a day.

    The season starts off slow, very slow. An uninteresting set of villans, and action leads you into the halfway point where it gets drastically better. Nina Meyers, the woman you love to hate, is back to destroy the world. As soon as she is introduced the season is in full gear. Along with Nina we also see the return of Sherry Palmer, another fantastic edition. She continues her no good ways in an attempt to blackmail President David Palmer (who besides this storyline, had the worst all season).

    The MVP for me without a doubt was Reiko Aylesworth, who plays Michelle Dessler. She gives an absolutely riveting performance about 75% of the season through and it lasts until the end of the year. Her scenes were suspenseful, emotional, and dramatic. Last season I kept thinking they drastically under used her, and they made up for it this year.

    The season reaches its high point 3/4 the way through thanks to Aylesworth, but to me in fell off in quality the last few eps. For the 3rd consecutive season I ended up disliking the season finale. Maybe other people will like it, but it left me a little bored, from an otherwise suspenseful season.

    Despite a very up and down year, the section from half way to about 3/4 through are so good, that it overcomes any inconsistentsy it has. A step up from last year, but it can get better. Still a must see for any kind of 24 fan....more info
  • 5 star limit
    I have to tell you Amazon people...when it comes to rating the series 24, I'm disappointed that you only allow the normal 5 stars normally reserved for things like socks and Ginsu knives.

    I'd give it a 10 if I could.

    If anyone has not seen a single episode of 24, you need to start off buying the first season (you won't regret it), and plan on locking yourself in your house for a weekend for a marathon. You'll watch one episode and be hooked!...more info
  • Just as good
    Season Three keeps up the breakneck pace of the previous two. My only criticism would be that there was no continuity with Kate Warner. It was left very unclear why that relationship did not continue. The return of Nina Myers was an added bonus. It's fiction - kick back and enjoy. ...more info
  • Show Sliding Downhill
    I had such fun watching Season 1 on DVD, I immediately purchased Season 3. MISTAKE! I should have rented. Season 3 starts so well that I can only express supreme disappointment that by its end I was becoming bored. Why?

    1) The President Palmer escapades are far too much - his moral level of Season 1 was washed completely down the drain. I ended up rooting against him.
    2) (Spoiler Follows) In the virus attack on the hotel when 600-800 people were confined to stay inside, and nearly all of them expected to die. The show's story has NO MINISTERS, PRIESTS, or RABBIS to help these trapped people in their final hours! What is offered in their place are SUICIDE CAPSULES. I was disgusted. Plus I began hoping that Michelle would be one of those found infected after she MURDERED (not killed) a hotel guest trying to escape. Rather than approach him as is correct procedure to get a better shot with a handgun after her warning him not to try to leave, she stayed at a distance and then fired her gun twice hitting him NOT IN THE LEGS but the middle of his back. I view that as MURDER. She is not above the law and should face a criminal investigation - but this series fails to recognize this limit by failing to punish all criminal actions such as the one I just described.
    3) The Kim and Chase romance I found unconvincing. Chase in the series has shown himself unreliable in his relations to Kim and she bushes that away with no discussion. If Chase was truly committed to her as he claims, his conduct should have exhibited no selfishness which he did exhibit, far better at showing/accepting responsibility than he exhibited, and certainly should have shown a clear, full committment to Kim which he clearly did not. They should have backed up their relationship not moved into fast forward.
    4) The last six hours of the day are so choppy. Its as if their script was pieced together at the last possible moment. This effected the hour-ending cliffhangers that I loved in Series 1, they became a sham of their former self. I could not wait in Series 1 to see how the cliff hangers were resolved, here you don't get the buzz to keep going.

    Bottom Line - the DVDs that I purchased will be traded for something else. (The series' first year is a KEEPER though!)...more info
  • Awesome~
    Season Three of 24 was just as addicting and enjoyable as the first two seasons. We really became absorbed in it. It is very hard to stop watching after just a couple episodes.
    We are trying to catch up before Season 6 starts in January.

    Kudo's to the writers of this show! It was another great season... ...more info
  • Good but not as good as Seasons one & two.
    The show itself is addictive and it is difficult to stop watching until you've seen all 24 episodes. I give it four stars only because it is not quite as good as seasons one and two. However, I will buy seasons four and five and I would recommend this without qualification for any action and suspense fan.

    Samuel J. OrrIII...more info
  • Highly Addictive
    If you watch any complete season of 24 you will be addicted. This is the best way to watch a show that leaves you on tthe edge of your seat week to week. Pick it up you will not be disappointed. A must see series for people who enjoy movies like Die hard and the Bourne Trilogy....more info
  • Intense Action
    24 is certainly one of, if not, the best television series that I have ever seen. Season three is very good overall, but it does have some flaws.

    This season has some incredibly intense episodes with lots of action. It has a major bio-terror threat with a weaponized virus, murder, intrigue, treasonous acts, political corruption and much more.

    For anyone who has not seen the series before, I would highly recommend viewing seasons one and two prior to season three. If you have seen the series before, you should definitely watch season three.

    I will include a couple of spoilers here so if you have not seen it yet, you may want to stop here.

    One of the worst parts is the disconnect and lack of transition from the first part of the season (the Salazar drug cartel involved with biological threats) and the second part (where a former MI6 operative, Steven Saunders, runs a major terror/blackmail plot). There seemed to be little connection between these parts.

    Some other poorly written subplots are when Chloe, a computer whiz, comes to CTU (a fictional governmental agency called Counter Terrorism Unit) with a baby that is not hers and it is unclear to whom it belonged. It had no sensible connection with the rest of the plot and should not have been there. Another one is a situation in which Tony Almeida is allowed to stay in command of CTU when his wife who is another CTU agent has been exposed to the deadly virus. This creates more than one situation which is totally ridiculous.

    There are certainly some hard core ethical dilemmas present such as when Jack Bauer is ordered to kill his boss (one of the terrorist's demands made to the president).

    The suspense and action is really top-notch in the second half of this season and makes it well worth getting. One hopes that the writers clear up some of their inconsistencies prior to future seasons....more info
  • Not good for Europe
    This product was not compatible with the European DVD players. As such I sent it back

    Best regards,
    Kris...more info
  • 24 Review
    This is a razor sharp, heart palpitating, on the edge of your seat, show. Don't blink or you'll miss something!...more info
  • ***Excellent - Best Season of 24 So Far***
    There is no doubt that Season 3 of 24 is the best of all of them so far, with Season 5 (that just concluded) coming in a close second. Season 3's story line is a touch more suspenseful than the first 2, and the familiar characters more developed. Chase is a younger version of Jack and a welcome addition even if his taste in women is a little off (Kim?). Only wish his character returns at some point. Was very happy to see one of the plotters from 1 & 2 finally get taken care of as well. I've purchased seasons 1-3 and will definitely buy season 5 as well. Season 4 was sort of a disappointment so that's not on my list. ...more info
  • 24 - Season Three
    An excellent production. My only complaint with this DVD is that the closed caption displays often overlap which means that a lot of dialog is not readable. Seasons One and Two had the same problem. Except for that I would give it a five....more info
  • some troubling themes
    I love the 24 concept, and the first two seasons were real thrillers. I was looking forward to this season with relish, as was my whole family. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the lack of creativity in this season. There were also some troubling moral themes. Three things I particularly disliked...(SPOILER WARNING)

    1. Jack executes a dislikeable but innocent fellow federal agent. This compromised him morally, a new element for this show. Up to this point, he has had the best interest of his fellow agents at heart.

    2. Euthanasia. When innocent citizens are infected with a deadly virus, government agencies do the *compassionate* thing and bring in the cyanide tablets so that victims can make a cowardly exit. When a key federal agent contracts the virus, a fellow *compassionate* agent hands him a gun to end it all. (he refuses) When a villian agrees to be an informant, a condition is that if he shows first symptoms of viral infection, he will be euthanized with a bullet. This theme was the low-point of this series so far.

    3. The president's compromise of his ethics involving his ex-wife. It is really unbelievable and implausible that he would seek her involvement after the first two seasons. She is totally predictable, and most of her lines are recycled from previous seasons. "I'm doing this for you, David."...more info
  • 24: Guilty Pleasure.. I never tell anone that I watch this Series.
    This Series is pure FANTASY. In order to watch it, you have to actively suspend your disbelief. If you can't, you will not be able to watch it. Each Season asks you to be increasingly Dumb and Dumber...but it is still somewhat entertaining (often laughable). Nothing really changes with each Season of this Series. Super Man Jack Bauer...an indestructible SuperHero with unlimited Super Powers: never gets hurt, travels at the speed of light, can hit any target with a pistol, is the most intelligent person ever created... etc. Only Jack Bauer, singlehandedly, can save the World! All the Villains are intensely Evil. If you like watching Bad Guys..specifically, Terrorist Moslems getting killed you will love this Series.. and that is a big plus. The Villains also has Superhero Powers and intelligence... The actress who plays Agent Michelle Gessler is the worse Actress that has ever appeared in the history of TV. She makes all these weird faces in an attempt to portay seriousness... it just makes her look mentally deranged. The actor who plays Tony Almeda is almost as Bad. They both reappear in Season 4, at about the same time...I am sure you will be disgusted with these two. It is INSULTING to the VIEWER that after Season 3, Tony Almeda again joins CTU to save the World. After watching Four Seasons, I recommend you watch each Season as fast as you can. Otherwise, any person with average intelligence will lose interest...if you have time to think about the Plot you wil realize that "24" is really just a TV Comic Book: Superhero against SuperVillain... it is Fantasy with a big dose of Violence...and that's what the viewing public seems to want. The Best Way to decide if ay Season of 24, an Audio/Visual Media Creation, is Good is the ability to watch it over again...and still find it to be enjoyable. For example: You can listen to your Favorite CD or watch your Favorite Movie many times. However, using this criteria, each season of 24 is just Contrived Crap, there is no way you would want to watch it any Season again....more info
  • Totally satisfied
    Came within the allotted time & in the condition specified -- brand new, still in factory packaging....more info
  • Soap Opera with Action Scenes
    Now before I get to season three, I admit that I watched and liked the DVD Season 1 of 24. The ridiculous main menu music, with its heavy brass instrumentation, electronic sounds, and bombastic crescendos reminiscent of a Tom Clancy cold war film adaptation, suggests a fun, patriotic action series with no suspense of believability. And fun it was, but sadly short lived. I thank god that I watched these seasons on DVD; otherwise, instead of just choking on 16 hours of cheap drama sandwiches, I would've vomited with the additional super-sized (8 hours) commercial fries.

    Despite the interesting concept, the series 24 is marred by an overload of dramatic filler. With the writers Fox hires, it simply can't keep anyone with a brain engaged long enough. 24 should really be called 16 because 8 hours are commercials, and of those 16 hours, only about half are devoted to the main story line. The other 8 hours are devoted to nonsensical dramatic filler and unimportant side stories that do nothing to forward the main story line, create suspense, or enrich the characters. For example, if we see Kim Bauer (Jack Bauer's daughter) escape from captivity for the 6th time, is there anything left from these segments that we can learn from her character? That's about all her character does. Furthermore, we see Sherri, the president's backstabbing ex-wife, again and again, yet does her character change throughout? No, she's relegated to more conniving missions that just take up chunks of time out of the main story line.

    The subplots through the first two seasons were so uninteresting and irrelevant that I literally skipped chapters and still knew what was going on in the main story. This chapter skipping, though minimal at first, began late in Season 1. When I'm watching Jack Bauer's investigation unfold the main story line, cheesy, soap opera scenes of Mrs. Bauer wandering aimlessly through her house and letting the audience know she's been having an affair repeatedly weakened the suspense.

    Season 3 became ridiculous from the start. I had to fast forward from the very first episode. David Palmer, (the President), involved with the main storyline the two previous seasons, decides to take a break. David Palmer is too busy getting re-elected president, courting a girlfriend who has her own problems, and dealing with a brother who threatens his political career. Does this have to do anything with the virus (the new threat) that threatens all of LA? No.
    Kim Bauer also now happens to be working at CTU Headquarters. Obviously in only three years she has received the proper training and developed the skills to work efficiently in a counter terrorism agency. Presumably her previous blunders were viewed favorably in her CTU job application. I guess the writers were forced at gunpoint by the producers to keep her in as sex material. Anyway, Kim still manages to overflow the dramatic filler cup, in this case, by butting heads with a seemingly homosexual computer techie. The computer techie (I forget his name I was so frustrated with the story) continually nags at Kim and accuses her of favoritism. Again, when I'm watching Jack Bauer trying to capture Colombian drug lords, I don't need a cut to the CTU for a 10 minute scene of Kim bickering with a computer techie.

    The scene in Season 3 that officially ended my brief 24 viewing career was the one where the computer techie begins to interrogate Kim, bickering over a freaking baby, stowed away under Kim's desk, whom neither Kim nor the computer techie have any relation to. It's neither of their babies! It's not their cousins' nor their friends' baby! WHAT DOES THIS BABY HAVE TO DO WITH THE STORY!!! I could understand if this kind of distraction happened once, but this unnecessary, over-the-top drama occurs throughout 24. I watched the series to see people get killed and go on high risk adventures. I already see people bickering and getting caught in cougar snare traps at school. I don't need to see it emulated on the screen.

    I made it halfway through Season 3, most of which was fast forwarded. After the baby incident, I simply couldn't go any further. So why do people watch 24? I dunno; it's fine for one season or two, but now the show is in its 6th season, destined to go on for at least 3 more according to the show's contract. How can the American viewing public continually be fed this garbage? This is soap opera with action scenes. That's all it is, folks. ...more info
  • The best action drama
    Once you start watching it, you will want to see all seasons....more info
    24 once again in its third season pulls out all the stops in creating countless scenes of tension, excitement and complex entertainment. This time it's a deadly virus that catapults Jack Bauer and the CTU team into action. And the return of the spider women, Nina Meyers and Sherry Palmer sweetens the pot. There's so much going on in this season it's hard to adequately summarize here. Suffice to say, it's a tense and exhausting season but affirms this shows ability to make the incredible seem credible.
    Kiefer Sutherland as always imbues Bauer with a complex variety of emotional crises, including his heroin addiction, his daughter's new boyfriend, and confrontations with the nastiest of villains. Reyko Aylesworth as Michelle also shows why she's been such a strong presence, as do the rest of the season's cast: Dennis Haysbert as the President who sees his re-election crumbling around him, and whose calling in of ex-wife Sherry to help proves disastrous; Sarah Clarke as the vile, sociopathic Nina, who once again tries to demobilize Jack; Penny Johnson Jarrold, the coldly calculating Sherry who pulls one stunt too many; Paul Schulze as the seemingly inhuman Ryan Chappelle; Carlos Bernard as Tony who finds himself bargaining for his wife's life; Doug Savant as the doomed hotel security chief; DB Woodside as President Palmer's brother/chief of staff whose indiscretion lands Palmer in the thick of mud. Actually the whole cast steps up to their roles with gusto, even the usually annoying Elisha Cuthbert who plays Kim, Bauer's daughter. A riveting season for this superior drama series....more info
  • 24 - Season Three (Day 3)
    This is great television that gets better every season. The two main story lines involving Jack Bauer and David Palmer evolve nicely over the season. This series is addicting and the DVD format is a great way to see it all at once without stretching it out over 5-6 six months as when it aired on network television. I highly recommend this DVD. If you have not yet seen the previous seasons buy those and watch them in order....more info
  • Shipped to me in error
    The only reason I own this is because a friend used my computer to order this to be shipped to his own vacation home address, and Amazon shipped it to me in error. I could not contact Amazon about this because this was not my order. My friend ended up buying it again in the store while he was on vacation and told me to keep it. ...more info
  • 24 is the best tv show ever !
    24 is and will be the best TV show ever made. I have been like many people thinking that 24 is some boring hollywood show until i actually watched a few episodes. this show is amazing! Seasons 1 and 2 have been just amazingly good! Actors are just great especially Kiefer Sutherland. Ive rented season 1 and 2 and watched eveyrthing without being able to stop as it was so good. not to mention i rewatched it about 5-7 times now. So right now i decided to buy Season 3 since the price gone down. And as soon as i save enough money ill buy season 1,2,4 to own in my collection! Do not hesitate or leave this page withouth ordering ! But i recoment to buy season 1 if you havent seen it already. BUY RIGHT NOW! IM 100% SURE YOU WILL LOVE IT ! TRUST ME BUY IT!...more info
  • Excellent rush and much much more!
    Fan of the series already? Even if your aren't, this is a must if your a thrill seeker and wish to see an incredible adventure. Be warned: the advantage we all have with a complete season at home is we can watch it all in a row and season 3, as well as every 24 season, isn't an exception to this rule. Be ready to watch several episodes in a row because once you started it, it's VERY hard to stop....more info
  • Best Season so far!
    Two things make this amazing.
    1) Chase. Jacks partner. Chase is a 'young' Jack Bauer and it is sad that he didnt return to 24 following this season. He is excellent and it is great seeing them working together on screen.

    2) A great opening 6 episodes with a a great twist..

    The ending is dramatic and in true 24 fasion! i will not spoil it!

    GO BUY IT!...more info
  • Fabulous series!
    This show is the best! So fast-paced and intriguing, so well done. Even our ten-year old daughter got hooked! We make it a family entertainment experience! I also use it to make the time on our cardio equipment go by quickly -- I don't even notice I am working out becaue my interest is so focused on the action....more info
  • Season Three: Best Taken with a Grain of Salt
    **NOTE: This is a brief review of the actual season, not the DVD or its special features.

    I'm an avid fan of 24. I have enjoyed every season thus far--even season three. However, I feel that having now sat through five seasons I can reflect back and say with absolutely clarity and certainty that season three was the most disappointing. And so, Three Stars for Season Three, even though I've given all of the others five star ratings.

    I cite several reasons in order of impression:

    1. Dark, and not in a good way (ala Empire Strikes Back). Even though each season inevitably calls for the killing off of various key characters, I feel that there was just a whole lot of gratuitous death and despair permeating the entire season. Whereas I usually am looking forward to the next episode and watch 24 in marathon style, I actually found myself dreading each coming episode. I wound up having to take breaks of a couple of days between some episodes because this season was so emotionally overwhelming and intense. It actually affected my mood. Some might argue that this would be indicative of good television. I disagree. Other seasons were able to provide credible death and despair without this level of frustration.

    2. Continuity. It's been mentioned in other reviews, so I'll only briefly touch on it here, but the season is mired with gaps and inconsistencies. Watching it, you often get the sensation of a disjointed plot, woven together by questionable ties.

    3. Acting. I love watching Keifer portray Jack Bauer, and he's true to form, but a majority of the performances given by even some of the lead characters in this season were sub-par. As an example, the relationship between Kim and Chase felt so contrived I wanted to smack the television at times.

    The bottom line:
    24 is a great show. Season three continues in this vein, with the exception a few issues outlined above. If you plan on staying caught up in the Jack Bauer saga, it's important that you watch this season. Personally, I think this season could be skipped and seasons 4 and 5 would still be just as enjoyable. Just remember to take season three with a grain of salt....more info
  • Winter Nights!
    Season Three of "24" will be a great series to watch on those cold, dark Winter nights....more info
  • Fabulous!
    Excellent! I am so pleased with my order. This is a great tv show. My husband received it as as a Christmas gift and he is thrilled!...more info
  • Another great year
    Season 3 definitely made up for Season Two, which is still the worst season on record. 24 just keeps getting better!...more info
  • series 3 of TV show 24
    great dvd. really enjoyed it. glad I bought it, along with series 4,and
    5. waiting for series 7 to be over, so I can purchase it....more info
  • Jack saves the day gain!
    Just awesome! For me is one of the best seasons, I waiting for the six, so lets see!
    P.D. Don't even think in not to buy it! Just do it!...more info
  • It keeps getting better and better
    As a huge fan of this TV series, I can't say enough about it. Always interesting and intriguing. It seems they raise the bar a little higher with every season. Lot's of twist and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. Every episode leaves you wanting to know more and exhausted!
    I highly recommend this to anyone who thinks there is nothing good on TV anymore.
    ...more info
  • Gotta love Jack
    I am a huge fan of 24 and I normally ending up liking the season better when I watch it the second time. A well worth buy. Jack is one crazy man and you can't get in his way....more info
  • Good DVDs but Don't Look at the Menus
    I like the 24 series, but the DVDs for Seasons 1-4 have a problem that almost every sub-screen for each episode is a spoiler for what will happen in that episode. Even the opening menu sequence for season 3 gave away secrets. So while the show is great, I'd recommend not looking at the scene shots that are part of the DVD menus. I haven't watched Season 5 on DVD, so I'm unsure if it suffers too....more info
  • Great Season
    Okay, to be honest, I thought this season started off a little slow, but damn did it pick up once they got back from Mexico!

    Jack does some amazing, intense things that blow your mind in this season! I don't have any gripes about season 3 at all. They did away with stupid side stories about Jacks daughter, and even the presidents story isn't so bad. (Honestly, though, what did he expect when he brought in his ex-wife?)

    Jack Bauer is freaking awesome!!!!...more info
  • One of the best shows currently in production on Broadcast TV.
    Love the show. Period. Have just finished watching the first 5 seasons (something of a marathon over the last month).

    (WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead.)
    Seasons 1 & 2 were good, but were a bit too focused on Jack's daughter going through lots of hokey, ditzy stuff. In season 3, JAck's daughter was moved to CTU as an analyst so Jack could keep an eye on her (and perhaps so she could stop being the center of so many hokey, ditzy, whiny moments that detracted from the show in prior seasons). This time around, Jack's on crack (umm sorry, heroin, my bad) but manages to keep a major "hot virus" under wraps and contain fallout. The action is good. We finally get "closure" on Nina Myers and Mrs. Palmer. For the latter reasons, this season has several quite satisfying moments and ties up some nagging loose ends. Overall, great season.

    As to packaging and the discs themselves: the first 4 seasons come in fold-out packaging + outer sleeve, much like the Highlander series and a few others. The first discs contain the episodes themselves, and the last disc contains some bonus materials. The discs with episodes also have an option to play deleted/extended scenes in-line to the episode. Cool feature.

    Season 3 continues to do a good job with chapter breaks, scene selection menus, and bonus features. The video and audio were up to par. Of course I don't have a large-screen/wide-screen TV nor surround sound, so I can't test under all conditions. But if there were any video or audio issues I didn't notice them. Perhaps some moire/color issues in scenes with close parallel-line patterns. But I've noticed that on any number of DVD releases of other series from other studios, so I wouldn't say there was any more in 24 than other series.

    Overall, I highly recommend this for anyone who hasn't seen 24, and who likes the spy/thriller type show. If you liked Alias and/or La Femme Nikita, you'll probably like 24 as well. There are some "intense" scenes and some harsh language, so preview episodes before showing it to any youngsters, if at all....more info
    An outstanding series, 24 Season Three brings to the screen the parallel stories of mainly: Jack Bauer, Tony Almeda/Michelle Dessler, Kim Bauer/Chase Edmunds and President David Palmer/Wayne Palmer/Sherry Palmer among others.
    The setting is Los Angeles 3 years after the nuclear incident and over 4 years after the events on the day of the Democratic California Primary, and Federal (CTU) agent Jack Bauer is trying to thwart an attempt to release a deadly virus on the general population. As is the case with this series though, there is much more than meets than eye...
    Kiefer Sutherland, Sarah Clark (who is GORGEOUS!), Reiko Aylesworth, Carlos Bernard, Dennis Haysbert, and the rest of the cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are exceptional to say the least. Very well written and very well presented, the series is without a doubt guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.
    The major setbacks are in relation to:
    1) There is no closure between Seasons Two and Three; e.g. how Carrie was removed, what happened to Mason's son, the President/Nation rewarding/thanking Bauer for preventing the country from going to war, what happened with Kate Warner and Jack, how they got together and how/why they ended up splitting up.
    Instead Season Three starts off abruptly and with a lot of gaps and unpleasant surprises in the form of new, very young and very annoying CTU members.
    Way too much has happened in the last three years and we get very little info.
    2) Season Three starts off in a rather uninteresting way: the whole Mexican underworld/crime boss is very weak compared to the themes from the previous two seasons. The gardener's daughter and her brother were especially bad.
    The magic of the first two seasons is definitely not here.
    The result is that the first 3 dvd's (about 10-12 episodes) were dreadful.
    3) There's also the whole Kim and Chase story and the unnecessary child issue (!!!) in typical soap opera fashion...
    4) Supporting/minor characters like Adam and Chloe were just not likable.
    5) Chase has a lot of nerve talking to Bauer (who is a legend by now) like they are buddies going way back.
    6) The President's "relationship" was unnecessary and left a bad aftertaste.
    7) No-brain-Kim is still as annoying as ever, and now she works at CTU??? It must have been a BIG presidential favor though they could have her do simple things like make the coffee...
    8) The ridiculous capture and then re-capture of Michelle out of blue.
    9) The average agent's age dropping unrealistically low so that it's almost like a bunch of kids running CTU.
    10) The President's brother who arrived out-of-nowhere was just bad and the whole thing brings to mind the Kennedies.
    11) Season Three speaks some truths about the USA being despised globally due to bad foreign policy, but ideas of withdrawing within their borders and minding their own business is not necessarily a bad a thing and should not be "demonized."
    On the positive side:
    1) Very original to have the whole series be "24 hours."
    2) Kiefer Sutherland and Sarah Clark are AMAZING and have an AMAZING chemistry, while Dennis Haysbert and Carlos Bernard were born for their respective roles.
    3) 24 Sheds light on US Gov. operations that lead the rest of the world to resent America.
    4) A good look into the dirty world of politics.

    In short, 24 is a series definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection! KEEP'EM COMING!!!
    ...more info
  • Outstanding
    Great series, keeps you on the edge of your seat through each episode. Caution, do not watch before going to bed, will keep you awake for hours....more info
  • It's great show,buy all 4 right now thats how good it is
    a great show like 24 you don't know what to expect. The things I expect with this show is suspence, action, an intence fast paced roller coaster, plot twists, and thrills. Fortunately I get all five in this hit show. But what isn't expected in these intence four rounds of 24 hours? The kind of suspence, action, the type of intence fast paced roller coaster, the types of plot twists and thrills. Unfortunately for Jack Bauer once the clock starts to tick his 24 hour nightmare begins. 24 is a hard hitting show. TV ads and sneak peaks into the new episode keep me waiting for the next hour of suspence, action, plot twists and thrills. A question I would want to ask is would a day like these days go by slow? As slow as the whole season goes? Jack Bauer did say in season one "this is the longest day of my life" which I'm sure it was when his wife and daughter were kiddnapped while the same people responsible attempt to assasinate a senator running for president, and in between investigating about a traitor inside CTU. What also lies in store for 24 is the sacrifices made. All four seasons of this hit show are must haves for new and long time fans.
    ...more info
  • One of my favorite seasons of 24
    This has to be one of my favorite seasons of 24. It is a toss up because later seasons like 4 had more action and some better bad guys but this one was great. The twists were incredible, I can actually watch this season over again because it was that good. The very last scene was great, really showed the toll everything takes on Jack. Keifer Sutherland does a great job as Jack Bauer. The Salazars were great, all of CTU. I'd love to do a better review but I don't want to give anything away, its so much better not knowing what to expect. It was easy to get addicted to this show. ...more info