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Silver Streak
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On a long-distance train trip a man finds romance but also finds himself in danger of being killed or at least pushed off the train. Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 05/30/2006 Starring: Richard Pryor Jill Clayburgh Run time: 114 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Arthur Hiller

Despite the presence of hack director Arthur Hiller, this hybrid comedy-thriller works most of the time as pleasant faux Hitchcock. Gene Wilder is a book editor who is relaxing by taking a cross-country train ride. Then he gets caught up in a murder--and becomes a suspect. It's up to him to prove his own innocence. As noted, the script, by Colin Higgins, owes a big debt to Alfred Hitchcock; but the mystery isn't all that mysterious and the comedy isn't all that hilarious--at least not until Richard Pryor shows up, which is at least halfway through the film. Things definitely pick up from there. Jill Clayburgh, as the love interest, is merely along for the train ride. Wilder and Pryor eventually teamed up for several other films, but they were never as funny together as they are in this one. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • A good film to be sure
    Action, romance and humor all in one film. Can't believe anyone can keep getting thrown off a train and living as much as George (Wilder) does in this movie--but why quibble? McGoohan (a bi-sexual actor to be sure) lucks out in playing Deveraux, who never has to do anything more than hold comely Hilly's (Jill Clayburgh's) hand. Probably some kissing scene between Devereaux and Hilly was written out at McGoohan's request (he wrote out Number 6-kissing-other-people scenes on The Prisoner, it says so in The Unofficial Prisoner Companion book). ...more info
  • DVD reproduction is too dark
    I am a huge fan of this film. I was greatly disappointed with the DVD version, however. Many of the scenes that are on the train, and in less than full sunlight, are much too dark. I was hoping to recapture some of the neat photography with the widescreen version (some is lost with the full screen VHS version) on a projection TV. Only those scenes that showed the outdoor panorama of the train passing was fully captured with the DVD.

    I like the show, but I can't recommend this DVD. ...more info
  • Please release this on DVD
    This is Gene Wilder's best movie and it is one of the best adventure/comedies that came out of the 70's. I feel this is Gene and Richard Pryor's best film together and I just can't believe they haven't released it on dvd.

    I watch it whenever it is on cable and was very disappointed to see that it is only available in VHS format.

    It would be wonderful if they would release it on DVD with special features and to have Gene, Richard and Jill's commentaries would be an added treat.

    So many movies are being released every week on dvd that aren't even close to being as good as this one - I don't understand why it takes so long to get some of these classics on dvd.

    If you haven't seen it, and you love Gene and Richard, you won't be disappointed - the comedy is great and the scenery is wonderful also. I have taken Amtrack through the Rockies, and this brings back some fond memories, even though it was filmed in Canada, the scenery is just as beautiful.

    I also love the woman who always calls him "Steve."

    I just rented Stir Crazy, The Woman in Red, and bought Hanky Panky and although I think they're good, this is still Gene's best movie - I even like it better than Willie Wonka!!!!...more info

  • Adventure on a Train
    This movie is one I can watch over and over again. While Gene Wilder's cluelessness may seem to wear a little thin in places, the chemistry between the characters works. Admittedly when Richard Pryor appears the movie goes from humorous to hilarious, but in the meantime the Hitchcockian flavor will keep most viewers entertained.

    Gene Wilder is a book editor travelling by train from Los Angeles to Chicago. Jill Clayburgh is a professor's assistant. During a romantic interval in Jill's compartment Gene see's a man killed. Of course the man is the professor. Let the fun begin.

    Gene Wilder is a perfect straight man for this movie. He is clearly intelligent, but unused to crime and guns. His bravado is likely that of a typical suburbanite, and while we laugh at his actions, we also identify with his character.

    Other stars make this movie an absolute joy to watch over and over. Richard Kiel of James Bond "Jaws" fame makes another silent appearance. Ray Walston is a sleazy hood. Clifton James, another James Bond movie character, also makes an appearance about the same time as Richard Pryor. Ned Beatty plays a government agent and Scatman Crothers plays a conductor. An all-star cast of characters actors in somewhat stereotypical roles, but they are so instantly recognizable that their appearance is enjoyable.

    The train is a center piece of the movie, and the most important action scenes take place on or around the train. Train buffs who also enjoy comedies will find this movie to be fascinating. The end of the movie is particularly spectacular and intense as we wonder whether Jill, Richard, Gene and Scatman are going to survive to the end.

    This movie was nearly an instant classic when it was released. Light comedy and very good entertainment, this movie is worth having on DVD.

    ...more info
  • Great Movie
    One of my favorites and I was not disappointed. This is a great movie, with a great buddy team....more info
  • DVD Edition Needed
    Really like to see this movie in DVD!!...more info
  • Silver Streak
    Great movie. Excitement, drama, and comedy all in one. Gene Hackman and Richard Pryor at their best. The scene with the shoe polish is an absolute classic. ...more info
  • My favorite train movie....
    The Silver Streak was among about ten movies that came out during a time I was able to go in a gigantic old theater called the Metropolitan in my hometown (for a dollar) to watch it before climbing 5 miles and facing taking care of my grandmom and the responsibilities of real life. A theater where if I was the only watcher they still wondrously, happily "ran the movie" and for another dollar sold me some yummy popcorn. And a coke. Why does that matter here? Perhaps just to say it was the summer movie, they ran one every summer for matin¨¦es and it was the perfect choice (also ran An Unmarried Woman another summer). Cinematic beauties they'd choose.... Well Morgantown was a marvelous place to grow up for an explorer......and watching this movie put a desire in me to try traveling to corners unknown.

    The movie was scored by Henry Mancini, it would never be The Silver Streak without this music. This score still gives me chills. I love it. If you You Tube you can call up filmpieces and see why or simply get/rent/view the movie and enjoy. I've actually tried in vain to get the score on a CD was wonderful. Yes, I've gone across the country in a train, in a bus, car, plane. Nothing quite like trains for me, this music evokes my experiences of that, there is no doubt. Mancini a love of mine; it's true.

    All this said the movie has the romance.
    Gene Wilder meeting Jill Clayburgh, both lonely, both leaving behind a past. Oh that part of movie is between just those two and somehow our inner voyeur. This is what makes a good romance, can we feel their connection maybe just a bit as our own. It's the start of something forever baby. Here with a bit of the "just for now" at the bar chance.
    Why that appeals goes to the heart of us all.
    Lovely. Possibly not ridden with impossibility. It is meaningful to those of us losing hopes. Back in my youth it was just such a contrast watching this lovely romance to the days I lived where your name and face were unneeded. And there was only physicality and "next."

    Ah, but when I watch it now, the relating carries the 70's "sound," it's something to revisit that time older in how one navigated shall we say "an evening." A bit embarrassing watching with teens that left the room. ( Not to say I needed company) Almost too embarrassing except I want that reminder of times lost to time...want them (our couple) to hook up sadly leaving something of my values there in the tunnels passed through as the scenes pass through this glorious country. Those scenes are just filmed beautifully giving me yet another reason I loved this movie. Then there is the crimes and chase, the fighting for the woman, the mystery of the unknown in the story, the section of the set up of the problem brings to the couple the challenges to their idealizations of one another, the tests to see if this is going to be real. Boy are they tested.

    Then the comedic relief, the fun, the absurdity of love, of life situations once coupled with someone that helps you carry the journey of life, you can laugh outloud now....the section of the journey where one has to believe that Richard Pryor was so much fun to work with in the making of this movie. Two devilishly good comics do what they do best. Scenes here of them partnering to get back on the train ( thrown off again and again) and to unravel the crime for themselves failing to get any help anywhere and finally save themselves. These are just classic pieces, one would argue representative of classic psychological constructs. True enough. It touches on our unspoken issues of race too, of crime, of the potentials to do right things, it is so darn funny to see shoe polish on Wilder and him getting down to slip by security looking for him as a brother.

    Pryor is playing this with such utter sincerity and as such a kind and good being. What a genius. The friend we wish we had character. A kind of street urchin wise-acre savior for Wilder. I don't know, every time I watch it I am enamored again.

    Then the conclusion. It is actually when something bigger than self gets put into play. Saving the world stuff. Here I found this like something from a dream. It's a phenomenal visual experience. Oddly as I don't care for violence, crime, murders thrown into story lines I know this does have all of the above along with train crashing conclusion.....yet I liked the movie in my thirty or more viewings in that summer as I gained the strength to go home after work and get ready to face the next days tasks. Always left laughing and feeling that kismet one carries after watching a romantic comedy suggest to you that you might find a romance one day too.
    Of possibility. ...more info
  • Silver Streak
    Excited to get this video - very happy with price and DVD. This is a favorite of ours....more info
  • Great!
    My husband loves this movie! Received in a timely fashion and in good condition!...more info
  • Great Train Ride for Zephyr Train Fans!
    For all those train fans that enjoyed the era of the Burlington Zephyrs and the vista-dome era, you won't want to miss this DVD. The acting is great and funny. You see life on a full line passenger train at the height of its travel glory. The suspense and action in the film keeps you totally absorbed. You won't be sorry to get the Silver Streak DVD....more info
  • Wilder + Pryor = pure classic!
    This is a GREAT movie with the incredible and energetic talents of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. It may be 20 years plus old but I have always loved this movie, always will. If you've ever liked these guys, you will truly enjoy this classic....more info
  • Silver Streak
    GET THIS ON DVD!!!!! I can't believe of all the Gene Wilder movies this is the only one that appears to not be available on DVD. What gives?! This is not only his best but one of the best of all time! Send a message to the powers to be; make this on DVD!!!...more info
  • Classic Comedy
    I recently bought Silver Streak on DVD to watch on my laptop while on a cross-country train trip. Even though the clothes and hair styles date this movie, it's still as funny as it was when first released. Classic Gene Wilder / Richard Pyror comedy that one never tires of watching. ...more info
  • The Silver Streak
    I have always loved this movie. Please, Please, offer it on DVD.

    It is a movie my 26 year old son would love, and his children will too. But if it isn't available on DVD, it will be missed.

    Let's not let it go into oblivion along with VHS players!...more info

  • Silver Streak VHS tape used
    This was a used tape of an old movie. The movie was as good as I remembered and the tape was free of any defects. Can't beat it for 76 cents!...more info
  • An extremely entertaining comedy/thriller
    Gene Wilder's first foray into comedy\thrillers is a pure delight as the film is quick paced, funny and extremely enjoyable. Wilder's comic style has always been an acquired taste, but those who give him the time could ultimately discover that the man is an underrated comic genius, period. This film utilizes his charm and hysterics in equal measures to good effect as his character comes across assasins, hillbillys and moronic cops. And just when you think it is not going to get any better, the hilarious Richard Pryor comes along to give the film another dose of zesty comedy which showed for the first time the immense comedic chemistry between Wilder and Pryor that would later become a classic comedy pairing in the likes of "Stir Crazy" and "See no evil, Hear no evil". *Fans of Hitchcock will also enjoy this even more as the film is a pardoy\homage of many of Hitchcock's motifs*....more info