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Premier Direct Stop Animal Deterrent Spray
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Product Description

Independently conducted Canine Aggression trials show that Spray Shield is effective in controlling dogs exhibiting low to medium levels of aggression (this is the maximum level of aggression controlled with police certified pepper spray). The Citronella Spray Shield does not bring out more aggression in dogs, whereas pepper spray often does. When Spray Shield is sprayed the animal will feel the full impact of the pressurized and offensive smelling Citronella from 10 feet away. Is safe for humans and animals as it does not hurt the eyes. A 3 ounce can contains 13 - one second sprays.

  • Citronella spray formula offers humane way to deter aggressive animals
  • Just as effective as 10-percent pepper spray, yet without harmful side effects
  • Highly effective in stopping low- to medium-level aggression; safe to use indoors
  • Carry when cycling, running, or walking; ideal for kennel staff and mail carriers
  • Contains approximately 12 1-second sprays at a range of up to 10 feet

Customer Reviews:

    I have a French Bulldog, and he is a sweetie, but at times he gets bossy with other dogs. If the other dog doesn't want to be bossed, it can quickly escalate into a fight, and my dog doesn't back down. That's the reason I bought my first can of Direct Stop. It worked like a charm!
    Now all I have to do is show the can to Spike and he starts behaving himself in most instances. However, there are still times when dogs don't get along in our park, and a few are pretty aggressive when they're around a dog they don't like. The spray has worked every time, and it sure beats trying to physically break up a fight and possibly getting bitten! Word is spreading in our dog park, and more and more people will be using it....more info
  • Security in neighborhood
    My disabled husband (neurological condition) tries to maintain his walking ability by walking our Boykin Spaniel about a mile a day. There are several unleashed dogs in the neighborhood who love to pester them. This product can be used without causing harm to the dogs and if some gets in Rick's eyes, it won't cause him harm either. ...more info
  • A Must Have for ME
    I use this on my own dogs. I have 4 dogs and I walk them all together. Because they are in the "Pack" they love to bark and pull when we see other dogs. I can spray this and they will quiet down and come back to my control. Unlike anything else it does not cause pain or even eye irritation. I accidentally sprayed my Boston Terrier straight in the face and I was worried I had hurt her eyes. She shook her head and looked stunned but no redness or irritation that made her want to even rub them. I have not used it on stray dogs because they have never tried to approach me with my dogs but I did get a can for my 89 year old mother-in-law who is afraid of dogs but likes to walk around the sub division....more info
  • It works!
    After carrying Direct Stop with me for three years, today was the first time I finally had to use it. While I was out jogging with my 25lb sheltie (on leash), I encountered an elderly man with two large dogs off leash. The dogs began growling and running toward me and my dog. The man called his dogs, but they didn't respond. I picked up my dog to prevent him from getting attacked by these two dogs and kept moving. As I moved past the dogs, I readied my Direct Stop in case a dog jumped up at us. The man finally got his dogs (they were still not leashed).

    Once we were 50 feet away, I put my dog back on the ground. I looked behind us, and within seconds, one of the unleashed dogs began running full speed at us, snarling the whole way. Lucky for me, I had the Direct Stop in hand. When the dog was within 10 feet of us, I sprayed the dog in its face. The attacking dog stopped immediately and ran back to its owner! Direct Stop saved me and my dog today. It works!...more info
  • A good, harmless way to interrupt dog behavior..
    This spray is great for occasions when your dog (ours is a 6 month old puppy) persists in forbidden behavior. A quick spray toward his face stops the behavior without injury to the dog.. He quits the behavior, turns away,and may rub his face on the rug though otherwise unhurt. ...more info
  • Won't stop agressive dogs
    Just a warning,,as someone else stated this will not stop an agressive attack nor will it stop a pitbull. I have a greyhound that was attacked by a pitbull and I actually had to jump on the pitbull and wrestle it off as the direct stop was no more effective then spraying the pit with Chanel number 5. Once we were "attacked" but some little yappy mutt type dog and it did make the dog hesitate for a few moments which was long enough for us to get away ( generally greyhounds won't fight) but if you are looking for something to stop a real all out attack, this won't do it. I am pretty sure the directions even state it will stop mild to moderately agressive attacks ( it also says it won't work on bears,,,well duh) so you know what you are getting. I carry pepper spray rather then this product,,however one more thing. Pepper spray can blow back on the user, if Direct Stop does you'll never know it....more info
  • Good insurance policy
    I've never had a reason to use this yet, but I like having it available. Originally I bought it to go to the dog run after reading horror stories about agressive dogs and worrying I wouldn't be able to stop a fight if needed to protect my dog. I've never had a problem, though, so i've never actually used it. I have noticed that they keep this in the training/play room at the ASPCA, so it must be a safe but effective product. If you are looking for something to bring to a dog run in case your dog is in a fight, you could also use a simple bottle of water - I once saw a fight over a toy stopped by someone shaking water on the dogs. Totally harmless, and it seems like it would be just enough to redirect their attention. ...more info
  • Just Stopped a dog fight with it...great stuff!
    I just stopped a medium intensity dog-on-dog attack at the dog park with a can of Direct Stop. I hit the re-advancing dog twice (Austrailian Shepard who had just been thrown 10 feet from the other dog). Both times he ran away once sprayed. I had a can of powerful pepper spray in my other pocket but it wasn't needed. If I had sprayed the pepper spray it would have hammered 8 fellow dog park patrons and their dogs...not a good thing to do if you want to maintain good relations with your fellow dog owners at the park. Immediately afterwards two dog owners came up to me to ask what it was, and both put an order in with me for two cans each (I am a personal security trainer and reseller of related weapons).

    As a side note, Pepper Spray is very effective against highly aggressive dog breeds such as Pit-bulls. I had the unfortunate need to spray a Pit-bull attacking my cattle-dog a few months ago. The Pit immediately stopped it's attack and ran around the entire school yard rubbing it's face in the grass. I'd suggest dog owners who walk their dog's frequently, especially urban dwellers, to carry a can of each with them. Of course, the Pepper Spray does double duty as a great personal protection weapon against two legged animals as well! I highly suggest the Fox Labs "Five Point Three" formula (Cone spray), which is the hottest chemical weapon spray on the market (I personally self-test all chemical weapons before I recommend them, and Fox Labs is by far the most disabling I've ever hit myself with over the last 20 years!)

    Be Safe out there!...more info
  • Not for True "Bad Dog" Interactions
    I bought this product thinking that it would be a more humane way to keep the neighborhood dogs from attacking/approaching my dogs as we walk. We have had two bad "dog interactions" this year in my neighborhood, creating mental issues for both me and my dogs (my dogs also happen to be service dogs for my disability, and a dog attack can be a basis for retiring a working dog, it is that serious). At the same time, I bought Muzzle, which is a pepper spray for dogs.

    The Direct Stop is so gentle that it is ineffective in my mind. The citronella is more of annoyance than a deterrent. As another reviewer wrote here, he "tested" the Direct Stop on his dogs, and if anything, it would be an odious training device, but not a real deterrent.

    Meanwhile I had the displeasure of having to spray a pit bull with the Muzzle, and it worked like a charm. Luckily, the dog was not a "bad" dog but I had no way of knowing this when it suddenly bolted towards us during a walk (outside of our immediate neighborhood). I called my neighbor to let him know to flush the dog's eyes and he, a police officer, was very kind and said I did the right thing and the dog had found a hole in the backyard fence. While he said his dog was gentle, and wouldn't have attacked, that the approach and defensive stance the dog took was enough to justify my use of the Muzzle. His take was that a dog 30 ft away was much too close for comfort and that since I had no way of knowing what the dog would or wouldn't do, that I did the right thing by spraying the dog and getting away.

    My dogs were becoming reactive near the dog as well since a smaller pit bull had attacked us just a few weeks earlier. I have nothing against pits in general, but the smaller pit (about a 4 month old puppy) would not let go of my dog and I ended up falling on the ground during the melee, further aggravating my physical disability. Long story short, if you are really interested in "stopping" a dog, get the Muzzle or other pepper spray and don't take chances with the citronella spray which is merely an annoyance, not a true deterrent to a dog intent on attacking you and your dog(s)....more info
  • Didn't help
    I bought this product after my dog trainer recommended it to help separate my two dogs when they fight. Well, it didn't even phase them. Perhaps it's more helpful in stopping a single off-leash dog coming at you....more info
  • Direct Stop
    We adopted a stray in Jan from the Humane Society and after 22 yrs of Goldens we were not prepared for the problems this poor animal had. She is well trained in the home, and fine off leash, excepts she'll bolt and you won't see her again for 2-5 hrs. But the main problem is on leash aggression with other dogs. So I bought the spray more to protect other dogs from her if on off leash dog was to come up to her. (She is always on leash, under control). Sure enough one evening we were up at our local HS where few dogs go and no one was around that I could tell, but I felt something wasn't right. So I had her close to me waiting to see what was going on. Out of no where two huge labs came bolting out of one of the buildings. I yelled and stood out in front, but it didn't stop one of them from coming right up to her. I did have the spray and it did avert a potentially dangerous fight, that the lab might have lost, but when it was all said and done the can was completely empty. That surprised me and worried me as I still had to get home, now with no deterrant. It was disappointing that only one incident would use a whole can. I'm glad I had it, but I would like to find an alternative that would last longer, as I potentially could have more than one incident happen even in the same day. Dogs are everywhere and part of this dogs rehab is to walk her alot.
    KC...more info
  • But not on Bears
    I've had to use this product several times while at my local dog park. My dog is also like the other reviewers terririzer - her head spins and turns into Satan if another female dog comes near her. The spray has settled a couple of little fights but didn't stop one particularly bad fight. I used the entire can but it didn't deter either dog. So mild aggression will be detered but a determined dog won't be detered...and as the label says, it doesn't work on bears either. I still highly recommend the product and keep a can in my car at all times....more info
  • IT Works
    I carry this when walking whether I have my own dog with me or not. It was recommended by a trainer that does obedience classes and some in home training. We have a demented terrier mix (I believe he is a cross of a Jack Russell terrier and Satan) He usually stays in his own front yard, off leash of course, and is content to bark, snarl and mock charge people walking their dogs on the street in front of his house. EXCEPT, this day he decided to charge me and my female Golden Retriever, growling, barking, snarling, coming strait at my dog. I yelled at him, to no avail, of course, pulled out the Direct Stop and sprayed in front of him (lucky enough to have the wind at my back carried the scent of the spray to him, not on him) The terrirzer came to a complete stop, turned and ran back to his house, looking over his shoulder to make sure I wasn't coming after him with more of that really yucky stuff. We continued on our way, I have not seen him off his front porch, nor heard him carry on since that day. My Golden is a big girl and could have seriously injured him if not for the Direct Stop deterring him from his suicide by golden, mission.

    Would it stop a trained police dog, doubt it, but for your average, fear or terriorial aggressive dog, yes it worked. I've had reports from other users of it's effectiveness. Best thing it does not injure the dog, no risk to yourself of blowback and great for people with a multidog household (spats can break out among the best of dogs) joggers, walkers, bike riders.

    According manufacturer also works on raccoons and snakes. So if you have a raccoon hanging around why expose yourself or loved one to rabies and other diseases, make him want to go elsewhere. Take it with you where ever you go and enjoy being outdoors again! It's peace of mind in a spray canister!!! ...more info
  • Animal Control Spray
    My wife takes walks in the summer for exercise. She takes this along just in case, and feels all the better for having it. Good price, easy to use and carry....more info
  • Saved my dog's life
    Had I not had this product with me yesterday, my 15-lb. dog would be dead (instead of in surgery today). A very large Bloodhound mix got loose from its owner, charged us, and before I knew it, had my small dog in its jaws. I sprayed the dog in the eyes and he dropped my dog. He did, however, shake it off and go after her again, so I nailed him again. The second hit really stopped him. I don't know that this would work on a crazed pitbull or rott, but it certainly helped in this situation. ...more info
  • save your money
    This was absolutely useless. I bought it for when my dogs decide to fight or play too rough. I had bought 5 spray cans. When the dogs started to get into a dispute I used all 5 without effect...more info