Brinkmann 852-7080-V Gourmet Charcoal Smoker and Grill with Vinyl Cover, Black
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Product Description

- Double grill charcoal smoker with heat indicator and front hinged door - Converts easily to a charcoal grill - Separate base pan design for easy set-up - Two chrome-plated steel grills for 50 lb. cooking capacity - Wooden handles - Porcelain coated steel water pan - Aluminized steel charcoal pan - Black - Vinyl cover included

  • Charcoal smoker and grill with thermometer in domed lid
  • 2 chrome-plated steel cooking grills can hold up to 50 pounds of food
  • Front-hinged door; porcelain-coated steel water pan; aluminized-steel charcoal pan
  • Stay-cool wooden handles for safe transport; vinyl cover included
  • Measures 17 by 17 by 35 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good entry-level smoker
    This smoker provides an inexpensive way to get into real barbecue. I find that it runs on the hot side with a full load of charcoal, so it's better for ribs than something like brisket or a pork shoulder. Still, what I've made so far is miles ahead of trying to smoke on a Weber kettle grill....more info
  • Great purchase
    We bought the smoker and have found that it works wonderfully! The times listed in the accompanying book have been absolutely right on everything we've made so far. It holds heat well and produces a tender, well-smoked meat with very little effort. We would add more charcoal (just a few briquettes) about every hour along with wood to keep the smoke going. Easy and great results! And the price made the purchase even more worthwhile. I also liked the fact that it comes with its own cover, so that's one less thing to have to go buy....more info
    Item arrived in a "box" that had two sides missing. It's a gift, so I'm just hoping that all the parts are still with the product, which is assembly required!...more info
  • good entry level
    This is a good entry level smoker. The price, compared to Lowes, is about 2x more here. I got this smoker as a gift and after a few tries I'll say this - once you smoke, you'll never want to go back to grilling. Preparing the meat (see brine recipe) and controlling the temp is the key to making it great smoked food. Make sure you monitor meat temp to know when to take it off the smoker.

    Some cons:
    - The smoker is alittle flimsy. Mine came shipped slightly bent so the cover is sometimes not on all the way. I'm sure a more expensive smoker will be better made.
    - The heat is hard to control and takes some practice. A better grill may provide more of a means to control temp more. Using charcoal, not gas, will take more practice.

    I would probably spend more $ to buy the weber smoker rather than this one had I bought it but if you want an entry level smoker to try this is a good start but find a better price. ...more info
  • Terrible
    It rusted out right away. The charcoal burned right through the metal in fact. Also, the temperature gauge broke within a few uses. ...more info
  • great smoker for home use
    I have enjoyed the Brinkmann grill for over 12 years. I have used it with and without the water pan. I have found that if you clean it after use and then lightly coat the insides with oil, the grill will give you years of great smoking. I store mine inside and recommend you at least use the cover. ...more info
  • great smoker at a good price
    after searching many stores and websites i found the brinkmann smoker on amazon for a great price. the smoker was delivered timely and undamaged...not to mention how easy it is to cook with....more info
  • great smoker/grill
    We bought one of these grills a few years ago.
    We wanted another but, couldn't find it anywhere.
    Finally, we did. Good old!

    Much to our delight, this smoker/grill has been made even better than before!
    The paint is sealed, it is very sturdy, it can be used 3 different ways.
    It's very easy to assemble.
    It is packed very well. There was no damage, what so ever.
    I see this lasting many, many years....more info
  • Vertical Smoker purchase
    The Brinkmann Charcoal Grill and Smoker recently purchased was exactly what I wanted and adds to my various culinary capabilities. Was shipped promptly and arrived in good shape. I would recommend it to any person who loves cooking outdoors....more info
  • Fine for chicken, not for brisket
    This smoker lacks any type of adjustable air vents, top or bottom, for controlling the temperature and fire. If you plan on doing something like a brisket, which can be on the smoker for 6+ hours, easily, you will spend 6+ hours checking the temperature every ten minutes.

    That said, it does work well and you can produce a good brisket with this smoker.

    Pros: large water basin, price
    Cons: no adjustable air vents...more info