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Reise, Reise
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  • Track: 10: Ohne Dich,
  • Track: 11: Amour,
  • Track: 1: Reise Reise,
  • Track: 2: Mein Teil,
  • Track: 3: Dalai Lama,
  • Track: 4: Keine Lust,
  • Track: 5: Los,
  • Track: 6: Amerika,
  • Track: 7: Moskau,
  • Track: 8: Morgenstern,
  • Track: 9: Stein Um Stein
    Media Type: CD
    Artist: RAMMSTEIN
    Title: REISE REISE
    Street Release Date: 11/16/2004
    Genre: HEAVY METAL
  • Customer Reviews:

    • I prefer a heavier rammstein.. but solid no less
      this album is very solid, both musically and lyricly. i love it up until ohne dich... thats wher eit kinda loses it for me. i loved mutter, it had a nice balance of heavy then slower then heavy, reise reise maintains that until the end then there is 3 slowish songs in a row. i dont mind the songs themselves, but maybe they could have been broken up a bit, possibly just change the tracklisting order. all in all the songs are much more harmonic and musically advanced than on mutter with less of a synthesizer feel and more of an orchestrated feel. they also have a nice choir singing backup on a few tunes. my favorite songs are mein teil and los, it has a strage sound to it. i quite enjoy it. buy it. ...more info
    • An amazing album, from start to finish!
      Being a newer Rammstein fan(I recently began listening to these guys about two months ago here in Iraq), I have to say that these guys have single-handidly helped me get through this long and tedious deployment. I have been sheltered for about the past 3 1/2 years, and didn't know much about these guys except "Du hast" back in 1997. I purchased the song "Amerika" from their fourth studio album, "Reise, Reise" and was floored.

      I had to have more, so I purchased another song from this album, "Reise, Reise", and was captivated. I decided to finally just purchase the whole album and am glad I did. Not one song on here disappoints. From start to finish, this album simply rocks! This CD got me hooked on this band, so I decided to purchase the rest of their albums and I now consider myself a die-hard R+ fan! These guys are all I listen to now. Everybody else seems to be "blah" to me. These guys have so much passion for what they do, and every song is a sign of that.

      This album is at the top of my list, not only for my favorite Rammstein album, but my favorite album of all-time! It's that good, folks. If you want heavy, driving songs that'll get your blood pumping, you'll get em' here(Mein Teil, Keine Lust, Amerika, Morgenstern, Stein Um Stein). If you want ballads, so to speak, or "slower" songs, this album has that as well(Reise, Reise, Ohne Dich). Or if you just want songs that'll make you tap your feet to the beat or sing along(if you know German, or can memorize the words somehow), this CD provides you with that as well(Dalai Lama, Los, Moskau).

      Overall, I must say that this album introduced me to this band and got me hooked on them. Being bored one day and needing new music for the gym paid off. If I can get anything positive from this deployment in the end, it will be the fact that I was introduced to one of the heaviest and most musically-gifted bands in the world-Rammstein! I don't think I'll find a better album or more interesting band for as long as I live! Pick this album up. You will NOT be disappointed.

      I'd give it a 10-star rating if I could! It's that good! Enjoy!...more info
    • Absolutely phenomenal
      Though it differs somewhat in sound from the previous albums, it is still true to Rammstein's style of brilliantly written, controversial, wildly disturbing lyrics snarled out by Till Lindemann, and incredible music.

      This latest album is strongly symphonic, and reinforces my belief that metal was meant to be accompanied by an orchestra. Reise, Reise is a must-have for any Rammstein fan....more info
    • "We're all living in Amerika...COCA COLA!...WONDERBRA!"
      Reise, Reise(2004). Rammstein's fourth studio album.

      How many bands come to mind when you bring up pulse-pounding rhythms, a steady and heavy rhythm guitar assault, techno-type synths, warish anthems, and a guy shouting random controversey in a lower-register German voice? Just one. Growing up late in the 90s, Rammstein were always a group I'd known about through their smash hit 'Du Hast' appearing in the Matrix movie, but I dismissed them as a one-hit-wonder band because everyone would overplay that song ad-nauseum. Great song, but it definitely needed its rest for a while after that time. Plus, I wasn't really into their sound quite yet back then. Over the years though I gradually developed a taste for all varieties of metal, and eventually more industrial stuff. So one day, I was looking for something new to listen to and for some reason Rammstein just caught my eye immediately, and I could see that they didn't just have one but several different albums over the years. I suddenly had a craving to check out what they've done. Because I hadn't really heard from them since 2000 and I saw that they were still around, I figured I should pick up their then-latest release and give it a shot. Why not?

      So after cashing in for a copy of Reise, Reise, I was ready for that old familiar sound to come blaring out of the speakers with German chanting on top of it. But what I didn't expect was how much its change in sound would blow me out of the water. In the 3 year time frame between the height of their popularity and the release of this album, the band decided to focus more on the individual songwriting, further due to their need to progress from the more processed, techno-oriented stylings of the past in favor of a rawer production, bigger sound, more choirs, and heavier guitars.

      Now none of this change in sound would matter at all if the songs themselves didn't measure up. Quite the opposite actually. There aren't just a few good tracks strewn around some random filler. These songs never feel like clones of one another. No, Reise Reise is actually a really well put together album! There isn't a single bad song on here, though some are definitely better than others. What's great though is that there is so much variety to be found among this collection compared to the three previous albums. Most of the songs are still very simple, catchy, and anthemic, but they tend to change their tone, tempo, and style so the songs don't just fade together. Honestly, I don't know of a better place for new fans to start than this release.

      The title track starts things off rather nicely, pounding in at a slow, yet memorable chorus melody that lets people know that Rammstein is still alive, well and kicking. Plus, I always love to hear great combinations of different instruments together if they are utilized properly, which they managed to do with the guitars and accordian. 'Mein Tiel' pummels in slightly faster, and is definitely the heaviest track on here. The choirs at the end give it a nice fade out. Then the pace slows back down with 'Dalai Lama' which is very subdued with its melodic and haunting tendencies in sound, but is not quite a ballad either. I especially love the part with an airly feel to it where the vocals come in with,"Komm her, bleib hier..." 'Kiene Lust' is a bouncy metallic number that's probably different than what old fans might be accustomed to, yet it still holds up nicely. Once again, I love the outstanding bridge section on this track. Next up is 'Los' which is certainly one of their more experimental outings. Rammstein takes on... southern rock? Seriously, its got a steady arena beat lined with accoustic guitars and even a harmonica! Dare I say that it almost makes them sound like a German-speaking ZZ Top in places. Good stuff.

      Wow... kicking off the second half of the disc has got to be THE catchiest song that I've ever heard that doesn't suck, in the form of the single 'Amerika'. It's so easy to memorize, so awesome, and it gets stuck in your head for days on end! Some people might dismiss it based on that fact, and also for its "anti-American" message, but look closer. It works because the whole point of the song is to be extremely simple and mainstream in nature, reflecting the excesses of America's impact of mass consumerism all over the world. That's all it is, it's not making fun of America itself. Rammstein almost never does solos, but I enjoy the one they placed after the line "This is not a love song..."

      And if that one isn't awesome enough, Rammstein delivers a nice one-two punch with both 'Amerika' and then 'Moskau'. It turns up the pace even faster, and features several female vocal parts sung in Russian in addition to the usual German. This one also hooks you in with its blisteringly vibrant chorus. Whatever you do, don't try to read her lines unless you know Cyrillic script! Excellent usage of keyboards and driving guitar rhythms. Then finishing off the faster songs is 'Morgenstern', giving off an interesting drum beat during the chorus. From this point on the album, I agree with other reviewers who feel that they shouldn't have stuck three ballads right at the end of the disc because the album's flow drops off right here and finishes it off rather lightly. Not that they're bad songs at all, quite the contrary in fact. It's just that spreading them out earlier would benefit them much better. 'Stein Um Stein' and 'Amour' both indicate the direction that Rammstein's next album Rosenrot(2006) would take.

      Okay, enough of my yacking! If you're a hardcore fan, I'm sure you probably have Reise, Reise already, so I don't need to say anything for you. Now for potential new fans who really want to see what these guys have been up to lately, and/or if you're looking for something great to listen to that's more simple, catchy, and heavy enough, then go pick this up right now! It made me a fan, and I've already gone on to collect their other albums. With the exception of Sehnsucht(1998), which is a late 90s industrial techno-metal classic, they're not quite as amazing as this one is, but still definitely worth having once you become accustomed to their sound. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

      Other suggestions:
      -Any of their other stuff ['Herzeleid'(1995), 'Sehnsucht'(1998), 'Mutter'(2001), and 'Rosenrot'(2006)]
      -'The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste('1990) by Ministry
      -'Too Dark Park'(1990) by Skinny Puppy...more info
    • Superb, Powerful
      I was very skeptical at first thinking that it was hard to surpass excellent albums such as Mutter and Sehnsucht. But this album is amazing and totally blew me away.
      Almost all the songs are excellent. Best Songs Are:

      1. Reise, Reise
      2. Mein Teil
      3. Dalai Lama
      4. Moskau
      5. Ohne Dich

      The song Amerika is really annoying but this song has led to an asteroid being named in Rammstein's honour possibly due to their video. :-) ...more info
    • Amazing Album on par with Rammstein's best.
      1. Reise, Reise (11/10) The best song on the album. The epicness of this song is rarely matched. A slow beginning builds up into a killer guitar riff and then the chorus kicks you in the stomach. Nice ending too.
      2. Mein Teil (9.5/10) Very weird and creepy song with creepier lyrics. Simple, yet addictive riffs and tills low pitched growls make this as scary a song as Rammstein as written.
      3. Dalai Lama (9/10) This song was hard to get into for me, it's just not as exciting as other Rammstein songs. However, the lyrical brilliance is matched by no other Rammstein song, which gives this a 9/10.
      4. Keine Lust (9/10) Catchy and heavy song. About laziness but this song makes you feel anything but lazy. Has a funny video too.
      5. Los (8.5/10) Very odd song with acoustic blusy guitar. Pretty catchy but a tad repetitive. Probably the most forgettable (but it's still good by todays trash music standards) song on the album.
      6. Amerika (10/10) Starts off the albums extremely strong second half. This song is catchier than Du Hast, and that is saying something. The lyrics and video are both great social commentary.
      7. Moskau (9.5/10) If this wasn't a single it should've been, because it's the 2nd catchiest song on the album. The two voices complement each other well. Very good guitar and keyboard.
      8. Morgenstern (10/10) The church choir is absolutely brilliant. This song has powerful verses with an epic soaring chorus and the drumming gives it an odd, almost latin sounding edge. Great song.
      9. Stein Um Stein (10/10) The most underrated song on the album. The verses are soothing, yet creepy then the chorus comes and wallops you. Tills screaming sounds so much better than today's typical metal trash. Also, look out for the band name pun in this song.
      10. Ohne Dich (9.5/10) A slow beautiful song that picks up steam as it goes. Sounds like it should've been on Mutter, which is quite a complement considering Mutter is still Rammsteins' greatest album.
      11. Amour (11/10) One of the best songs Rammstein has written and the second best song on this album. The drumming is in this song is Rammstein's best and Till's voice is perfect. Amazing song...more info
    • Pure Brillance
      All I can say is buy the cd. Every track is unique and well done. To point out just a couple tracks would be pointless. My personal favorite would be Stein um Stein. The vocal passion grabs my from the very begining. This is money well spent....more info
    • Get Mutter at once!
      Awful. Just plain awful. A sorry attempt.

      Believe it or not, most fans agree with my stance. The band did profit from RR (not as much as their other albums), but they LOST money all the singles attached to this album (except for Mein Teil). Thats right THEY LOST MONEY ON THESE SONGS. Thats why Los has been cancelled, and they are instead moving on to their new album, due out this year. They promise it will be much heavier, and will not letdown the fans like this album.

      So in short, ditch this garbage, go buy Mutter, and download "Benzin". It is a song Rammstein just debuted in a concert setting from their newest album. I promise, once you hear it, it will restore your faith in this band!...more info
    • It rocks!
      I have always been a fan of Rammstein but I must confess that this is actually the first cd I have purchased of theirs. Mostly because I love the song Amerika. The song perfectly captures my sentiments about Globalization and the spread of American consumerism and capitalism.
      Also, it totally rocks....more info
    • Incredible music!!
      After a very long wait of more than 2 years finally they have come up with an album mind blowing.....This is for all the hard rock, metal, heavy thrash music listeners, if you fall in any of these music categories believe me you don't wanna miss this album, although all the lyrics are in german language, the music itself speaks the global language of hard rock!!....

      if you already like rammstein then this album is worth spending money i would rate it better than previous two..

      Thier last few albums like mutter and sensucht had pretty great reviews too....almost 9 out of 10 songs on those albums were i was really worried about them comin out with a new one would probably have 1 or 2 good numbers and rest just experiments....but eventually i was wrong....i found almost all of the songs mind blowing new kinf of music....even if they are experiments they'r pretty well concieved...for any metal music lover i would recommend this album...

      even though i dont know german language that much but i could understand the lyrics a lil bit as ive been listening to german music for a while....

      i love the song reise reise which is also the title song for the album.....some other ones like mein teil, keine lust, Los, moskau, stein um stein are pretty cool!!.......more info
    • A welcomed change
      After the awesome Mutter, I wasnt sure how Rammstein could come back with another strong album. I'm glad that this album is a lot different than other rammstein releases, because although the other albums were awesome, if Rammstein came out with another similar album I think the sound would have started to get old. They really change it up on this one. It starts out with the erie sounding Reise Reise, and the according just adds a great touch. If you are new to rammstein dont pick this one up right away, I'd suggest getting some of their earlier releases first and you can then appreciate this one a lot more. There are some hard hitting songs on here like Morgenstern, Keine Lust, and Mein Teil. All in all though this album focuses on more diverse songs. There are a few international songs, and by this I mean either in a different langauge or about a different country. These songs include Moskau and Amerika. One of my favorite songs on here is "los" the bluesy guitar adds a great effect and departs from the hard hitting style but is a welcome change. Although slower, Stein Um Stein is also a classic, with a hard hitting refrain. Rammstein sticks to their usual strange subjects in this one, so if you understand german (which I do) you will be in for a treat. Even the slow songs on here, like ohne dich and Amour are pretty good. All in all this album is not as good as the others but it was needed for the evolution of the band. Pick if you respect rammestin as a band....more info
    • Ohne Rammstein kann ich nicht sein.
      First off if you're just into Rammstein's fast and heavy riffs then this album most likely won't appeal to you because they have slowed down a bit on this cd. This does cause a bit of a problem because the cd doesn't go up and down like their earlier work so it just kindda stays in the middle most of the time. Now that doesn't mean the songs are bad in fact I pretty much like the whole album. The song Reise Reise has an organ in it which gives it a sea chanty feeling. Mein Teil isn't that fast but it's heavy and the singer goes for a different vocal style than usual. Los features an acoustic guitar and a harmonica which gives it a nice bluesy feel, Amerika has a nice poppy feel to it and some lyrics are in English, Moskau also has a poppy feel to it and it also has the organ there are also some female vocals singing in Russian. Ohne dich is one of their best ballads about loneliness ever. The other songs are also good but I don't want to chew you're ear off that much. So if you're a fan of good music , no matter what kind, you should get this cd. Hey my mom even likes these guys after all and she's not into this type of music....more info
    • Rammstein ROCKS!
      Rammstein is renouned for their controversial music but Reise, Reise takes the cake. The best tracks (I believe) are:Moskau, Amerika, Mein Teil, and Reise, Reise. Moskau is great with Victoria Fersh in the back ground. Did you Know that Rammstein originally wanted t.A.T.u. to do it? Any ways buy it its worth every penny!...more info
    • The Crowning Achievment of German Metal...
      Until I get my copy of Rosenrot, anyway.

      This CD combines powerful and melodic Teutonic vocals, unmatched metal guitar and bass sound, and operatic touches in a way that builds on Rammstein's previous releases, especially Mutter, but subtly changes the direction of the music.

      RR is more melodic than any previous release, and uses the full range of Till's amazing voice throughout. The Dresden Symphonic Orchestra and Cathedral Choir add an element that is unique to Rammstein's Wagnerian sound.

      Every song on this cd is worth listening to. Repeatedly. They are all outstanding, but "Ohne Dich", "Amerika", "RR", "Morgenstern" and "Amour" will blow your mind.

      I unconditionally recommend this CD to anyone who likes metal of any kind. And to those of you who dislike Rammstein because they're to "corporate" or "mainstream", give this a listen and then see what you think. You'll be a devout Rammstein fan after the first time through. It's like nothing else on Earth.
      ...more info
    • Think you're too old for,or hate metal? Think again!
      We are a mid to late 50s professional couple who like many types of music. This includes classical,opera,choral and lieder. Rammstein is outstanding. Their work displays not only a familiarity with these,but
      an enormous knowledge of other musical styles,which they use to breathtaking effect. It is amazing how they incorporate so many styles and create such cohesive and entertaining music. The vocals rival those of the best classically trained artists. This cd is powerful "metal with an attitude". It entertains,makes you want to sing along and dance,and challenges the listener intellectually.
      Those who truly love music,regardless of their age,should be open-minded and give Rammstein a try. You won't be disapointed....more info
    • Metal is a universal language
      I absolutely love Rammstein. Love, love, love them. The reason is this band doesn't sing in English. They sing most (if not all) of their lyrics in German. When I first heard that fact I was very sceptical. I mean you wouldn't know what they are how can I rock to it. But what I found out is..even if you don't know the language, it still rocks because of how they play. When I heard them I was blown away. They are amazing. And the German language sounds so much more..evil then ours so it's great for metal. It sounds like satan is singing himself. I recomend this band because it showed me that words are just small parts in a song. ...more info
    • Outstanding album
      Every few years I look forward to a new Rammstein album, and Reise Reise is absolutely incredible. I agree with one reviewer, to pick one song on the album as the best is impossible, like always, Rammstein has hit a home run with every song. As for the review of "Rammstein sucks" how about you actually give a single reason why you think this album is piss poor, any damn fool can write a one line review. When Ramstein comes near my town, I will pay whatever it takes to see them rock my brains out.
      ...more info
    • Simply Phenomenal
      Fresh from their 2001 masterpiece "Mutter", German industrial metal merchants Rammstein return with a bang with their phenomenally epic 2004 masterpiece entitled "Reise, Reise". Not a single word can truly describe how phenomenal this album is. From beginning to end, this album will no doubt take you on an epic breathtaking journey that you'll leave you breathless, and sometimes bring tears to your eyes. Every song on here is simply awesome. Till Lindemann's vocals are just absolutely awesome and very enchanting. Paul Landers and Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein's guitar riffs are tight, crisp, and very menacing. Doktor Christian Lorenz's keyboardwork is great, and Oliver Riedel's bass, and Christoph "Doom" Schneider's drumming are all good as well.

      Favorite songs include -
      1. Reise, Reise: The opening title track, and my all time favorite song on here. No words can describe how much I love this song. The chorus is very addicting. It just brings tears to my eyes whenever it sinks into my brain.
      2. Mein Teil: The first single off the album I believe, and a hard hitter as well. Till's vocals are very aweome on here. Great song.
      5. Los: This song has a bluesy like accoustic riff throughout. Pretty cool song.
      6. Amerika: Another one of my favorite songs, and a catchy headbanger. The chorus on this song is sung in English which I believe is a first for Rammstein. There's even a solo on this song which is pretty cool.
      7. Moskau: This song has another headbanging beat that is very catchy throughout, and the chorus will stay stuck in your head for days. I like the guest female vocals on here too.
      10. Ohne Dich: The chorus and the keyboard riff on this song brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it. Another one of my favorites.

      The whole song list and ratings:
      1. Reise, Reise - 10/5
      2. Mein Teil - 5/5
      3. Dalai Lama - 5/5
      4. Keine Lust - 5/5
      5. Los - 5/5
      6. Amerika - 5/5
      7. Moskau - 5/5
      8. Morgenstern - 5/5
      9. Stein Um Stein - 5/5
      10. Ohne Dich - 5/5
      11. Amour - 5/5

      Well there you have it. A must have for any fan of Rammstein, metal, industrial metal, or just good music in general. Buy this masterpiece now.


      ...more info
    • The Reise Resie of Rammstein
      This being my first Rammstein album I bought, it was always gonna be a risk venture. Thankfully though, 'Reise, Reise' is one of those CD's that i've played over and over again. The title track, 'Reise, Reise' (Voyage, voyage) opens the album up brilliantly with its tale of the sea against an excellent chorus and even managing to include an accordian in ther. 'Mein Tiel' (My part) follows on with it's heavy sounds and cannibalistic lyrics, it follows onto the rather stale 'Dalai Llama' which has an excellent background story, but i found the track somewhat boring. Followed by this was the rather good 'Keine Lust' (No desire) which goes back to the heaviness of 'Mien Tiel' after the slow bornigness of 'Dalai Llama'. Then comes 'Los' (Less) which is a total turnaround for the band, usually known for their heavy industrial sound, Los is a fast paced acoustic guitar track that wouldnt sound out of place in an American western film. Speaking of American, the single 'Amerika' is still blindingly good and listening to Tiel sing the chorus is a moment worth purchasing the CD for, and excellently some of the lyrics are in English. Next comes 'Moskau' (Moscow), a rather poppy song, mixed with yet another accordian and a girl singing along with the chorus. The CD moves now into the average are as we scuttle through 'Morgenstern' (Morning star) and 'Steine un steine' (Stone by stone), both of which are good songs but compared to other tracks, are decidedly average. Then comes the albums saving grace, 'Ohne Dich' (Without you). This track is brilliant. Simply put, brilliant, and is no doubt one of the albums strongest points showing that the band isn't just brilliant in their heavy sound but also in their softer, more deeper sounds. Finally, to close the album off is the slow but somewhat poppish, 'Amour' (Love), which sounded too 'family friendly' for my liking but is still a noteworthy mention. But to sum it all up, Reise Reise is still an excellent addition to the Rammstein library and despite a few weak points, it all sums up neatly into an exceptional package......just not an extremely memorable one... ...more info
    • Top notch
      People who know me think I'm crazy for liking Rammstein. It's really heavy, really agressive, angry, and in GERMAN! - which I don't understand at all. So why do I like it? Because like all good music, it helps me unwind and space out. I can sleep better on a plane with Rammstein at full volume than I can with Vivaldi or Mozart at low volume. You just have to get over the heavy sound. In the end the instruments don't really matter. It's all about composition and the music's ability to wisk you away to wonderland. Highly recommended....more info
    • Never Dissapointing
      This album is amazing(no real shocker since all rammstein albums are amazing) seriously though, if you gonna obssess over a band that you cant understand, obssess over rammstein. simply an amazing band. guitar, vocals, song meanings. theyve got everything to offer. get all of their cds though. its a better deal off of itunes so check that out. rammstein is my second favorite band only to cky. by the way, an answer can be found is coming out june 28. dont miss it....more info
    • Another Strong Collection For The German Metal Outfit...
      Rammstein's MUTTER continued the trend they had already begun with the stomp of HERZELEID. While incorporating more melody into their music, they still rocked with a fierce devotion to keep the guitars very metal and the rhythm section very rigid and compelling. REISE, REISE ("ARISE, ARISE") is a solid collection of their hard-hitting and symphonic German brand of metal. You will not find one bad song amongst this cohesive bunch, which like their previous albums, holds up very well upon repeated listens. The guitars from Paul and Richard remain crisp and menacing; Till's vocals remain enchanting and threatening at the same time; drummer Christoph and bassist Oliver keep the grind of the rhythm section in full force; and keyboardist Doktor Lorenz keeps the samples and effects interesting all throughout.

      The title track kicks the album off on a blustery note, with sweeping strings, metal madness, and a rather odd but interesting accordion to conclude the song. All of this is blown to bits by the monstrous metal of "Mein Teil" ("My Parts"), with shards of crunchy guitar and hard-hitting rhythms backing a rather dark and morbid tale of cannibalism (go check out the English translation and you'll know what I mean). The song concludes with a sinister-sounding choir of voices, which gives the song such a chilling edge. Without a doubt, "Amerika" ("America", but I'm sure you knew that) is another clear anthem, complete with an English-sung chorus and big, full guitars, and you can't get the words out of your head once you hear them (especially the memorable chorus). "Los" ("Less") has a very cool acoustic-bluesy guitar intro to integrate into it's very catchy beat, while Lindemann sings in a hushed breath. "Moskau" ("Moscow") is another dance-y type track with atmospheric beats and air-y but metallic guitars, and even female voices! "Morgenstern" ("Morningstar") harkens somewhat back to the days of HERZELEID with its verses, but the chorus definitely feels SEHNSUCHT-ish. The beautiful and enchanting "Ohne Dich" ("Without You") is by far the best love song Rammstein have made, with Till really singing his heart into this one and it's one of REISE, REISE's more melodic moments. Closer "Amour" ("Love") is a rather moody closer for an album that does include its harder moments, but it nonetheless closes the album on a strong note, making further proof that Rammstein don't always have to crank the volume to ten to make a great song (it still contains a crunchy ending).

      So while REISE, REISE is full of great metal moments, it also continues to expose some of the more softer moments of Rammstein. If you're looking for a complete repeat of HERZELEID, you're not going to find it here, but what you will find should be a very enjoyable experience. From front to back, REISE, REISE is another clear winner from the finest German metal band to emerge from Europe and into "Amerika". ...more info
    • Great CD
      Absolutely great! Every track on this CD is awesome. It's just "geil"! The lyrics and the music are "krass".Now in German: Ich hoffe, jeder kauft sich dieses Album und lernt dazu noch deutsch, dann versteht man die Texte!Und die hauen richtig rein! So, let's rock & roll!

      ...more info
    • Amazing album!
      This album is awesome.

      Amazon shipped this with a haste much quicker than I anticipated....more info
    • Reise Reise Above
      this is easily Rammstein's most creative effort thus far in their career. The title track is their usual, if there ever was such a thing. "Mein Teil" is Ministry-esque and very creepy if you know the story behind it. "Dalai Lama" is decent, but slow. "Keine Lust" is very odd, even for them. "Los" is my favorite song on the disc. it is very creative and nearly cafe style with it's acoustics. "Amerika" and "Moskau" are patriotic or anti-patriotic songs with a weird feel to them. "Morgenstern" is a choir-ish song with a special twist. "Stein um Stein" is their power anthem about stones. "Ohne Dich" and "Amour" are both love songs that are still very strong. this disc has been in my cd player since i got it 2 months ago....more info
    • Rocks hard, and is suprisingly diverse...
      It's my new favorite album! My first Rammstein cd. The only stuff I'd been familiar with were 2 videos - - the hilariously bizarre innui of Keine Lust, and Amerika. I find much in current rock music a letdown from too much focus on speed drumming, riffing, and sheer loudness, while sacrificing actual SONGWRITING. (I.e. a lot of Nu Metal.) Not that I don't like these elements, but there's gotta be more going on, or my ears suffer from sheer exhaustion and I can only listen to it in pieces and parts.

      Yeah it's LOUD sometimes, but...Reise, Reise is also eminently listenable thru n' thru like old-school classic albums, thanks to good SONGS, use of dynamics, solid musicianship with crunching guitars and lush production with keyboards used to good effect, interesting segues, and unexpected elements like heavenly choirs, a blues number (and it works...their way), even an accordian.

      Oh, and it's mostly all sung in German, which simply adds to the whole Teutonic mystique. Translated into English, there's some bizarre lyrics, but hey, whaddaya expect from the minds of a band that doused a dance floor with gasoline and set it on fire to get bored fans off their arses and dance!

      And That Voice. Meine Gott! Till Lindemann, you could sing me a lullaby anytime, and German! (Look, I'm a musician AND female. Metalhead purists who don't appreciate my perspective - - get over yourselves!) Highly recommended....more info
    • Rammstein color
      Not sure if that makes sense, but as good as their previous albums were, most of the songs were either slow or driving. Reise, Reise represents a progression of the band in my eyes. The songs here linger more and arent quite as driving, but are less strained and more colorful. I have to admit missing the driving nature of Rammstein songs that was prevalent on the Mutter album. Ich Will on the Mutter album simply rocked, the best 'driving' Rammstein song in my opinion. Its easy to dismiss the Reise, Reise album because theres no song like Ich Will on it. I think thats unfair to the album however.
      I have to admit at first listen I underestimated this album and considered it inferior to Mutter. But as I continue to listen to it, I think this album has the most A grade songs on it of any Rammstein album to date.
      I would rate it 5 stars now, a definitive buy for Rammstein fans....more info