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The First Years 5 in 1 Carry Me Near Sleep System
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Product Description

Product Description The First Years Carry-Me-Near 5-in-1 Sleep System is a portable sleeper, bassinet, bedside sleeper, play seat and changing table all in one convenient product! The three sleep modes allow you to keep your sleeping baby close to you wherever you go. Thanks to the ergonomically designed handle, you can confidently carry your sleeping baby from room to room in the Portable Sleeper. Built directly into the handle are battery-operated gentle vibrations, five peaceful audio selections and a nightlight. You can also put your baby down in the full-sized Bassinet that features a sturdy base that you can rock back and forth or lock into place. For added convenience, you can easily convert the Bassinet into a Bedside Sleeper that securely attaches to the adult bed, allowing you to feed and comfort your baby without having to get out of bed. When you need to change your baby's diaper in the middle of the night, the easy-to-clean, vinyl covered changing table offers a separate surface from the sleep area. And when you just want a secure, comfortable place for your young baby to play, the Portable Sleeper becomes a Play Seat complete with fun plush characters that dangle from the canopy.

With three sleep options (portable sleeper, bassinet, bedside sleeper); a play seat with vibrations, music, and sound effects; and changing table, this five-in-one bassinet is a boon for any parent of a newborn. The bassinet rocks or locks into place, and features a backrest that inclines to ease congestion (those tiny nostrils do get clogged up!), an air-flow sleep area, and a cotton/polyester sheet and bassinet cover. The portable sleeper allows busy parents to carry sleeping baby from room to room, folds easily for travel, adjusts for sleep or play, and includes a safety harness for security. The bedside sleeper is wonderful for exhausted mommies and daddies who want to feed and soothe their infant without getting out of bed. It attaches securely to the parental bed and has five height positions. The changing table provides a separate changing surface from sleep area. Handy pockets keep diapering supplies close by, and the easy-to-clean vinyl cover is a no-brainer. Music and nature sounds soothe baby, along with gentle vibrations and a soft-glow nightlight. There's even a cute mobile to entertain a wakeful baby. Four AA batteries required (not included). Discontinue use when baby reaches 17.5 pounds or is highly mobile. --Emilie Coulter

  • Battery-operated gentle vibrations, five peaceful audio selections, and a nightlight are built directly into the handle
  • Base design allows for rocking back and forth, or locks in place
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Bassinet easily converts into a bedside sleeper that securely attaches to adult bed.
  • Birth +

Customer Reviews:

  • My baby loved this bassinet
    I am not sure what the other reviewer is complaining about. I bought this bassinet and my daughter slept in it until she was 6 months old. She slept fine in it, in fact she slept through out the night by the time she was 6 weeks old. I never had any problems and I loved the night light, it helped me to see her if she woke at night without disturbing my husband. I also liked the different highth positions you could use for bedside or changing table and the rocking or locking into place rolling wheels. You could take the baby in different rooms with the top basket which was nice. The pad that goes on top is about an 1 1/2" thick and the other reviewer doesn't show that. With the pad and slight weight placed in the bassinet it evens out the slight variations. Have you ever looked at or used a pack-n-play portable play pen. The mattress pad that wraps around the whole unit has several segments and they are all not perfectly even. I don't think that First Years would sell something that wasn't going to be a good product, they have been around for along time. I would recommend this bassinet to anyone, it has so many different uses. I would have kept my baby in it if she had not out grown it. My daughter is a healthy 8 month old and we miss the bassinet....more info
  • My Favorite Baby Item
    When my daughter was born we used the bassinet in our bedroom. It was so nice to be able to adjust the height to our bed and turn the small light on to see her. When I would get ready in the morning, I would take the portable bassinet into the bathroom and she would sleep. We would carry her from room to room in the bassinet. I never really moved the base from room to room, it didn't seem neccesary. The incline feature was terrific since she had reflux. At night I would stick a small toss pillow under one side so the incline wasn't as high and she stopped spitting up at night. When we would travel it was much easier to bring the portable bassinet instead of a pack and play. Now that she is 7 months old we continue to use the base changing table. This was the best baby item we have. I highly reccommend it.
    ...more info
  • Great for the Price
    I've used this strictly as a bassinet next to our bed, and it has been fantastic. The best feature is the night light, which enables me to check on my baby in the middle of the night and nurse her without waking up her or my husband. It goes out on it's own in case you fall asleep without turning it off, which is very convenient and saves the batteries. I also love the versatility of folding up the wheels so it can rock like a cradle if I want. I haven't used the changing table portion at all. Though we did carry her in the removeable carrier once or twice, it was too large and cumbersome to be very convenient, so now I just use a Pack'n Play in the other room instead. ...more info
  • This was the best gift i ever received
    I got this as a gift from my sister when my son was 21 days old and it has been so useful. My parents used to watch my son during the day, when we were at work, and My son spent a lot of time in it, so my parents din't always have to be in our bedroom, where we put the crib. my son loved the music, the lights and the toys. we loved the extra large storage space, as i could put all his stuff in there, extra diapers, wipes, blankets, his toys.. pretty much everything. din't use the changing table a lot, but did like it the few times i used it. the fact that we could move it around or rock it was an added bonus. even after my son was about 6-8 months old, we used his play seat to feed him some times, when he din't feel like sitting at the dining table. All in all this was the best gift i ever received...more info
  • Excellent Choice!
    I love this bassinet. I put a lot of thought into what I would buy for my second baby. This bed has been great. The changing table has really come in handy. If you write to the company, you can get another "sheet" for $5. They were fast....more info
  • Big Fans!
    At first I was aprehensive about getting a bassinet...but for us it has been a lifesaver. Our master suite is upstairs and the baby's room is downstairs. During the day, she naps in her crib in her room but at night the bassinet makes it so easy for us...I can't imagine running downstairs in the night. Some people who criticize bassinets say because the baby is right there, you respond to little sounds instead of giving the baby time to get comfy and go back to sleep herself. Well, trust me, we're so tired that we do NOT jump up with every grunt or squeak. In fact, I think because I hear her sounds I've learned what are normal sleeping sounds and what sounds are true distress sounds.

    As for the features of this bassinet...we have not used the changing table or the bed leveler. We have it on a rocking feature although, rocking the bassinet doesn't seem to soothe our baby. We have taken the top off a few the mornings I will carry her into the bathroom so she can sleep nearby when I shower (you can't hear using a monitor.) When we visit grandparents we also take this along so the baby can stay on her sleep schedule. (Why don't we just use the carseat at their houses? My pediatrician told us NOT to allow the baby to sleep in the carseat when we are not in the car.)

    As for other's criticisms:
    I used Carters bassinet sheets...they fit great.

    The mattress is a bit flimsy, but we use one of those baby positioners that prevents SIDS on top of the mattress which is firm and comfy for baby. Occaisionally the SIDS thingy is in her crib and I didn't want to run down does not seem bothered by the mattress.

    One word of advice...this bassinet cannot function as a cosleeper. You can make it the same level as the bed but it has a high side so its not like you can reach out and easily soothe baby using this feature. ...more info
  • MUST HAVE for new parents!
    We bought this item when I was pregnant. After buying it, a few other moms told me that I probably would not use the bassinet for very long and that it was really just a waste of money. Boy were they wrong! This is by far one of the most valuable items we purchased for our daughter. I love the fact that it rocks. There were some nights that this was the only way to get her to sleep. Also love the fact that it sits up. This was extremely convenient when she was between 2-5 months. She hated laying down unless she was already asleep. I could put the seat up then buckle her in and she would sit and play while I got dressed in the morning (something I totally took for granted before she was born! haha) While I think the changing table is a great idea, we never really used it, as it was more of a hassle to pull the bassinet off every change than it was to just use a changing pad. Also nice that it has light and sounds and vibration. My daughter seemed to care less about this, but every baby is different. The bassinet itself is really beautiful when put togehter and looked really lovely in our room. Overall, I would say this is a wonderful bassinet and worth every cent. My daughter (who is currently 6 months) has come to love this bassinet so much that we actually had a hard time transitioning her to her crib!!!...more info
  • vibration feature stopped working after only a week!
    I really do love this bassinet but the vibration feature stopped working after only a week of use! This was my daughter's favorite feature so needless to say i was pretty disappointed. I do like the other features of the bassinet. However, I have never used the changing table or the bed side sleeper. ...more info
  • Disappointing purchase
    I purchased this bassinett for my baby and I am very disappointed. My main complaint is that I bought it to replace another bassinett, because this one rocked and had a built-in night light. Well, we took the time to put it together, and guess what???? The light, music and vibration do not work AT ALL !!!! Very annoying! I am also very disturbed by the fact that the bassinett is not attached to the base. This seems very dangerous and I am surprised it is designed this way. Considering that it was one of the more expensive bassinetts on sale, a very disappointing purchase. I would return it, but I am in Bermuda. Would think twice before buying another of their products....more info
  • No problems here!
    We got a bassinet pad (standard size) to put in it to make it a little more comfortable-looking (MY issue, not the baby's, I'm sure) and so we just bought regular standard bassinet sheets for it. My baby loves the vibrations and music and for the first month, was entranced by the heartbeat sound. The light is GREAT for middle of the night breastfeeding (bright enough to see what you're doing, not so bright it disturbs anyone) It's convenient to carry the top from our bedroom to the living room, or whereever. I'll use it until my son hits the max weight limit, and I know it'll be around for all my future children as well....more info
  • Great product
    This was a great product! It allowed us to be near our daughter constantly wherever we were in the house in her first months of life. Absolutely a must have for a newborn. As far as it not being level as the lady who sent in the pictures with the level indicated... well there are no bassinets similar to this one that are perfectly level. The only thing that I would say is stick to a crib and a baby monitor if that is your concern. These are meant to be convenient and mobile. Otherwise, in order for the manufacturer to make a perfect level mattress with this product, that would end up making this product extremely heavy. And I never once felt that my childs breathing was ever in danger due to the mattress not being perfectly level. I feel this is a very good product and very convenient. Also allows parents to have peace of mind being able to have the baby near you and being able to hear the baby is okay, without having to rely on a baby monitor in the early months of life. Lots of features on this item make it a must have for a newborn. We loved it! Our daughter is now 3 1/2 months old and we are just now getting ready to sell it. But it was definitely worth the investment and peace of mind we got out of it knowing she was okay. As well as the convenience and freedom it allows....more info
  • A must have
    I fell in love with this item when I saw the video. My sister in law gave it to us as a gift, and I have to say it is the most useful, must have , wonderful gift I have gotten. My baby loved it from the first day she came from the hospital. My husband and I could not imagine ourselves without it, it is:
    easy to move around, it rocks and that is a huge help soothing our little 1 month old, it is simply beautiful, it looks good everywere we put it, it is not too hot eventhough is summer, it has a great space for putting stuff under it....and there is no mess, it is not heavy, it is easy to carry, it has great sounds for baby...ours loves the birds. I mean I have nothing negative to say....just maybe one of the song selections is not so great....other than that I have used the night light, and every other feature it has. Honestly every home should have one of these for their new baby. Go for it buy will not regret it. And no I do not work for these people they just deserve the good word of mouth. ...more info
  • I loved it so much that I didn't want to move my son to a crib.
    First of all it looks absolutely beautiful! I was searching for a bassinet for a few months before I had my son and this one was my final choice and I am very happy about it. I've seen many other bassinets and I simply didn't even feel comfortable putting my baby into those. We had our son in this bassinet all the way up until her gained 17 pounds. It was nice and convenient to have him right next to my bed and if he was sleeping I could just pick up the top part and move him with me. As a new mother I was getting up see if he is breathing every time I thought he was too quiet. So believe me, that nightlight was used ALL THE TIME. The running water and birds sounds were very soothing for me and the baby. I also loved the feature that you could turn the wheels and rock the bassinet. If you live in a little apartment every inch of space is valuable and the storage basket was very helpful too. The only thing I didn't use was the changing table. So, don't think that this is only for a little time and it costs too much money - it's worth every penny and you'll probably use it for about 4 months. Enjoy it the way we did :)...more info
  • Great product!!!
    I discovered this bassinet at a Babies R Us store and it was by far the best utilitarian cradle of all those on display. By utilitarian I don't mean that it sacrifices form for function. it still is really cute but not too fancy or frilly. the features are just out of this world too. I used mine for my daughter right up until the weight and activity limit... and was sorry to retire it! The light is perfect not only for checking but for bedside night-time feedings. The music leaves a bit to be desired in comparison with some of our other items but the nature sounds are very soothing and it was the only vibrating item my daughter liked as the speed was variable. If I could have given this more stars I would have!!!...more info
  • This bassinet does it all!
    I just love this bassinet for many reasons, and I don't even use half of the features. The night light is wonderful, although my bulb blew out after just 4 weeks of use (easy to replace, but very inconvenient). The canopy is extremely useful when trying to put down a fussy little one. I have not had any problems with the changing table sagging, although I do not use it regularly.

    There are a few shortcomings to this bassinet. The pad is not very supportive, so I purchased a bassinet pad/mattress for some real support. The fabric is not removable for washing (or ironing), but can easily be cleaned with some Shout wipes if needed.

    I still think this bassinet is fantastic, and loaded with features. Great value for the price, and my son loves sleeping in it.
    ...more info
  • Horrible seller
    Let me make it clear that this bassinet/sleep system seems to be a very nice system. I can't be sure though because the system I received didn't have all the parts. Two support struts for the lower framework were completely missing. I am giving the one star review to Babies R Us for shipping me this defective system.

    Please note that the missing struts are not at this point a manufacturers error. When I received it, this box had already been opened and retaped. Clearly someone knew that this box was missing parts and they decided to put it back into inventory anyway. As I received it this system is dangerously unstable and it is quite possible that someone might have received it and not realized that support struts were missing. This could have been very dangerous for someone's baby. I would advise everyone not to accept previously opened boxes from this sleazy seller....more info
  • Too good to be true
    I was so excited about this bassinet. I have a 2 story and a toddler and this was ideal to be able to move the baby around the house when doing chores or to tuck her in her nursery when she falls asleep so my toddler wont wake her. Upon inspecting it though I found it to be unsafe for a household with other small children. Although there is a restraint system in the bassinet to hold baby there is nothing holding the bassinet to the frame except gravity. I cant trust that my toddler wont peer over the edge tipping the whole carrier off the frame. Other bassinets have straps on the frame that snap around the frame of the bed holding it in place. This maybe great for people without other children but honestly Im suprised they get away without lawsuits since another child could so quickly and easily accidentally flip the carry bed right off the frame. :(...more info
  • Baby loves this bassinet
    The baby loves this bassinet. Everytime we put her to sleep she likes the motion and she is very conent when we start the vibration mode. She also likes to hear the background noise (water, classical music, or white noise) that helps her to put her to sleep. The color is very soothing and the most important its comfortable for the baby, is compact to put it next to your bed and the baby loves it....more info
  • Was a life saver
    THis bassinet was a life saver. My son got RSV at 1 wk and the fact that this sat up made his sleeping so much easier. He was not to lay flat at all and the car seat was so uncomfortable. I do not see the problem with the center people talk about....more info
  • kaitlyn's mom
    I absolutely love this bassinet it is very helpful when trying to put to sleep a newborn, Kaitlyn loves to fall asleep to the music and vibration. Another plus is that in my opinion this was the best looking bassinet for me which is a big plus and can do alot of cool stuff and it's a changing table too, I hardly use the changing table but whenever I do use it Kaitlyn dosen't mine....more info
  • Good Buy
    My 6 week old daughter is not a fan of sleeping flat on her back. We had a hand me down bassinet but were having trouble getting her to sleep in it. She'd wake up often and not want to go back to sleep. I set out to find something she'd sleep better in and ended up with the Carry Me Close bassinet. While she still doesn't always stay asleep in it, it is much better than the simplistic bassinet we had. The 2 key things on this bassinet are the vibration and the ability to rock it. When she starts to fuss, I rock the bassinet and she often goes back to sleep. It is also more cushiony than the bassinet we had (but not too much so). The only thing I don't like is that the vibrations and music turn off after 10 minutes- I wish I had more control over this, as I often have to turn it back on. Otherwise, I'm glad I purchased this bassinet and recommend it to others....more info
  • Ignore the downloaded pix
    This bassinet is great! The pictures that someone download fail to explain to you the reason why the bottom of the bassinet is NOT level with the top. The top portion locks up into a seat AND because the top (where the head lays) is just a hair higher it helps with breathing.
    I have had this for 7 months. When I am in by bedroom cleaning, I lock the top half up, lock my son into the straps and give him a book or toy. I don't have to worry about him crawling under the bed or out of the room. If I walk out, unlock the top so he is laying down and bring him with me to a different room.
    I was going to get a moses basket but this serves as the bassinet and basket.
    The light is perfect and dims off after a few minutes, the music is adjustable and the vibration is mild--also adjustable.
    The entire bassinet can be adjust to a high or low setting. Everything is washable.
    I loved this bassinet!
    ...more info
  • Very Nice Product
    Our baby is almost outgrowing this bassinet- something that makes me sad, as I've enjoyed using it.
    Here's what I liked and didn't like:
    * Carrying the bassinet around was a bit of a nuisance (if the baby is in it, it's kinda heavy- if not, you gotta put down the baby, relocate the bassinet, get the baby again...).
    * I never used the changing table- you have to take the bassinet off the unit. Who wants to deal with that in the middle of the night? Easier to use a real changing table.
    * The rocking feature is nice, but I didn't use it that often. It was a bit of a hassle popping the wheels in and out.
    * An extra fitted sheet for the mattress would have been nice.
    * This may be just a problem with our particular unit, but the vibrating control sometimes works and sometimes doesn't despite fresh batteries. Not a big deal since the sounds work fine.
    * Ability to adjust height. If you have a tall bed, low bed, don't worry: there are lots of height options here.
    * Cute toys hanging off tall hood. If you don't want them there, you can easily remove them. The toys are in sight, but beyond reach.
    * The Number One reason I like this bassinet a lot is because of the mesh siding. It lets air circulate- something that is very good if your baby, like ours, moves around and ends up with the head turned facing the side. I always move my baby toward the middle again, but it was reassuring to know that the mesh was letting fresh air in- just lift the outside ruffles out of the way.

    All in all this bassinet has a whole bunch of extra features we really didn't feel were necessary. We might have been happier with a plain and traditional bassinet, except that we loved the breathable mesh siding. You can use this bassinet until your baby can roll over or push up or when your baby is 17.5 lbs- whichever happens first....more info
  • Looks great!!
    So far I haven't used the bassinet, I will have my baby in a few days, but I am very pleased with the quality and looks of the bassinet. I thought it was easy enough to put together, (read the directions carefully though) and I think that when mattress pad is in it, it doesn't feel like it will be uncomfortable at all, like one of the reviews have suggested. All of the features seem great, although i'll know better when I start using it.

    I would definately reccomend this bassinet....more info
  • 4 Month Old Daughter Loves It So Much, She Doesn't Want To Leave It
    I purchased this bassinet when I was pregnant; and being that I had not used a bassinet with my older children, I was a little hesitant on how well I would like it.

    I LOVED it! And I'm not the only one. Now that my daughter is 4 months old, she has outgrown it (has less than 1 inch when stretched completely out) and we purchased her a DaVinci Emily Mini Crib - Oak. She REFUSES to sleep in it and wants only to sleep in her bassinet.

    Her refusal alone tells me the bassinet must be very comfortable; not to mention soothing because of the small space.

    This bassinet also features a built in changer and soothing sounds (heartbeat, waterfall, chirping, music); neither of which we ever used. It also has a built in light which came in very handy for those middle of the night waking times.

    Having little pace left, we also liked the storage basket underneath. It was great for holding blankets and other small things.

    I would highly recommend this bassinet to those considering purchasing one....more info
  • Electronics system does not work
    I put this bassinette together and was so excited to hear the different sounds and check out the night light. Well it never worked. I checked and re-checked the batteries and it just does not work. I am going to call the customer care center tomorrow. It is SO frustrating. If I have to send this back it will be such a PAIN. My baby is due in two weeks so I just know I won't have a new one in time. Everything else is fine with it. It was easy to assemble. ...more info
  • It's great!
    The Carry-Me-Near 5-in-1 sleep system I bought for my new grandaughter and soon-to-be 3rd grandson is wonderful. When my grandaughter sleeps over, I have everything I need right THERE. She has her changing table (diapers, wipes, clothes, and ointments beneath and tucked in pockets on either end), her bassinette covers the changing table and becomes her carrier when it lifts right off. We're on our way... She can sleep or she can sit (I did order an "inclined to sleep" that fits nicely inside because she is so young. The sleeper vibrates, plays music, and has a light. I could go on and on....
    The only negative I can come up with is the wheels. The system doesn't roll as easily (over carpet anyway) as it might. However, when the wheels are tucked in for the rocking feature, everything is marvelous again. (and it's not too heavy to pull where you need it.) There is a cover with three detachable toys to block light or drafts if needed...or it tucks away for an open view....more info
  • Great bassinet!
    We love this bassinet and just about everything about it. But unfortunately our baby has reflux and has to sleep elevated so she hasn't been able to use it. If you want to buy ours, which is basically brand new and we still have the original box....more info
  • almost perfect...a few minor adjustments should be made
    As a lot of other reviews have stated...this bassinet has everything! I live in an apartment so space saving is crucial. The only feature that I haven't used on this is the bedside sleeper. The first week or so my baby slept in our room...I really didn't want or need something so big in my way of getting out of bed every morning. I got tired of pulling the big thing from my room to the living room...I just didn't like my baby practically sleeping on the floor all day when you use it as a portable bassinet, so I just moved the whole thing into my living room. I only use it during the day now, but it was still worth buying. (Plus it gave me a chance for me to get baby used to her crib at night.) She loves to nap in it & the vibration & the song Fur Elise helps soothe her. (She actually now perfers that song than the one her mobile plays...not a good thing at night!) I do use the changing table a is a little hassle to lift of the top since it is a little bulky...but no biggie for me. I also use it as a portable bassinet sometimes when she is awake & just wants attention.

    There are a few minor complaints about this bassinet. One of the most important pieces of material on it (the material on the changing table) isn't I use the Huggies changing pads on it...they are big enough to cover most of the surface area. Also the sheet isn't a normal bassinet sheet so its not like you can use any store bought one without cutting out slits to pull the straps through, which isn't a good idea because you will get loose strings. Oh & the part that goes between the legs that the straps plug in to...sometimes that needs to be washed too..but no, that too is permanently attached. ...more info
  • Cumbersome and poorly made
    First of all this bassinette is a pain to get through standard doorways and ours is a relatively new house. You have to angle it going through a doorway. Also its rocking legs get in the way. It's hard not to stumble on them. The changing table is a pain to use. You have to remove the bed to get to it. The bed is not secured by anything. Don't raise the frame to the highest setting or it will tip over if the wheels are not locked in place. The "mattress" is very thin and needs extra padding if you want your baby to be comfy in it. We had to add lots of extra padding in ours in order not to feel the hard split board in the bottom. You can't find extra mattress covers that will work unless you get rid of that terrible belt that is part of the pad. We got rid of that in ours. The music/vibrator/light did not work at first so we kept fiddling with the battery pack and eventually got it working but that took longer than the actual assemble of the bassinette. Also the hood would not stay propped up on its own either.
    We saw many at Babies-r-Us, where we bought it, that the boxes looked like they were previously opened. We bought one that had no signs of tampering. Thankfully all the parts were there but we should have realised why there so many previously opened boxes.
    It may look nice but "don't judge something by how it looks".
    Avoid buying this thing. We've seen better bassinettes out there after seeing this thing's faults. Too bad its too late to return this awful bassinette....more info
  • Great bassinet, but some changes should be made
    I bought this bassinet so that my son could sleep in my room for the first couple of months of his life, before he moves into his room and his crib. We shopped around and read reviews of a bunch of different bassinets, and we decided on this one. I was excited about its portability and the built-in changing table, and while I read that the bassinet portion did not attach to the rest of it, I also read that the changing-table straps could be used to secure it, and so I wasn't concerned. However, when it arrived, I found that the bassinet really does just rest in the changer, and the straps MUST be sort of wound around to attach it for the sake of safety. This makes the carrying portion of the bassinet and the changing table both extremely inconvenient to use, as I have to unfasten and unwind the straps each time I want to move it. It's just not worth the effort, and so I don't use either feature. I do not know why the company has not changed this. It would not be terribly difficult to create a way of securing the bassinet to the base that would be safe and easily detached for use. This is why I deducted a star.

    Other than that, though, we have no complaints. The bassinet is right next to the bed so that I do not have to get up to feed my son in the middle of the night. I love that the height was adjustable because it allowed me to create a co-sleeping type experience without having the baby in the bed. However, I would say that my bed is quite tall and the bassinet had to be set on the lowest setting, so I can see how it would be too tall for some people's beds. I have not had the problems that other people have expressed in their reviews: my bassinet is level, and the bassinet bottom feels very flat and sturdy to me, with no dipping or caving. Although the mattress is quite firm, my son has no trouble sleeping on it, and he seems comfortable. He doesn't really look at the hanging decorations, but I like that I can put the hood of the bassinet up or down, which helps keep the light from his eyes. My son also doesn't appear to like the vibration or the sounds, but they work well.

    Additional sheets can be purchased from The Learning Curve for a very reasonable $5 per sheet plus $2 shipping per order. Overall, the bassinet has more frills than we needed, and the company should change some things, but we're still very pleased with our purchase, and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Nice Bassinet but does not clean well
    I bought this bassinet because I thought it was absolutely beautiful and it had so many features other bassinets didn't have. This bassinet would have been perfect except it is impossible to clean, you can not purchase sheets for it which means every time baby spits up or has an accident which will happen you are left with no sheet or a sheet you have to cut holes in and the harness does not come off which makes it really difficult to clean. Unfortunately I had to return product and purchase a different bassinet. Ultimately cleanliness for my baby out weighed every other feature....more info