Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 505-Watt 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System
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Product Description

Logutech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System 970115 - Considering all the MP3 audio and MP4 video tracks, game software, and web vocals you listen to, you deserve a great speaker system on your PC. This is it. Experience home-theater surround sound with over 500 Watts of RMS total power. From crisp highs to heart-pounding lows, this system adds a true dimension to the virtual reality world that you enjoy. Revolutionary driver technology - Polished aluminum phase plug satellites combine two drivers into one - the clarity of a tweeter with the richness and fullness of a separate mid-range. Dolby Pro Logic II creates realistic 5.1 surround sound from stereo music, movies & games Connect to multiple sources - Simultaneously connect 6 audio sources including PCs, video game consoles, and DVD, CD & portable music players. 6 channel direct input can be used as 3 separate stereo inputs. Digital equalization actively adjusts frequency response in real time for the cleanest, most accurate sound reproduction POWER- Total RMS - 505 watts Logitech 2-Year Warranty

We've taken the award-winning Logitech Z-680 speaker system and made it even better. How? By improving everything from the subwoofer to the satellites and adding new innovations like real-time digital sound equalization.

The result is the Logitech Z-5500 Digital, a THX-certified, 500-watt 5.1 surround sound speaker system that offers everything you could possibly wanta?| and some things you didn't even know you needed. And once you plug in your PC, DVD or music player, or video game console, you'll never want to listen to anything else.
  • Powerful, distortion-free bass: The new, larger 10-inch long-throw subwoofer driver with flared bass port delivers 188 watts of thunderous bass.
  • Innovative driver technology: Polished aluminum phase-plug satellites combine two drivers into one--the clarity of a tweeter with the richness and fullness of a separate mid-range.
  • Digital equalization: The Z-5500 Digital actively adjusts frequency response in real time for the cleanest, most accurate sound reproduction.
  • DTS?? 96/24 support: Enjoy studio-quality sound thanks to the Z-5500's support for 96 kHz / 24-bit digital audio streams
  • Amazingly powerful controls: The Digital SoundToucha? Control Center lets you control volume to all speakers, set inputs, and much more. And the separate wireless remote is great for home theaters and video game consoles.
  • Innovative satellite design: Cloth grilles are removable for a pro-audio look. Pedestals rotate for easy wall mounting or desk placement. Center channel can be mounted on wall, above or below monitor.
  • Connect to multiple sources: Simultaneously connect 6 audio sources including PCs, video game consoles, and DVD, CD & portable music playersa?| and control it all from the Digital SoundToucha? Control Center.

Digital SoundToucha? Control Center

  • Digital LCD: Clear, crisp high contrast display
  • Input: Select audio source (optical, coax, or direct)
  • Effect: Select digital surround sound effect
  • Settings: Adjust parameters of digital surround sound effects
  • Mute: Mute the entire system
  • Level: Adjust volume, subwoofer, center, and fader levels
  • Pro-audio style knob: Oversized, weighted control knob with digital precision
  • System Power
  • Auxiliary input jack: For convenient connection to portable audio devices (CD, MP3, MiniDisc??, etc.)
Dolby?? Digital is the universal standard for 5.1 digital sound. DVDs, PlayStation??2, Xbox??, digital cable, satellite TV, and HDTV all use Dolby Digital. The Z-5500 Digital includes a hardware Dolby Digital decoder for full, rich 5.1 sound.
THX?? certification is the "seal of approval" for speaker quality. It is an absolute assurance that these speakers accurately recreate the full sonic experience of a movie theater. The Z-5500 Digital is one of a select few speaker systems that meets the rigid standards for unparalleled THX-quality sound.
DTS?? Digital Surround delivers 5.1 digital sound that rivals master soundtracks. DTS soundtracks are included in many DVD videos, DVD Audio discs, and PlayStation??2 games. The Z-5500 Digital includes a hardware DTS decoder for master-quality sound. The Z-5500 Digital also includes support for DTS 96/24, an enhanced, higher-resolution, studio-quality format available on many DVD video and DVD Audio discs.

Package Contents

  • Speakers:
    • 4 satellites
    • 1 center channel
    • 1 subwoofer
  • 6-channel direct cable
  • Digital SoundToucha? control center
  • Wireless remote control, batteries included
  • User?s manual
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Product Type - Speaker
  • Localization - English
  • System Components - 5.1 Speaker
  • Response Bandwidth - 33Hz - 20KHz

Customer Reviews:

  • speakers that deliver
    These speaker are so clear. I have wanted theses for a long time there great the other review here were spot on thanks guys....more info
  • The Best $240 I ever spent!
    I am an audiophile and I was surprised at what was delivered to my door. I didn't expect the quality that was in the box. This is good stuff. I have paid thousands for speakers that don't sound as good. The sound quality will absolutely blow you away. It will sound like you have a whole band in your house. All of the speakers are very well made and have quality written all over them. Each speaker is heavy which has always been a good sign in a speaker. That means that the magnet on the back of the speaker is big and can handle a lot of power. The subwoofer has got to be the best in its class whatever it is. It delivers deep rich bass that does not distort no matter how high you crank it. I listen to all types of music and it all sounds great. You could waste three thousand on some Bose speakers, or you could buy this for $240. You can add it to any type of set up you can imagine that you want to have big sound added to. I am sitting here feeling like I stole something. These speakers are that good. Buy them, you'll love them. I promise it will be one of the best purchases that you could ever make. Logitech keep making good stuff. I love it!...more info
  • I hate having to buy good stuff
    These are great speakers,I just wish I didn't have to spend my hard earned cash on them. Why my last THX speaker took a dump I'll never know. Maybe because I left them on for 8 years. This new Logitech system has a nice little thing called a controller with a pretty little button on it so I can turn it off when it's not in use.....amazing. Great Sound...specially in the closet I call my editng room. I'm thinking about hooking these up to my laptop and using them for my car stereo. 505 watts
    rocking my Gremlin. I hope the seat belts will keep it stable. Overall, I'm very happy with this product. The worst part was trying to carry the box in after UPS delivered it. After the hernia surgery, It will be great to sit back...(in my closet) and listen to my favorite songs. I'll feel the bass as it rattles my stitches and then, my wife will tell me to turn it down. Did I mention it has a nice contrller. If you want a bike...go to Livermore Cyclery. If you want some speakers for your computer...Just get these. They are Orca approved...more info
  • Well Worth The Price
    The Logitech Z-5500 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System is phenomenal. I bought it based on the large number of positive reviews for this speaker system and I wasn't disappointed.

    The 4 satellite speakers and the center channel speaker is clear as a bell and can handle very high volumes so I don't have to worry about driving them too hard. I cranked up the volume all the way and couldn't get these speakers to buzz.

    I was also blown away by amount of sonic boom the bass speaker is capable of putting out. Having used a puny 2 speaker system for the longest time, I can really appreciate how the strong bass adds so much more depth and excitement to the sound from a movie.

    I had to experiment with the placement of the 4 satellite speakers to get the best immersive sound experience. These speakers are perfect for a home theater surround sound system!

    I'm absolutely thrilled with these speakers because they have added immeasurably to my enjoyment whether I'm listening to music or watching a movie. It is definitely money well spent. Now I just need a bigger screen...
    ...more info
    Set this system up in my small theater room. All I can say is its pretty impressive. I'm connected direct with a optical cable to a Sony upconvert DVD player. You can feel the action on the screen without any distortion at all. The sub woofer delivers a powerful punch. Sounds awesome hooked to my Xbox360 as well. Still can't believe it was only $230 shipped. I'm sure you could pay a lot more for a system that's equal in sound, but why? Amazon delivered with no problems. Its THX certified which is impressive, but its only for the multimedia sound category. There are different categories for THX ratings. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it still sounds great. I can't figure out why this product is marketed as a computer system setup. Its more than powerful enough for a average size home theater. It doesn't come with a optical cable so see if you'll need one. Mine was only $6 from Ebay and it works great. You can extend the speaker wire to hide it in walls if you choose to do so-I did. Just use the correct size and don't extend them too much. You will not be disappointed!!!!
    UPDATE: I finally got my wife to checkout this system as setup in our home. She was jumping in her seat at moments of loud intense action on the screen. Like I said, this system delivers and you feel like you're there. Punching sounds for sure....more info
  • Best sound you can get for the price
    I recently bought the Z-2300 and I was not very happy about them. It was outputting music when the potentiometer was at 0% and a lot of noise starting at 50%. So I started to discuss with Logitech, they told me that my speakers were probably faulty, sent me a new set of speakers, which was doing the same thing.

    And then came my birthday, one of my awesome friend/wing man, got me those speakers.

    I'm just blown away by the quality of these speakers. Not only the sound is crystal clear, but also renders all kind of audio output, Stereo, Stereo x2, Dolby Digital Pro Logic, Dolby Digital and DTS.

    I would definitely suggest that you invest $5 for an optical cable (TOSLINK) and plug it to the remote to enjoy all the goodies of your favourite DVDs (DTS and Dolby Digital). The receiver automatically detects what kind of input is being sent, you don't have anything to do.

    Besides the center speaker, all the other speakers are the same size. They come with very 2 very large wire connectors for the rear speakers and they were sufficient for my room so I didn't have to buy longer connectors which is great.

    The subwoofer is a beast! This thing is huge, be prepared to have some room to fit under your desk, otherwise you won't know what to do with it.

    This is just the best sound you can get for the price. To have a better sound, one would have to invest in a particular receiver and separate speakers which would cost probably around $3000.

    I would recommend these speakers to anyone interested in a 5.1 home theater system, should it be for the living room, the sleeping room, or the bathroom.

    For those wondering if you need a good sound card for theses speakers, check this link: http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-373-2.htm...more info
  • Buy, you wont be dissapointed.
    I never write reviews. I like to listen, not talk.
    I'm writing this to anybody who is lucky enough to come across these speakers, and this review.

    I've put them to the test, believe me, for 4 years during college.

    Here's some quick Q&A

    Does it have crystal clarity? Yup.

    Will it work with a TV? It will work with just about anything.

    How long will they last? Running strong still after 4 yrs...

    Is it a good investment? Paid 200 4 years ago... 50% increase in price?

    Can I shake the walls? No problem

    Should you worry about cops while playing music during a party? Yes

    Would these be good in my living room? That's what I use em' for.

    Do they look OK? They look sick.

    Should I buy these for a small room? Your neighbors might hate you.

    I don't really care if you take my advice, I felt compelled to say something though......more info
  • Was great - until...
    These speakers sounded and worked great for the first three months, until the fuse blew in the sub. I tried to replace the fuse with the specified replacement part and it just kept blowing fuses. I ended up having to return it to Amazon. If you do a google on Z5500 + fuses, you'll see this model is prone to blowing fuses, I didn't know about this because I only read the Amazon reviews....more info
  • A complete and solid sound speaker system
    Control Unit: The control unit is much larger than I had anticipated standing wider and taller than the speakers that this system comes with, but this makes for better handling hands on for volume and settings. Easy to push buttons toggle the display for sound options and control knob turns easily with small resistant increments. The remote controls the device 100% if the control unit is placed at a distance.

    Satellite Speakers: The satellite speakers have a heavy feel to them weighing in at 4.5, 5 pounds each. The plastic feet are molded into a sturdy shape, however the plastic itself is of cheap quality. The feet swivel so they can be set down on a flat surface or hung from a vertical back or front walls. Hanging them upside down from a ceiling or rafters will not work properly as the feet are in a "U" shape putting to much stress on the mounting holes and cheap plastic.

    Subwoofer: The sub is VERY BIG. 16 1/4" x 13". This does not include the added length of 1 1/2" on the back for the heatsink. The bump coming off a few of my songs rattled loose some florence lights I had in storage on the other side of the house! The ports on the back include all the speaker wire connections, a power switch and a VGA connection for the control unit.

    Sound encoding support includes THX, Dolby Digital pro logic II and dts 96/24. The sound is clean. The bass is precise and the surround is amazing. I strongly recommend pairing this whole speaker set with a high quality soundcard for added sound management, surround for games, and cinema for movies. I personally use the Creative X-Fi Titanium Pro that uses all the encoding the control center supports. It would almost seem like this speaker system and card were made for each other.

    One conflict I have encountered with the high quality soundcards working with this system is some functions can be redundant. I have surround controls on the card and also the control unit. These functions and others similar to these; subwoofer, surround, center, rear, can fight each other for control. If less is more in your world, skip the soundcard. This speaker system will stand out on its own....more info
  • Logitech Z-5500
    This is a great product and worth the price. The sound on games, video and movies is exceptional....more info
  • Best speaker system yet
    The quality and sound from this is awesome. I have not had problems with it that I was not able to fix either by software settings or checking the connections to my PS3 or my computer sound card....more info
  • satisfied
    The Logitech z-5500 is top of its pc speaker line. I have purched all and was most satisfied with this one....more info
  • Excellent set of speakers
    I've had these speakers for over a month and I absolutely love them. They sound amazing, the bass kicks hard, they're clear and there are numerous inputs in receiver module. These speakers are great for anything you need be it music, movies or video games. Only word of caution is that the subwoofer is HUGE. It's literally as big as an ottoman. But other than that, these are great speakers that will suit your needs. You will not find a set of speakers in this price range that also has a receiver. So if you are on the fence about this purchase, go ahead and buy these!...more info
  • great price...great product
    This is by far the best speaker system in it's price range. The sound separation is fantastic and distortion at high volume is very low....more info
  • Great system
    I debated for a short while over whether I should get this system and finally decided just to take the plunge.. and to get right to the point, I'm immensely happy with the purchase. Sounds fantastic in Pro Logic mode for music, or 6-channel direct for gaming.. pretty much can't go wrong with these. If you're on the fence about these.. just buy 'em. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Unbeatable price and quality. Easy to setup.
    I am all about sound quality. Whether it's the TV, iPod, or Computer. In the past, I have only used 2.1 speakers as I never had a computer that supported 5.1 or 7.1. Last fall I bought a new multimedia computer but have yet to give it much multimedia use -- until now!

    My older speakers were starting to lose quality and receiving too much interference from my blackberry. When shopping, I considered the 2.1 THX Logitech speakers and similar Bose speakers. I decided for the Amazon price compared to store price, these were going to be my best value for the quality. I mean if you are going to spend $200 for 2.1 speakers why not drop the extra $100 for 5.1?

    My experience so far has been great. I ordered these speakers early on a Friday morning. I was completely shocked when the FedEx truck pulled up on Saturday afternoon with the delivery! Amazing Amazon! The boxed arrived and it was quite heavy and large. The FedEx guy was annoyed he had to walk to the back door. The woofer is huge and amounted for all the weight and size. (Be sure to read the instructions on placement.) The 5 speakers are light weight and average computer side. Everything was easy to setup. Although I did make an error by plugging the L&R front speakers into the 7.1 L&R side speaker computer port. Once I had my speakers placed, everything works great.

    Understand that all speakers are hard wired. They are not wireless. That was my first impression looking at the picture. What you see are the legs. They swivel around so you can put the speakers on a flat top or mount them to a wall. Logitech provide plenty of high quality cable, too. And if you are new to the 5.1 or 7.1 world, you need a sound card that will support these speakers. By that, I mean you need more than a single speaker port on standard computers. While you can still use that connection using a male to male stereo jack in the Aux port, you will not get true surround sound. 5.1 speakers will have three ports (front center, L&R front, L&R rear) while 7.1 will have four ports (the same three as 5.1 with an additional L&R side). Be sure you have the right sound card before buying these speakers. Your computer should also have driver/software for the speaker (different than the windows mixer). My computer uses Realtec HD Audio Manager. Use your program to setup corrections (volume changes and distance).

    I highly recommend these speakers. However, they are so good that I am just now realizing the major difference between 96 and 256 bit rates for MP3s!...more info
  • My neighbors now hate me
    So, I bought these speakers because I'm a dummy. I was messing around in msconfig on my new computer so I could stop all the pre-loaded crap from opening on start-up and I accidentally shut off my sound card. I thought I blew my old Harmon/Kardon speakers and bought these. I didn't realize how dumb I was until after it had shipped. Once it got here I had read so much about this system that I just wanted to see what it could do. Let's just say I was impressed. I don't understand why people say that it has too much bass though. Don't get me wrong, the bass is great but they must be elderly. I was almost disappointed to just have good bass if you can believe it. The thing that impressed me most in comparison to my Harmon/Kardon setup is that no matter what level I play the speakers at the clarity is unbelievable. The clarity in my old setup seemed to diminish the louder I turned it. These things are clear all the time. After hearing these speakers, I decided I wanted them for my home stereo setup rather than my computer. The Harmon/Kardons are still pretty decent. Just a word of warning though, while this system has the capability for lots of inputs, it will likely require lots of adapters to make it work. Either way, I really like this system, especially for the price....more info
  • So far, so good. . .
    I like a lot of bass and clear sound and I hate most "desktop" or "computer" speakers. I did quite a bit of research before I bought these and so far, they are great! I had some amazing speakers before these and they went out on me, so I was not sure if these would be up to my standards. I think they sound great and do an amazing job. Really the only small conflict is just that the remote has to be fairly close or pointed directly at the unit to work. Other than this, I think they are fantastic! I will follow up with another post if something comes up. ...more info
  • Great speakers but be aware
    I bought these speakers mainly to use with my Comcast Cable service over optical and DVD player using co-ax. The quality of the sound is excellent and im pretty happy with them. Be aware of one issue though - the control unit is prone to turning itself off during TV broadcasts. The unit then resets itself and you have to turn them back on again. This has happened on average once every 2-3 hours of watching.

    Checking the Logitech forums reveals this is a common problem with these speakers. Logitech claims they don't support cable TV with 5.1 streams on this model. As a result I've knocked one star off....more info
  • delicious
    sounds great. obviously, not a high-end system, but great for 99% of the population. nice that these speakers use audio cable connections, so the length is whatever you need it to be...more info
  • Logitech Best 5.1 System I've used.
    The Logitech Z5500 5.1 speaker system, powered by my Xonar D2X 64 bit Surround Sound Card provides me with optically clear sound. There is absolutly no static whatever when I'm using the optical side of the system. I use it with my home studio, and I am very pleased with it.
    Ronnie Bee...more info
  • digital bliss
    The reviews were right on, Imac mini optical out to logi's 5.1 system are rockin this neighborhood....more info
  • Fanfreakntastic
    This is really my first set of Logitech speakers, I have used Creative since I started using and building computers about 1994. That was when it was Cambridge, I think they lost some quality when Creative bought them.
    Any who I was never impressed with Logitech when I heard them in the store or someone who owned a set but a friend of mine bought a pair of these. I bought them mainly for one feature, the optical connection. Instead of having 3-4 wires going to my computer I have one.
    I must say Logitech got it right with these speakers. You really get quality and features. The sound is fantastic, you get the THX, digital audio, solid well made components from the speakers to the volume control unit. The stands for the surround speakers is a nice touch, no attaching them to the speakers you just spin them around. Hey sometimes its the little things.
    The sub is huge but I knew it was going to be. I am not counting it as a con but if you are short on space you need to take it into account because you need to keep it 3-4 ft away from your computer because of the magnet. ( Hard drives don't like magnets )
    Cons? I don't have any.
    Volume increase or decrease is shown by a horizontal bar consisting of squares, changes occur in half square increments. I would rather have the volume done with numbers so I can control it more precisely and remember the volume by what number it is on. But that may just be me being a control freak I am not counting it as a con.
    Love the speakers, great deal and service with Amazon I highly reccomend them. ...more info
  • Stevej27
    I had used the klipch promedia ultra 5.1 surround system for 5 years until the subwoofer failed.... I decided to purchase the logitech Z-5500 after reading the reviews here and I am totally impressed with the sound quality the logitech performs......I recommend this system to anyone who is a serious gamer. ...more info
  • Not happy with the huge Amazon price increase!!
    I added the Z5500s and a Turtle Beach Riviera sound cart to my Amazon cart on Monday. By Friday, when I wanted to place my order - the price for the Logitech's had skyrocketed from $245 to nearly $296. That's a 20% increase.

    The Turtle Beach sound card has gone up $3 too since I added it - about 10%.

    I've seen prices change by a few dollars before in items I've added to my cart - but this is ridiculous! I will definitely wait to order until the price returns to normal. ...more info
  • I should have bought these sooner!
    I have had this system for about 2 months now. I have been extremely impressed with it. I originally had it on my computer alone- but I was so pleased I installed the system in my living room and I am using it as my main surround sound system. I have all of the speakers mounted in the wall and the sub and controller in the corner of the room.
    Helpful note: The controller cannot be moved seperatly of the sub- they are connected via an approx. 6 ft cable.
    Here's how I have hooked everything up:
    DISH DVR Reciever: Digital Optical
    DVD: Digital Coax
    PC: Direct (3 3.5mm stereo plugs)
    TV out(for those rare occasions): iPod 3.5mm connection on side

    As you can see, this is a very versatile system and the sound quality is incredible. The remote also works well. I don't even have to point it at the controller, I guess it bounces off the walls well enough! (I will try to add pics of my speakers mounted on the wall near the TV)...more info
  • Amazing speakers for such a low price?
    "Wow" is all I have to say. If you're connecting these bad-boys with an optical input, they will blow your mind. I'm going back and watching most of my DVDs again simply to hear them in 5.1. They are so clear and crisp I would recommend them to everyone. Not to mention they are great for home theater gaming....more info
  • danzig
    with the right kind of sound card in my computer,these speakers rocked.because i can adjust my sound any way i like it and these speakers can handle it.they put out full rich sound,heart thumping bass,great hi and midrange performances. i use the optical out when watching movies and direct out for music.you can also hook your i-pod, right to the control unit. as far as hooking it all up,it was very simple....more info
  • High Quality sound.
    I really enjoy this 5.1 surround sound logitech apparatus. It definitely changes the way you listen to things. Excellent quality of sound! Would recommend it!...more info
  • Awesome
    Speakers are amazing. Yes the sub is powerful, but fully adjustable and a non-issue. If you like bass, than your really in for a treat. Only issue for me is the wall mounting scheme is clumsy. They could just simply use the slotted-nail hole in the back like everyone else....more info
  • Wonderful upgrade
    I upgraded from my Z-5300e's which I guess I was lucky from what I heard to have a beautiful sound from them to these, Let me tell you what, THEY ROCK. More features and input ports than you can throw a stick at. I Hooked these up in around 20 minutes, but was somewhat prepared since I did have an existing 5.1 5300's already, The cost of this set is pretty good now compared to last year. So I finally indulged myself. All the different prologic options make it sound great, Yes most of you will need to adjust ur media player EQ or Soundcard EQ to get some extremely great sound. I've tested this set with a full range of different types of music and movies, they all sound wonderful. I'm not gonna take a star off for the volume knob getting "sticky" in one spot. Ive always got the remote if it bothers me. I do think anyone should invest in a set, even if its just for their tv/dvr/dvd use. Im using a FiberOptic cable that I picked up at a local Mart. 16$ and no shipping for a 6'clear Phillips cable. I do caution you to one thing, if you live in an apartment, duplex, or dorm room, you will probably get complaints from this set.

    Anyways I'll post some pics in the next few days of my set up here. Until then Ill be pushing these to their limit. ...more info
  • Read This.
    This is really a great Speaker most of all the fact it has a built in decoder of Dolby Digital ProLogic 2. And sounds even better if you have one of the Creative Sound Blaster x-Fi Cause they have a program that enables Dolby Digital Live. Which sounds great. :) I have these speakers under Optical Running Digital or DTS which ever I choose. You can still use ProLogic 2 if you choose too. So when you really think about it you have not only ProLogic 2 movie, And Music, And Stero or Stero 2 with optical you also get Digital Dolby Live and DTS Digital. This is a fine product. I use to have the Logitech X-530 And I have to say the z-5500 Sounds much better. :) So you wont be dissapointed to buy these Z-5500. Though I worry about some of the reviews that Ive read here. I only hope it wont happen. I take proper care of my equipment so I hope these last me longer then 3 years....more info
  • Terrific performance for the money
    I bought the Logitech Z-5500 on a whim at a ridiculously low price based on past satisfaction with smaller, cheaper Logitech products. Just wanted better sound from my Philips LCD HD TV - which has very good video but lousy stereo audio - in my bedroom (18' x 12' with mediocre acoustics). To say I'm pleased is an understatement. I invested in a Monster Optical Fiber cable as an experiment (never used that technology with a cable box & TV before; only HDMI) which plays on cable programs & movies and a Monster Digital cable for DVD movies and CDs. The combination provides very, very good audio fidelity, separation, surround sound, range, clarity, depth, and impact. I'd guess they're producing about 70%-80% more sound I never realized I was missing on HD TV sound tracks, especially - believe it or not - on PBS programs like Nova, Nature, Frontline, Independent Lens, and of course, Soundstage. HBO and our HD music channels are better yet; even on old VH1 Classic songs that haven't been digitally re-mastered.
    I'm a little disappointed with the sub-woofer, which is surprising due to its large size, weight and magnet - but I also play it almost entirely at low volumes so the bass may be better if I crank up the amperage.
    Overall I'm ecstatic to get such great sound from such inexpensive speakers. They rival my far more costly and technically sophisticated 1000+ watt Samsung 5.1 system in my home theater room, and that's high praise indeed. I can't imagine getting more bang for your speaker buck, the remote/control center works very well and easily, and they look cool, too!...more info
  • Very Good, yet adjustable to fit wants
    This is one of the very best products out there, everything about it makes it better than the other systems I have heard and played around with. This is extremely filling when it comes to sound, the room just echos with bass, along with the room next to it too. All around 5 stars in my book...more info
  • Surround sound games (e.g. Metal Gear Solid 4) have never sounded better!
    Short version: Get these speakers and don't regret it.

    Long version: No complaints about these speakers so far. They have 3 different inputs (optical, digital coax, and 3.5mm analog jacks aka headphone-sized jacks). The variety of inputs and the ability to change them with the included remote makes this like a mini receiver. I use the speakers with inputs from my PC and PS3 and they both sound great.

    When I played Metal Gear Solid 4 for just a few minutes, the surround effects were immediately noticeable. Face the gunfire and hear it from the front. Turn around and you hear the gunfire from behind you (assuming you've put your rear speakers in the rear).

    Doesn't come with an optical cable, so you may want to buy that from Amazon at the same time if you have a need for one.

    Final thought: for my setup, I ran the rear left speaker wires the "long way" around the room so I wouldn't trip on them and I had to get some more 18 gauge speaker wire in order to reach. Of course, that will depend on your setup, but just food for thought. The additional wire was also a cheap investment from Amazon....more info