Zymaderm Molluscum Contagiosum
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Product Description

ZymaDerm For children under 5, apply once a day for 10 days. If no response is seen, increase to twice a day. For all others, apply twice a day using the application tool. Minimize contact with normal skin. WarningsFor external use only. Not for use in children under 9 months of age. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Discontinue if surrounding skin becomes red. Do not use if allergic to iodine. Flush copiously with water in case of eye contact.

  • Painless Treatment for Molluscum. FDA approved, MD developed, drug free, 100% non-toxic.
  • Patent pending mixture treats children gently. Safe on face and genital areas.
  • Backed by published scientific research. Natural and safe.
  • Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.

Customer Reviews:

  • This really works!!!
    My 6 year old daughter has had molluscum contagiosum for about 8 months now all over her bottom. The doctor said there was nothing I could do and that it could last for months to years. I couldn't believe there was 'nothing' I could do since the bumps look awful! A few days ago I noticed new ones popping up on the backs of her thighs and new there was something I needed to do. I couldn't stand for them to spread. I was so desperate, and I started searching the internet for something to help. That's when I came across ZymaDerm. I read some of the reviews and it seemed to be working for some people and there was a money back guarantee, so I thought I would try even though I really didn't think it would work. Even after ONE application I saw a huge improvement!!!! We have used it 4 times now and they are 65% better. I am thrilled and so is my daughter! It works best on the small ones that are just forming. She also had 3 bigger ones and it has taken a little longer for those, but they do look better. It does smell a little strong,but it smells like tea tree oil which I have used before, so it doesn't bother me that much. It's worth it just to get rid of those stupid bumps!!! You should give this product a try, it has worked miracles for us when I thought I had no hope to help my daughter! I would highly recommend this product!!!...more info
  • molluscum review
    This product takes consistant appling to wart to work.
    takes at least 1 to 2 weeks to see results and 1 to two months
    to get rid of. ...more info
  • Helped a little
    This wasn't the miracle product I was hoping for, but it did help a little. The bad areas calmed down. It took a couple of weeks to see it. Considering I didn't have any other options, it was worth it....more info
  • mixed reaction!
    Zymaderm is not a straight-out EASY cure! I used it as instructed, on my 4 year old daughter`s molluscum, and after about 5 weeks, yes, the spots were indeed drying up, and the newer ones, were easier to get rid of, BUT!!....not without EXTREMELY drying her skin around the spots, resulting in large red dry patches! So, we ended up having to see a dermatologist to obtain some extremely effective moisturizer, to fiz the large red, dry patches! So, I have a mixed reaction! The spots have almost all gone, but it has taken just as long, to get her skin back to normal colour and texture! I think, the red patches looked worse than the molluscum, yet I am happy, the molluscum has gone! VERY TRICKY!!!It works, but WITH side effects of red, dry patches of skin! Not as easy as many people say!!! ...more info
  • Worked for one child and not the other
    we used zymaderm on my oldest son and it worked great. We saw improvement in 2 days. My younger son than started getting them and we used it on him and it has not worked at all. I am not sure why it works on some children and not others. ...more info
  • No luck
    I am in my early twenties and had a mild case (mild meaning I had about 56 on each leg/thigh, but they were never inflamed or uncomfortable, just a nuisance). I used the product as directed and never saw any results. The smell is not bad. It made a nice placebo to be honest, when I would put it on I would feel better about it even though I wasn't seeing any results. Molluscum is not harmful to your body in any way, it is merely cosmetic. Often a nuisance, but not exactly detrimental.

    I went to my doctor a total of 4 times to get rid of them all. The only way molluscum can be truly removed is by cutting out the cyst type structure, or by freezing them off (like you would freeze off a wart -- which is VERY painful and often leaves scars).

    I hope my experience will be able to help others suffering from this annoying virus.

    ...more info
  • Buy w/ Caution!
    Buyer beware! I did not have a good experience with this comapany. After paying extra for expedited service, I began to worry when the product did not show up four days after I received shipment confirmation. I contacted customer service and they were EXTREMELY rude and unprofessional. I received the product three days after I made contact w/ the company, and was unhappy to find out that they sent the package after we spoke... I think that they forgot to ship it even though they sent me a confirmation!!! Due to poor service I did not dare to use the product, and am STILL WAITING for my refund. They do not accept certified mail!!! Very unhappy!!!!...more info
  • warts
    I bought this for a friend whose daughter has these and it seems to be working though I haven't seen it...he tells me it is. Thank you....more info
  • Worked Exactly Like Everyone Said
    I don't usually write reviews but I just had to for this product.
    This stuff is amazing!! It practically cured my daughter in about 3 weeks and we've only been applying it once a day (instead of twice as directions indicate). Those huge pimples she had on her back are now barely there. I can't compare this to something else because we didn't try anythng else however, we're really happy with how zymaderm worked and it was well worth the money. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    My daughter, who is 4 years old,has had her bumps removed from a dermatologist which was painful and only a temporary fix. I found the Zymaderm through an internet search and I am so happy I did. I have been using the product for two weeks and the bumps are disappearing. My daughter reminds me that I need to put the drops on at night so I know it is painless for her. I would highly reccomend this product to anyone who has dealt with molluscum on their children. ...more info
  • Don't waste your child's time...try this instead:
    I hate to burst you bubble, because if you are reading this you are as desperate as I was...but this doesn't work.
    My son had two lesions on his groin area, we took him to the pediatrician and he said to wait for them to go away on his own. We waited, but 3 months after he had 10 of them. I called and he said not to worry, that usually outbreaks happen to people with autoinmune disorders. Well, my son is super healty and he had 30 if them in a period of two months! My youngest daughter got it too after bathing together.
    So...with no help from the pediatrician i bought this Zymaderm. I put it on them religiously twice a day for a month....NOTHING happend other than horrible eczema (I was extra careful to only apply it to the molluscum and not to the skin arround it). Now he had like 40 molluscum and a rash because of the zymaderm.
    I took him to the dermatolgist and she suggested to apply beetlejuice to the molluscum. I think the name is canthacur or something like that, but is beetlejuice. She applies it at the office, and then 45 min later i wash it off and it forms a blister where the molluscum is. Then the body heals the blister and the molluscums dissapears! Is amazing!!! I wish i had done it when he had 2 lesions!!! it would've been much easier to deal with 2 blister than 40!.
    We are doing it in stages...10 at a time. Because after all the sking does blister like when your stilettos are too tight, so that is unconfortable.
    The application doesn't hurt or burn, is only the blister discomfort that they have. My son didn't even realize the blisters until we had to do the ones very close to his privates...that bothered him, but we applied neosporin+ pain reliever and he was fine.
    My daughter only had 2 so hers was a breeze...they healed in 2 days and no more molluscum for her.
    So, bottom line: don't waste time this thing spreads like wild fire!!! Take your kids to a dermatologist as soon as you see them. Ask for beetlejuice, and very important: if you can give your kids showers instead of baths because the virus spreads very easily in the water.

    Hope this helps somebody!

    ...more info
  • It Works!!!
    We bought this product for our 5-year old son who was diagnosed with molluscum. He had the warts on the back of his knees, inner thigh, and inside of one of his elbows. The pediatrician told me there was nothing she could do and sent me to a dermatologist. That was on 9/10/07. The soonest derm. appt. was for 12/19/07. I was extremely worried that they would continue to spread and he could infect his brother or other kids at preschool while we waited to see the dermatologist. So, I turned to the Internet, found Zymaderm, and couldn't be happier with the results. It is 10/2/07 and most of his warts are now small, flat, pink dots that are shrinking and growing lighter each day. I apply the Zymaderm each evening, using a child's small paintbrush vs. the glass dropper they include. It's quick, easy, and pain-free vs. the "freezing" of the warts that the pediatrician told me they'd have to do (they won't prescribe the common drugs since he is under six years). Thank you so much to the people who manufacture this product...it really worked!!!...more info
  • Try this Cheaper Option First!
    I didn't use this product, so I can't rate it. However, I wanted to share with people a product that did work. My son is 2 1/2 years old, and I discovered one molluscum wart in June. In August, that one wart had multiplied to about 20...all of which were under his chin. I tried the advise to just let it go with time, but I started to get nervous because the warts were beginning to spread to his chin.

    After some research, I found that these warts are due to a lack of immune system. I purchased an immune system booster vitamin for my son. I also went to a natural food store and bought "Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel" which is actually in a "jello" type liquid that can be ingested. Instead of ingesting the aloe vera, I rubbed it on the warts twice a day. It's been about three weeks since I began the product. My sons warts have all disappeared. The best part about this product is that is cost $7.50. Try this before spending money on these pricey products!!...more info
  • disappointed
    I was hopeful that this product would work on my 7-yr-old daughter because it worked well on the child of a friend of mine. No luck for me though, no change in the bumps after 3 weeks of twice daily application....more info
  • It did work
    I was very sceptical. But when it comes to your children you will try anything. My daughter had alot of really tiny spots, and after a month the oinment hasn't done much on them. However the big ones, with the head. Have completely dissapeared. It took 3 weeks, once a day. But they have gone. And best of all it didn't hurt her at all. So yes I'd say this product does work, esepcially on the large headed ones. It kind of dries it of. Would definately use again.
    ...more info
  • It worked within three months
    We were very sceptical but also did not want to have to go the route of curettage for my son's case of MC around the genital area. So after having tried Aldara unsuccessfully for six weeks we have now being using Zymaderm for just over two weeks. It has resolved a number of the lesions, and more seem to be responding. It looks promising. We are particularly pleased that there really are no side effects. The order also arrived very promptly by standard mail... 27 Sep 2007 update -Its a few weeks later and I wanted to add that my son's molluscum is almost all gone. He has been so patient with all the applications ( we have stuck to it twice a day for around 7 weeks now) so it is not a magic bullet, but it definitely does work if you stick at it. You have to be patient and diligent. Also they seem to have stopped spreading, which is such a relief. Don't seem to be able to update my star rating, but i would up mine to a four now. Will update this when they are gone completely - looks like that will be in a fortnight or so. May 2008- my son's molluscum resolved completely with Zymaderm by October 2007. It is a distant memory now. So it does work, and it does help them resolve faster than they would otherwise. We also gave him some homeopathic pills and this seemed to help a lot too. Altogether he had about 70 which resolved in around three months. We only used one bottle, and when my 9 month old baby got a few, we used it immediately. He has since been fine. If I could figure out how to update my star rating, I would now up mine to a five!! ...more info
  • Zymaderm worked for my toddler who had a bad case of MC with eczema
    I wanted to add my success story as the other testimonials convinced me to at least try this product. My toddler had a rash on the right side of his neck for over a month before I realized it was MC around July 07. Had I realized it sooner and treated it early on with Zymaderm, it may have cleared up much more quickly. If left alone, the bumps can get really big and takes forever to clear up without treatment! Alas, by the time I realized what the rash was, my son, who has mild eczema, started to scratch it and it spread like wildfire all over his upper body. It freaked me out as my GP/doctor told me freezing the bumps off was the only available treatment but it was not recommended for a toddler as its too painful and can cause scarring! I was desperate as it was starting to creep onto his face! I controlled his itching by giving him antihistamine every day and covering him with calamine per GP. Initially, I tried to pop the bigger ones by scrapping it with my fingernail or poking them with a needle but my son wouldn't sit still due to the pain. I've read that you have to expose the virus filled pus for the body to react and fight the MC. Once I got the Zymaderm, I religiously applied it on every bump twice a day with a cotton swap. I used the cotton swap to rub it into the bumps vigorously. It was hard going as he's 2 1/2, hates to sit still for long and the treatment stings and hurts him but I was determined. I also applied another homeopathic tincture called Thuja (which is one of the ingredients in Zymaderm) twice a day and gave him Thuja pills (Thuja was recommended by a GP). In addition, I also gave my son supplements to boost his immunity. Within a week, the smaller MCs cleared up that was all over his back and front. Its been over 2 weeks and most of his older, larger bumps have popped or are about to pop and crust over. He still gets the odd new one but I'm confident they will all clear soon. ...more info
  • Didn't work, but great return policy!
    I used the item as directed but it didn't work for me.

    While others have commented on the smell, I didn't find it offensive at all. It smelled like essential oils, but certainly not offensive in any way. It wasn't irritating to the skin at all either.

    I returned the used item and got a refund promptly. Unlike other companies that promise a money-back guarantee, this one actually delivers. Refreshing!

    While the product didn't work for me, the company has a great return policy so you don't lose anything by giving it a shot....more info
  • Worth a shot, just manage your expectations
    From reading the reviews here, it seems obvious that ZymaDerm works for some people but not for others.

    After unsuccessfully treating mulluscum using SilverCure on my son, I decided to try ZymaDerm. The difference was night and day. Within a month, the ZymaDerm knocked out the smaller molluscum bumps and stopped the spreading. There is a big "mother colony" right at the joint where the forearm meets the bicep that is more treatment-resistant, but visible progress is still being made.

    I would suggest just order one bottle. Don't take advantages of any discounts offer on a second bottle until you absolutely know the ZymaDerm will work for your child. ...more info
  • Can't say
    Really, when you don't follow the directions, you can't comment much. We got it, came with the soap, but haven't used either regularly. It hasn't worked yet, but that's not the products fault. ;-)...more info
  • Great product
    My 2 1/2 year old daughter was diagnosed with Molluscum about 3 months ago. At one time, she had over 99 on her arms and torso. I took her to a dermatologist and she gave me Aldara to use. This product is extremely expensive and as an alternative I found Zymaderm. The Zymaderm actually cleared the Molluscum much quicker than the Aldara and I was amazed at how quickly the Molluscum disappeared in less than 4 weeks. Yes it does have a slight odor and may slightly sting on open wounds. My daughter, who is very vocal, did not complain for more than a few seconds. I was extremely impressed with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone with this virus....more info
    My Daughter is 5y/o and after being diagnosed with everything from a fungal infection to scabies.......(!!!).. we spent $,$$$ on a pediatric dermatologist and came home with a simple virus and almost no cure in sight. If you are reading this you know exactly what I have been through. Well, here is my advice for you. Do not believe all the misconceptions you might be picking up on websites here and there. I have come across so many.
    1. Cantharidin is not painful at all. The kid is crying because he/she doesn't want to stay still. It is best to stay calm and explain to your child what may happen at their next doctor visit. Be honest in the most simple way possible. Practice all the steps (taking temp, checking ears, etc...) let them practice being the Doc too.
    An initial dose of this blistering agent from a beetle juice extract was extremely helpful in our case. My child had an "id" reaction to the molluscum and it covered her from head to toe (thus the scabies assumption). The Cantharidin stimulated her immune system and her body then focused on recognizing the culprit and the secondary reaction disappeared in a couple days.
    2. I began her on a regimen of Tagamet(cimetidine) 100mg 3 times a day (300mg per day). I just cut an OTC dose (200mg) in half and she wrapped it in cheese, bread, cake or whatever to get it down. No one knows why this antacid has anti-viral properties. But it does and is used for other implications as well.
    3. I started ZymaDerm applications twice a day the same day as the Tagamet. I see that some have said it made their rashes or "bump zones" worse. I can't help but warn you that you or your child may be allergic to iodine which is one of the ingredients in ZymaDerm that can be overlooked or not known yet in a child or toddler. If this should happen stop using this product and make a note of it for future reference. (nooooo I don't work for them I just know what we have been through and hope this helps someone else).
    Okay so I am on day 3 of my ZymaDerm/Tagamet plan and she started with nearly 50 on the left side of her torso and now she had less than 10 and only 2 that have not "popped" yet. I am amazed and so excited the results are so fast. Yes it smells funny but no more than nail polish or acetone (maybe even the two combined). It does not hurt AT ALL and she has not complained once through this whole process.
    I REALLY hope this helps someone and highly recommend both tagamet and ZymaDerm to those of you who are as desperate as we were to clear up those nasty "bump zones". I did this with supervision of our family Doctor. Adults should get the correct dosage of Tagamet from a MD and this can come in a prescription strength. ...more info
  • It helped one child, but not the other two.
    "I have mixed feeling about this product. My 6 year old son had MC for a year before we came across Zymaderm. By then, we'd tried aldara (didn't do a thing) and even tried freezing them off (never again will I do that to a child!) It was mainly on his tummy, but then spread to the back of his neck. The MC then spread to my 4 year old daughter and 15 month old daughter. That's when I decided to try Zymaderm. About two weeks after using it on my son, the MC was gone! It was incredible! It also seemed to be working on my daughters, at least in keeping them from maturing. Months later, my daughters still have MC. I'm disappointed that it hasn't worked for them, but happy it worked for my son. This just goes to prove that what works for one person might not work for someone else. We have friends that ad success with SilverCure, so that is what we are trying next. I say try it because it just might work. If it doesn't, get your money back and try something else. You've got nothing to lose!...more info
  • Parents Prayer Answered by Zymaderm
    My wife is a Medical Doctor so when she first noticed a single "pimple" growth on the back of my son's (4 yrs old) right knee she became curious. She continued to monitor it and a week later had me schedule a visit with a Dermatologist!! I thought she was overly concerned over nothing but went ahead and had our son seen by the dermatologist who immediately recognized what my wife already suspected: Molluscum Contagiosum. Because it was only one (1) pimple the doctor recommended we either do nothing but monitor or have him endure a Nitrogen treatment to freeze it (a painful procedure). We opted for monitoring and soon this single pimple turned into two, three, four, and more in a matter of weeks! Was more troubling is that each grew huge as if ready to pop but instead these were spreading their virus all over my son's legs! This virus was spreading fast. My son would also scratch them so these spread elsewhere. We became desperate andluckily found Zymaderm. Twice a day we applied is on each "pimple" and over a period of two months the spreading stopped altogether. These pimples also began to shrink and over a period of three months all but the most stuborned ones had disappeared. By the forth month of treatment my son was cured. Sometime we would skip treatment if an area became sensitive or redness showed. We are a family of believers that Zymaderm works. We hope our experience may help anyone whose' love one is suffering from this insidious virus. ...more info
  • Amazing...Highly Recommend!!!!
    This product is totally amazing. It is well worth a try. My four-year-old contracted molluscum from my nine-year-old, who has had it for over a year. Our dermatologist has both cut the bumps off our nine-year-old and used the bettle juice, which causes blisting. Both treatments didn't take care of the molluscum, and more bumps would always come. My four-year-old only had four bumps, and within six days of Zympaderm treatment (2x/day) all but one of her bumps are gone. I wish I would have known about this product in the early stages of my older daughter's condition. My nine-year-old is a little more resistant to the Zymaderm treatment, but it is definitely working. Part of the problem is since the smell is quite strong, she won't let me apply it before school. As a result, I am only treating her 1x per day, and it seems to be taking longer for the bumps to go away. I can definitely see a difference, but she still has all the original bumps. I do think Zymaderm will successfully treat her as well, but I am anticipating it to take a month or longer. To everyone struggling with Molluscum, I would highly recommend trying this before doing anything the dermatologist recommends. I also think it is important that you realize this takes time to work and the bumps do look worse before they look better. I am extremely happy with Zymaderm, this is no gimic!...more info
  • Almost all gone
    My 5 year old was diagnosed with moluscum contagiosum. I took him to the doctor who proceeded to freeze one of the warts with liquid nitrogen. Lots of tears and over $100 later I decided to look for another method. Of about 10 warts I have only one left that I'm working on. Great CAM treatment with no discomfort.

    Your kids deserve this treatment over the antiquated harsh chemical treatment you'll receive at you doctors office.

    JDD...more info
  • Zymaderm is a miracle treatment for molluscum!
    I am writing this for all of the hesitant sceptics about buying an unfamiliar product online- when it comes to treating molluscum contagiosum, ZymaDerm WORKS. I am 25 y.o. and have contracted MC from sexual contact with my boyfriend. He went to a dermatologist where he was told that the only way to treat the bumps is by an acid treatment or freezing off, using the Aldara(?) cream, or waiting a year and a half to get rid of them. He was also told that if we kept having physical contact then we would continue to spread the bumps and they would never go away. A year and a half with no contact was not okay with me, nor was any acid treatment- which was the route he decided to take. After some research, I found ZymaDerm and read the reviews- I was definitely a sceptic at first but willing to try anything. I am SO glad that I did. Not only are my bumps SIGNIFICANTLY smaller, but most of them are already gone after 2 weeks (to the day) of using every morning & night. My boyfriend has had 3 acid treatments (every 2 weeks) and has horrible blisters. He says they aren't painful, just itchy, and will most likely scar. If you have molluscum, don't even think twice about how to treat these nasty bumps..ZymaDerm works and I'm so glad I gave it a shot. Plus if you are one of the few who doesn't have a positive reaction to ZymaDerm like some of the reviews, you're gauranteed your money back. What do you have to lose? It's great!! :-)...more info
  • Works Great On Our Kids
    Our 4 yr old girl has had a few bumps on her back for a couple of years now. They don't bother her at all and like the doctor said, a few of them went away on their own and there was only a small cluster of 3 left, so we left them alone. Then our baby boy starting getting them, many more than the girl had, and they didn't seem to be going away on their own but instead kept multiplying. He's 16 months old and has had some of them for about a year. He had about 30, mostly on his back. It was when the 4 yr old got a new batch of about 12 more on her leg after bathing with him that we decided to take action on both kids. We were skeptical about Zymaderm but there didn't seem to be anything better available, so we gave it a shot. After about three weeks of one dose a day they are nearly all gone on both kids. A few stubborn ones are hanging in there, but showing signs of fading. Neither kid seems to be bothered by the medicine at all, and our daughter actually likes the smell. I can't say I agree with that opinion.
    Side note- as an experiment, we tried the apple cider vinegar treatment mentioned in some other reviews on a couple of the boy's bumps. A small cotton ball, soaked, and taped on overnight, and it appears to have completely killed those two bumps in one treatment. But his skin was irritated by the vinegar and though it's healing just fine we decided to take the slow route with Zymaderm since it's working and doesn't cause any side effects that we've seen. I've read that some vinegar in the bath water (2 cups or so) will help a lot, too.
    Careful with that tiny little expensive bottle of medicine. Our boy grabbed it and threw it on the floor, draining half of it and smelling up the room for a few days (it really is strong smelling!). But a little goes a long ways and we haven't yet had to get more.
    Good Luck!...more info
  • Zymaderm "WOW what a fantastic product"
    I was recently told by my doctor that my daughter had molluscum contagiosum and that there was nothing I could do but wait for it to go by itself and that it could take from six months up to a year to go. Naturally I was horrified especially after researching it on the net and seeing how quickly it can spread. Not being one to sit back and do nothing I decided that there must be something that works and thats when I came across Zymaderm and it sounded amazing, although had a few concerns about it being safe but decided to give it a go. My daughter had about 30 leasions and have been using the product for 3 weeks twice a day and can't really believe it but every one has gone in just 3 weeks.The only down side is that it does smell slightly but who cares she's molluscum free. I would definately recommend this totally natural product called Zymaderm....more info
  • Impressive results after 2 weeks
    6 months ago, my 7 year old son had two small bumps on his neck that I thought were pimples until they didn't go away. At his regular check up, I asked his pediatrician about them and he told me it was "molluscum" and told me "don't worry about it"... "it will go away on it's own". Further into the check up he pointed out two more small bumps on his stomach down by his genitals. Again, he assured us it was very common and told us not to worry about it so we didn't.

    Fast forward to the begining of this month... My boy wasn't feeling well so I went into the bathroom to help him clean up after using the toilet. I almost died when he stood up. He was absolutely covered with it! He had approx. 30- 40 of various size/stage on his genitals, lower tummy and inner thighs. After much freaking out and research online, I realized molluscum really is not dangerous and is indeed very common but who can just stand by and let it continue to spread like wild fire until it goes away on it's own?

    I decided to try Zymaderm. I ordered it on Feb. 5th, it arrived like lightening on the 7th and I applied it that evening (exactly 2 weeks ago). I kid you not, I noticed a difference after 2 days. Today, all but the very largest warts are either completely gone or barely visable!!!! There are probably 5 or 6 that will take the whole 4 weeks treatment. It's a pain to apply but we've gotten into a routine so it's not too bad now. I find it works MUCH better right out of the shower. The next morning you can really see a bigger difference! It's very much worth the price. A+++...more info
  • Loved the product, disappointed with Customer Servie

    I've ordered this product 3 times in last two years for 3 of my children, as well as recommended this company to others. The product works great, but you must use the Jojoba body wash you get ONLY when you purchase 2 bottles or it will not work as well or as quickly. This is not told you when you purchase this item, only supplied as a free gift with 2nd bottle. In my 2nd order, I received this "free" gift. My biggest complaint with customer service happened in November 08. I ordered a bottle while out of town and I received it when I came home. The bottle leaked in transit and most of the medicine leaked out. i contacted the company 3 times to get a replacement bottle. The supervisor, Briant, did not respond to my emails, nor would he talk me when I called or did he ever call me back. I am now having to order another 2 bottle set since the remaining medicine with the Jojoba body wash did not rid my child. Customer is great if you are placing an order, but terrible if there is something wrong with your order....more info
  • Not working
    I have used the product for my son's Molluscum for more than 4 weeks now, and it didn't do much. The bumps are still there. I feel that it is a bit pricy for something that does no more than iodion alone. It didn't make my son's skin dry though considering he has sensative skin....more info
  • There's something cheaper...
    I discovered I had contracted molluscum a little over a year ago. The doctor said because my bumps were so numerous my best bet was to wait for my body to get rid of the virus naturally. Well, needless to say, I still have them after the 6 months she had said it should take to get rid of them. The majority of them did fade on their own, but the last few are very stubborn. I was tempted to buy this product, but was hesitant due to the price, as well as the mixed reviews. I read somewhere that a good natural way to rid yourself of molluscum was apple cider vinegar. I was willing to try this before spending so much money so I did what another reviewer suggested: place a cotton ball soaked with the vinegar on the bumps and place a bandage over top and leave it over night. I decided to not push my luck and only tried it on two bumps. After removing the bandages I didn't notice a real difference, aside from some extra sensitivity. Dissappointed I figured I'd be back here to buy this product. But later the next day I noticed that one of them had nearly gone and the larger of the two was on it way as well. I highly recommend trying the vinegar first. There is a strong smell of course, but I read this has one as well. For more numerous bumps, I'd suggest just applying the vinegar two or three times a day without the bandages. The lingering smell is better than the molluscum any day I'd say. Plus you won't be using it for long since this really works! Try this first BEFORE buying this product!...more info
  • Worked when nothing else did!!!
    We tried treating with a dermatologist for MONTHS for my 5 year old daughter's molluscum. After trying cream which cost $150.00 for a tube and was supposed to stimulate her immune system (and didn't work) we tried Zymaderm. In a few short weeks all bumps had completely dissapeared. It was painless. We did have to apply two times per day. I would recommend to anyone. Worked great....more info
  • It works!
    I am using zymaderm in my 9 year old girl and my 6 year old boy. After only a week, the bumps on both children are already disappearing!...more info