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MechCommander 2 puts you in charge of the fearsome BattleMech machines, in real-time strategy full of combat and treachery. You'll control huge war machines in an untamed region of space called the Chaos March. Fight for three Noble Houses in a bitter struggle to change the balance of power in the galaxy.

  • Battle your way through a complete campaign - navigate the ebb and flow of battle in a persistent, extensive game world
  • Fully destructible world -- Knock down trees, blow through walls, jump-jet onto cliffs, and step on things standing in your way to victory
  • Request reinforcements, salvage equipment and repair your war machine -- the trick(and the challenge) is to recover and retaliate, pressing for victory or holding back defeat
  • Mission Editor lets players create their own missions for a tougher challenge
  • Intense multiplayer action for up to 8 Mechs, through a LAN or Internet connection

Customer Reviews:

  • Mech Commander 2
    well i thought it was really fun, except of course for the lack of bots or SAYS it has MP but it doesnt......more info
  • Very Good
    You're a Mech Commander in the far future trying to defeat three rival clans to end a war. What you do decide to do will determine what happens to your warriors but more importantly, the war at hand.
    My brother got this for Easter in 2005 and it was too difficult for him. So I started playing it. It was very addicting. It's long campain keeps you playing. I haven't even finished it yet, its so long (thanks to a bug on one mission I can't start from where I was, so I have to do the mission without interuption or quicksaves). One of the funnest parts is taking a Mech and personalizing it. There are a lot of weapns to choose from, but they are futuristic and hard to choose which one to put on your Mech.
    Overall, the game is very good. Maybe a bug or two, but other than that, the game is flawless....more info
  • MechCommander 2: Best of Both Worlds?
    I am a dedicated MechWarrior franchise admirer but, for no conceivable reason, had never tried the RTS version of the game (despite RTS being my preferred platform). My first concern was whether or not the game played on Windows XP. Not a problem. My second was how well the game would capture the essence of BattleTech in comparison with all other MechWarrior games. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. A very decent array of BattleMechs are available (all can be customised to your specs), along with the usual plethora of weapons - ballistic, energy, artillery. Weapon sound is awesome, especially with a dedicated sound card. Controls are identical to just about every other RTS on the market - easy to master. Graphics are adequate, no more, no less. Gameplay is addictive and captures the mood perfectly. Like the MechWarrior series you may select your preferred pilots, who all have their own catchphrases to repeat ad nauseum on command. Personal favourites include Psycho's "I can see light through my armour!" when taking damage, and Steel's "Welcome to the neighbourhood" after decimating the opposition. What a crack-up! Your pilots increase in rank, too, improving their gunnery and piloting skills the more opposition they face. The storyline sets the scenes for battle nicely: you are a mercenary commander hired out to three opposing factions in succession, during the conflict on the planet, Carver V. Decent acting certainly enhances the plot! System requirements are very low, especially by today's standards. Importantly, there is a patch available (2.5) that grants access to more weapons and far more mechs. Get it. It greatly enhances an already good game and improves some elements of gameplay as well. It's a ~50mb download, and done by MechLabs. Negatives? None worth mentioning. All in all, a highly recommended addition to your MechWarrior collection. ...more info
  • Sweet Game
    I've grown up with Mechwarrior 2 and found out you don't have to stay in the cockpit. You have an aerial view which gives a great look of the battlefield and what's behind the enemy base (as far as turrets, building, walls, etc. not vehicles and mechs, you can only see those if you get close enough to fight them). It has great zoom and rotate controls. What I liked most about the game is that if you play a level many times you can always find a different way to beat it as in one time you beat a level using brute force of Assault class mechs and the next time you can beat a level using Light mechs with jump jets and Guardian Ecm suites so they can go anywhere and are invisible. Two ways to beat one level, stealth or strength, you choose. One thing I didn't like was the mission editor, it was too complicated.One of the best parts is the pilots talk to you and you can change the color of you mechs and vehicles. Another cool thing is the mechs' weapon systems are customizable as well as their armor....more info
  • Fun game, but pretty easy to complete
    I picked this up because I really enjoyed the first mech commander. This one is much slicker, but for all its new graphics and everything, the basic play is not as good as the first one. The camera is a pain to control during battles, the sprites for the other mechs disappear at times, the mechs are not as much fun to upgrade, and the stock senario is kind of lame. I mean why would you play as a merc if you have no choice in the missions. Over all I rate the game high just because of the Theme, but it could have been done much better....more info
  • Great Game
    This is a great game. Some big improvements over the first mechcommander.
    Seller was great. Got exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted with prompt delivery. No complaints here for sure....more info
  • Jump into the action
    I really enjoyed this game. Having never played the first Mechcommander (or any Battletech computer game for that matter), I could judge this game on its own merits.
    Essentially, you are a crew of mercenaries that completes a series of missions for your employer. You have salvage rights so you can build your unit size by salvaging the mechs you beat. You can also call upon some support in the form of artillery, repair services, etc.
    Your pilots improve through missions and this enables you to customize them with skills. Recruitment also fills your stable of pilots. Tip: Choose a core of 6 or 7 pilots to use throughout the game if you want really good stats. You'll rarely or never need to use more than this number of pilots for a mission so don't think that you need to give experience to your all of your green troops.
    As far as mech selection goes, there is a good mix of classic (the ones still legal, that is) and new Inner Sphere mechs with a few Clan mechs thrown in (emphasis on "a few"). Some of the ones in the game are:
    Men Shu
    Like with the pilots, you can customize the mechs. Tip: Wait until you get Clan tech before altering your mechs.
    As I said before, I enjoyed the game due to the fact that it was Battletech, the customization options and the battles in the missions.
    I did find the campaign played out too quickly, though. Also, I found the back cover misleading. I assumed that I would be able to "command up to 16 enormous Battlemechs" in one of the later missions in the campaign. While it is technically possible to play up to 16 Battlemechs, they won't be so enormous or pristine: you'd need to choose some smaller mechs to start and rely on salvage to make up the numbers.
    These two complaints can't take away from the fact that this is a great value for the price. I recommend Mechcommander 2 to Battletech fans and RTS game fans who don't mind playing an "older" game. ...more info
  • Careful with this game
    Although this game is a lot of fun, getting it to run is quite difficult. There is no support from microsoft and you can only relay with the information of the forums. This means each month that goes by it will become increasingly difficult to run, because of new video cards, mother board configurations and not to mention Windows Vista. So careful when you purchase it....more info
  • mech man
    Love the graphics and commanding my allies!!!!!!!!!! I just love mechs and hope they can improve on it later later....more info
  • Great Game, But Save Your Money...
    I know that sounds like a bad review (look at the ratings), but no one should pay for this game, simply because Microsoft and FASA Games released the COMPLETE source code in September 2006. The only thing missing is multiplayer (it had to be removed due to time/budget for security reviews). I am a programmer so this really got me excited! And here is the neat part: It comes already compiled, so you don't need C++ express or XNA SDK to play it! (You will need these things if you are going to modify the code, of course, and if you want to do anything to the included editor, you will need at least Visual Studio 2005 Standard)

    Also, for those of you unfamiliar with XNA, that is the development "stuff" for the XBOX 360. Yes, with the proper tools, you can build this game as a XBOX 360 game and play it.

    So, the bottom line: great game, just don't buy it from anybody since it is free on Microsoft's download page!...more info