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In collaborating on Miracle, Celine Dion and her partner in baby love Anne Geddes carefully sidestepped the L-word--a smart move, considering that the songs captured here, despite their electric-blanket warmth, aren't always lullaby-like in their delivery. Though the collaboration is about babies--the liner notes to this CD provide a sneak peek at Geddes' visual wizardry available in both the expanded box set and book--Miracle is not necessarily for them. Which works out great for Celine fans who have made contact with their maternal sides. More than anything, the disc plays as a valentine to new mothers: "Le Loup, La Biche et le Chevalier (Une Chanson Douce)," "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," and John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" get the trademark melt-away vocal treatment, causing the need to keep a box of tissues at the ready. While tenderness flows from each track as consistently as formula from a baby bottle, though, the chanteuse doesn't shy away from the passion and note-pounding that are also her trademarks. Thus, the miracle of Miracle lies not in its ability to soothe the tiny creatures it swollen-heartedly celebrates, but in its ability to set the sentiments of listeners who love them to song. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • Some one should put this old mare out to pasture
    What is that alien doing on her face, her face is so long she trips on her chin. Celine sounds like a chocked canary and if she was on singing the titanic every would jump ship. John Lennon must be rolling over in his grave because he buthcherd his song....more info
  • Oustanding CD
    Miracle is certainly an outstanding musical experience for people of all ages. As a single father of two chldren the lyrics of many of the songs help me express my emotions and feelings that are sometimes so very difficult to put into words. My daughter will soon be graduating high school and leaving home for college. The song "Come to Me" helps me tell her that I will always be here for her and she is always in my heart. Sometimes these are tough things for a father to express to his children. As always, Celine Dion has a voice superior to all other vocalists.

    Finally, I certainly hope that the reviewers on this site have actually purchased the CD. It is my belief that Amazon should require a "proof of purchase" before someone is allowed to submit a review. Some of the reviews are rude and offensive. I hope those individuals at least made the purchase prior to posting a review. Not everyone has to like the music of Celine Dion but all individuals should be respectful and comment with intelligence. Amazon, please check on the validity of your reviewers.
    ...more info
  • It's only me but::
    I loved it. Celine has a hit. It is a wonderfull baby shower gift. JM...more info
  • I WEPT OPENLY when I heard this CD
    I remember like it was yesterday. I believe I was drinking a glass of water at the time. I turned the corner in my local Walmart and to my horror thought I saw a serpentine creature eating a child on the cover of a bright pink CD. My horror soon turned to joy when I realized it was the exotic, beautiful and intellectually-challenging lyricist Celine Dion with her tender little baby on the cover of a new CD! My heart lept. I lunged for the last copy, overturning a few carts and knocking down a Contemporary Christian Bible display. Holding it in my hands, I caressed it, "My Preccccious."

    And when I got to my car, tore off the seven layers of security wrapping on the CD, and tenderly fed the CD to my car's CD player, I heard the most beautiful music I'd ever heard in my entire lifetime. As if the angels in the highest of heavens were singing for only me! And then, gentle reader, I wept. I wept openly for all to hear in the parking lot of that WalMart.

    I highly recommend everyone buy at least three copies of this CD (work, home, car). However, I took off one star for the fact that this one didn't contain any Chrysler advertisements or endorsements....more info
  • Just for one song, the whole CD is worth the $
    If you are having a new baby, the song Miracle is the most beautiful song you will ever hear. The entire CD is beautiful. Her voice, the music, the lyrics are captivating. Great gift for a mom to be....more info
  • An alternative to Celine...
    I love Celine, but her music hasn't been all that of late. I wish she would record a rock album! Her duet with Anastacia on Divas was sensational...
    All you Celine fans, should check out an Aussie alternative!! COSIMA DEVITO. She was a finalist on AUSTRALIAN IDOL a 2/3 years ago. She got to the final 3 but had to leave due to throat nodules. Anyway, she couldn't get a solid record deal afterwards so she started her own company and DIANNE WARREN wrote and produced her ENTIRE first album. She has been compared to Celine but with an edgier sound! And true that is...check out this diva!!! info
  • So Touching, Peaceful for Mom and Baby
    My mother-in-law gave me this CD after the birth of my daughter. Celine hit the nail on the head. The lyrics really get to the heart of all the emotions involved in giving birth and raising a child. The beautiful music is peaceful and soothing. My baby and I listen to this as I rock her to sleep, and we are both drifting off to dream before the CD is over. This would be a wonderful gift for a new mom. I love it. ...more info
  • Commercial and Overrated
    Lets get this straight. Many have called Celine a great 'vocalist" - to be a vocalist you have to stretch your range and song selection - two things that Celine does not do. This album is Celine's attempt at doing just that - with failure. Back in 1997 Barbra Streisand released "Higher Ground" - like many times in her career she took a chance. One of the most brilliant cuts from that album was "If I Could" - perfect rendition. Along comes Celine and once again tries to compete - not possible. Celine's version is forced and nothing short of insincere. Please, I am not anti-Celine - but I am sick and tired of her being compared to this Diva or that Diva - she is a Diva in her own right. But compare her properly to Whitney and Mariah - POP DIVAS - she is not (and never will be if she continues to market herself commercially) a vocalist. I say let her next foray into her career present Celine with a challenge to her vocal ability - she is still very young and allowed a few crappy albums - Lord knows even the best (ie. Streisand, Rondstadt, and Lena Horn) have had their flops. This is definately one of Celine's....more info
  • Touching and relaxing for both mom and daughter!!!
    My mother bought this CD for my daughter and I for Christmas, and it now lives in my daughter's CD collection.

    I've played simple, relaxing music in her room all night long since she was born, and she likes this cd over the others (even over my favorite, "Of Love and Hope" from the TV show Beauty and the Beast, the little traitor ;-}).

    The choice of songs really touches the heart of the parent, and the arrangements and gentle music and voice soothe my girl more than others do.

    I'm not a huge fan of Celine Dion's, but I'd buy or recommend this CD for any parent or expectant parent as something to acquire for themselves, or to give as a gift without a moment's hesitation of wondering "will they like it?"....more info
    ...more info
  • She calls this a miracle?
    Some old fart blows his beans up her muff and the end result is a 'miracle'? Give me a break. If that's a miracle, so is taking a dump...which is pretty much equivalent to the entire recorded output of this overmarketed, overrated, so-full-of-herself commercial twit....more info
  • Mother's dream CD
    What a great way to share words and emotions with your daughters and daughter in-laws, not to mention great value in price....more info
  • Wonderful
    I have not been a big Celine Dion fan, but I watched her sing the title song, "Miracle" on a tv show. I bought my original CD from a local store after watching the performance. The songs are absolutely wonderful! My personal favorites are Miracle, Come To Me, and If I Could, but all of the songs are great. I bought this CD as a gift to my niece, who is pregnant with her second child. She loves these songs, as well. I used the music to put together a slideshow of pictures of my children growing up. These are songs from a mother to her child (or about her child), and describe the unconditional love of a mother. I highly recommend it if you are looking for this type of music....more info
  • Sounds great!
    Very happy with this CD. I'm not a huge Celene fan, but I purchased this for my 2 month old son. It lulls him to sleep just fine. Her voice is flawless....more info
  • Pretty but somewhat bland
    There are few songs on here that are quite lovely and serene. But to be honest, the rest are only just OK. I have added it to my collection because I love Celine and I do listen to it on occassion. Its a great album for putting you to sleep :)...more info
  • Thanks for the Introduction To Mehdi
    I've always enjoyed Celine Dion and this album is no exception, but while reading some of the customer recommendations posted on this page I discovered an artist by the name of Mehdi (pronounced meddie). After an online search I found his site (SoothingMusic.Com) and listened to the samples...
    I was instantly blown away by the quality of this music and so I gave it a try and now that I have listened to his CDs several times I really must say that although I'm still a Celine Dion fan I also find Mehdi to be a great find. I have them both in my multi-disc CD player and love the way they compliment each other. I highly recommend that you give this artist a try or atleast just go listen to the samples, I have a feeling you'll be glad you did.

    ...more info
  • Lullaby CD review
    Celine Dion does beautiful remakes of some classic lullabies and also sing new music with very deep and meaninful lyrics. This is by far the best nursery lullaby CD I've heard. It is the perfect gift for a new mom or baby shower gift....more info
  • Love this CD
    This is a great CD, I have it and ordered it for a friend that just had a baby and she loves it as well. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to it. ...more info
  • After 5 flops in a row,where does she go from here?
    Nowhere...That's the answer !
    Much better for her to stop recording and appearing on TV ( people are getting saturated and tired of her ) for a while and eventually
    come back sometime with less attitude.
    Selling tons of CDs( and now - hard to believe - even beauty products with her own seen on TV and on...Amazon ..) or trying to please everybody at any cost,Selline,is not that important and has not be your major concern...That is not human,it's monstrous,terrifying.
    Most important it is to stay true to yourself. ...more info
  • Can't she just go and be a full-time mother?
    I was forced to hear Celine perform a song from this album on the Oprah show, and after that I knew it for sure: she succeeded in taking her 'music' to an even higher level of sappiness, blandness and false sentiment. Her music really makes me want to run to the toilet to vomit and take a hot shower after that just to rinse off the dirty aftertaste of her voice. The worst thing about it is is that this music pretends to come right out of the heart, while teaming up with that equally sappy baby photographer is clearly an attempt to earn an extra couple of millions to buy a 57th luxurious villa in Northern-Uruguay or something....more info
  • Wonderful Music!
    I have enjoyed the music and Celine's beautiful voice. I would recommend this CD to anyone, especially with small children. My son (who is 15 months old) loves it and fall's asleep to it almost every night. It's delightful! ...more info
  • Meh...Could live without it
    The CD is OK. It's Celine so you know the singing is stellar. But in terms of variety (different tempo and melodies, etc) all the songs tend to sound the same so there is never a "climax" in the arrangement.
    A better lullaby CD is "A Mother's Gift" from Carnie Wilson. ...more info