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Unreal Tournament 2004 (Editor's Choice Edition)
List Price: $39.99

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Product Description

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Editor's Choice brings back the world-renowned tournament game with new air & land vehicles, improved AI, revised network code, and new maps. This groundbreaking new edition includes new maps for the Onslaught mode, new vehicles, new characters and a wide selection of the best user-made game modifications. New UnrealTV Broadcast system allows hundreds to watch you duke it out! Demo Recording allows you to save a recording of your gameplay to share with other 2004 users!

  • Land and Air vehicles including light aircraft, assault buggies and behemoth tanks
  • New weapons include RPG's, mines, dual assault rifles & gun turrets
  • New in-game voice chat allows you to type less and frag more! (Requires Microphone or headset, not included)
  • Over 20 brand new maps along with the original UT2003 maps and the official bonus pack maps. This will allow 2004 owners to jump into any 2003 Server and compete!
  • Improved bot AI and optimized Network bandwidth usage for lag free, challenging play!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great but if u already have UT2K4 just dl this
    The Unreal Tournament 2004 - Editor's Choice (DVD) is going to be a great add on for unreal 2004, but if you already have it just dl this upgrade. From what i here it is going to be released free to people that have already bought ut2k4. if you already dont have unreal 2004 then buy this. The fact that it is on dvd makes it even better, you dont have to deal with 6 cd's. now if i can just get my friends to stop playing cod and play unreal then im all set....more info
  • Mulitplayer!
    If you are looking for a combination of both compatibility and great play for multiplayer LAN games. This is the game for you. Lots of people have recently been turning to halo as the sort of standard for multiplayer gaming, but unreal tournament 2004 with a graphics engine that is in many ways superior has it beat out to be sure. I've always had a hard time getting halo to work between macintosh computers as well as a windows and xbox, and it doesn't even run on Open Source OS. UT 2k4 however runs on windows, mac, and linux boxes alike all delivering a high level of game play and realism in this fantastic world of the Tournament Games. In many ways it was a significant build from UT 2k3 with the addition of different kinds of game play as well as he new addition of the vehicles. It's one fallback is that you cannot play it on xbox which means your lan party is all computers. But that's not neccessarily a bad thing. I would give the multi-player aspect 5 stars. If multiplayer is what you want, this is the game to get. The Single player as a lot of room for improvement seen in some of the other unreal games....more info
  • Finally a replacement for Tribes 1!
    I am no longer as young as I once was. The Twitch is gone, so to speak. That's why I love Tribes for team based FPS action. Unlike the various versions, and especially 3, of Quake, you don't have to be a teenager on crystal meth to compete. Those of us without superhuman reflexes, 3 GHz P4s and 21" monitors could still compete. If you used your *Brain* you could still compete. You might not be the best, but it was a hell of a lot more fun than getting repeatedly railed on the bouncy map in Q3. This is why I've been playing Tribes for the last 5 or 6 years. It was simply the best team based shooter, period.
    Now there's U2k4. I find myself playing Unreal more and more and playing Tribes less and less. It's a lot of fun, and you still have to use your head to compete. The graphics are very good (I'm excited to see the new engine released) and the server browser is very well thought out. I love the online stats also. It's nice to know you're not *all* the way at the bottom. I will admit that I never, ever play any deathmatch, but If you're looking for CTF, assault or Objective based team play, then this is the game for you....more info
  • Why the original is best!
    I have played Unreal (yes, the original) online for three years and have recently begun playing UT2004 online too. I have to admit I prefer the original, though I will continue to play both. UT2004 has some good maps and looks funky, but lacks playability and umph! The weapons are generally dull and uninspiring and the gameplay is slow. No, I don't think it's my PC because I don't lag, just the overall movement seems cumbersome. In Unreal, the original, gameplay requires skill and speed, whereas UT2004 seems to be more about gizmos - knowing the fancy moves and adrenaline etc. Unreal requires more dodging skills in my opinion, at least if you like close quarters combat like I do (as opposed to sniping). I have never played earlier versions of UT, but UT2004 is a disappointment so far. The original is still the best!...more info
  • Probably the best multiplayer FPS you'll ever play
    This game is so full of features and modes that if you get a few friends together over a LAN, you'll have weeks of hardcore fun. Plus, with all the unique modifications you can download online, the replay value is virtually unlimited....more info
  • id Software actually has competition?
    ... well, I didn't think so before playing Unreal Tournament 2004. I had to get this particualr product for a class project. I'm using the level editor to make my own level. Yes, it is cool and relatively easy to do. However, it requires some fairly powerful hardware. The tutorials on the bonus disc are very informative and helpful.The game itself is a blast. I especially like the secondary function of the Link Gun. It vaporizes opponents like a soldier that had an unfortunate encounter with Martians in a '50's Sci-Fi movie. How cool is that?

    Buy this game while you can. Epic Games has just announced that they aren't making it anymore and shifting resources to the sequel, Unreal Tournament 2007. The price here on Amazon has been shifting radically too. One week it's $35, the next it's $10.
    Either way, it's worth the price....more info
  • The best title for GNU/ Linux operating systems
    Having switched recently to Linux, I bought this game because of all the hype surrounding it and even more because it is one of the rare mega-hit titles available for Linux. (there is Linux installer on every UT 2004 DVD even when the label says it is only for Win2000/XP).

    The game is terrific, it works smoothly on 32 and 64/bit Linux boxes and I look forward to the sequel if there is to be one....more info
  • Redefines fast pace deathmatch!
    Take everything you like about Unreal Tournament 2003, multiply it by 100, and you'll get this. This is simply the best UT yet! I've never thought it would be possible, but here it is! Somehow, the developers manage to combine the speed of UT, the size of UT2K3, and they added the potent potion of vehicles. The result? The best deathmatch FPS there is.

    That is generally the gist of it. I played UT and absolutely loved it. I played UT2K3 and liked it somewhat because of the huge maps, but I quickly became bored because of the slower speed. UT2K4 combined the best of both games and added vehicles to make the fight even more chaotic! There is nothing like a 16 man match while you're flying in a plane blowing your enemies away! Even better, download a huge map and fight in a arena the size of a video game city!

    Unfortunately, the only flaw of the vehicles system is that it's only available to Onslaught mode and that the vehicles doesn't respawn, which seems extremely short sighted of the developers. However, this is quickly solved by going online and downloading the proper mods to make vehicles available to EVERY game and to make it respawn. After that, you will never look at UT the same again!

    Basically, this is what the game cuts down to.

    -Unbelievably huge maps
    -Runs very well even for PCs that are not high end
    -Is a lot faster than UT2K3
    -New modes of gameplay and improved weapons cache

    -Too many CDs (6)
    -Installation is massive (over 5GB)
    -Loading is pretty long; gameplay may be slow if too many bots...more info
  • Love it! Can't wait for UT2007!!!!!! --- DOMINATING!
    This is my favorite game of all time. It gets better and better each new version....more info
  • Great Game
    This is a very solid game. Lots of replay value and fun. Some of the add-on games are a little buggy, but the most of them are good. ...more info
  • Awsomely Unreal
    this game is so sick, i got today and i'm loving it. its like halo with the whole first person thing and weapons and such, but it has more. it has more weapons, vehicles, people, and online play, it's FREE. the graphics are sweet too, so unreal. the computer actually plays against you too, it doesnt just sit there, it attacks, move, and even goes after the shields, ammo, and other guns to kill me. it even moves to avoid being hit. its so unlike any game i've played before. good price, great value, Unreal Fun ...more info
    Yeah, i like this game, mainly becuase of how open to Modifacation it is. and it make a ggreat base for almsot any game project you may have....more info
  • Devastating Sci-Fi War Simulation - Best Alternative to CS
    Well there is nothing stopping you now! The best multiplayer out there is Counter-Strike: Source with the HL2 engine but CS is not a blast `em up and is extremely tactical with a `one death and you are out' type gaming experience in small maps. Since HL2 is totally devoid of another multiplayer then what is the next best frag? Answer - UT2004 of course!

    UT2004 is multiplayer all the way. Like UT2003 it has a single player/team co-op that spans the course of what is close to 120 + maps. 120 HUGE MAPS! So basically the single player mode is one big frag-a-thon on some fantastic maps of your choice. The bots have all preset AI or configurable ones meaning that having 30 bots chasing after you on GOD mode is quite possible - not that you will win or anything. So the AI is well up there in single player mode which, although has a massive number of maps, lacks one thing - a story.

    A story however is not what UT is all about. UT is about fragging and team play - i.e., LAN parties and INTERNET gaming is the main reason to own UT2004. Did you ever want to fight in that huge battle like at the end of Episode II? Well there is a game mode called ONSALUGHT that lets 18 vs. 18 pit it out against each other taking down node points so that they can be king of the other's castle by blasting up the core. It really does play like that battle scenes of EP II with tanks on the ground, 30+ characters to choose from, several aircraft, ground vehicle, all can be piloted by you, with up to 10 weapons of your choice, each with alternative fire buttons. In the vast maps there are a million ways to die and a million strategies to choose from. There are also some nice new movements like double tap quick strafe and double jumping.

    What of the graphics? STUNNING! The graphics in the trailer or screenshots do not do the game any justice. Watch the end of Episode II. It is more like that. Run this game on a Radeon 9800 and you will not stop playing multiplayer for the next 12 months... that is until UT2005 comes out. Realistically enough you can actually fight this first person shooter in 3rd person mode!

    In short this game is like it says on the box - UNREAL.


    - Awesome maps.
    - Vehicles!
    - Outstanding graphics.
    - A fast game engine with nice crash physics.
    - 100% Blast `em up.
    - Internet 32 player Games!
    - Onslaught game type.


    - Huge 6 CD install.
    - Learning curve is high for 1st person shooter.
    - Character movement is bit too fast.
    - You need the internet to experience UT2004 fully.

    *Note : The Editors Choice addition has all the extra mods and maps and updates that you might have to download from the internet if you get the standard version. Basically this one has more stuff that you dont need to download....more info
  • One of the best shooters ever!
    UT 2004 is obviously not the best graphics out there today. It has no storyline, no well-defined characters, and no substantial explanation for anything that goes on. If you want a game with a story, check out the Half-life series, Doom 3, Far Cry, Crysis, Bioshock, etc. NOT the Unreal Tournament franchise. If you are the type who loves close quarters, fast-paced, futuristic fragfests- this is certainly the game for you.

    UT2004 is a deathmatch game. Players enter an arena with only the goal of killing other players (there are several other gametypes, but this rule holds true throughout all of them). A great assortment of weapons is available- and all of them have secondary specials for even more choices. Personally, I like playing with the ballistic weapons mod from, which adds even more possibilities. The included maps number over 100 and are varied in every possible way. This is a great choice for anyone looking for some LAN party action, playing with friends overseas, or has an outdated computer and still wants to play some awesome games.

    I strongly recommend this game!...more info
  • Best FPS deathmatch game at the moment!
    UT2004 is likely the best deathmatch FPS game out at the moment! I've been playing its deathmatch mode since UT2003. Way more fun than CS or HL2 deathmatch! And if you get really good, you can win an entire match without ever dying! How many games let you do that?? In CS, you can get killed with a lucky shot by a newbie. But UT2004 deathmatch requires real skills. Heck, if you're good enough, not even the redeemer can kill you! Play's a blast!...more info