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Amco Double Digital Timer
List Price: $21.99

Our Price: $19.95

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Product Description

The Stainless Steel Double Digital Timer monitors two projects simultaneously. The left display can be set for minutes and seconds while the right keeps track of hours, minutes and seconds. The magnetic clip allows the timer to affix to the refrigerator, fasten to an apron, or stand up on the counter. One timer can time up to 99 hours and 99 minutes, the other up to 99 minutes. Timers count down and beep audibly when zero is reached. Operates on one AAA battery (not included). 4?"L x 2"W

Ideal for dinner parties, holiday meals, or anytime you cook more than one dish at a time, this double timer monitors two tasks at the same time using separate digital displays. On the left, one read-out counts down minutes and seconds; on the right, the other measures hours, minutes, and seconds. Made from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel with a stylish nickel finish, this timer is attractive enough to leave out on a countertop between uses. It's also equipped with a magnetic clip that can attach to a refrigerator, apron, pocket, or oven. --Mary Park

  • Double timer monitors 2 tasks at once
  • Made from nickel-finished stainless steel
  • Magnetic clip attaches to the refrigerator, oven, apron, or pocket
  • Stainless Steel Nickel finish
  • Easy to clean

Customer Reviews:

  • Almost a five
    The operation of this timer is very simple. I also like the different beeps, making a distinction between the two timers. The only reason I didn't give this a five, there is a clip on the back which allows you to set it on a counter and once you close the clip, there is a magnet which allows you to hang on a metal object. The clip is rather small in comparison to the size of the timer and if it's left hanging on the refrigerator in our case, once you begin to push the buttons, the timer rocks since the buttons are to each side of the clip, that's located on the backside. This may not make much sense, but I would buy another timer and I'll figure out a way to balance out the back to avoid the rocking while pressing buttons....more info
  • Very simple to use
    Love this timer. The one we received for our wedding only lasted about 9 months. This one is very heavy duty and easy to use!...more info
  • Excellent Timer
    This timer is my most valuable tool. I am recent LAP band recipient and this handy little timer has helped me re-train myself to eat slower. It is small enough to fit into an eye glass case. I actually bought 2 of them! ...more info
  • Best investment I ever made.
    Superior Quality, Easy to use, Strong magnet holds on frig or stove. Highly recommended addition to any kitchen....more info
  • Great timer!
    This timer is perfect when you're trying to multi-task in the kitchen. Easy to set up and very helpful that it has magnetic backing, so you can place it on the fridge or another convenient appliance....more info
  • Double Timer
    This timer is the best timer we have bought so far. It seems to be sturdy. The dual timer feature is nice. My wife loves it......more info
  • Finally found what I was looking for!
    I've been hunting for a decent kitchen timer for several months. My trusty triple timer finally gave up the ghost, but that model was no longer made, and the replacement version received generally poor reviews. The Amco Double Digital Time does everything I want, does it well, and looks real nice while doing it (or even when it's not doing it!) At first I was reluctant to "downgrade" from a triple timer to a double, but honestly, I can't remember the last time I actually used all three timers at once. I think the Amco timer is going to fill the need perfectly. The design is excellent...the magnet is strong and easily sticks to the range hood, or it stands nicely on a countertop without any difficulty. So far, I can't think of anything to complain about, and that's unusual for me!...more info
  • Not impressed!
    Well I got this delivered to my job today. I'm looking at it right now. First I bought this because of the great reviews that I read here. Also it looked great on my p/c sceen.

    In person it looks like a piece of cheap chap! It looks like it will break if you change the battery.

    On my p/c it looks like it has black trim in person it has a grayish trim to it. My kitchen is black and stainless steel. So far not worth what I paid for it.

    I'll give you all an up-date when I get home and try it out. Hope that it will at the very least preform better then it looks.

    UPDATE April 1st, 2008;

    I went home and tried it out. The set up is very easy. The alarm isn't loud enought for me. I like to watch TV and cook at the same time and I require a kitchen timer that is loud enought for me to hear.

    My rating for this kitchen timer is now 4 stars instead of 3 stars since the set up is easy and it has a very strong magnet on the back.

    ...more info
  • Best choice - after an exhaustive search
    After two inferior timers, I put my obsessive-compulsive tendencies to work on finding the perfect (quality, ease-of-use, styling, pricepoint) kitchen timer. I think this is about as close as you can come. I disagree with the reviewer who thought it looked cheap and gave it only 3 stars before even trying it out. Although the timer is about twice as heavy as the last one I tried out, the magnet is very strong so no problem putting it on the stove or fridge (it practically jumps on). Although I'm keeping the illustrated instruction booklet handy, so far it's been totally intuitive and I haven't referred to instructions at all - even using both timers. Oh, and then there's that: TWO timers, one with hours - up to 99 hours, in fact. Solid, easy, stylish little machine, and with amazon's free shipping and only one battery needed, practically a bargain. The color is lighter than the picture, a light grey, and the magnet/belt clip is the same construction as a different-brand timer I tried that broke almost immediately. So far, so good on this one, though, and I've used it alot more than the one that broke. Oh, and another disagreement with the 3* reviewer: the alarm is LOUD!...more info
  • This timer fits the bill
    I purchased this timer so I could time things wherever I was. I liked the idea that it could time 2 intervals at a time. I have used it for several months and have found it to work flawlessly. It is clipped to a stationary item which holds it up for easy viewing. The desired time is easy to set up and stop. The adequately-loud alarm sounds for a few minutes, but eventually turns off without my intervention. ...more info
  • the best!
    This alarm is loud and as a duel alarm worth the money. Would definitely recommend....more info