Duracraft DWM250 2-1/2-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier
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Product Description

DWM-250 2.5 Gallon Warm Moisture Humidifier spares you from the cracked skin and chapped lips of dry air. When your heat goes up, the moisture evaporates, leaving you feeling dried out. Unit Dimensions(LxWxD) - 12.87 x 7.01 x 12.99 / Weight - 5.2 lbs.

  • Automatic shut off when tank is empty, removed, or tipped over
  • Medicine cup disperses soothing vapors
  • Clear water tank with easy grip handle
  • Easy to fill, removable tank with large water opening
  • Easy to clean, separate dishwasher safe remove and rinse tray reduces clean up

Customer Reviews:

  • eh, decent...
    Well i dediced to buy a humidifier after years of getting bloddy noses from the dryness in the winter, so far i haven't gotten any (that could also be because iv'e been breathing out my nose more and not in because of the moisture from your lungs). i also bought a humidity monitory thingy, and it seems that this humidifier can only increase the humidity just a little 5%-10% at most.
    But what i love is the little medicine cup on top, i bought some oils and put them in there, and wow. it smells great....more info
  • Worked for 1.5 Winters... Flismy Construction
    I bought this exact model number at a local hardware store. It lasted a winter and a half before it burned out. The heating element would only get warm, but not hot enough to evaporate any water. The two sides, the water tank and the heating element side don't always line up. There's a safety switch triggered by the water tank making good contact with the heating element side. If it isn't lined up perfectly it won't work. Very frustrating....more info
  • Capacity approximately 3/4 gallon
    As someone else stated, the title is definitely deceiving. This is a tiny unit. I'm keeping it for now because I have a small room and only run the unit over night....more info
  • Needs an automatic humidity control
    Works great. Increases the humidify in my baby's room (~20ft x 20ft) by 10% in about 2-3 hours. That's not bad. But bon't use it in the summer. During this same period, the temperature in the room will go up by about 4-5 degrees F.

    My only complain is that this unit does not automatically regulate the humidity in the room. So I have manually turn it on and off to avoid over humidifying the room and causing mildew and fungus growth. It does have a "high" and "low" output mode which helps a bit, but it's not sufficient for me to feel comfortable leaving the unit run all night....more info
  • Duracraft DWM250 Warm Mist Humidifier
    I love this produc although I would like it to have a larger tank. It runs very quiet....more info
  • Easy to clean
    This is my second Duracraft Humidifier. It is the easiest to clean, no filters to change or wash. The only problem is, if the reservoir is not put in just right, it won't work. After I turn it on, I put the initial setting on high and wait to see the steam before I turn it down to low and put the kids to bed. ...more info
  • Very Smart Purchase
    I really like this humidifier and have been on the very difficult journey to discover which humidifier will work for me, whether cool or warm mist is better and which actually does what it says the same as everyone else. I get frequent sinus infections and am in great need of a humidifier here in the northeast during the cold months with the heat. I just constantly don't feel good without one. For over 10 years I have used cool mist humidifiers. I honestly never considered a warm one. The last one I had was a Holmes and it was certainly not cheap. I took good care of it and it still worked only 1 year. The filters were expensive and the unit was very noisy Last year when it worked it worked well, but last winter it worked only half the time. I did not know where to turn.

    A friend suggested a warm air humidifier and I looked into it and liked what I read. I then researched, reading reviews and customer comments - even using Consumer Report. I kept coming back to this one and saw the definite mix of positive and negative reviews. I read all the negatives and saw that most were looking for the humidifier to do or be more than it said it was.

    I live in a studio apartment and the humidifier says it is for rooms 400 to 700 square feet. Perfect for me. It also says that it runs up to 12 hours on one filling and it does. When I run it on the low speed it lasts 12 hours exactly. The directions also say to disinfect it before the first use. This is very important. With something like a humidifier it is very important to follow all directions. If you do not, you don't have a right to complain if it does not work correctly. This humidifier is very easy to clean/maintain and also very easy to fill. If you do not want to be filling it every 12 hours or more then get a different humidifier. For me, it is very simple and easy knowing I need to easily fill it every 12 hours.

    The humidifier also makes no noise at all on either the high or low speed. I find that when running it constantly on low my humidity level is perfect and I feel great. This machine does exactly what it says it does so make sure that it will satisfy your needs. It is easy to use/maintain - so much simpler than a cool mist humidifier. I will never return to a cool mist one again.

    I highly recommend this unit and say just make sure it is what you want before purchasing. Hope this helps you with your humidifier decisions....more info
  • does the job
    This humidifier does what it's supposed to do. I have bought fancier models in the past and this one actually works better. It is a little flimsy, but I've been using it for about a month and it's held up fine. ...more info
  • Works well but name creates confusion
    The product works well. It keeps a medium size room humidified during very cold weather. There was much confusion in the reviews that I read before purchasing it about its claim to be a 2-1/2 gallon humidifier. If you read the box, the fine prints says that the 2-1/2 gallon figure refers to its daily OUTPUT not the size of its reservoir, which is a little misleading since that information is not in the product description that you can read before you buy. It does its job well. Just be prepared to refill the reservoir 2-3 times in 24 hours if you run it on high....more info
  • Duracraft humidifier
    The price was right. Works great and when run on low one filling lasts all day. I have some sinus problems and putting moisture in the air has helped tremendously. I would definitely recommend this product. Jacky in Indiana...more info
  • small capacity!
    This humidifier seems to work fine, but the title is misleading. I don't think it even holds a gallon of water. I guess the output can be 2.5 gallons per day if you refill it 4-5 times? It might work for a VERY small room, but it doesn't last 1/2 the night in our bedroom and it doesn't seem to do much. We would have to fill it every few hours to get the level of humidity noticably higher. We bought it to replace an old humidifier that actually holds 2.5 gallons and we were disappointed. I'll have to look for another now......more info
  • Great humidifier for its price
    I have been looking for a warm air purifier for some time (prefer warm air for safety reasons (avoids mould and airborn particles)). Warm air models range to well over $100. I decided to try this unit because it is cheap and has a large water tank.

    I would highly recommend this unit for the price. It has two steam settings (high and low). It has an aromatherapy dispenser. It is easy to refill. It works really well actually.

    Some previous posts have indicated that the unit may not last for years and years because of its construction. True, it is not built like a tank. However, for its price I think you would struggle to do better.

    ...more info
  • cheap body but good engineering
    The plastic on this model is pretty thin and flimsy, so I'm always afraid I am going to accidentaly snap or crack a part (like the screw-on lid) and completely destroy the product or render it useless, but the overall engineering design is really good, it is still working after about a year, great for baby, great for me. For the price I am satisfied, but I wish they would make more of a "mercedes" model for a slightly higher price that uses the same design, maybe a little more technology for the controls and more durable plastic. I love the fact that the water tank is removable, fillable and sealed shut for the trip back to the unit, no pouring or spilling involved. I bought this model because it has the same water tank and mist tower design as a Sunbeam cool mist humidifier that my parents used on me as a baby (which I still have and use for my son), and that thing is damn near indestructible....more info
  • Great deal for the $
    Other customer reviews helped in my decision making while looking for a humidifier. I chose this humidifier and have been very happy with it. I use it during the night only for sleeping. The tank holds more than enough water to get me through the night - roughly 10 hours (hey, a girl has to watch a little TV before getting her veauty sleep). I give it 4 1/2 stars - it does drip a little water when I remove the tank & place it back on the base for filling. This is the first humidifier I have ever owned and am not sure if this is normal for all machines or not. I sleep much better while it is on and it even heats up the bedroom a few degrees. A highly recommended product!...more info
  • Good humidity- poor quality
    I had 2 of these. The first one came straight out of the box with a leak in the water reservoir. Exchanged that for another one. The second one lasted maybe a year? I used it only when the family was ill, so maybe 20 times? It completely stopped heating. It lights up, but doesn't do anything else. I'd stay away from this model....more info
  • Pleased
    Used the humidifier continuously for the past month. Have experienced no problems. It's very quiet with an occasional gurgle....more info
  • Only good for a coat closet.
    Unless you have a room the size of a coat closet, do not buy this product. I woke up with static cling in the morning after it had run all night. Not a good buy....more info
  • Great value for the price!
    This product is working great for me. As stated in many of the other reviews, the heating element does require a good cleaning every week to 2 weeks for it to continue putting out a decent amount of steam. I have noticed that the amount of static electricity we had before has greatly diminished since we have started using the humidifier. All in all, you can't beat it for the price!...more info
  • Humidifier that actually humidifies
    I have gone through quite a few humidifiers. I had one like this before, after a few years it gave in because I never cleaned it (shame on me). Then I tried a few ultrasonic (ultraexpensive) humidifiers, which really hardly bring the humidity up (I have a hygrometer). So I decided to buy this one again, and am as happy as with the first one. If you want your room to increase in humidity, forget about those ultrasonics and go for this one. Cheap and good. ...more info
  • It does a good work for its price
    This humidifier may lack options that expensive ones have, but it is still a good deal. The sound is silent and the water tank has two handles on top and bottom for your convenience. It does not require a filter because it does not have any filtering process. The buttons for "high" or "low" humidicifations are all you need and that pretty much all it has.
    The weak point is that the water tank is so small that you need to fill it again after the use of a night. And the "start" button does not have any indication whether it is pressed or not (you have to listen to it untill it sounds to heat the water).
    Overall, it's a practical humidifier and a low price. ...more info
  • junk
    Used this maybe 8 times. Unit ran dry a couple nights ago (it has a shut off). Used it last night and it shut off after 15 minutes. I use RO water so there was no build up in the heat element. Triple checked to make sure it was hooked up correctly. No go. BTW, I was getting about 5 hours on a full tank on "high" and about 8-9 hours on low. I can return it to the manufacturer at about $15 shipping plus give them a check for $10 "handling". For something I spent $25 on five weeks ago? Right. I see it is now $38.......more info
  • Good product but title is misleading
    Update as of January 2009: After using it for little over 2 months the unit not only leaked, it lost ALL water at once, soaking my new hardwood floor. Not only that, Duracraft almost doubled the price since I bought it. I will not even bother to claim warranty, I am sure they will find "something" to avoid a replacement. Now I am searching for another brand, and definitely one that has a larger tank and does not mislead customers by describing it with 2,5 gallons when in fact it holds only 0,7. Sorry that I could not take away all 3 stars I gave it earlier.

    I recently bought this humidifier and so far it works well. The reason why I gave it only 3 instead of more stars is that the title "2-1/2-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier" is misleading. The container holds about 2,5 LITERS which is about 0,7 GALLONS. On the package it says that the "Output" is 2,5 gallons but this is nowhere mentioned in the description.

    Overall, I like it, my bedroom feels so much more comfortable, and I run it in the living room too during daytime. If you buy it, be prepared that on high output it will not last a day or night, but if you set it to low in your bedroom it will last through the night.
    ...more info
    +++++MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS PRODUCT-"Honeywell HMP-12P QuickSteam Mineral Absorption Pad, 12 Pack" TO GO HELP WITH FILTER THE WATER!...more info
  • small, flimsy and already not working ZERO STAR RATING
    Delivery was prompt, Thanks. But one of them is not working (electrical switch failure) and the 2nd one I purchased cracked when it got gently knocked against the bed before it's first refill. It now leaks where it cracked which I am responsible for but it also fell apart at the seam (refill end of tank) rendering it useless!! We'll stick to Honeywell humidifiers that have proven themselves more durable and reliable....more info
  • quiet and fuction well
    I have two schoolers who are big nose bleeders. We live in southern California, it is dry compared with New England we used to live. My 12 y/o girl got bleeding nose so often, sometimes the school called me to bring her home.Even she put vasoline every night, she still got bleeding nose once in a while. After I bought this inexpensive warm mist humidifier, we are happy with the results. It is quiet, hardly to notice there is a machine operating. The big capacity of water tank can hold it more than 12 hours(with low setting) My kids claim which make them sleep better. For my part,it is easy to set up and clean. I had a cool mist when my kids were born(more than 10 years ago),which didn't help my kids. I didn't know warm mist is much better to treat my kids' condition. My only regret is that I didn't get it earlier....more info
  • What you see is what you get.
    So far so good. I have not had any problems with this product and it has performed exactly as the manufacturer said....more info
  • Humidifier
    I bought this to replace a Duracraft that lasted 5 or 6 years before it developed a slow leak at the plate that screwed onto the bottom. I read all the warm mist humidifier reviews and thought "none of them work any more." This one works just fine. I did not use any of the pads before so I don't use them now. I simply fill it each night, turn it to high, press the on switch and it runs until I turn it off in the morning. The coil stays cleaner if the unit is turned off before it runs out of water. I clean the unit every week or two....more info
  • Excellent Humidifier
    I definitely like the DuraCraft Warm Mist Humidifier. It has handles on both ends of the tank which makes filling and carrying easier than any model I have used before....more info
  • the best one you will find
    We wore out our first one and hoped to find the same one and here it is this is such a good product , something you don't find so much anymore when I hear people say they are looking for a humidifier I always tell them about this one ...more info
  • Duracraft humidifier
    I bought this humidifier in March, after having suffered through too many dry winter nights. Now I really wish I'd bought one sooner! For $25, it's a relatively painless purchase, and it's made quite a difference in my comfort while sleeping - less stuffy noses and fewer nose bleeds.

    It's not super fancy, but it makes steam, which is really all I wanted in a humidifier. We tend to use it by turning it on high a little before bed, and then turning it down to low before sleeping (on high, it won't make it through the night - which is too bad, but something I planned on when purchasing a humidifier of this size). Doing things this way, we use about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the tank each night.

    Yes, you have to fill it every night, but it's really quite painless to do. The tank detaches, you fill it, you pop it back on. Easy! And yes, you do have to press the little "start" switch, but it's seriously half a second's worth of "extra work" - not the major issue some reviewers have made it out to be. I saw a review that suggested it was hard to know when the machine was on, particularly in the dark - but I think it's actually quite easy. When the humidifier is on, the light comes on. If for some reason your light was defective, it only takes a moment for the machine to make some steaming sounds, and every now and then, the water burbles. (This was slightly startling at first, but now I find it kind of comforting.) Also, you can easily feel the steam with your hand over the machine if you give it a moment to get started. Basically, if you have turned the dial to "low" or "high" and pressed down the "start" switch, the humidifier is working. That's really not so hard!

    Definitely clean the unit periodically, as instructed by the manual. We didn't at first, and the mineral buildup and sediment was kind of...really icky.

    Overall, this is an inexpensive humidifer which makes steam and works through the night on a low setting, which is what I wanted and expected from this purchase....more info
  • great buy
    It works really well.I would recommend buying it. The only thing is, when using highest setting, this humidifier is not the most quiet one. If you are a light sleeper - you probably won't like it. It is very easy to operate and clean, as well as replacing the water. The price is not too bad either....more info
  • Happy happy happy!
    This model thankfully doesn't require any filter pads, and if you clean it every few weeks will keep on chugging for years. I have the old 3 gallon one and love how well it still humidifies after all these years. The heating element on these is from the top (not stupidly on the bottom like some other models) and is quite robust. It is a shame that they 1. don't make the 3 gallon any more, and 2. try to make you think that this holds 2.5 gallons. It doesn't. But it is easier to fill being smaller in size, and the humidifier actually works without me having to worry that the darn thing will burn my house down (see my review about another Honeywell, if you want to know).

    You do need to get a separate hygrometer as this only has a high and low setting, but it seems like most humidifiers have cheap and mostly inaccurate hygrometers anyway. Once I reached the level of humidity I wanted, the low setting appeared to maintain the humidity just fine. ...more info