Swann DIY Security Kit w/2 Real & 2 Imitation Cameras & Monitoring System
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Product Description

SWANN SW-P-SK Do-It-Yourself Security Kit Professional surveillance system; Includes 2 real and 2 identical looking imitation cameras ; Clear BandW images ;with sound ; Auto switch feature allows ;user to view 2 cameras from same monitor; Connects easily to ;VCR for recording ; Includes two 60-ft cables Do-It-Yourself Security Kit

  • Monitor your home or business
  • High quality CMOS black-and-white cameras
  • Infra-red LED's allow monitoring at night or in poorly-lit areas
  • Add additional cameras and automatically switch between camera views
  • Connects easily to a VCR for recording
Customer Reviews:
  • Swann Security system
    I have purchased this item on more than one occasion, and have done well with it. I use it to monitor my cars at night, and my fish pool. Works very well....more info
  • good bang for the buck
    surprisingly decent setup and can't beat the price.
    cameras have gotten dropped a few times (i've not yet mounted them/fished wire) and still work fine.
    poor detail at distances over about 30 feet, but quite decent closer up.
    comes with everything you need and works as advertised.
    ...more info
  • Swann DIY Security Kit
    This camera set works great at night. The mic is very sensitive..you can hear the wind blowing , crickets etc. The only thing that I did not know is that if the cameras are placed directly in the sunlight the cameras picture is totally white on the display monitor. So, if you have alot of direct sun I would suggest you try to place the cameras in the shady area of your property as you will get no picture on your monitor. This system helped me understand what was going on at night with my motion sensor lights. Also, I recommend motion sensor lights in the area that you wish to photograph at night. When an event occurs the motion lights pop on and your monitor will pop on. This set helped me out alot as I was able to understand what was happening on my dark property. ...more info
  • Not what was advertised.
    I purchased this item purely for observing my backyard at night (lots of nocturnal wildlife in my area). Even though stated on the packaging and Amazons webpage, this item DID NOT have LED lights that provided some illumination making it useless for my purposes. Also we found that the slightest touch to the wire or a stiff breeze caused the image to cut out periodically. The image was pretty good during the daylight hours and we had no complaints about the sound level. If i had intended this item for use close to my house where i have adaquate lighting i may have kept it. ...more info
  • Cameras are too big
    I returned it because the cameras are too big. There is another Swann DIY that comes with 4 real small, color & audio cameras. It also comes w/ the monitor....more info
  • Swann Security Camera and Monitor
    This security camera works great for the low cost that it is. It has a very sharp and clear black and white picture. It dosen't show up in the dark, but if I leave the pourch light on you can see enought to identify someone. It was very simple to set up. My only quirk with the set up was that you could not unplug the camera input lines from the camera itself and with the two RCA jack plugs on the other end of the very long line you had to drill a fairly large hole (5/8") in order to fish them thru the wall and fish the entire length of the line thru the hole even if you only had to go 4-5 feet. This is still a great set up and will record to a regular VCR for upto 9 hours (on a 9 hour tape purchased at Radio Shack)...more info