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Mind, Body & Soul
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Introducing Joss Stone

The Soul Sessions

Mind, Body, & Soul Sessions [DVD]

These days, it seems anyone can make an R&B album. However, recording a soul album takes that special intangible element. The 17-year-old Devon, England, native first proved that she has it with The Soul Sessions, a collection of rare soul grooves. She does it here again with Mind, Body & Soul, her first album of original material. For those who thought that Stone could only interpret vintage ballads, witness the midtempo attitude of "Jet Lag." Backed by a thumping backbeat, Stone tells of a love of so all-encompassing that it is physically draining. On lead single, "You Had Me," Stone takes the persona of a woman done wrong with biting edge and a funky wah-wah guitar introduces her "get lost" sentiment over an infectious hook. Mind, Body & Soul also features a host of moving ballads that are reminiscent of the more downtempo fare characteristic of The Soul Sessions. The choir-backed "Security" is an organ-touched tale of love and support in the wake of tragedy. "Spoiled," a song Stone wrote with the legendary Lamont and Beau Dozier of Dozier-Holland-Dozier, is a romantically lush offering in which Stone's alto caresses the piano-driven arrangement. Other Mind, Body & Soul highlights include the hypnotic "Snakes & Ladders" and the roots reggae vibe of "Less Is More." While The Soul Sessions introduced Stone to the world, this album will make her placement in the soul canon undeniable. --Rashaun Hall

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Soul and Music Artist
    I loved her voice when I first heard her sing on "Good Morning America". I thought to myself "who is this girl and where did she come from?" I then realized she was very young for such awesome talent. She does back up for the Rolling Stones and many other top music artists. I believe she is only going to get better and better. I tell everyone I know who hasn't heard her music to get the CD, you will not regret it, trust me. Lori Pangborn, Grosse Pointe Park, MI...more info
  • Great Cd
    I thought this was a great cd. I first heard it while having lasek eye surgery. I thought it was great and went out and bought it. I highly recommend it if you like a smooth and relaxing tune. She kinda reminda me of Taylor Dayne....more info
  • Absolute Must Buy
    I really enjoy listening to Joss Stone's voice! It is so unique and her lyrics are awesome! I am very glad I bought this CD!...more info
  • Wonderfully enjoyable!
    My family and I had no clue about Joss Stone 'til she started appearing everywhere! We purchased this album and it really was wonderfully enjoyable! My mom and I like every single song on it. My personel favorite song is "Don't Cha Wanna Ride." All of her songs have beautiful lyrics, some have catchy tunes like "You Had Me", yet some are beautiful like "Sleep Like A Child." Anybody who purchases this album should enjoy it!...more info
  • sweet sounds of joss stone
    i have never heard such melodic tones coming from someone sooooo young...she has this raspy sound in her voice and r and b magic... excellent purchase... ...more info
  • Love it !!!!!
    I just love... love this CD!! I play it over and over again (neighbors might be tired of hearing it.)Her voice and stylings are great, especially on the oldie Chokin' Kind....more info
  • Promising, But Not Fulfilling!
    As Joss Stone's debut album "The Soul Session" indicated, she is a phenomenally talented singer - with those soulful, throaty, gritty, powerful vocals of hers, it would be perfectly normal to be shocked that such a beautiful voice could come from the mouth of a 16-year-old teenage "white" girl from London ( hate that "white"/"black" categorization stuff). Sure, "The Soul Sessions" was just an album full of cover songs, so originality was naturally dire, but that was not the point - the point of that album was to establish Joss Stone for the truly gifted artist she is, as well as her vocal skills. And much like "The Soul Sessions", "Mind, Body & Soul", the follow-up album and Joss Stone's first album that consists of entirely original material, serves the same purpose in a different way.

    Apart from appearances from Betty Wright and Steven Greenberg and others, the list of producers is relatively superstar-free, and the guest list is completely empty, further emphasizing the fact that this album is all about Joss Stone. Then there's the fact that she co-wrote over half of the lyrical content on this album, including the first portion of the whole album that elevates this album into greatness.

    "Right To Be Wrong", the album-opening track, is easily the best track on the album. The strong lyrics, which obviously relate to the song title, are just as captivating and penetrating as Joss Stone's vocal delivery, and the minimalist piano-guitar production add to the raw appeal of the song. Naturally, highlights are still abundant - her youthful energy and powerful vocals enliven tracks like the summery retro-70's/80's-pop anthem "Don't Cha Wanna Ride" and "You Had Me", a funk guitar-driven kiss off to a negligent, money-scabbing, dope-sniffing ex-lover; "Jet Lag" is hypnotic and mellow ballad with its smooth instrumentation and Joss Stone's smooth vocals; piano-driven R&B/Soul ballad "Spoiled" is drenched with emotion and regret; and "Less Is More" is a semi-brutally honest ode to a lover doing too much to please her, the song's heavy sentimentality pleasantly lightened by Reggae-flavoured production.

    Unfortunately, by the time we're past the cheesy R&B/Gospel ballad "Security" and the contrastingly beautiful ballad (and late-album highlight) "Young At Heart", the album's quality heavily wavers. "Snakes & Ladders" is ridiculously original with its metaphorical lyrics about a complicated relationship, and the song's slightly catchy, but the weak production brings the track down; "Don't Know How" feels lifeless, formulaic and devoid of the passion that Joss Stone usually (and naturally) brings to some of her other tracks; and album closers "Killing Time" and "Sleep Like A Child" are two dreary ballad that wear out their welcome well before the 5+ minutes are fully up.

    Another fault to this album is its substance. Apart from "Right To Be Wrong" and hidden track "Daniel", a passionate ode to her previously incarcerated criminal brother of the same name, it's all about relationships - the typical cycle of love, hate, like, etc. in typical relationships.

    Nonetheless, "Mind, Body & Soul" is a pleasing album that shows more promise from a truly talented individual. 3.5 stars!

    5 Best Tracks (IMO):
    "Right To Be Wrong"
    "You Had Me"
    "Jet Lag"
    "Young At Heart"
    ...more info
  • great chill out music
    if you are looking for music to listen to while you cook or read a book, or just hang out with a glass of wine, Joss Stone does the trick!...more info
  • Her Voice....
    Is amazing...I saw her on one of the late night shows where she was performing 'SPOILED' I went and got it the next day.

    It's was okay...(I gave a 3 because of her voice)...but she is in DESPERATE (and look--when I say desperate, I mean 'hanging off a cliff' desperate) need of a lyrical genius.

    Her songs have no layers or texture to them as the writtings are very elementary and extremely predictable (OH MY GOD!!!!! are they predictable) in my opinion.

    She needs to enlist the help of 'Lady T' (Teena for you oblivious ones) or her writers and then she'll be cooking with gas or electric...which ever you prefer.

    Even with saying that...she is young, she has excellent potential and she sings tha' musik I like which is a rarity with new artist (most of which suck) now days.

    There4--I look forward to receiving her next session......more info
  • A pretty good album, though it doesn't fully capture the brilliance of her voice...
    Joss has an amazing voice, and she does prove it on this album. There are some definite future-classics here, such as 'Jet Lag' and 'You Had Me.' Unfortunately, songs such as 'Right to Be Wrong,' 'Spoiled,' and the last two tracks, really just aren't very memorable. Even the upbeat 'Don't Cha Wanna Ride' isn't memorable enough to make this album stand up. Still, there are enough gems here to make this a worthy album, so check it out if you get a chance.

    Standout tracks: Jet Lag, You Had Me, Security, Don't Know How, Torn and Tattered...more info
  • Great Car CD
    I bought this CD for two reasons: I wanted the "Spoiled" track, and I needed shipping filler for my Harry Potter book. Usually when I buy a Cd I get annoyed because the other tracks are[...]. Not so with Joss Stone. There are 15 tracks and I actually like about 5 songs, which is really good. There is of course Spoiled (still my favorite) but Don't Cha Wanna Ride, Don'T know How, Understand, and Sleep Like a Child are all great tracks. If you are already a Joss Stone fan, this CD is really good - I would get it.

    Otherwise it makes great shipping filler - free shipping and a decent CD. ...more info
  • A poor woman's Toby Lightman.
    She's young -- and she does have a great voice. But this album anyway isn't quite there. The lyrics are so-so, and the production quality is good, but not great. I'd give it 3.5 stars. ...more info
  • Soulful and sassy!
    I saw Joss on Oprah and loved her style. Loved the album, too. She's amazing!...more info
  • That mind, that body, that soul; that voice...
    Joss Stone has one of the most elegantly infectious voices of modern music; an old soul with a modern twist that is as refreshing as it is comforting in its familiar tone. Think Aretha Franklin with a seductive draw; Amy Winehouse with youthful vigor; Etta James with a hefty set of pipes. Joss Stone, despite her young age, has what it takes to hang with the big dogs so-to-speak and possesses enough maturity and refined talent that it's undeniable how amazing she truly is. She set the tone beautifully with her debut album of cover-songs `The Soul Sessions' and she made good on her promise by delivering `Mind, Body & Soul', one of my favorite albums ever released. From open to close this album is sublime.

    The album opens beautifully with `Right to be Wrong', a track that immediately sets the pace for the album. It's soulful yet fresh, allowing the listener to grasp the direction Stone is taking her talent. Even better yet is the next track, `Jet Lag', which is so rich with lyrical imagery and mature delivery. The way Joss caresses each and every word seems to wrap the listener up in the warm comfort of her voice. She reaches highs of seduction on ballads like `Spoiled' where she draws in her man (as well as the listener) with her incomparable sensuality.

    It's an amazing feat when a woman (or even man for that matter) can create such warm emotions with just the sound of their voice, just the soft tones and human emotions within their words. Just listen to `Security', a beautiful track that exemplifies Stone's grace and elegance.

    The best example of this can be found in the closing track `Sleep Like a Child'. This song gives me chills of pleasure every time I give it a listen. Joss has never sounded so effortless and commanding as she does while lulling you into her trance. Her words melt into your ears and her enticement stimulates your mind, giving the listener very, very pleasant dreams.

    Joss litters this album with classic soul tracks, bringing up-tempo beats and rhythmus to many of the tracks, which works beautifully for her. Songs like the albums first single `You Had Me' erupts with ferocity that befits her talent and exemplifies her vocal range. `Don't Cha Wanna Rock' embodies the feel and sound of the 70's with perfect precision, remaining fresh and spunky.

    `Young At Heart' is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The beat is fantastic, soft and subtle and endearing, playing perfect companion to Joss' delivery. She soars here, keeping the listener pleased throughout. `Less is More' gives off a very `island' vibe, incorporating reggae into Joss' repertoire and it works beautifully. Her smooth vocals slip and slide all over the beat, coming off natural and deliciously decadent.

    `Snakes and Ladders' is as creamy and sweet as frosting while `Torn and Tattered' takes her soul spunk and tones it down to give it more of a passionate edge. `Don't Know How' and `Understand' bring a certain rawness to this album, a rawness that only adds to the many layers of this brilliant follow-up. Lastly we have `Killing Time', a track that may be one of the perfect examples of all the Joss Stone truly is. The track is soft, simple, passionate and commanding; allowing Joss' voice to just carry the track to new heights.

    In the end Joss has created utter perfection with her sophomore album `Mind, Body & Soul', an album that has no drawbacks and continues to get better and better with each and every listen. Joss' vocals have only improved and her every growing maturity has aided in her effortless delivery. This is truly an album for every library, a definitive soul album that cements Stone's status as one of our greatest new artists....more info
  • More of a good thing
    Joss Stone continues with the formula that served her well in her first album, reaching back for some old school soul and putting her distinctive touch on it. There is a reason that some of the great artists and producers from the 60's and 70's have worked with her, they see that she has the gift to sing SOUL!!

    Right to Be Wrong, Spoiled, Jet Lag, and Snakes and Ladders are just some of the highlights of this great album. The mix of songs shows her skill with dance tunes as well as slow jams.

    There is absolutely no sophomore jinx here. If you really like soul, just listen to a couple of track samples and you will be hooked!...more info
  • Young at heart, all right!
    I've been listening to Joss Stone's Mind, Body & Soul the past couple of weeks, having borrowed it from a friend at work. It was a nice thematic change for me, after listening to rock and alternative style albums for much of the first part of the year. This is a good, classic soul album...which is odd to say, given that JS is still a teenager, and usually soul singers have had years to craft their style. How can this girl, only 17 I think at this point, have had enough life experience to be singing of love lost and other pains of life?

    JS has a good voice. The lyrics have some depth to them, setting them above the usually pop tripe we get a lot of these days. (Britney, do you hear me?) Tracks 1 and 3, "Right To Be Wrong" and "You Had Me", are the stand-outs for me, but there are no particularly bad tracks. The only comment I will make in the form of criticism is that JS should try to expand her vocal range a sounds like she has the capacity, and future albums might benefit from a little variety in that regard.

    Definitely listenable...I'm glad I had the chance to listen to it!...more info
  • good musice but c.d. doesn't play in all players!!
    The music on the c.d. was good, however, due to the copyright feature on the c.d., it does not play in all c.d. players. After noticing a clicking, popping, scratching sound, I looked on the booklet and it warned that the c.d. might not be playable in some automobile stereos. If you're like me, I listen to the majority of my music in my vehicle. Just be warned, it doesn't play all that well. If you can tune out the annoying sounds it makes then you can kind of enjoy it in you vehicle. I have no trouble playing it in my 2002 vehicle. But it doesn't work too well in my 2005. But, I had I payed attention to this little detail before I purchased it, I wouldn't have bought it. I prefer to be able to listen to my c.d.'s when and where I want. Other than that little problem, Joss Stone is a very good artist....more info
  • This girl is so soulful
    Joss Stone is one of the most soulful young singers we've got in this era. She is absolutely amazing and appears to feel what she sings. In truth, I'd only heard of her through my children until one day I was "youtube'ing" Janis Joplin. I'd run across her and Melissa Etherage's tribute and instantly fell in love with her voice. I truly dont think that if you were to get this cd, or any of her cd's, you'd be disappointed. I've ordered and loved them all. Hope this review helps you in your decision to purchase....more info
    This CD took me on an 8hr road trip up the coast and I loved every minute. Her unique stlye is refreshing and her bubbly spirit a joy. It's been quoted she is a mix between Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin and I would have to agree. I can't even pick a favorite song on this because I like so many. I can listen to the WHOLE cd over and over. AMAZING! I hope she will tour the US soon!

    Rosequeen...more info
  • Dance with Amy. Be seduced with Joss.
    I don't remember when my brother introduced me to Joss Stone. I didn't take to her. I uploaded the album to iTunes and would occasionally return to see what my brother might have liked about her. Recently, after truly enjoying and finding myself very intrigued with Amy Winehouse, I coincidentally returned to Joss Stone, I suppose to try once again. Wow! I love Joss Stone! It took my enthusiasm for Amy Winehouse to appreciate Joss Stone. For me Stone's selections are hit and miss but I enjoy some of her songs so much I had to give the album five stars. Joss Stone is a bit more mellow, and her voice is more consistent than Amy's. Joss is less edgy than Amy. I enjoy Amy while jogging; I enjoy Joss with a glass of Scotch. I dance with Amy. I'm seduced by Joss. "Less is More" is my current Joss Stone favorite but that may change as I continue to absorb Winehouse and Stone. ...more info
  • not a bad first effort
    Joss Stone has quite a soulful voice for one so young. It is obvious that the production budget was not very high for this cd. Hopefully her next one can have more varied and sophisticated orchestrations. Also this production would have profited by some editing. Some of the vamps go on to the point of annoyance....more info
  • Lovin It!!
    As A Teenager into more of the Hip Hop scene, I say that Joss Stone's Cd is very Good! I was in a store with my grandmother when I heard snakes and ladders(it was catchy and I wanted to hear more), I could tell from the voice that i have often heard on VH1, that it was Joss. So I brought the cd. It was surprisingly good, and fresh! I really like Killing Time but there arent any bad songs on her cd! I definitely recommend her cd...more info
  • Finally REAL music.......
    Joss Stone is wonderful, raw, and talented beyond her years.
    It is great to listen to her R&B throwback sounds. I love classic R&B and soul and she has it in spades. I can listen to both of her CD's from beginning to end and enjoy the ride, I think you will too! I think all of us are tired and bored of slick/overproduced albums, this is old school and funky....more info
  • Stone's Continuation Toward Greatness
    On "Mind, Body, and Soul," Joss Stone had to follow up her phenomenal first release, "The Soul Sessions," where she took old but mostly unknown R&B songs and reworked them with a magic touch and a magic voice. So the challenge was clear: was she going to be able to do a CD of newer material and capture listeners as she has with the previous release?

    I think the answer is a resounding yes. This CD demonstrates that "The Soul Sessions" weren't a fluke and that Joss Stone sounds just as good singing today's soul as she does singing yesterday's soul. She has a voice that shames vocalists with twenty or thirty more years of living than she has, and she seems to do it effortlessly.

    "Right To Be Wrong," "Jet Lag," "Don't Cha Wanna Ride," and the other songs on "Mind, Body, and Soul" just prove that Joss Stone has a wonderful career ahead of her....more info
  • Finally, a young female singer who can sing!!!!
    Joss Stone is definitely a singer with a beautiful voice. The first time I heard her song, Fell In Love With a Boy, I fell in love with her voice. She has an incredible voice, and you can hear it on this album. My favorite tracks on this album would definitely have to be Spoiled, Jet Lag, and Sleep Like a Child. She is one singer who can definitely hold her own. ...more info
  • New Old Soul
    I read all of the other people's reviews some said it was very good some said it was fair and some said it was bad. I am a young person who grew up listening to a variety of music but old soul music is my favorite genre I do not like the fake artifical music of today where image is more important than talent. Plus there is that awful rap music that I can't stand I don't even watch MTV anymore everything is so pervted. To the point, as a young person close to this artist age I believe she did an excellent job for her real debut of original material. What I love is that she worked with veteran artist who helped her album and made it a sucess remember she was a grammy nominee. I do sometimes get tired of hearing people call her a skinny stick who wants to sing black music so what if she wants to she is a hell a lot better then these nontalents today. If it's comfortable with her let her do it.

    The music was beautiful it was not loud and not soft I loved how she used old school music in her album. The first track Right To Be Wrong was a bit slow for a first track but it was strong. Jetlag was alright it was a lovely arrangment because the music seemed a little dizzy to try to tell what the song meant. You Had Me was another strong track a good funky beat something you would hear in an arcade. *Spoiled now I have to give that five stars it was so beautiful a good love song indeed whenever she performs it live she sings her heart out i think the best tracks Lamont Dozier did this Betty Wright's voice was beautiful with the chorus. Don't cha Want To Ride good soulful trut carefree song. Less Is More an okay song love the beat. Security this was so beautiful love this one too.Young At Heart like the lyrics. Snakes and Ladders this was good. Understand love the guitar. Don't Know How like this one it is so truthful beat is good. Torn and Tattered like this one and little hip hopish but not bad. Killing Time she sang her heart out at this one like the rock and gospel edge. Sleep Like A Child love the haunting edge another good arrangement relaxing too.

    I can't say anything bad about this artist she is trying to make a differenece with the music thing i belive that singers don't need a 5 octave range in order to impress people like Mariah Carey for example. Her range is good but at the same time her voice can be warm and emotional. Let's just hope she dosen't fall prey to the robot entertainers of today. Does not end up like Britney Spears. Love this album if I think it's a keeper if you like neo-soul. I would say Joss stick to what you are doing !!!! ...more info
  • Great Sound
    I heard about this album through a friend, and was blown away by what i heard! i'm looking forward to hearing more from Joss Stone!...more info