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Cobra ESD 7000 6-Band ESD Radar/Laser Detector
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Product Description

The ESD-7000 is a radar/laser detector with reliable and proven performance. The unit detects all radar frequencies and laser signals currently used in the United States and Canada. VG-2 Alert/Undetectable provides complete immunity and alerts the driver when under surveillance of VG-2 Radar-Detector-Detectors Cobra's exclusive Safety Alert transmitters warn drivers of approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossings, and road hazard locations Auto Mute automatically mutes the alert tone for enhanced driver convenience City/Highway Mode Switch - City Mode reduces false alerts in urban areas from conflicting X band signals such as microwave towers and automatic door openers. Highway Mode increases X band signal strength for optimum detection Dimensions - Length 3.86 x Width 2.76 x Height 1.3 (97.9x70.2x33.1mm) Weight - 4.26 ounces (121 grams)

Protect yourself from prying radar and intrusive laser detection with the Cobra ESD-7000 radar detector. The six-band device monitors radar from the X, K, and Ka Superwide bands, while also using its 360-degree LaserEye to perceive laser signals from any direction. Should a radar or laser gun be pointed in your direction, the ESD-7000 will alert you immediately, letting you rest easy while cruising through speed traps. In addition, the ESD-7000 is immune to both VG2 and Spectre 1 technologies, making it invisible to officers scanning for radar detectors on the freeway--a common tactic in certain states. Meanwhile, drivers who want to avoid traffic snarls caused by accidents or roadwork will appreciate the Safety Alert function, which scans for emergency vehicles outfitted with Safety Alert transmitters.

Additional features include an easy-to-read LED display with simple band identification, auto and manual muting, separate modes for driving in the city and on the highway, and instant-on detection for radar guns with "pulse" signals. The ESD-7000, which includes a windshield mounting bracket and power cord, carries a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
ESD-7000 radar detector, windshield mounting bracket, power cord, user's manual.

  • 6-band radar/laser detector for city or highway use
  • Monitors X, K, and Ka Superwide radar bands; 360-degree laser detection
  • Protects driver from VG2 and Spectre 1 scanning technologies
  • Safety Alert function warns drivers of emergency vehicles and roadwork hazards
  • Includes mounting bracket and power cord; one-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth for the price
    I don't think it's perfect, but worked pretty well for me. It helped a lot on my recent trip to Orlando. I don't speed crazily, but sometimes cop gives a ticket for 7-8 miles above the speed limit. It went off once while driving uphill and a bridge far ahead. I slowed down and to my wonder Cop was snucking behind the pillar where no one can spot him. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Decent detector, crappy accessories
    Its not perfect, but what do you expect for $40 ? The car accessories are cheap and worthless. The stick-on Velcro piece does not stick to my dashboard, so I had to use the suction piece on the window, which does not suction very well either.

    I did notice that it always detects traffic cameras, so thats a plus
    It picks up cops maybe 50% of the time.

    I would invest more money on a better detector.

    ...more info
  • Great Product....
    I have been using this radar detector for quite some time now...and i just bought another one for someone else. This detector has saved me from tickets and has also warned me in case of an emergency vehicle. I recommend this product to everyone....more info
  • Best bang for your buck
    You can't buy a better radar detector for this price, this is my 2nd Cobra detector in 15 years, love em....more info
  • Performs okay
    The product performed pretty much as advertised. The display panel is impossible to read in the daytime - however, the different tones for different types of signals tell you what it is detecting. I wish it could detect stationary photo cameras but it doesn't. I don't know if any radar detector would do so....more info
  • Gets the job done
    I bought this as a gift for my father-in-law and he loves it. My father-in-law travels quite a bit for his church and is not a big speeder (senior citizen). He tells me it warns him to check his speed in both city and highway settings when police are running radar or laser. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones but it gets the job done. He recommends the ESD 7000 for the performance, and I recommend it for the price....more info
  • disappointed
    Within a week or 10 days the detector quit working, and I don't know how or where to send it for replacement. Can you tell me? Thanks....more info
  • Great for the price
    It's basic, which is what i wanted. Some ppl want one that goes off if they discover life on mars, with a little arrow pointing there, but i don't care. It's all black, no funky chrome so it blends well. it's pretty sensitive, which is not bad, but be ready to hear it go off around some stores. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This radar detector does everything it says it will. The only slight drawback is the security channel which goes off near any convenience store or food store with automatic doors. Otherwise, this is a great product....more info
  • its very good item , and very very very fast delevery , greatest delevery just 19 houres to be at home .
    its very good item , and very very very fast delevery , greatest delevery just 19 houres to be at home ....more info
  • havenbt got a ticket yet
    im doin 90 on the highway and and 50 threw the city. THis things works great when im in a hurry to wrk and appt. because i know right where there are. it doesnt work for cop cars that radars are not on so be sure not to speed like crazy cuz a cop could be crusin and see you goin at high speeds. and decide to clock you...more info
  • does not work
    I recently purchased a Cobra ESD 7000 Radar Detector, for myself. I have had a prior traffic offense, adn wanted to avoid any increase in my insurance rates. Also I find dificulity in hearing safety and emergency vehicles on the roadway so I wanted a way to be alerted when I should need to pull over. well, I plugged it in and it did its whole beep and whistle business to alert that it worked. It didn't beep for at least 5 days. the 5th day an ambulance nearly ran me over with it's lights on because I didn't hear it soon enough to get out of the way, By the grace of god I avoided an accident, but my new Cobra ESD 7000 Radar Detector, never beeped even once during the whole incident. It was at this point I got a ltitle hestitant of it's ablities. Nonetheless I did not give up hope. I was driving home from a few hours away on a state route, and I was coming down a large hill. I was accelrating as you often would going down a hill naturally, and didn't realize I was actually speeding. Lord and behold, a police office turns around and pulls me over. al the while my new, Cobra ESD 7000 Radar Detector, never beeped. not once. I now I have to pay a ticket which is much more than the price of this p.o.c and I am going to end up with a total of 4 points on my license. I WOULD NEVER SUGGEST THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE!! IT DOES NOT WORK!!...more info
  • Spend more money and get a BETTER model
    This model gets a lot of hits on things that aren't police cars. I have used it on the highway only. I had to move it below the tinted strip on my windshield because it won't receive through window tint. Oh well - too bad since all you get in the package is a flimsy sunction-mounted bracket that won't hold up the unit whilst going over the slighest of bumps in your car....more info
  • Outstanding Radar/Laser Detector
    How can you fault a product that lives up to its claims? I am very happy with the quality, ease of use, and effectiveness of this detector. I have had many and this one beats them all. the about the price???? Nice...Very Nice Price. Highly Recommended. Happy Worry Free Driving.
    ...more info
  • Nice and Easy to use
    Great and easy to use. I would recommend this product if you dont need all the gadgets and gizmos!...more info
  • An Average Driver Gadget
    At first I was a little leary about buying this radar detector, its the same one I see at all the local electronics stores, and its always the cheapest. So instinct would tell you that you get what you paid for. While this radar detector may seem cheap at first glance (the packaging), it actually will suprise you. It can detect police radar as well as safety vehicles (although I have never heard it go off for those...). The speed of the unit is great, it seems to detect the radar as quick as some more expensive ones, but as we cannot see the police officer at the exact moment, noone will ever know. All in all, a great purchase for the average driver who is worried about getting any tickets.

    ...more info
  • You get what you pay for and less with Cobra detectors
    This unit is cheap junk as is any detector you pay $40 for. It's just basic economics. No company is going to be benevolent and give you expensive technology for dollar store prices. I've had this unit for more than a week just for fun and it's hilarious how little it picks up. I've passed at least one speed trap, at least a dozen state troopers, and an equal number of city police. Amazingly, the whole time I've had only two hits. One was an X band constant on radar that any detector built in the last 30 years would have got and the other was a K band constant on hit that I didn't pick up until the cop was practically parked on my windshield. Good thing he was outside his jurisdiction and that I don't speed.

    Notice a lot of folks have stopped using detectors because they "just don't help anymore." Well, it's because Cobra units like this have saturated the low end of the marketplace and they are JUNK. Really folks, there is a big three of radar detectors, Bel, Escort, and Valentine. Whistler also makes a couple of new units that are right in the low $100 range and are your only hope for good detection if you aren't willing to spend around $300. Go to any site that does testing of Cobras and even their priciest units just aren't worth the money. I have no axe to grind with Cobra. I wish they made better products. I had to see for myself if the low end units were as weak as I've read. Well, they are. All this unit will do, if you're lucky, is let you know you're about to get a ticket unless you're on a straight away in heavy traffic and encountering a policeman using a radar gun using very old technology. But you may not even be lucky enough for that to happen and just see flashing lights behind you. ...more info