Ramsey CCD340 Color Sony Ex-View CCD Hi Res Lipstick Video Camera
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Product Description

Looking for the highest quality lipstick or bullet cameras, but don't want to pay a fortune? These are the cameras for you! All feature Sony manufactured CCD sensors for the highest quality and reliability. Sony EX-View color CCD sensor in the CCD340 provides the highest resolution and sensitivity available. Formerly only available in larger and much more expensive cameras, the EX-View is perfect when you want the finest picture quality possible. Great for medical coverage, precision inspection, or detailed surveillance use. The standard B&W sensor in the CCD341 provides an above-average 420 line resolution. This is great for general purpose use and actually exceeds the resolution of the typical low cost black & white surveillance camera. The CCD342 is a super-high resolution Black & White camera designed with a Sony CCD Super HAD sensor that provides 600 TV lines of resolution. This is perfect where exacting fine detail is required and color is not necessary. Yes, we said 600 lines! All cameras feature a waterproof housing and a universal swivel mount. Video is brought out to a BNC female and power is brought out to a standard 2.1mm female connector. If you're looking for high quality and performance but don't want to pay a fortune, these are for you!

  • Welcome To The Super Resolution Department!
  • Small lipstick design
  • Universal Swivel Mounting Bracket
  • Weatherproof, Suitable for Outdoor Use!
  • Simple Plug-In Connections