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Some singer/songwriters (think Paul Westerberg and Elliott Smith) develop their world-weariness through the unforgiving trials of passing years and the heart-breaking grind of the music business. Others (Van Morrison, Neil Young) seem to have sprung from out of nowhere with the fully formed soul of a life well-lived. Ray LaMontagne belongs with the latter. On this, his debut, LaMontagne has crafted a handful of quietly devastating meditations on life and love--and delivered them with a raspy vocal all his own. The simple, mournful lyrics of "Burn," "Shelter" and the title track recall a Hank Williams ballad, and the reserved production by alt-country/americana genius Ethan Johns (the Jayhawks, Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon) make this a great disc for smoky Saturday nights, and rainy Sunday mornings. --Ben Heege

Customer Reviews:

  • The greastest musical find of my life...........
    Words cannot even describe how deeply I cherish this man's music. I will forever be grateful to Mr. LaMontagne for sharing his music with the world. "Burn" is the most heartbreaking song I've ever felt( yes you feel his songs ). From "Trouble" to "All the Wild Horses" you become enveloped by the music, lyrics, and vocals. Thank you Mr. LaMontagne....more info
  • Check him out!
    I saw Ray LaMontagne for the first time on Austin City Limits - with Ben Folds - (check it out when it airs in your area on PBS). The CD is certainly worth your time. His voice is warm and complete. He's compared to others but he's completely unique. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Trouble
    This is a great album. From 'Trouble' to 'Shelter' to 'How Come,' I am just blown away by all the tracks....more info
  • Ray's got it goin on...
    I didn't know what to expect of this CD when I bought it. I had only heard one song performed live on PBS of all places. Ray LaMontagne is an amazing songwriter. He is a storyteller that spins a beautiful narrative from start to finish. The recording has a raw feel to it with the minimalistic take on the instruments driven by Ray's powerful voice. He has a storytelling quality comparable to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, with a refreshingly unique folk sound. All of his songs are great but I especially enjoyed "Burn", and my favorite "Jolene". ...more info
  • Ray Lamontagne: like pure maple syrup for your soul
    The first song I heard from Ray Lamontagne's debut CD, "Trouble", found that certain place in my soul where few have traveled. Once inside, it met up with the feelings I have when I listen to anything by James Taylor, vintage Jackson Browne and Van Morrison, among others. It's a calm that will soothe you with a comforting familiarity. A few of these songs were featured on the F/X program, "Rescue Me", starring Denis Leary, and perfectly portray the struggle inside the main character.
    ...more info
  • cherry pickin" from the right tree
    I first heard this CD playing at a bookstore/ multi media store which will go unnamed. I stopped in my book buying tracks,convinced I was hearing Terry Reid singing an obscure Van Morrison out take from Astral Weeks with David Lindley playing fiddle . For maybe the second time in my life I actually asked a counter person to find out who the singer was playing over the store's sound system. That's how I came to buy this CD. Now...It's damning with faint praise to say I love this record because it sounds like (A) Terry Reid {circa 1972} (B) Van Morrison {circa 1970} (C) The Band with Richard Manuel (circa anytime). I don't care if Ray's not "exactly original". This is great stuff ,and it's "exactly" the kind of soulful folk/soul ,that the artists I've namechecked above did so well themselves. Very few current recording artists can pull off this kind of music with the style and ease Ray La Montagne so effortlessly does here. One suggestion for his next effort might be to ,maybe just for fun, rock out a bit,since this cat"s got the pipes to do anything. Hihgly reccommended. Derivative? Sure! But he's pickin' cherries from a fine old tree....more info
  • Music Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
    While this CD is not a new release, it is a definite must have for any collection. I feel certain it is Ray's finest, but it also happens to be one of my all-time favorite CD's! Every time I have this playing, someone asks who the artist is...what the song is...if it's a new CD... His throaty/husky voice stands in contrast to the gentle, flowing melodies, and the tracks all have the feel of a personal and private living room performance. The most wonderful part of it is that EVERY TRACK IS GREAT. ...more info
  • Yet another excellent singer songwriter
    Great writing. Quiet but solid performance. I like the guy. Saw him on Austin City Limits and he's just a nice humble guy or at least acts like one.

    You can play this music at work without offending anyone and at home you can crank it up and enjoy the excellent musicianship....more info
  • A Ted Hawkins rip-off
    Just got the CD today in the mail. Rushed to work and popped it in the office player. Within minutes all the laughing people were depressed and the sun just wasn't shining as brightly as before. A true downer....more info
  • Oh Dear.......
    I never write reviews because reviews usually aren't any help when I set out to purchase something but.......

    This album made me smile from the very first song. Not because there was anything to smile about in particular, but the lyrics, the rhythm, the voice all came together wonderfully for me. I haven't listened to anything else in the past week since I purchased this album.

    Is he the next genius of our lifetime?? Certainly not (artists of that caliber no longer exist). Is he worth the P14.99?? I say yes.

    If you consider yourself the music connoisseur and need deep insightful lyrics, if you constantly harp on about influences, rhythms etc then you'll probably have a complaint or two.

    On the other hand if you like music simply because it is and you not absolutely embrace this album (at least for a while) will be very difficult.

    Track 6; Forever Your Friend is particularly nice. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do if you do go ahead and purchase it :-)...more info
  • Not bad, but not visionary
    I was not completely unsatisfied with this CD. The opener "Trouble" is strong. Other tracks that stand out to me are "Jolene," "Forever My Friend," and "Hannah." The problem I have with this CD is that after listening to the first few songs they all start to mesh together and sound the same. The chord changes are very similar for all of the songs and extremely predictable (musicians with good ears will know what I'm talking about). This isn't necessarilly a mark of a bad songwriter or a bad album. I just wish it had been a little more varied. Also, don't expect to shake your booty or be uplifted. If you need a decent acoustic CD to put on and brood, then this is a pretty safe bet....more info
  • we love this CD
    I heard the song Trouble on Sirius music- Coffee House Acoustic on TV. I had never heard of Ray LaMontagne, but ordered the CD because of that song. All the songs are great on the CD. He sort of reminded me of Amos Lee. I really like his voice, and I plan to order more of his CD's. ...more info
  • get blown away
    I was just starting to believe I'd never be emotionally devastated by an album again. I kept listening to my old Joni Mitchell & Cat Stevens,
    wondering why nothing recent or new was making me feel anything. I thought it meant I was getting old. I had come to dread shopping because of the piped in "music" - I can't bear it. I'd turn on the radio and shake my head in bewilderment. Anyway, it is a crime that few people have heard of Ray LaMontagne. It is a total fluke that I came to own this fantastic album - I saw a clip of Susan Tedeschi singing a song called, "Shelter" and I couldn't breathe. I had to know who wrote the song.

    Long story later, this CD gets popped into my mailbox curtesy of Amazon. I put it on the stereo and everyone in the room fell silent. Even my kids, and they never shut up. This is a voice that comes along once in a generation - he reminds me a bit of Otis Redding; he has a nice rasp, as though his vocal chords are coated in dust. I can't say enough about him -
    his singing gives me chills, his lyrics bring tears to my eyes. What joy this single human being has given me. ...more info
  • Real Music
    A definite recommendation for those who love that depressed feel, yet at the same time a feeling of enlightment that warms you....more info
  • The sound your heart makes when it aches
    I love this album. I love it in a way that makes it a soundtrack for those rainy nights when I want to do nothing else but stay in with the woman I love. This is a passionate album....more info
  • Wonderful and soulful
    Ray LeMontaigne is amazing! This album becomes more and more beautiful and soulful the more times I listen to it. I have shared it with friends, who rushed out to buy his other CDs. Truly, Mr. LeMontaigne is a brilliant singer/songwriter, and this coming from a person not particularly fond of the singer/songwriter-type musician....more info
  • Excellent!
    Even though there are only 10 tracks on this CD, all of them are worth listening to. I can listen to this CD over and over...Ray's voice is smooth and his music is mellow. He music is laid back-like a mix between Jack Johnson and John Mayer. I want to buy all of his music :)...more info
  • More people need to know this man's music!
    I had heard about Ray Lamontagne from watching American Idol...which I'm sure is a strange place to hear about an indie artist. However, after hearing a few contestants sing Trouble, I wanted to listen to the original version. I was very impressed when I listened to the other songs on this album. The songs are very well-written, and they are so catchy that I find myself singing the lyrics for days. My favorites on this album are Hannah, Jolene, and Trouble. However, all of the songs are solid and the album is very cohesive. I am excited about hearing more of his music!...more info
  • This is not deprive yourself!
    This music breaks my heart and makes me feel great at the same time...... The lyrics are poignant, the chords are fulfilling, and the voice is nurturing and lovely. Read his story...and then do something for the greater good of your ears and heart by supporting this mans career. I promise you...I would've paid a lot more for this handful of jewels....more info
  • Better Every Time I Listen
    This is one of those albums that gets better every time you listen to it. I bought it for Trouble, but fell in love with Burn, then Forever My Friend, Jolene, and now All the Wild Horses. Great flow of music from one song to the next. Not a weak song on the entire album. One of my all-time favorite albums....more info
  • Trouble
    As a whole, this is his best album and a great return to classic folk music. ...more info
  • A flawless blend of some classic rock and soul artists
    When I first heard "Forever My Friend" and "Trouble" on NY's the Peak on the radio, I was reminded of the melodies and string accompaniments of Van Morrison. But Ray's voice offers something a bit more humble. It's a raspy swamp yankee kind of a sound. I read that he is from Vermont and was inspired to write and sing after hearing Stephen Stills.

    I purchased the album and casually listened to it around the house and in the car. But the quality and care of his work forced to me to hear it from beginning to end without interruptions. Some of his slower songs like "Shelter" sent chills through me. It has this Appalacian rustic feel to it. And there are hints of Otis Redding and Neil Young as well.

    This album is timeless and flawless. It's one of those rare collections that truly expresses the deep passion by the song-writer. Ray is just as awesome in concert. I saw him NYC last fall at Town Hall. He was bit shy, but again, there's a humility in him that's respectable.

    So if you're into Otis Redding, Van Morrison, Eliott Smith, and Neil Young - a blend of acoustic rock, R & B, blues, folk - you will not be disappointed in this album. I can't wait for the next one. ...more info
  • Ray CD
    Took a bit of time to get the CD. However, it was worth the wait! Thanks!...more info
  • A Real Find
    Australia's own Missy Higgins covered one of his songs at her concert so I went home and ordered the CD from Amazon. Couldn't believe my luck when I first heard it - achingly beautiful and can't wait for the next. This CD and Damien Rice's 'O' are the best I've ever bought. I never get tired of them....more info
  • disappointed
    Title song is why I bought the record. The rest of the tunes are just so-so....more info
  • Just Incredible Music
    This is such a great record. It speaks to my soul as the joy and angst flows. I recommend it highly. It is an album that you can play from start to finish. This guy is great....more info
  • Otis meets Van
    This albumn has a very cool sound -- Ray Lamontagne brings a bit of Otis Redding to the kind of Marin County folk tunes Van Morrison produced during his best years. The Otis comparison is not to say that Ray has the same power in his vocals -- he's much more restrained as fits the genre -- more that he has the same feeling of emotion that's almost struggling to get out that Redding brought to many of his songs. While most of this album is comprised of mellow acoustic guitar, mournful harmonica and quieted down drums, its does have a couple of deviations from format in songs like "Forever My Friend" and "How Come" which strongly resemble Dave Mason songs (the later bearing a strong resemblance to "Feelin' Alright" in both its sound and its merging of downer lyrics with upbeat tempos). Definitely not an albumn of party tunes, but good chill out music if you want something with a little more depth than Jack Johnson....more info