Swann Simulated Security Camera
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Product Description

For a fraction of the cost of a real security camera system Swanns Imitation Security Camera provides you with a practical theft-deterrent solution. Simple and quick to install the Swann Imitation Security Camera gives the appearance of being fully operational security camera so that thieves and shop lifters will move on!Fool thieves and mix Swanns Imitation Security Cameras with identical Swann D-cam security cameras!

  • Enhanced realism with flashing indicator light & cable
  • Operates on 2C sized batteries for approximately 4 month
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Cost effective theft-deterrent
  • Simple & quick to install
Customer Reviews:
  • Not Impressed
    I think my biggest disappointment is that this camera is not really designed to work outside, nor does the camera move as I anticipated. My bad - not the fault of the camera. But it is not that authentic looking IMO - I found it to be small and toy-like. Finally, changing the batteries is a major pain because the screws are small, there are four of them, and they strip easily. Strip one and you really are screwed.

    Wouldn't purchase again. ...more info
  • The Bestest!
    I have purchased many simulated security cameras. The Swann Simulated Security Camera is of excellent quality construction with a housing design that would fool even the most skeptical of viewers. Long term battery life (I have had the cameras blinking light last as long as 8 months without having to change the batteries!). Highly recommend....more info
  • Cool SurveillanceCamera
    this surveillance camera is so cool i can keep a eye on who coming in my room .with this camera i can keep my sister out my room because i know when she coming so that i can lock the door...more info