Bulldog Deluxe 500 Two-Way Remote Starter with LCD Remote
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Product Description

BULLDOG SECURITY DELUXE 500 2-Way LCD Remote Starter with Keyless Entry and Starter Disable One 5-button LCD remote 2-way transmitter; 2-way transceiver ; Auto/manual transmission capable ; In-vehicle temperature monitor ; Turbo charge mode ; Time control automatic start ; Run timer 5/10/20/30 min ; Button lock ; On-board relays for remote start; Diesel start capable ; Starter disable ; Temperature sensing start ; Window-mount receiver (up to 1?2 mile) 2-Way LCD Remote Starter with Keyless Entry and Starter Disable

  • Designed to enable convenient remote starting of the vehicle
  • Features a two-way transceiver
  • Works with automatic and manual transmissions
  • Equipped with keyless entry for theft prevention
  • Includes 5-button LCD remote

Customer Reviews:

  • Same weird problem...
    Installation wasn't too bad; I used the optional 'T harness' to make the connections to the ignition switch. However, I have the same problem now that another user here reported: Every once in awhile the remote goes "out of range" (the antenna icon disappears) when I try to start the car. I could be standing right next to the car and it doesn't matter -- it thinks that it is out of range. I have to try several more times to try to get it to start. I have no confidence that this thing is going to work now if I'm not standing right next to the car to see if it really started. So, not much use as a remote starter. I'm calling Bulldog tomorrow; if they can't get this working right or send me a working replacement it is going to be ripped out of the car and sent back for a refund....more info
  • Bulldog 500 2-way Auto Start ROCKS!!
    This product is everything it says it is. Installation... well if your not a lodgical thinker or have some savy about wiring I would STRONGLY recommend you have a professional install this unit! I have a decent knowledge of wiring and it took about 15 hrs under the dash of my wifes car to get it done!

    One draw back to this unit, is inorder to make the new key fob work like it should, ie open trunk and door locks (and many more thinks if you wire them in) you end up cutting a lot of wires under your dash.. not always the best thing to do in new cars!

    Before you start the installation, read everything twice and have a good game plan before you start. Try and have a parts store open while you are working on it.. ie don't start on a saturday night if nothing is open sunday! You will be making trips to get little things such as resistors and zip ties..

    The 1/2 mile range is a little far.. however it will start my car 2+ blocks away. 1/2 mile if you can see that car would work..

    Good Luck.....more info
  • Good Product Good Tech Support!
    I bought this item for my 2004 Jeep and was worried because I have very little electrical experience and it seemed like a monster job. Since my car was a newer one, it need part 791, a Universal Bypass Module which I also purchased.
    Upon opening the boxes I saw a DVD instructional video, instruction and use manuals; and bundles and bundles of different colored wires; which terrified me enough to leave the whole thing alone for about a month before I got the courage to mess with it.
    So yesterday, I sat down with the DVD, wire diagram for my car from their website, manuals and a piece of paper. I labeled all of the ports on the module, and all the wire harnesses; not that bad. I watched the video and wrote down step by step wire by wire what to connect to what.
    I went out, on a very cold day, I got started about 4:30 and by 6:00 I was more than half-way done with only 1 call to the excellent tech support who knew exactly what I wanted to know. The next day, I went out, and spent another 1.5 hours and with one minor glitch and one more call to tech support everything was done. System works great! I tested it a few times and it worked great.
    Don't let it scare you, it is easier than it looks, be patient and follow the instructions. The warranty and tech support are excellent. ...more info
  • Easy to install and well documented
    Its the first time I am installing an autostart, that too on my 1984 VW Rabbit GTI. Since there are no adaptors for such an old vehicle, I had to splice all the wires and manually install everything, but thanks to their fairly well written installation manual, it was all done successfully.

    I gave it only 4 stars, because the range is nothing like what they advertise. My building is just 400 feet away and it still has difficulty, like if I face towards the direction of the car with the remote antenna pointing towards it, it works, but if I simply turn around pointing the other direction, it does not. Inside building is totally out of question. I have no tested it, but I sincerely doubt their half a mile range even if you are in an open field pointing it towards the car.

    I callled tech support to ensure if I mounted the antenna right and there is no problem there. I do not also have tinted glass to cause a reduction in range.

    Tech support was reached very promptly and they answered my questions....more info
  • The Best Remote Car Starter
    This is the best remote starter. I have used many and none have the range and are as easy to use. I installed it myself and it was fairly simple. It took about two hours to get it all working. (including door and trunk locks and alarm)
    I have had another one of these for about 3 years with no problems. The two way remote is nice when you can't see the car, it tells you when it is started. It also tells the temperature in the car. This is a nice feature if you travel with a pet and leave the car to shop or eat. It also has alarm feature that not only sounds alarm if the car is broken in to but it also alerts the remote control....more info
  • beware
    Beware when you buy Bulldog prodcuts. The first remote starter we bought was bad out of the box. Customer support at bulldog is non exsistent. Also the company who makes the T harness has went out of business, and no longer can you find most models.

    Amazon.com's customer support was fantastic. They replaced the bad remote instantly and the process was pain less. The lady who helped me was great.

    ...more info
  • Nightmare product
    We have had the worst experience with our Bulldog brand starter. Our car has been in the shop for almost 2 weeks! An adaptor was needed, it came broken, the reorder took days, it still would not work due to a broken transponder, the replacement took more days to arrive! Then to find out the printed instructions from Bulldog were wrong. We are now awaiting a needed part to replace the transponder that we found didn't need in the first place. The shop I am working with to install this nightmare product is frustrated with the lack of accuracte, contradictorary information it has received from the Bulldog people.

    This was supposed to be a Christmas gift. I am now stuck with no gift for my husband. I am stuck with a "remote starter" that is 3/4 installed and still waiting and still without a car!! If I knew how much of a problem Bulldog and their products would have been, I never would have used them. ...more info