Ramsey CCD321 Waterproof IR Illuminated CCD Color Zoom Video Camera
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Product Description

Just like the CCD309, it's a high quality color CCD camera during the day. Once the light level falls below minimum requirements, it automatically changes to an IR B&W camera, and turns on the built-in TEN IR illuminating LED's to see in the dark! THEN, give it exceptionally high resolution (480 lines!). If you add our switchable 2X digital zoom, you'll be able to zoom in on an image at the click of a button! This beauty can be used indoors or outdoors without any additional housing. Meets IP57 waterproof ratings! All angle, built-in swivel mount provides you with any mounting configuration you may need. Connections are simple. The waterproof cable terminates video with a professional BNC female connector, and provides a standard 2.1mm DC power connector, and the digital zoom is a mere switch closure. We even provide a high quality pushbutton switch. Use our AC125 for a quick 12VDC power supply.

  • Color plus IR illumination plus digital zoom!
  • Electronic 2X remote control zoom!
  • Ultra high resolution!
  • Day & night monitoring! CCD color image automatically changed into B/W image in the dark!
  • High output built-in IR illumination for B&W nighttime use