Ramsey C2000 Cube Miniature Video Transmitter
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Product Description

Perfect video only transmission from a transmitter you can hide under a quarter and only as thick as a stack of four pennies! Transmits color or B&W with fantastic quality -almost like a direct wire connection to any TV tuned to cable channel 59. Crystal controlled for no frequency drift with performance that equals law enforcement models that cost hundreds more! The C2000 is our basic 20 mW model transmits up to 300 . Also check out our C2001 high power 100 mW unit which goes up to 1/4 mile. Units run on 9 volts and hook-up easily to most any CCD camera or video source. Any of our camera modules have been tested to mate perfectly with the Cubes and work great with solid, trouble-free operation! Fully assembled and tested - just hook-up power and a camera, and you're on-the-air with a great subminiature video transmitter!

  • Crystal clear transmission
  • Transmits on CATV channel 59
  • Ultra small for ANY application
  • The size of a quarter!
  • Factory assembled & tested