Ramsey AVS10C Automatic Sequential Video Switcher Kit
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Product Description

Now you can monitor up to four video cameras or other video sources on one video monitor. The AVS10C will automatically sequentially switch between inputs one through 4, and display the output on a video monitor. Perfect for multiple video camera installations, stores, household surveillance systems, and more. Has (4) RCA inputs for video input, and one RCA output connector, so you can use standard consumer video cables. Variable front panel timing control allows you to change the viewing time for each sequential view. Change it from fast to slow depending on your requirement! If you see a view you need to study, you can manually select that input for constant monitoring. Single PC board construction. Includes the custom case set shown. Measures 5 W X 1 1/2 H x 5 1/4 D.

  • Don't miss a beat...Watch 4 cameras on one monitor!
  • Automatic sequential switching of up to 4 separate video sources
  • Perfect for security cameras
  • Manual selection of any source
  • Electronic kit, assembly required