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La Crosse Technology TX7U Temperature Sensor
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Product Description

- Temperature/Humidity/LCD -- - Works with the La Crosse WS-9018 model -- This temperature and humidity sensor is wireless and transmits information up to 80 feet. The transmitter is in a weather resistant case with a digital readout. It is easy to mount using the included wall mounting bracket. Hang it under the eve of your house, or anywhere that will keep it out of the sun and rain. -- We recommend that it be positioned in a sheltered area out of the sun and the direct rain in order to get an accurate reading and to prolong the life of your service. Fog and mist will not affect the sensor, but a soaking in water may. Do not wrap the sensor in plastic or seal it in a plastic bag. -- The TX7U transmitter works with the La Crosse WS-9018 model. The transmitter operates on 2 'AA' batteries. -- Features: -- - LCD display with both temperature and humidity -- - Included bracket can be wall mounted or set on a flat surface -- - Transmits temp/humidity up to 80 feet -- - Weather resistant case -- - Actual Size: 1.69" x .90" x 6.29"

  • Measures outdoor temperature
  • Measures outdoor humidity
  • LCD readout showing temp & humidity
  • Can be table standing or wall mounted
  • Compatible with all La Crosse Technology weather stations except the Professional Weather Series

Customer Reviews:

  • La Crosse TX7U Sensor
    I purchased this TX7U sensor as an added measurement zone for a La Crosse/The Weather Channel Weather display that I bought over a year ago to monitor my front and back yards - the system originally used TX4U sensors that read temperature and humidity and relayed the data by UHF telemetry to the base display. Since the TX4U is no longer available, I purchased the TX7U, which is fully compatible. The nice thing about the TX7U is that in addition to sending live data to a base display up to 300 feet away, that it also has a built-in LCD display that shows the actual temperature and relative humidity (no need to go back to the base display to see what is being sent). I use this sensor as my third zone (my base unit displays up to 3 zones) inside my greenhouse, where I overwinter tropical palm specimens that wouldn't survive the rare freezes we see in So. Cal. every 15 to 17 years. Now I can wake up in the middle of a cold night and glance over at the base display and see what the conditions in my greenhouse actually are. I highly recommend this sensor and the LaCrosse product line....more info
  • Works as expected
    I have this sensor as well as the similar model without the LCD display. Works well, I use it in my daughters room to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity during the winter time. The only complaint is you can't read the LCD whn it is dark - no backlight....more info
  • La Crosse TX7U
    Really nice product. Nice to have the read-out on the sensor....more info
  • Works great with my station
    Works great with my LaCrosse weather station. Make sure you check for compatible models. I have two external temperature sensors now (one for outside and one for my shed). The only issue is that you must remove the batteries from all units, install them back in the external temp sensors and then into the main weather station for it to find both of them correctly. This is in the directions of course. Hope this helps!...more info
  • Accurate & Overall Good
    This product works very well, and it also has good range. Mine is about 20ft away from my recieve and it works fine through walls....more info
  • Works great
    I bought this to use with my LaCrosse weather station and it works just fine. It's nice when I am outside that I can see what the temperature and humidity are by just looking at it. ...more info
  • Temperature Sensor, that does the job
    It's a great product, i gave it 4 stars though since it doesn't have a switch to display the temperature in celsius instead of Farenheit only....more info
  • Be careful with this product
    This product has very little documentation and as returned immediately after I tried to configure it with the base station. The LCD screen is very small and the contrast is insufficient to easily read the numbers except when a few feet directly in front of the unit. The inability to synchronize with the base station and the poor readability were killers. The lack of documentation (i.e. what channels does this use, maximum distance, etc) with the product or online was horrible.

    Something to be avoided unless you are a do-it-yourselfer with your own equipment to figure out what should have been in the manual....more info
  • La Crosse Technology TX7U Sensor
    Purchased with WC-8015TWC Base unit. I have placed this unit as a stand alone unit in a room in our house to monitor temperature and humidity. I can either read the temp and humidity directly at the unit or go to the room with the base station. It is working great for my purpose....more info
  • Sound technology...
    This unit (the tx7u) out lasted the tx4u (a slightly more expensive unit) under exactly the same operating conditions...not sure what this means. I now have two of the tx7u units (a new one to replace the failed tx4u), a small quality sample but I would probably purchace a third tx7u if I needed one...Customer experience is pretty important!!!!...more info