The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Developer's Cut)
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Product Description

Chronicles of Riddick acts as a prequel to "Pitch Black" and "The Chronicles Of Riddick". The enigmatic antihero named Riddick escaped from one of the universe's most violent prisons, Butcher Bay. This game presents the story of how he escaped triple-max security.

  • Player controlled Riot Guard--get in and attack
  • Two new areas packed with high-action gameplay
  • New enemies including inmates with body armor and other defensive equipment
  • Exclusive “Developer’s Commentary” allow players to hear what the developer of the game has to say
  • Compelling full in game voice-over by Vin Diesel and other critically acclaimed voice talent

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game, horrible install
    I've played this game for a few days now and can safely say that there are some great gameplay qualities within. I have a pretty decent machine so I can max everthing out and still get max framerates. However, this game is a few years old, so don't get your hopes TOO high. The skin textures are awesome, but the clothing textures look like skin, so it makes them look a little wierd. The voice overs are a little cheezy, but then again, so was the dialog in the movies.

    However, the install process can kill the greatness of this game, and that's why I gave it 3 stars. Do yourself a favor before installing. Get a non-writable PC CD player cheap! This game uses SecuRom copy protection and it hates CD/DVD writers. Most likely, this game will crash on disc three after 15-20 min of installing. Turning DMA off and all of the other nonsense that Sierra and Vivendi tell you to do will most likely not work. Also, make sure your video card is at least GeForce6 series or better or the ATI equivalent. If your card doesn't support OpenGL 1.3 or later, you won't be playing.

    Vin Diesel rocks!...more info
  • Great Game
    I played this game on Xbox and it was very fun. It was hard to put this game down. Well worth the purchase....more info
  • Thoroughly nasty piece of work
    I love adventure and shooter type games but the gratuitous realistic violence and language in this software was truly unpleasant. I regretted buying it from the first time I played it and soon threw it in the trash. ...more info
  • The best new FPS out there
    Superb graphics, exciting game play, great controls, fantastic story, sharp AI, and enthralling action make this game a must own! And it even plays smoothly on my old 2GHz Pentium (with the graphics turned down a bit). And the price is now a steal!...more info
  • PC Gamer gave this 93%!?!?!!?!
    Man, was I duped into buying this. PC Gamer made it editor's choice, and gave it a rating that put in on par with Half Life and Doom. But it not ever close. The game looks good, but the gameplay is somewhat lame, and its very difficult to get through the levels without a walkthrough. You rarely get any weapons, and run around with a stun gun for a whole level.

    This game could have been so much better, but they blew it and most likely relied on a payola scam to get people to say it was good. ...more info
  • Doesn't recognize my OpenGL
    This really chaps my hide. I make a point of only buying games where the demo works on my box (and I like it). The demo runs fine on my 2.6GHz pentium with GeFOrce Nvidia MX6200.

    But the full program won't run. It says I need to have OpenGL 1.3 or better. Duh - I have drivers for OpenGL 2.0! Of course - I can't get my money back - company policy.

    Grrrr....more info
  • I wish I could say how great this game is, but...
    it won't even install :( After looking at the developer's web site, it seems this game is a POS that is more problems than its worth....more info
  • Unexpectedly good
    I have a question for some of the so-called reviewers below? If you can't even install the game, that means you haven't played it, right? So why are you in here wasting our time? This is for reviews of the game itself, not whether you have some technical issue with it. Fix your machine (because the game works fine for the rest of us), play the game, and then come here and review it.

    As for the game itself, I would rate it very highly, although it it is not without some flaws. But even taking those flaws into account, I would say that the Escape from Butcher Bay is easily one of the top 5 action games of 2004.

    1. Graphics and environment - 5/5
    Arguably the best graphics for any PC game out there right now, that includes Doom 3. Environments are much more varied and larger than what you get in Doom 3 as well.
    2. Gameplay - 4/5
    Excellent overall gameplay experience. Melee combat is good, but weapons feel somewhat odd and some feel underpowered. Gameplay requires strategic thinking and there are multiple paths to specific goals. Game gives the player the option to choose nonviolent methods for solving problems. Game is a challenging "sneaker" in many areas, where evasion is preferred strategy over confrontation. NPC interaction is sophisticated and interesting. Player abilities (like healing and vision) progress as the game moves along adding a slight RPG element to the mix.
    3. Plot - 4/5
    Is actually quite well paced, and above average for your typical FPS fare. A few other characters from Pitch Black and CoR make appearances, most notably Johns who plays a key role as plot progresses. Overall, the presentation is extremely cinematic and has high production values.
    4. Replay value - 4/5
    The developer mode is interesting and worth a replay.

    The game does require a fairly fast computer with a very good DirectX 9 video card. If you don't have either of these, you wil still be able to play the game, but just not with all the graphical bells and whistles it features....more info
  • Beautiful, fantastic, and great. But too short......!!riddick
    This game has to rank as one of the coolest FPS games out there. Its not perfect by any stretch, and its certainly no HL2 or FEAR. But it is truly beautiful, with awesome artwork, decent weapons and good action. The cutscenes are masterful, Vin Diesel is better in this than in some of his movies :).

    Really good voice acting in fact, not just Vin but lots of others too that you know. The scenery is amazing, the riddles to figure out are somewhat intruiging. I did find that I would get somewhat exhausted from getting lost, until the second time through where it became more intuitive. It is definitely somewhat of a maze for sure, and to some extent, its hard to figure out what to do the first time through, until you started to understand what the designers had in mind when they drew this thing out.

    Starbreeze, the studio that build this is clearly very talented. There's an elegant complexity to what they've constructed here. Great art, wonderful concepts, neat images, and a good overall story. It is wierd in that it is a clausterphobic game like Doom 3, lots of darkness, small corridors, ventilation shafts (a staple of video games anyway).

    There are some chapters that are better than others, like any game or book for that matter, but overall, a very satisfying game for sure. The only thing that makes it a real bummer is that it is quite short. Just when its getting interesting, it ends.

    There are rumors of a sequel, but it might take some time, or may never happen at all, as this one was not that commercially successful apparently, which is too bad. But nonetheless, the Starbreeze guys will hopefully bring us more great things in the future....more info
  • The Chronicles of Riddick
    The game is fun and has a lot of different angles to it. A great first person shooter game....more info
  • Solid--not groundbreaking, but very well made
    First off, dont go thinking this game is anything revolutionary. Second, dont go in thinking this is a movie tie in. Though it was released along with the crapicles of Riddick film, this games hardly takes place in the same fictional universe. Butchers Bay takes place in the same Aliens-esque world that pitch black took place in. Chronicles was more of a dune-esque universe. This game is dark, gritty, and visceral.

    It doesnt break any new ground...its basically a combination of Metal Gear Solid, Thief, and Doom3 based games. But it sticks to its guns and does what it does extreeeeemely well. Its fun, its well made, and its a solid game all around.

    also, playing as an over-the-top unstoppable and far-too-cool-for-his-own-ego superstar is a LOT more fun than actually watching one. This game is a gem!...more info
  • Remarkably free of convention
    It is rare that one experiences a series of incredible titles over the space of the past six months. While the much-touted Doom 3 ultimately failed to deliver in the gameplay stakes, other big-name offerings such as Half-Life 2 proceeded to add a new dimension to the first person shooter genre. Thus it comes as a welcome surprise that The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay maintains, and even improves on the fine state of the genre. The first game created by the studio Starbreeze, The Chronicles of Riddick (COR) succeeds on all fronts, from its visceral hand-to-hand combat using fists, shivs and screwdrivers to its more traditional shooter elements. While predominantly a shooter, COR breaks convention by the inclusion to several truly innovative additions, all of which transcend the genre.

    The opening is impressively cinematic, with the camera tracking Riddick as he is led into the notorious triple-max prison, Butcher Bay. As in a film, the names of actors scroll across the screen, with Vin Diesel and Ron Perlman adding considerable voice talent to the mix. The score is remarkable, ranging from brooding and melancholy to moments of thumping action, worthy of any film. In combat sequences the music accelerates in pace, before slowly subsiding. Graphically, the game is amazing. Though there is little in the way of scenery (The game takes place in a prison, after all), the levels are unbelievably detailed, from the rust on the walls and lavatories to the patterning on the guards' armor. Lighting effects are well implemented, with realistic shadows. While not as precise as Half Life 2, the facial features of the main characters are well rendered and more than adequate.

    The gameplay is equally astounding. Within the prison Riddick can interact with other prisoners, each with their own voice and personality, and it is here that the innovative gameplay elements truly excel. Riddick can choose to fight his way through a brutal competition, to steal from his fellow prisoners, to bribe, and to trick his way through the prison. By providing the player with different conversation options, the game changes into an adventure-fighting game rather than a shooter. Stealth elements also play a major role in the game, with Riddick frequently having to shrink back into the shadows to escape detection. As a shooter, COR is also refreshingly different. Unlike other games of this ilk, there is no Heads Up Display (HUD) for health and ammo. Rather, the gamer must read the ammo remaining from the glow of the gun, and the health appears in small white squares at the top of the screen when Riddick takes damage. In this way the game becomes far more visceral than any other offering to date. During the game, Riddick also gains his notorious "eye-shine" ability, adding yet another dimension to the game. This gives a distinct advantage when the lights are disabled.

    The plot is simple but effective. Captured by the mercenary Johns, Riddick is taken to the seemingly inescapable prison Butcher Bay. The game revolved around his efforts to escape from this hellish jail.

    In conclusion, COR is a thoroughly entertaining game. The incorporation of other elements not found in other games of this ilk is both innovative and refreshing, and accompanied by a fine score, great voice talent and crisp, detailed graphics, COR is destined to be a classic, far better than its abysmal film counterpart. Please note, however that the game is abundant with expletives.

    ...more info
  • feels like a movie
    this game is done well. the graphics are good and the game play is refreshing.
    it draws you into the story. a little hard to play but enjoyable when you solve a section....more info
  • best FPS out there...
    doom 3 i thought was ok.
    half-life 2 was incredible.
    but this one is the best FPS out there. i can't believe how it got swept under the rug because of the other bigger names i guess. it's an outstanding game. and it's cheap. not for kids, with some language and obviously tons of violence, but for an adult FPS lover this is the game you have to have. ...more info
  • Patch required to play
    If you have an n-vidia you're going to need to download the patch to play. The game itself is awesome and if you like the Riddick saga, you need to get this this....more info