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Highland 10391 Kar Pak Waterproof Soft-Sided Car Top Carrier - 15 Cubic Feet
List Price: $84.99

Our Price: $54.95

You Save: $30.04 (35%)


Product Description

Double your trunk space and keep your gear high and dry with this Highland KarPak rainproof soft-sided car top carrier. Made from durable, leak-proof coated black vinyl material and mounts to any roof rack with the included mounting hardware. This KarPak carrier is 38" x 38" x 18" and adds over 15 cubic feet of storage to you vehicle.

  • Made from durable, leak proof coated vinyl material
  • Mounts to any roof rack for easy accessibility
  • Adds over 15 cubic feet of storage for extra needed cargo
  • All mounting hardware included

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent value
    We recently adopted a large dog from the local shelter. We make monthly trips to visit friends and family about 300 miles away. The addition of the new dog put space at a premium and we decided to purchase the Kar Pak Waterproof car top carrier. We are pleased with our purchase. It has withstood rain, sleet and now snow. It has also handled trips across the Mackinac Bridge with ease. Glad we got our Kar Pak. It definitely makes traveling with "all" of our stuff easier....more info
  • Sturdy, good value
    We have a station wagon with roof rails. I was hoping I could attach this carrier without having to buy crossbars, but I couldn't find a way to anchor it to the rails without it sliding back. If you have rails with a "loop" or something to anchor to at the front, you might be OK. As it was, I bought some Yakima crossbars and the carrier worked perfectly with them. The bag has a zipper that goes halfway around the top (the back and the passenger side, so it's a little more difficult to load than it would be if it opened on three sides. However, it's quite spacious and feels very sturdy. ...more info
  • great deal
    I purchased this carrier bag for my move to Texas and it did a wonderful job. My rack was a bit small for the bag, but it held on nicely for 1300 miles when completely full. Without the specialized bags, it didn't hold its shape very well, but the straps supplied did a fine job of holding on.

    The straps get a bit noisy if not tied off or pinned down, and every once in a while something would bump the roof and make a funny noise, but no damage to the car or things inside. And the waterproofing did a good job. Nothing was wet inside even though it sprinkled a bit during the drive. ...more info
  • Doesn't fit all cars!
    Unfortunately, this car top carrier does not fit all cars as the manufacturer says it does. I struggled for close to two hours to try and get it to fit on the roof of my '08 Subaru Outback. It did not fit. And even if it did fit, I'm not sure I would trust it. The straps used to secure it to the roof rails didn't seem to want to hold the carrier securely....more info
  • Good Quality, Low Price
    We used this product to go across the country and back in March. We drove through high wind, sleet, snow, rain, and sun. No problems. Everything stayed dry. You must place the zipper facing away from the front. If you can manage that, you won't have to worry about a thing. The only problem we encountered was that one of the straps began to fray on the way home - most likely due to the inclement weather conditions. We really put it to the test. It passed with flying colors. I never imagined it would be as good as it was for as little as we paid. The item arrived on time and performed above our expectations. Great buy!...more info
  • Terrific Value!
    We selected this carrier after researching both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers. It held a lot of luggage - 5 suitcases, ranging from medium to large. It stayed securely on top of our Excursion. We did purchase and use extra straps. I wanted to get a hard carrier, being somewhat skeptical about how "waterproof" it would be. We ended up with this one because we wanted to spend more money on our vacation, not on the carrier. This product exceeded our expectations. It is roomier than the hard ones,lighter weight, and of very durable material. I can also confirm that it was COMPLETELY waterproof, as we drove from Pennsylvania to Florida on Mother's Day through extremely heavy rains most of the trip. The suitcases were completely dry, no dampness at all. If you need even more space, 2 of them would fit on top of the larger SUV's. We also purchased a small keylock to make it secure. You might consider buying rust-proof large safety pins to keep the straps from blowing about. We did or the noise would have been irritating! I have never taken the time to review a product before, but this was one worth speaking up about....more info
  • waste of money
    The first strap broke 30min into our trip. It flew off and went under the car behind us-lucky no crash! We had to stop and buy bungee cords to hold it on the rest of the way. We when arrived the bag had multiple tiny tears. Our stuff got wet when it rained. Before we came home we had to tape the whole bag with waterproof tape. Half way home (about 6 hours into trip) people on the highway started honking at us as another strap had broken and the bag was sliding off the bag of our van- suitcases and all. We had to buy a 20$ strap to hold it on. I called customer service to report problem and was told rep was at lunch and would call me back- haven't heard back from them at all. ...more info
  • Great product, no problems
    We used this to drive 600 miles at about 75 mph, and had no problems. We bought the tie downs that come recommended and they held it down great, even though it was not completely full. We also bought the bars that come recommended, but they didn't work right and we didn't end up needing them, as the luggage rack on our car was fine and the extra tie-downs were plenty to keep the load secure. We didn't drive through any rain so I can't speak to the water-proofness, but the design seems to be adequate to keep everything dry. ...more info
  • not worth the money
    Three of the straps tore off leaving holes and we had to use a bungee cord to secure it to our van. It is waterproof and our luggage did stay dry during rain storms, but who cares when you are worried about the whole thing flying off of your car....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product! I was skeptical because of reasonable price. However, I gave it a try due to the many good reviews on Amazon. It performed great. It secured well & stayed secure to my roof rack (I did use additional tie downs...just to make sure). Over about 1300 miles of driving, with about 1/4 to 1/3 of the drive in moderate rain, the interior of the bag stayed perfectly dry. (When I first opened the new bag, it had a light aroma just like a swimming pool liner...must be a similar waterproof material). And best of all, when not in use, it will fold up into a small space (unlike a hard shell rooftop carrier). Buy this unit with confidence....more info
  • Perfect for us!
    I read all the reviews and found all the positive reviews accurate. here's the bottom line as we found our topper after two trips between Fla and NC:

    1. withstood southeastern rainstorm. have to keep zipper away from front as instructed...people who claim to have wet items.

    2. very reasonable. one must consider you will lose between 2 to 5 mpg whether due to weight or drag.

    3. very roomy. we packed a week's worth of clothes for 2 adults, 1 child, one baby plus tent, bedding, sleeping bag and fold-up chairs with room to spare!!! Before that, we inputted 3 dressers of clothes in it-- with the help of space saving bags and then some!

    4. My wife loaded the topper and secured it on top of the 2002 Toyo Sienna, with only the help from the conveniently attached instructions, in 30 minutes.

    5. We needed no add'l luggage rack modification for our 2002 Toyo Sienna.

    6. My wife easily hadled the vehicle on I-95 thru the Ga plains at 75mph. Yes, Savannah copper, we got away with speeding in ur county! na na nee boo boo... maybe next time, Roscoe!...more info
  • Great product for the price!
    I bought this because my girlfriend and I had to move 1200miles and all we had was my Subaru WRX to move with! The bag is very large and fit everything that we needed. We had snow and rain for a good portion of the trip and everything was nice and dry when we arrived! I highly recommend this bag if your on a budget!...more info
  • Great Product
    Me and my family just went on a family vacation from NC to FL and other places around FL. We drove about 1500 miles on the trip. Drove threw serious rainstorms on and off the entire time and had no problems. Everything was dry and intact. I did buy the extra tie downs and it was'nt going anywhere....more info
  • Worked great for us
    We just took this on vacation with us to Myrtle Beach from Ohio. It rained the entired time on the drive down. Our stuff did not get wet at all. We even had the zipper towards the front for easier access and everything still stayed dry. (Through some tough rain too). We added an extra bungy cord help keep anything from flapping but I would definitley recommend this, especially for the $$.

    ...more info
  • Works well, lots of room
    We were taking a camping vacation and needed some extra space for storing items so your dogs would have more room in the back of the SUV and stuff wouldn't be stacked above the window.

    The item seems to be pretty well-made, and looks very waterproof. The inside looks like the material a wetsuit is made up and there is a rain flap over the heavy zipper. I think if you accidentally put the zipper on the front or something like that it would probably force water into it eventually but otherwise seems well-sealed. We didn't have to try this as we had good weather.

    It may be a little harder to get it to look like the nice square that the pictures show but you can pack it any way you want. Putting a small amount in leaves it flatter and more aerodynamic, packing more in makes it square and over-packing it gives it a rounded shape. You can put a whole lot in this and it held up well to over-packing.

    The straps held tightly and the carrier worked well, and folded back up for relatively small storage afterward....more info
  • Rather pleased
    I have used my Kar Pak only twice so far but have been quite pleased with it. I knew I didn't want a hard shell carrier because I don't really have the space to store such a thing, so soft shell was going to be the only choice. I like how they have the straps arranged. Even if you are not completely filling it you can still keep everything snug. I only had to drive a few hours with it but I can tell you that it did not budge, and I don't think it would have had I driven cross country....more info
  • car top carrier
    We bought this to take my daughter too college. It freed up a lot of space in our van. We also used two bungee cords for our own sense of security. We didn't encounter any rain, so we can't speak to the waterproof feature. It served it's purpose for us....more info
  • Great Travel Pack
    We bought this car carrier based on Amazon reviews. It worked great we traveled over 1800 miles and didn't have it completely full, but were able to add to it as we went along and adjust the straps accordingly. The only negative mark was that the excess straps would get loose and flap in the wind and that was annoying, but it could be fixed easily with some safety pins or something similar. We only have the standard roof rack with no cross bars and that was fine, bought an additional strap to wrench it down, but didn't need it. We did not hit any rain so don't know how it will do for water resistance yet. Worth buying, it will be easy to store and will work great for short trips where we need the extra space. ...more info
  • car pack
    I have had only one opportunity to use it, but it was wonderful. I could pack a lot of stuff in that little bag....more info
  • Worked well
    I was pleased. It fit 5 suitcases. I just used it in the bed of my pickup. We drove through about 3 hours of light to hard rain. Everything stayed dry....more info
  • love it!
    am going to be driving from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA in about a week and have purchased both this and Highland 20052 Superfit Bar Carrier for this trip to use on my '99 Toyota Corolla. This is my first purchase of a cargo bag for on top of your car.

    Finally have both the bag and the rack so I decided to put it all on my car to make sure it all works before this trip. The bag was fairly big and I had to spread the bars across all the way, but I do think it will work.

    Update: Completed 20 hour trip and it worked great! It didn't rain, so I can't say anything about whether or not it is waterproof but I am in love with it! My favorite part was that I didn't fill it all the way, but I was still able to use the straps to tie it down closer to the car since it is a loose shape. Also, safety pins are a must for tying down all the loose straps after tightening. Love it, and I will use it it again, and again. I would change it to give it 5 stars, but it wouldn't let me edit. No complaints! ...more info
  • Excellent Cargo Carrier
    I just purchased this for a trip to Disneyland. It held a full sized suitcase and five fairly large, stuffed to the max duffel bags. It was easy to install on top of my Chevy Tahoe and we experienced no wind or flapping noise described by other users. It folds up and stores easily....I'm so happy I'm not having to find a place to keep one of the hard plastic sided carriers when not using. I researched many cargo carriers and for the value this one is a winner....more info
  • Waterproof...until shredded
    I bought this for a trip my wife was taking to Yellowstone this spring. It is big, and held our stroller, some luggage, and still had room for misc. stuff. Beware, there is no rigidity to it, and you have to stuff it like a garbage bag.

    The biggest problem was the quality. When my wife got back from her trip we found the carrier was shredded, and thread bare in many places. Everything in the carrier was wet.

    I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone who drives over 30mph....more info
  • KarPack roof top carrier - Excellent
    We bought this specifically to take a trip from Pittsburgh to North Carolina in the Outer Banks. It worked admirably for us; It sprinkled a bit when we were travelling and there was no water incursion to the duffel bags that we'd packed. So we are very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone as a worthy product that is very reasonably priced....more info
  • Does the job well
    We recently tested our karpak on a family vacation. Attached easily. Kept all belongings dry even through a rain storm. I used duct tape to secure loose ends of straps - this cut down on the flapping. One draw back is that I need a replacement strap and the manufacturer won't return my requests for information on how to obtain. I've used a generic strap but the specifically designed straps worked better....more info
  • Almost perfect
    We are a family of 7 & were planning a vacation from southern Illinois to Florida for our 5 small children to see the ocean for the first time. We researched many cartop carriers and after reading all the reviews chose the Highland Kar Pak. I paid the extra shipping fee to have it delivered in time before we left. It arrived and my better half was thrilled with what it turned out to be. Easy loading, still room to spare, tied down nicely, the complete package was impressive to him. He had intended on tying it down with rope for extra assurance. We decided it was safe without it & we shouldn't have to and set out on our 16 hour drive. Around 9 o'clock at night, 5 hours in, and somewhere in TN we were startled by loud knocking on the window. After pulling over on the side of the busy interstate we discovered that the front right strap had snapped away from the bag itself. Luckily we had some small bungee cords on our cooler in the van. We secured it till we were satisfied & drove on. All was well until the following day when we were 2 exits away from our destination & heard a similiar disturbing noise. We pulled off once again and the same thing had happened with the strap on the other side. We didn't have many choices then so we drove slowly to the next town & purchased ratchet straps for $40 so we would be able to secure the bag on the trip home. We were so very much pleased with this purchase in every way and then so very disappointed when both front straps broke away from the bag. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. And I would also definitely take extra precautions when securing it to the vehicle....more info
  • Terrific Traveler
    This was an amazing aid to a recent mini vacation we took. We travelled with 4 large dogs so our back area was completely filled with the dogs and all their gear. We ordered this wonderful car carrier with having no prior experience with car carriers and we were amazed al all it held. It was water resistant to say the least since we travelled through a few heavy downpours and not a single thing within the carrier was even damp. It was wonderful, so easy to install on the roof and held lots more than we anticipated. It really made this trip an easy one and our clothing and other things in the carrier very secure. Fantastic. Thank you ...more info