Actron CP7677 Automotive TroubleShooter - Digital Multimeter and Engine Analyzer
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Product Description

Ingenious tool performs all standard electrical tests for on-car and bench troubleshooting including tach, dwell, volts, ohms and diode.

  • Includes protective boot, detachable color-coded test leads and alligator clips
  • Automatic zero adjustment for volts and amps for accurate measurements
  • Automatic reverse polarity indication
  • Overload protection on all ranges and fold-out stand for better viewing
  • 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great, with two minor flaws
    I had been eyeing this multimeter for a while, and when it went on sale for half its list price, I grabbed it. It arrived promptly and works very well. The unit has a solid feel to it and the blue rubberized case around it and the "stand" behind are good features to have when working around places where it might get bumped like in the engine compartment. I found the included alligator clips a useful bonus - a lot many of the ones in the mid thirties price range don't have this.
    Two minor flaws - it needs a 9 volt battery and doesn't ship with one. That was a minor annoyance - not many people have these just lying around the house. Why not design the meter using AA batteries or just ship it with a 9V battery?
    Second is that there is no sticky film protecting the (rather large) LCD display. For a meter that is meant for harsh outdoor environments in which it might get scratched, this is definitely an oversight.
    But overall I am pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend it as a solid entry level multimeter. ...more info
  • Touble shooting w/ a volt/ohm/dwell meter
    If for your own personal reasons you've chosen to preserve a favorite car from the recent past you already know there is a need for a tool like the Actron. With out realtime data streams or OBDC at hand and the tools to access them, your last and best option will always be a reliable VOM/Dwell meter and a timeing light. When all is said and done these tools provide more setup information than most European cars useing Robert Bosch fuel management systems. I've paid more for these meters but never less; Im very pleased to have one for my elderly Volvo when some tuneing is at hand. Youre surprised its digital? Im surprised its still on the road after a quarter century of daily service?!Take a spin with me out on the Arctic Tundra someday and we'll track down the north pole together some sunny summers day.Oscar...more info
  • Good deal
    I'm a big fan of the high-end Flukes so I've worked with the best. Well, these defintitely aren't the best, but you can't beat what you get for the price. I got it for my brother for his car and it does the job well.

    First, the bad:
    1. No auto shut-off. You gotta make sure you turn it off or the battery will just keep draining away.
    2. No auto-sensing. You gotta set the dial for the range you're looking for. But hey, I like it so much I don't care that I can't be so lazy.

    And the good:
    1. All the features. You get all the standards PLUS a tach and a dwell-meter! That'll about cover your carbureted cars.
    2. Price. You can find multimeters that can't do the extras for the same price and even more. Great bargain.
    3. Alligator clips. Simple things but it'd be a pain without them.

    Plus, this thing will handle all the home electrical work.

    As for the rest: I won't vouch for its durability but Actron is a decent company. They go towards affordable but not junky. The case is made of a light plastic, but it doesn't seem fragile. As for the tolerances, they're not bad:
    DC Volts
    Range: 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V
    Accuracy : (0.5% rdg + 5 dgts)
    Range: 1000V
    Accuracy: (0.8% rdg + 5 dgts)

    AC Volts
    Range: 2V, 20V, 200V
    Accuracy : (0.8% rdg + 5 dgts)
    Range: 750V
    Accuracy: (1.0% rdg + 4 dgts)

    DC Current
    Range: 200mA
    Accuracy: (0.8% rdg + 5 dgts)
    Range: 10A
    Accuracy: (1.2% rdg + 5 dgts)

    Range: 200?, 2K?, 20K?, 200K?, 2M?
    Accuracy: (0.8% rdg + 5 dgts)
    Range: 20M?
    Accuracy: (1.5% rdg + 5 dgts)

    Range: 4CYL, 6CYL, 8CYL
    Accuracy: (3.0% rdg + 5 dgts)

    Range: 4CYL, 6CYL, 8CYL
    Accuracy: (3.0% rdg + 5 dgts)

    Audible Continuity
    Buzzer sounds at approximately less
    than 30-50 Ohms.

    So for the price, a good deal....more info
  • Recomendado 100%, muy util esta herramienta
    Este es un gran ayudante en la casa, he arreglando mis electrodomesticos, y solucionando problema en mi carro y en mi planta electrica, me he ahorrado mucho dinero con este multimetro en muy poco tiempo...more info
  • Actron CP7677 Auto Trouble Shooter
    Great item, service and price, it will be a valuable tool in my tool box ...more info
  • Good as advertised
    I has a lot of options, i comes with a very well explained manual with photos of about anything you can do in your car (and it's a lot of tests) and with this cocodrile clips, a has to be tool if you are in the do it yourself clan, reminder! doesn't measure any AC voltage or amps, only DC...more info
  • Excellent Tool!
    This multimeter is an all around good tool. It has all the features you need plus some of the features that only the more expensive ones have. Like the battery tester and backlight display. I am studying electronics right now and I find myself getting a ton more use out of it than I thought I would. It is easy to use and the instruction manual that comes with it tells you how to perform most common tests that it does with pictures to go along. There are comperable multi-meters out there that cost less but most would cost more. There are certainly better multi-meters than this one but they will cost more. The only bad things I can say about this tool is that the battery is hard to get to. You have to remove 2 screws in the back and pry it apart. Actron should have just put one of those slide off battery covers on it. Also most multi-meters come with some sort of rubber, protective sleeve, that also has a lanyard for your hand so you dont drop it. If this mult-meter had a lanyard and the battery was easier to get out, I would have given it a 5 Stars. ...more info
  • VOM for classic car
    This will perform any test a neophyte electrician will do. The instruction manual is well written and understandable. Instructions provided for most ignition tests of classic cars and sensor testing of newer cars....more info
  • way better than harbor freight's
    bought for tachometer use
    harbor freight version: take reading, multiply by 50 & divide by number of cylinders, i'm not joking! (had to call them this isn't in the manual) and it has a selector for cylinders.
    actron version: multiply reading by 10
    also includes manual on how to troubleshoot engine sensors. has been very helpful.
    highly recommended for any shadetree mechanic!...more info
  • Have you gotten your RDA of Lead?
    Received tester today and all looks and works as advertised. Not advertised is that once you open the package and start playing with this thing, you will see a small sticker on the cord letting you know that you are now being exposed to lead! How much more would it cost to make a thing without lead in it? I, for one would pay a little more to not be living with heavy metal contamination......more info