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Norpro Nonstick 6 Cavity Donut Pan
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Product Description

3982 Non Stick Donut Pan

  • A wonderful idea for a hands-on children's birthday party dessert or a gift giving craft the whole family can participate in making!
  • High quality nonstick surface for easy release and cleaning.

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect donuts!
    The shipment came fairly quickly and the pan is great! No sticking and the donuts came out great! I would definitely recommend. The recipe I made came out to taste more like muffins, so this pan can be used for both!...more info
  • Norpro nonstick 6 cavity donut pan
    This is a great idea. It's easy enough that my grandkids can make donuts. They have already tried it and liked it....more info
  • Doughnut Pan is the Best!!
    Product arrived in good condition. Now I can bake 1 dozen doughnuts at 1 time. This is my second pan....more info
  • Not as healthy as you might think
    I bought this pan a few weeks ago. I got it under the impression that a baked donut would surely have less calories and fat than it's deep fat fried version. Well I got the pan and tried the recipe that came with it. The donuts that came out of this pan were "ok", good enough to enjoy a donut without all the guilt anyway. Then I figured out the calorie information for the donut and I was rather shocked. With no toppings, glaze, or ANYTHING added to the donut the baked donut clocks in at 219 calories and 9 grams of fat. That might not sound bad until you look up Krispy Kreme and see that their glazed donut is only 200 calories and 12 grams of fat. Dunkin' Donuts has even fewer calories.

    My attempts to lower the baked donuts calorie content resulted in donuts that had a bland taste and bad texture. Tonite I made regular deep fat fried donuts to take to work with me, and I measured the oil I used before and after making the donuts to determine how much of the oil was absorbed by the donut. The deep fat fried donut (WITH sugar coating) ended up having only 5 more calories per donut and 2 grams LESS fat than the baked plain version. While these pans are technically good pans, and they perform as advertised, I wouldn't recomend them to anyone that's considering them for a "healthier" donut. I'm packing my pans up, and when I want the occassional treat I'll go for the real thing....more info
  • Light weight pan
    I received this a few days ago and was disappointed in the quality. Today I saw a donut kit for 5.99 at AJ Wright. It had this same pan of equal quality, a filled donut pan, a mini donut pan and a filling injector. Yep, I bought it too. I'll keep this pan only because of shipping and restocking fees....more info
  • slick and quick
    Worked great. Easy to clean. And we're not frying donuts anymore. Could stand to have a few more recipes with it....more info