Spy Cam Detector
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Product Description

This spy cam detector is intended to help you in the event that you are being watched in places where you would normally expect privacy. This unique device will help you protect your personal privacy and freedom. It can detect wireless hidden video cameras secretly installed at your home or in public areas such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, boardrooms, private offices, hotel rooms, tanning beds, massage salons etc. Designed so that you can make quick and discreet checks effectively. Today's wireless cameras are so small that they can be hidden easily in many objects such as smoke alarms, sun glasses, cell phones, radios, pens, toys and common household or office items. The spy cam detector scans the frequency ranges that most wireless video devices and bugs use and alerts you if one is transmitting within 3' to 30'. A red light on the detector will illuminate if there is a device transmitting signals within a close proximity. When the detector locks on to the source signal the red light will flash at a faster rate leading you to the target. The cam detector will also detect wireless audio transmitting devices commonly used for bugging or wiretapping. Perfect for security checks prior to private meetings and discussions. It can be easily carried in your purse or gym bag. Great for anyone who is concerned about personal privacy and wants to be secure from prying eyes. Stop the perverts in their tracks!

  • Locate hidden cameras, bugs, live cell phones, wiretaps or other wireless signals.
  • Easily check your surroundings quickly and effectively.
  • Insure your privacy is intact at private moments.
  • Detects radio frequency 500MHz. ~ 3GHz.
  • Very lightweight and portable. Easily carries in gym bag or purse.