Contemporary Silver Finish Computer Workstation Office Desk/Table
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Product Description

Contemporary Silver Finish Computer Workstation Office Desk/Table This is a brand new contemporary silver finish metal computer workstation office desk/table in silver finish with pull out keyboard drawer. Item is designed to be practical in use and elegant to beautify your home decor. Item requires simple assembly. Dimensions Measure: 25"L x 19 3/4"W x 31 1/2"H

  • 25"L x 19 3/4"W x 31 1/2"H
  • Home Office
  • Home Office->Computer Desks and Workstations
  • Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for apartment's and small areas
    This computer desk is perfect because it has wheels on it for easy portability- you can wheel it into any room with all your computer on it without having to move and disconnect everything with regular stationary desks.
    Since Im in a small apartment it is also perfect! I can switch it easily to any room also because Im physically disabled to lift heavy furniture.

    when it arrived it was very light to lift- it says 20 pounds but its aluminum so it is not heavy like thoes plywood furniture you purchase in stores.I would not recommend that you put anything heavier than a 17 inch monitor on it though. Only other isssue was that one of the corner plastic peices where the wheels go was cracked at first I thought I was going to have to return it but it is Ok, I can live with the small crack.

    I recommend this product for easy moving and small spaces. ...more info
  • Wish there was a better place to place to mouse
    I wish the desk had an attachment for the mouse. Easy assembly...all parts include. ...more info
  • Great Table!
    This table is pretty awesome. Its ultra-compact and sturdy aluminum frame holds my 19" monitor and printer perfectly. The wheels are great for when I need to move the table during vacuuming. The price is great and the table takes around 10 minutes to put together. All-in-all a good product. ...more info
  • Compact and Sturdy
    This silver finish computer cart is compact, relatively sturdy, and was very easy to put together. Great if you are looking for something mobile that does not take up much space. It is also very light weight!...more info
  • My incredibly good-lookin', fine quality computer work station!
    I love this product. The finish is beautiful, the design is just what I wanted. Solid, compact, and very comfortable. A product I'd recommend to my friends....more info
  • not so sturdy
    I bought this cart reading the reviews but not satisfied with it. It shakes. It is laying in one corner of the room. I have the same computer as shown in the picture. I am not very good with returns so I missed period during which you can return the cart.

    ...more info
  • Function and Utility!
    Although I might not buy this for household use, it looks Great in my machine shop. Sturdy and easy to assemble. I like the wheels, but they are not industrial enough to roll over cables and such. I think an optional top shelf would add even more usefulness. Pricewise there was nothing close to it locally....more info
  • Love It
    This was just what I was looking for. It is very sturdy and compact. I need it to fit a small space. It fits great and all of my equipment fit on it perfectly....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!
    I really wasn't sure what to expect when this item arrived. The box came with instructions and pictures, but some of it you had to figure out for yourself. Overall, this was really easy to put together and very sturdy. I have a 19" monitor on it (not a flat screen, but an old heavy piece of junk monitor). The desk didn't "bow" or bend under the pressure at all. A couple of tips when you get ready to put this thing together: although it comes with an allen key, you'll still need a philips screwdriver. The first 2 screws you'll need to use will NOT fit into the holes they drilled! Expect to use a little elbow grease or a power screwdriver to get the screws in there. At first it appears they do not fit, then you must MAKE them fit. I had my husband do it and he used a wrench (we don't have much in the way of "power tools" at home) which worked just fine. The other thing is the sliding pieces that hold up the keyboard tray are somewhat confusing. We put them on upside down/backwards (doh!) because the instructios didn't specify which end was up. There is a small "lip" on each of them with a hole in it, that goes ON THE BOTTOM and NOT THE TOP! If you can figure that out, you won't have to take it apart and re-do it again like we did. :) But really even with the setbacks this whole process was not difficult at all. Lots of small parts and screws, but once it was done we were both very pleased. It was also difficult to find something that was cheap but comfortable for both of us (I'm short) and my husband (he's 6'4"). We have a somewhat large office chair and it fits under the keyboard tray with no problem at all. The desk height and sturdiness is perfect for our needs. We were able to put the hard drive tower on the bottom shelf, along with a printer. Overall, very pleased and would definitely recommend for a smaller apartment with limited space (and budget!)...more info
  • Devent desk
    The design looked great, and the assembly instructions were easy to understand. Unfortunately, on the piece I received, the items were defective. If they hadn't been, I'm sure I would've loved this. ...more info
  • Great Product - Great Price!
    I needed a couple of small computer stations for both of my sons bedrooms, and after reading reviews online... thought this one might be suitable. It is GREAT! Especially at the great price! I think I paid about $38 for each of mine. Easy to put together. And, very sturdy....more info
  • Good value.
    I have really enjoyed this desk. It is exactly what I needed for what little space I had in my home office.
    It is a nice looking desk and the assembly was very easy.
    I do have 2 complaints with the desk, however.
    1) The keyboard drawer is not wide enough for both your mouse and your keyboard. As a result, your mouse has to sit on the top part of the desk and you have to reach up for it everytime you want to use it.
    2) The desk can be very wobbly when you are typing, which is very annoying when you're trying to look at the screen while typing.

    But overall, I've enjoyed this item and it is a good value for the price....more info
  • Excellent!
    Excellent quality... easy to put together... sturdy.. small and convenient to fit in small spaces... silver finish nice.. worth it for the money.. seems like it will last me years to come....more info
  • Sturdy Aluminum, Versatile Furniture
    I read every review. I measured. I knew it seemed to be what I had looked for for years. But it was so cheap in price I KNEW it just had to be junk right? WRONG! First, thank you to UFCPrincess and her review most of all. It was great warning for me (being disabled) as to what assembly may have in store for me.
    I opened the box and looked at all the pieces. MY box came with NO assembly instructions at all. Just a DRAWING schematic that was not at all clear. NO step by step, just a floor full of "stuff". I looked at this mess for over an hour while deciding to play with my PS3 and let the wife do it when she got home. But gradually, I talked myself into assembly. I went back online here & printed an actual photo so the finished product was CLEAR. Only took me 20 minutes and I am an IDIOT on things mechanical.
    I elected to not use the wheels as I want it lower and am not moving. NO idea how stable it is with them but without them it is rock solid. NO flex, NO shake, like an anvil. NO need to worry about this thing folks. I also have a 22 inch LCD wide screen monitor on top. I have a full size keyboard on the sliding tray and still have room for my mouse unlike some reviewers. Possibly my HP keyboards are smaller foot print> The mouse is a bit cramped but I just adjusted the SETTINGS in Windows to make the mouse more "sensitive" thus requiring less physical movement to do all I need to do.
    I also have Altec Lansing surround speakers on my desktop & put the sub woofer on the bottom tray. I simply love this item and if you knew how many hundreds of dollars we have spent in the past 12 years trying to make things work to simply find this for almost free.....WHAT a great find. I swear, my entire house is built by info
  • computer station
    This was a very "happy" purchase. The price was good and the computer station is excellent quality. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small computer station...more info