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Cables To Go - 30505 - 2-Port USB 2.0 Manual Switch
List Price: $41.40

Our Price: $14.35

You Save: $27.05 (65%)


Product Description

This 2-Port USB 2.0 Manual Switch lets you conveniently share USB devices between two PCs or Macs. Easily extend the number of USB devices shared by using a USB hub to daisy chain up to 127 devices. Quickly switch between the two computers with the use of hot-keys. Plug-and-play functionality makes installation a breeze.

  • USB 2.0 interface provides data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps
  • Lets you share USB devices between two PCs or Macs
  • Two USB Type-B connectors, one USB Type-A connector
  • Hot key functionality lets you use a keyboard to switch between computers
  • Plug-and-play functionality makes installation a breeze

Customer Reviews:

  • Failed to Ship
    Ordered two of these for my company so we could share two different external hard drives. They were never sent to us, as the order was canceled without any real explanation. At least we were never charged for them....more info
  • Cables to Go Manual Switch
    I bought this switch because I share one printer with my desk top computer and my lap top computer. There was a little mix-up in getting it here, but Amazon quickly re-ordered for me and the switch arrived on time. The switch works great. I have not had the delays that others have written about. One push of the button and the printer is switched to the other computer. If one computer is shut down, the switch automaticly changes to the printer that is running, that is nice. This is a nice product and I would recommend it to others. A big thanks to the people at Amazon for quickly getting back to me and for taking care of issues created by the US mail. UPS was much more dependable and they keep better records of shipments....more info
  • Simple but effective
    Simple and uncomplicated. It is easy to install and use. Great to share a USB device between two computers, or two devices on one computer....more info
  • Manual USB Switch
    I purchased the Manual USB Switch approximately three weeks ago. It was much less expensive than I could find locally, and is working fine. Free shipping said 7-14 days, but the switch arrived 3 days after I ordered it.
    I am very pleased with the fine service from the vendor, and the good quality of the product.

    Art...more info
  • Great Belkin USB Switch
    I have a monitor with multiple inputs so I only needed to switch my mouse/keyboard combo. This is a great inexpensive way to share 2 computers. Highly recommened....more info
  • Just what I needed
    Eliminated the annoying cable swapping between my wireless connection to the printer and the wired connection. Great addition to cable consolidation....more info
  • Very pleased with this switch
    I purchased this switch to work with USB receiver for a Bluetooth headset that I got with my copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software. I have a laptop and a desktop computer, and work on both of them during the day. I wanted to be able to switch from one computer to the other without having to move the USB receiver from one to the other.

    When I received the switch, I plugged the USB receiver into the switch, and used two USB cables to connect the switch to the two computers. It worked immediately after Windows had recognized the USB devices.

    I am very pleased with this solution and the switch. I never use the button on the top of the switch itself, preferring to press the Scroll Lock key twice (on the computer I want to switch to)....more info
  • cables to go 30505 2 port USB 2.0 manual switch
    Fantastic plug and use works great PC and Apple to HP 7210 printer all- in -one....looked for a long time to find this product!... could not be downloads needed to install Just push a button to transfer...LED's show transfer....more info
  • Straight-Forward, Good Product
    I have a printer that I wanted to share with 2 computers. This switch works perfectly for the task. I simply plugged it in, and all I have to do is press the button to switch between the two computers. An easy to use, reliable, and inexpensive solution....more info
  • Works great for swithing between two Macbook Pros
    We use this to share a Saitek II keyboard and a Logitech G7 mouse between two laptops (Macbook Pros). The only downside is that it will wake up a sleeping machine when switching. Otherwise, great little product....more info
  • Works like a dream
    Received this product in excellent condition. Was easy to install and has worked wonderfully -- allowing me to use a single printer from 2 PCs with no fuss....more info
  • Excellent product
    I have a printer that is being shared by 2 computers. I just plugged it in and now only have to press the button to print. No more unplugging/plugging cables. Since one of the computers is running Vista, was not sure if it would work properly, but it does. It's an easy to use, reliable solution. ...more info
  • Just what I needed
    This is just what I needed for my boss. He has two laptops but one printer. He can easily switch the printer from the older laptop to the new one with ease....more info
  • Very pleased with purchase
    I have two computers set up side by side in my home with only one printer. This USB switch did the trick. It was inexpensive, easy to set up, and easy to use. You just need to press the button on top to switch printing from one computer to printing from the other....more info
  • Not Recognized
    One laptop did not recognize the device and the other treated it like a mouse (and kept disabling my tough pad). Returned....more info
  • Good...
    No problems with it. Works just fine. Does exactly what I want it to do....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I'm using this switch for a Canon Multipass C755 and it works exactly as advertised....more info