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10 Minute Solution: Pilates
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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 11/11/2008 Run time: 56 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Terri K
    I felt this video was very effective for the most part. My only problem with it would be that it gives no indication of the level of difficulty of the exercises. I do not think that the average person could perform a lot of these exercises easily. There could have been a better discription of whether the video was for beginners, intermediate or advanced individuals. ...more info
  • Basic pilates
    Good intro to pilates. This is resistance using your own body weight. A nice choice when you're sore from a real strength routine. The routines are not as interesting as the 10 Minute Solution Rapid Results. They're claiming with one section, Pilates Burn, you'll "sweat away those pounds!" No you won't. This is not a cardio video, just a way to work muscles without a lot of effort.
    ...more info
  • Not for Pilates purists or beginners
    If you are completely new to Pilates and looking to learn the traditional matwork and at least some of the theory behind it, don't start here. This video will probably drive Pilates purists crazy. If learning matwork sequence correctly in a minimal amount of time is your goal, I would recommend Ana Caban's beginner and intermediate Pilates DVDs in conjunction with Brooke Siler's book "The Pilates Body".

    Even though I realize this is a 10 minute solution format, and this whole next section is going to sound preachy, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Pilates matwork was meant to be done in a specific sequence with an ultimate goal of perfecting each move and being able to flow through a workout smoothly and fluidly without stopping. The 10 minute approach flies in the face of that concept, chopping the routine up into several segments and mixing up the moves, with nothing in the way of theory and very little modification offered (I think the instructor offered only one or two modifications for exercises and did so verbally and in a fast enough way that if you weren't paying attention you'd have missed it, instead of physically demonstrating). Lara was the only exerciser in the DVD.

    I am not sure whether doing the workout in this format will help you achieve that overall toned, sleek elongated look, but you should be able to tone up individual parts well enough unless you're already very fit - in which case this would probably be too lightweight of a workout for you.

    One of the more significant problems with the DVD is failing to acknowledge and distinguish between levels of capability - specifically the limitations of a beginner - and this becomes a critical issue with the demonstration of The Teaser. For those unfamiliar, you may recall seeing this pose on various book and DVD covers, showing a woman sitting up in sort of a "V" shape - legs raised up off the mat with toes pointed straight out and arms extended straight out in front. Unless you're quite athletic and/or have a strong back with strong abdominals, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT ATTEMPTING THIS AS YOU WILL LIKELY HURT YOURSELF.

    Why? This is an advanced movement that a beginner should build up to with modified versions before attempting to plunge into the advanced form of the exercise. Personally it took me about one or two months to work up to this one. It's indicative of the progress you've made in Pilates work to be able to get up to this point. What's worse, she jumps right into the most advanced version by demonstrating the movement with hands over head, never once indicating that beginners should NOT attempt this straight off and should work up to the poses by starting out with a bent-leg version. This is the one point of the video that sorely need someone demonstrating beginner and intermediate poses.

    For the above reasons - failing to distinguish between beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises and generally forgetting to offer modifications, and also for throwing in at least one non-Pilates exercise like "cat and cow" (a yoga move, not Pilates) to confuse the uninitated as to what constitutes authentic Pilates and what does not, I will knock off two stars.

    The only other thing I didn't like as far the exercises themselves was the way Lara threw her leg around too vigorously during leg raises, and she leaves off front/back of the side kick series altogether. Jerking your leg up down as she does might hurt your hip if you are inflexible, out of shape and trying to keep up with her.

    Having said all of that, I do think this is fine for someone who already has a solid understanding of the Pilates method and just wants to mix things up, but doesn't plan on using this as their daily routine. The pros are - good production value, a very minimal set with non-intrusive music; a fine instructor who for the most part does a pretty nice job of demonstrating proper form throughout; and great flexibility for mixing and matching workouts as your schedule permits. It also offers an upper body sculpting segment using Pilates techniques with weights that other DVDs and books I've worked with typically leave out.

    ...more info
  • very happy
    i love this tape. i can fit the routine in my schedule and it wasnt too strenuous , so i was able to keep up. i also lost a lot of weight while using this tape. i am a lot more fexible and i would recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Much harder than the Rapid Results version!
    I previously purchased the 10 Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Pilates which also featured Lara Hudson. I got great results from it. I wanted to change up my routine and purchased this DVD and felt it was challenging. The bunds and thighs segment is pretty much on par with the Rapid Results version as far as level of difficulty, but features different exercises. The ab segment is much more difficult than the Rapid Results version. I could really feel the burn. The exercises are challenging without being confusing. You don't have to already know pilates/yoga in order to be able to attempt these exercises....more info
  • Great Stretch
    Wonderful after work DVD. Great for tone and stretch, not much on weight loss....more info
  • Awesome low-impact workout!!!!!
    I am an excercise video junkie, and I really liked this one. I am new to pilates and found this to be a great introduction.
    Way to go Lara!!...more info
  • AWSOME!!!
    This is my first Pilates DVD. I thought ya know, 10 minutes, Yeah right. Well I got it and decided to give it a try for the heck of it. The first day, I felt much better and I could already feel it working. I love this DVD. I totally recomend it for all beginners. It is easy and hey 10 minutes, everybody has 10 minutes. You can creat your own work out schedule from the 6 different work outs. It is AWSOME! ...more info
  • AWESOME for intermediate level!!
    I LOVE this workout!! I often have trouble finding a great intermediate level workout. I especially hate getting a DVD that's too easy, but this one is PERFECT! It's challenging, but doable. I strongly recommend this DVD!...more info
  • I guess I must have gotten the wrong DVD!!!
    I have this DVD at home & in my opinion, I THINK IT SUCKS!!!!I have several other pilates videos & it just wasnt long or challenging enough. I wish I could get my money back. I have read some of the online reviews & everyone else loved..So back to my original statement...I must have gotten wrong DVD. If you value your money dont buy this DVD!!!!...more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    This dvd is just what I was hoping for it to be. I can do ten minutes if I'm short on time or the whole set if I desire. Plus the sessions are succinct; Lara doesn't waste time talking and dives right in. Love it....more info
  • Shortie but Goodie
    I love how this DVD is divided into 10 minute segments. it's perfect to do first thing in the morning to get going or on the weekend for a full 50 minute workout. the moves are pretty basic, but they'll give you a good workout when you do the whole video. I would definitely try another Pilates video by this instructor....more info
  • Pilates are back!!!
    This DVD has encouraged me to get back to Pilates! I have done PIlates for years until 2005, when I got pregnant and stopped doing it. On May, this year 2007, I decided to retry Pilates but I found out my old DVD had dissapeared! So I ordered this one and I love it!!! Laura Hudson is awsome. She does it so well! And the fact this DVD is separated in 10 minutes workouts, it makes it easy for a mommy like me to keep doing it. I personally love the ABs and the sculpting ones the most! ABs really gives you a basic ABs workout that you can see results fast and arrange most Pilates ABs (if you know most Pilates ABs out there). Sculpting arrange lots of arm sculpting exercises, which requires you to have some hand weights avalable. But not hard at all to do. Real fun and real beneficial if you are looking for a exercise to tone your arms but not getting "muscle" there.
    In resume, this DVD has made me fall in love with Pilates all over again! Great buy!!!...more info
  • Good for when you're short on time!
    I like this DVD, it's helpful for those days when you know you should work out, but just don't have the time. Pilates is a great way to get toned without getting bulky. I really like the Flexibility routine on this DVD....more info
  • Soon-to-be addicted to Pilates
    I support all of the reviewers who gave this DVD 5 stars! Even though I've never done pilates, I was able to do 2 of the workouts so far -- Pilates Burn and Pilates for Flexibility. The Instructor demonstrates the moves in a slow, but efficient manner which is great for beginners like me. You will really feel tension in your abdominal, leg, gluteal, and arm muscles after either workouts (I'm motivated to do the other 3). I bought this because I have gained the freshman 15+ since my freshman year in college and I'm taking little steps to get on the exercise bandwagon. I think this is great for college students who don't have time to go to the gym or are looking for a quick morning workout. ...more info
  • Good workout; good instruction
    This DVD is a little short (50 minutes total, including 10 min of stretches in the flexibility segment) in my opinion but Lara Hudson offers clear instruction and a good workout. The abs section is a killer -- but good. I like her sculpting section, which is a light weights section for arms. This is a good supplement to other pilates DVDs that may not have a specific arms segment. Lara's method instruction is better than Denise Austin's but not as good as Jennifer Kries. A little pilates experience prior to this DVD is a good idea. The one worrisome thing in the workout is Lara's encouragement in the double leg stretch to lower your legs as low as you can -- this could hurt someone's back if they end up arching off the floor. Overall, a good DVD but outside pilates instruction (or another DVD with more precise method instruction) is a good idea. I use this DVD interspersed with others and it provides a good variety. ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    This is pretty good but I wouldn't say it has anything too different on it from a lot of other Pilates videos but I like Lara's calm, pleasant demeanor and I like the 10 minute format. I can quickly add one or two of the segments at the end of my yoga workout if I want to....more info
  • A good way to break into Pilates
    I've only started doing Pilates the last few weeks and have found that it is really effective at toning my muscles in different ways than just my standard weight lifting (which I also do).

    I have liked almost all of the 10-Minute Series so far. The last two segments I thought were the best in this DVD. Hudson is very good at the stretching segment. I was so sore from my workout the day before (step workout) that I was in agony and not up to any more cardio. By the time I was done with the Pilates, I was painfree and ready to work out the next day....more info
  • Great Pilates DVD
    This was my first Pilates DVD I started with as a beginner. Lara provides good cuing and explanation of each exercise, good music and interesting combinations. It's a great DVD to start with and good for maintaining your strength.

    In a matter of months I progressed to mastering each of the five segments offered. There is a ten minute segment for each of abs, buns and thighs, burn, sculpting, and stretching. I usually do the abs, buns and thighs and one of the others every day. I am getting to the point now I am needing a more intense Pilates DVD as this one is not challenging or quick enough.

    I wish there would be a 10 Minute Solution: Pilates - Advanced! My children also like to do this DVD with me for their exercise....more info
  • Great!
    This is a really great DVD! I love how you can choose your own workout or just follow along with hers! This is the perfect DVD for people in a rush!...more info
  • Really works
    I am very happy with this workout because it is broken up into 10 minute segments so you can do all or just one of the workouts...this is perfect for someone like me who has 4 small children and never seems to have the same amount of time. I can do as little or as much as I want that day. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I am beginning to see results already.

    I also love that it is just the instructor and not a bunch of other perfectly sculpted people!...more info
  • Time-Manageable, Contemporary Pilates
    This is a highly enjoyable `contemporary' Pilates DVD that is divided up into body-part or goal-specific routines. These include "Pilates for Abs", "Pilates for Buns & Thighs", "Sculpting Pilates", "Pilates Burn" and "Pilates for Flexibility". Lara Hudson is the lone exerciser in this video, who cues and demonstrates the routines in a bright spacious, fashionably designed set. A good portion of the music is exactly the same as that which is featured on the "Bar Method" exercise DVDs - upbeat yet soothing, and very appropriate.

    The Sculpting Pilates segment focuses on the arms & shoulders and uses light dumbbells (no more than 3 pounds) by incorporating them into Pilates exercises such as "the saw". The Pilates Burn segment is a fast-paced total body routine that's more intense. The Pilates for Abs and Pilates for Buns & Thighs segments are pretty standard, engaging but not too challenging, except in regards to the level of flexibility required for several of the routines. The Pilates for Flexibility segment is actually more of a Pilates-Yoga blend - or Yogalates if you will - but it provides a nice, overall stretch.

    I am amused by some of the remarks that "you can't do Pilates in just ten minutes." First of all, this DVD is 50 minutes, not 10 minutes long, and is simply divided into five 10 minute segments. Had these people actually took the time to watch the DVD let alone do the exercises, they would have known this. When you combine all of these segments together, you will get a full body Pilates workout. Second, one could technically do a Pilates exercise in 10 minutes, 5 minutes or even 30 seconds! Sure, the less amount of time you devote to exercising, the less results you're going to see, but technically speaking one could do a specific exercise in such amount of time. However, the 10 minute segments are practical for when you're pressed for time, to do on "off" days, or as an add-on to another type of workout.

    The only notable drawback to this otherwise wonderful DVD is that Lara intertwines both beginner and advanced-level Pilates exercises without making this distinction clear, and she doesn't really offer much visual modification. If you're naturally flexible this should be a pretty doable workout for you, otherwise, proceed with caution or you could potentially injure your back. For this reason alone I would rate this as an intermediate-level Pilates DVD overall, even though the exercises themselves aren't super challenging, though they are effective when done consistently. The newer "10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates" also starring Lara Hudson is even further complicated by this problem, and I would recommend "10 Minute Solution: Slim & Sculpt Pilates" with Suzanne Bowen as the next step up from this instead.

    Rating: Good...more info
  • 10 Minute Solutions Is PERFECT
    I've purchased several workout and pilates dvds and this one is by far the best! The narration is excellent, the music perfect and the workouts are awesome. I really love how you can program it for specific sets each time...such at abdomen, sculpting and burn for day 1 and abdomen, buttocks/thigh, and stretching for day 2. Or if you only have 10-20 min you can do a quick 1 or 2 routines. I've recommended it to several friends....more info
  • Hard but a good workout
    I just received this DVD and did it for the first time yesterday. I am also a beginner and found that most of the moves were way to challenaging for me...right now. So I modified it based on other pilate DVDs I have and I will work harder to be able to do these moves in this video. 10 minutes probably isn't enough to do much with your body but I figured I could add some of the segments to my other work out routines.

    So far I like this DVD but it's a challenage....more info
  • This was a very challenging workout.
    I can usually pull off doing two or three exercise DVDs a day, but this DVD wore me out on it's own. I recommend it for anyone who needs more of a challenge in their workouts....more info
    This DVD was GREAT! I am a stay at home mom who is totally out of shape. I don't have alot of time for myself & this workout DVD fits the bill. It has 5 different 10 minute workouts that you can do each individually or 2, 3, 4 or all 5 at one time. The menu gives you the option of personalizing your workout to do how little or how many workouts. Plus it targets 5 different areas of your body. It doesn't get any easier then this. I have never done pilates before and this was a great beginner workout. Plus my kids love doing it with me! I give it a A+++++++!!! ...more info
  • Great overall Pilates work-out
    Very effective overall; Not strenuous or difficult at all... great for beginners; The instructor, Lara Hudson, is very pleasant and encouraging, and demonstrates all moves before beginning reps.
    Main menu allows you to play individual sections (upper body, lower body, abs, etc.), or you can play all sections for an intense workout. I love choosing different sections to incorporate after a good run or walk on the treadmill. ...more info
  • it worked for me
    I had taken a couple of yoga classes and didn't feel comfortable in a room of strangers. This worked for me because I can do this in the privacy of my home or in the hotel when travelling. The instructor explains how to do the exercise and the way the DVD works you can play all five workouts in sequence. I generally do 4 in a row for an excellent 40 minute workout. I lost one pants size in 2 months. ...more info
  • Surprisingly good
    I bought this DVD mainly for the ab workout - and the fact that it had 10 minute segments (I know that I am more likely to exercise if I know it is only 10 mintes.) The first time I tried it, I was saying "You gotta be kidding!" to almost all the moves. The next day I was sore but within two days I could notice an improvement. It didn't go from flab to six-pack abs, but there was a noticeable difference.

    I definitely recommend this DVD!...more info
  • Short and sweet
    This exercise video release strengthens your abdominal muscles. I'm totally happy with how it's setup in five segments. I usually do about three at a time giving me 30 minutes of exercise. The instructor is clear and precise with her directions and I feel like my posture is greatly improving....more info
  • Excellent!!
    I just bought this DVD this week and have used it for three days now. I'm sore all over!!! Which is a good sign!! This DVD has FIVE different workouts, each 10 minutes long. What I LOVE about this DVD is that your can personalize your workout and choose as many workouts as you want to do, if whatever order you want to do it in. For example, you could do abs, buns, then arms, then the stretching workout, or you could do all five workouts in a row and majorly kick some butt!!! It's a great workout and I love that each workout is only 10 minutes, b/c literally, that is all the time I have sometimes, being a mother of a energetic 2 year old!! Doing this workout interspersed with cardio workouts, like jogging or whatever is a great way to get in shape. I do agree with some other reviewers that it would be good to have some prior experience with doing pilates, b/c Lara Hudson doesn't always explain each exercise or proper positioning. I have several other pilates dvds (Mari Windsor's and Pilates for Dummies which give alot of instruction about proper positioning, alignment, modifications etc) so I already had a bit of knowledge about doing pilates, but that aside, it's a GREAT DVD and well worth buying. I got it for $12.99 at Target and it even came with a free bonus walking pedometer!! That's all!!! Buy it and enjoy!!!...more info