Swann Outdoor Day/Night Surveillance Security Camera (Color)
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Product Description

Weather and Vandal Resistant / Clear CCTV Images / Connects to TV - VCR - DVR - Monitor - Quad Processor / Night Monochrome Mode Image inverter to correct picture when mounted upside down Video Device ? Sharp CCD Video Sensor Number of Pixels 500x582 Resolution 400 TV Lines Illumination 0Lux w/IR ON Sync System Internal White Balance Auto

  • Easy to install and use!
  • Can see 30m in total darkness (100ft)
  • Diameter 6.5cm (2.13?)
  • Depth 9cm (3?)
  • Height from base 14cm (4.5?)
Customer Reviews:
  • Product Description is WRONG!
    I bought this camera based on its specs, which appeared to be pretty good. However, there is a glaring problem between the Amazon description, and the one printed on the package. The Amazon description reads "lets you see up to 100 feet (30 meters) in total darkness". The packaging clearly reads "the 11 infra-red LEDs project invisible light up to 2-3m/6-9ft". I don't know about anybody else, but I find there is a big difference between 9 feet and 100 feet! I haven't actually tried the camera outside, to see how far it will be able to record images in the dark, but I was expecting 100 feet when I bought it (paid extra for that). I'm probably going to have to buy a different camera now - one that will work at a greater distance in the dark....more info
  • try a differant brand
    My first camera was working for about 15 min when it crashed. I called into customer service and was told that the camera is not to be mounted where it will be in direct sunlight even though its advertised as an outdoor camera. I had to pay for shipping to return the camera and received the replacement about 10 days later. When i open the box the lense on the camera was smashed in pieces and would'nt work. I called in again and was told i would have to pay for shipping again if i wanted to return it. Swann was been a complete waste of time and money, since then i've found other cameras online that i should have bought the first time. One last thing don't even try and get in touch with tech support as it's overseas and all you can do is leave a message that they don't return....more info
  • Not As Advertised
    The features described on the Amazon page are patently misleading. The effective range in total darkness, is NOT 100 ft, but more like 15ft. The image is NOT the quality they tout in fact it is fuzzy even under the best conditions. I am puzzled as to why the higher priced cameras offered by Swann are rated LOWER than this one. In their favor is the fact that the camera housing is metal, not plastic. It's unfortunate they didn't put in a better sensor. The one they used is no better than the X-10 garbage. Also, don't bother to complain to Swann because they will not answer any questions, and will refer you to the website instead which often doesn't have all the information. Before you buy, check out the manufacturers website...and then keep on shopping for something else that actually lives up to the hype....more info
  • Catch them.
    If you want to catch people who mess with your personal property, such as your car, or your garage, etc... this is THE item that will help you.

    ...more info
  • Security Camera
    The Security Camera is good, like I saw it in Amazon com
    I gave 5 stars...more info
  • Get the better one
    Bought this for short range outdoor surveillance, less than 40 ft. very fuzzy picture and horrible night picture. Would not recommend this camera for outdoor/night vision. For night vision get a camera with at least 20 infrareds....more info