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Cables To Go - 28012 - 10ft Pro Series HD15 M/M SVGA Monitor Cable with Ferrites (Black)
List Price: $31.34

Our Price: $4.79

You Save: $26.55 (85%)


Product Description

Now you can place your monitor where you want to place it! Introducing, Cables To Go's Workstation Monitor Cables. Ferrited and double shielded, Cables To Go monitor cables can go the distance without Ghosting and Signal Distortion. They are truly worry free since they are constructed with UL2919 certified composite coaxial and twisted pair shielded cables. Cables To Go Workstation monitor cables ensure crisp, distortion free video so you have maximum monitor positioning flexibility. These ultra-premium monitor cables are ideal for video presentation devices, video splitters, and KVM switches. Premium VGA Monitor extension cables are ideal for video presentations, classroom environments, POS, server rooms, or just for organizing your work area for maximum comfort and efficiency.

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Customer Reviews:

  • connects my laptop to my lcd tv
    works great. if you're looking for a cord to connect your laptop to your tv this is the one. ...more info
  • Extra length is handy
    We purchased this cable not knowing that Sony provides a shorter cable as a standard accessory for the LCD television we bought. It is approximately twice the length of the supplied cable and is quite a bit thicker, presumably due to heavier shielding. The extra length allows you to sit a comfortable distance from the TV and the image is very sharp. For the low price, we view this as a very worthwhile investment....more info
  • Great Product Great Price
    Cable works perfectly. No quality loss or distortion of any kind. Using with a 17" LCD monitor.

    Bought another cable at Staples that resulted in distortion and static on the screen.

    This cable costs less that the Staples one and works much better!

    ...more info
  • Monitor cable did the job
    I had a failure of a cable that was shipped with the LCD projector. this cable is much heavier made and looks to last longer. Perfect picture and extra length helps, too....more info
  • Good deal.
    I know I would have paid twice this much or more if I had bought it from another online source and four times as much at a bricks and mortar store....more info
  • To get the best picture use this cable

    By far the best cable that I have used with my laptop to 50 inch plasma
    TV. Very crisp picture.....more info
  • worked as promised
    Got this cable to connect from my wife's Toshiba labtop to the new Sharp LCD TV. Works great!
    ...more info
  • Good Product
    This is one of the best products to buy if you want to connect your laptop to your HDTV. It is long enough to sit at least 7 feet away from TV and at the same time navigate on the big screen.

    Don't buy into big claims of Monster cables since they deliver the same product as this cable. So think before risking $90-100 vs $12-15.

    I would rate this product as one of the best one available in market... ...more info
  • Great Product. Great Transaction.
    Have this wire for about 4 months now. So far, so good. Great transaction. Happy with everything. TY...more info
  • Using HDTV as my laptop monitor
    This wire allows my Dell Inspiron 9300 to use my Samsung HLS-5679W 56" LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV as its monitor in full 1920x1080 resolution.
    Great price, great product....more info
  • 10ft monitor cable
    Needed a monitor cable with length and a good means of connecting the laptop to the television. This has been the perfect cable. Another review recommended it as an excellent alternative for connecting the television and the computer. I now concur it works very well....more info
  • Works like a charm
    This cable does exactly what it should do and it comes at a great price.

    I use it to connect my laptop to my Samsung DLP TV Samsung HLT6187S 61" Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV and it works just fine....more info
  • They work - no complaints
    It works, it connects laptop to flatscreen tv and a projector (not at the same time!). Image quality looks good to me. I see no fault.

    If you're wondering - YES you do need a separate audio jack cable to connect the sound output from a laptop to your tv....more info
  • a pin is missing
    Pin 9 is missing on both ends. It doesn't effect the visual quality coz it i s a pin for +5V power supply. ...more info
  • SVGA Cable Review
    Cable works as expected allowing me to connect my (older G-4 dual-gig) Mac to a 40 inch 1080 HDTV monitor with good resolution....more info
  • cable

    10FT SVGA Monitor Cable HD15M/M Coax & Twisted Pair Dbl Shld
    arrived in good working order in a timeley mannor....more info
  • Great Product. Great Transaction.
    Have this wire for about 4 months now. So far, so good. Great transaction. Happy with everything. TY...more info
  • Good for Laptop to LCD
    Was looking for a way to get Netflix Instant Movies to my LCD TV. The LCD has many different connectors, one being a VGA. Tried and older cable, but it was missing some pins and the image was not crisp. My laptop has WiFi and has bandwidth for movie. Got this cable and everything worked great. Had to reconfigure the display driver from 1200X800 to 1360X768 and it worked like a charm....more info
  • Superb Service, Unbeatable Price
    The vga cable that I originally received with my projector broke, so I needed a replacement. I went with Cables to Go based on the other reviews & was extraordinarily pleased. It was exactly what I needed, was shipped very quickly and the price was the best on the Internet and at any local electronics store....more info
  • The cable is UVGA - highest quality supporting 1080p HD resolution!
    Note everybody that the cable is not SVGA but it is UVGA that is the highest quality available and supports HD 1080p. You can check that from the vendor's web. The price is cheap. I saw an SVGA cable in one local store for >$50! So go for it. Now I can use my 40" digital TV as a huge monitor!...more info
  • SVGA Monitor cable
    This cable was very reasonable in price and works well. It arrived only 3 days after I ordered it. I run it between my laptop and my 40" HDTV, giving me a great monitor for slide shows and PowerPoint presentations....more info
  • Works great.
    I use this cable to connect my pc's video card to my 42" LCD TV. I often download movies, legally of course, and play them from my computer on my TV. The video signal provided through this cable is great. The cable feels very heavy duty and sturdy. I couldn't ask for more in such an inexpensive package....more info