60FT Range Night Light User Friendly Easy To Connect
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Product Description

Clover Electronics' Night Lights are indeed the night vision accessory of choice for any owner of a black and white video camera.Turn any black and white camera into a night vision camera with the IR045.Go ahead turn off those lights, because with the IR045's 60 to 70 foot invisible light range will give any intruder a false sense of security as your video camera captures his every move.Set up couldn't be any easier. Just "Plug and POINT". Plug in the power supply, point the lamp at your desired area of target, and then let your camera do the rest.PRODUCT FEATURES:User Friendly;Easy To Connect;Up To 60 Foot Range;Low Power Consumption;Weather Resistant;Construction Metal Casing;Night Vision 60' Range;Usable Illumination 0.0 Lux;LED count and rating 68 Illuminators (830nM);Power Supply DC 12V 500mA.

Customer Reviews:
  • Works well as booster for IR baby monitors
    After moving our IR baby video monitoring camera across the room, I found the IR LEDs on the camera just weren't powerful enough. This IR light works really well for supplemental light to boost IR cameras. I'm glad I bought the model (IR045) with 68 LED for a few reasons. It really blasts the room with enough IR light to see everything on the monitor sharp and clear. Secondly, it's powerful enough so that you don't need to aim it directly at the subject/kid/bed; you can hide it behind/on top of something and reflect it off the ceiling. Lights with less LEDs were about the same price. I was thinking about building one myself until I discovered single IR LED bulbs were $1-2 a piece, so not a lot of savings to DIY. This light does get warm and sometimes I notice a red glow, but I think that's normal. Comes with a power adapter (not obvious from the picture or description). Seems to be well built, but have only been using for about 2 weeks....more info
  • Not as good as it sounds
    The IR Light is sturdy and looks like the picture. The function however is not as good as the ad claims:
    The Light runs very hot for LED, would not last as configured from factory.
    No day light sensor, so light will run constantly, even during the day.
    The distance the light can illuminate is more like 20 feet if you want to see who or what your filming, you might see a mirror at 60 feet.

    Over all not happy with product or the way it was avertised....more info
  • burns out after a couple of hours
    I bought half a dosen of those for a project at work. Plugged them in and left on for a couple of hours. Most of them burned out even thought it was in a regular office enviroment with conditioned power source! All LED's became dim. To get to higher power, the manufacturer probably operates LED's above the allowed current limit, which results in very short life time of the device. ...more info
  • Night Light lets you see in the dark
    I got this to see a disabled person on a monitor during the night. The light works great, but I did take off one star because of the heat it
    gives off. It is very hot to the touch when on, this is not a significant problem, but one I wasn't expecting. Otherwise, I'm completely satisfied with the purchase....more info