Vector VEC008 Digital LCD Voltmeter, 12 Volt
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Product Description

This Portable Voltage Meter plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter and measures the voltage output of your car. The easy-to-read, lighted digital display shows the exact battery voltage withing 0.1 volts. The backlight allows for use in low light or darkness. The voltage meter is designed for all vehicles and can read from 0 - 24 volts. The high/medium/low voltage indicator lights show the battery's overall condition. Don't get caught without any power in your vehicle! Avoid getting stranded with this easy-to-use voltage meter. By Vector.

  • Measures voltage output on running vehicle.
  • Plugs directly into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket
  • Designed for all vehicles - reads from 0-24 volts
  • High/med/low voltage indicator lights show the battery's overall condition
  • Easy-to-read, lighted digital display shows exact battery voltage (within 0.1 volt). Backlit LCD for use in low light or darkness

Customer Reviews:

  • simple display of battery condition
    This is the cheapest and simplest device for making sure your battery is at its proper voltage. A necessity for anyone wanting to pull electricity from a battery while the engine is off. It is not bomb proof, however.... My first one broke after leaving in the glove compartment, where it got knocked around by the items in there. The swivel is where it broke, and the circuitry eventually failed causing the screen to go blank. Keep it protected and it will last. Fortunately it doesn't cost much to replace....more info
  • Vector Disgital Voltmeter
    This plugs into lighter outlet and allows me to monitor car battery voltage when charging other items from the car. Easy to read. Works well...more info
  • Great idea, typical Chinese construction
    Well, it's a great idea and a great tool for troubleshooting charging systems as you can drive the car around and monitor the voltage.

    The construction is pretty shoddy, don't expect much, but it is cheap. ...more info
  • Good as troubleshooter
    Item was advertised for 12 & 24 volt systems but doesn't go over 24 volts. An alternator on a 24 volt system runs over 28 volts. This meter will not read above 24.0 volts. But is good for 12 systems....more info
  • works, but made cheap
    I think this thing lasted 30 seconds in my RV. It sticks out and my kids brushed by it and snapped it off.

    Oh well....more info
  • A handy gizmo!
    A very convenient, easy to read device for monitoring the condition of the battery in your vehicle. It is backlit enough to read at night though the LED lights are sufficent to know if you have a problem or not. I also like the portability of the unit. If someone else is having a problem, it is quite simple to plug it into their vehicle to check battery status. A nice little unit for the price!...more info
  • Great item - I use it in my airplane
    Experiencing dificulties in my airplane related to variable voltage I purchased this voltmeter and plugged it in. It works great and lets me know exactly what the voltage is, as in the alternator gets turned off and I start to use battery power, this gauge lets me know exactly when that happens. Excellent piece of equipment. It is not robust, being made of plastic but works great for what it is!...more info
  • Useful tool for motorhomes, and vehicles that sit...
    My motorhome has elaborate charging and monitoring for the house batteries, but nothing for the starting battery. This is an excellent tool to use to keep track at a glance to make sure the starting battery isn't allowed to get too low before taking some means to charge it. Don't expect accurate readings, as mine was reading about 0.5 volts low compared to a real voltmeter (until I opened it and adjusted the little pot).

    Still, even without adjusting, if you park it, note whatever it reads fully charged (actually about 12.65V), and once once you see it has dropped a half of a volt, it is time to charge. I suspect they are all set a little different.

    Well worth the price, but fragile as noted earlier.
    ...more info
  • Not nearly as fragile as others have claimed. Fine product!
    This is well made for a non-commercial use product. Others have claimed that it is made of cheap plastic and it will break easily. I'm sure it will break like any plastic product if it's battered and mishandled. I've tested it in three of our family vehicles and it works VERY well. There have been NO signs of a tendency to crumble or break when handled as someone described in a previous review. I like the way it tilts depending on the angle needed to view the digital readout and lighted display. This device is like having a medical thermometer around the house, available when needed. You may not use it very often but it's nice to have available. So why should it be "robust" and ruggedly built? Maybe there should be a rugged upgraded model available for the service station owner who would use it constantly. Buy it. It works well and it's a great bargain!...more info
  • 12/24 Volt LCD Voltage Meter
    i've had one for 6-7 years now and only use it sporadically when helping people who need a jump to start their cars. (find it helpful for diagnostic purposes but that's out of the scope of practice for joe handyman) it's back lit and easy to read. cheaply built and not very sturdy, but what do you want for the price? occasionally it "jams" and won't show a reading. it needs to be unplugged and plugged back in again. not accurate for voltages lower than 7.0 or for the range 15-21 volts, but for 12 or 24 volt systems, will accurately indicate with numbers and 3 led sequential lights the amount of juice being fed in....more info