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The Clarence Greenwood Recordings
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Anyone whose CD collection is expansive enough to contain both Mos Def and Jack Johnson will easily find room somewhere between for the sophomore album from Clarence Greenwood, aka Citizen Cope. The singer-songwriter, who got his start playing DJ in the exquisitely laidback Washington D.C. hip-hop outfit Basehead, works hard to smudge the lines that separate genres, throwing together blues, beats and books in socially-conscious jams like "Bullet and a Target" and "D'Artagan's Theme." Meshell Ndegeocello helps out on the low-lit love song "Sideways," while Carlos Santana brings his usual fretboard fireworks to "Son's Gonna Rise." -- Aidin Vaziri

Customer Reviews:

  • Stunning
    I stumbled on Citizen Cope/Clarence Greenwood a little late; What a fantastic work! This is an incredibley soulful artist. Every song (on his every album) is a perfect, simple, deeply felt composition in my opinion. I think his style very gracefully belnds the lines between reggae, blues, rock, and a touch of East Coast R & B.

    A classic work, and a must have....more info
  • good stuff
    A lot of reviewers say it sounds like a lot of things... but it sounds reggae-ish to me. There's a lot of repetition and I'm not overly fond of Clarence's voice, but this is a good album. There are a lot of good songs here. I like *Son's Gonna Rise*, *Bullet and Target* and I think my favorite was *Hurrican Waters.* It's worth a listen....more info
  • Finally....
    It is about time something refreshing and new has hit the bland music scene. It is one of those recordings that you can't get enough of, at least for me. Give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed....more info
  • Not what it appears
    I saw this cd in a magizine with rave reviews, so I listened to it on my computer and, to be honest, wasn't impressed. At first glance, the songs sounded the same and the lyrics weren't important. But for some reason, i listened to it a couple of times and found it grew on me! now, i love this cd and listen to it often!
    Trust me, the music will grow on you. Each song has its own little twist, from the instrumentation to the style of singing. And the lyrics are very srong, as relized once i read them in the liner notes!!! His voice is perfect for his blues/funk/hip-hop and completly original music. This cd is very different than others and i cant see it being on the radio cause it doesnt have a strong single on it, however, if listened to enough, each song will shine. It is a wonderful cd that gets better every time its played, so give it a good, solid chance!...more info
  • Something for everyone
    I am never bored with this recording. The quality and scope of the sound is absolutely amazing. Cope wites about a range of real life situations and melds then into highly emotive, expressive music. In doing so, he creates songs that would appeal to just about anyone at any stage in their life. Bluesy, melancholy at times, also determined and vivid; the breadth and depth of Citizen Cope's musical ability is immediately evident. And through all of it, his hip-hop sensibilities are softened, but not diminished. Truly amazing, this CD appeals to me on a different level every time I listen to it and I find new ways that it relates to my experiences more and more....more info
  • Freakin awesome
    I love this CD! Between a Bullet and a track. Probably his best work thus far. ...more info
  • Impressive funk-rock
    Citizen Cope first grabbed my ear in the duet of "Sideways" with Carlos Santana on the latter's "Shaman" album a couple of years ago. It was the highlight of an otherwise so-so recording. That song is reprised here (sans Santana), along with ten other tunes. Citizen Cope sounds like a chilled-down version of Jamiroquai's Jay Kay, yet his sound is one of the most unique and recognizable I've heard all year. With a spare, loping jazz-rock framework and an almost hip-hop backbeat, Cope presents his songs with a certain laconic energy (oxymoron, I know), and a marble-mouthed delivery that somehow seems to work. "Bullet and a Target" is the most arresting song in this collection, with its theme of world and domestic violence. But there are several other choice cuts too, such as "Nite Becomes Day", "Pablo Picasso" and "Son's Gonna Rise". This is effective, affecting, socially conscious rock with a healthy dash of funk, and one of the best releases of the year.

    P.S.: I have read the complaints of other reviewers about the copy-protection technology on this CD, and it is a legitimate concern. If the big FBI warning label doesn't put you off, you may encounter problems with playing this CD, or copying any part of it for personal use. (I tried to burn just one track for a personal-use compilation disc, and the result was a very garbled, even "scrambled" playback that rendered it unlistenable.) But it's a bargain-priced CD and worth purchasing anyway - don't let the warnings scare you off....more info
  • Why isn't anyone talking about this kid!
    Like one of the other reviewers stated...I heard "On My Way Home" when I was in a Cafe in Amsterdam and I knew that I recognized the voice. But I had to find out for sure because that song triggered something in my soul. It was exactly how I have felt but I have been unable to express it. When I found out it was Citizen Cope, I remembered that he sang on Michele N' DeChello's (Spelling?)album. It was one of the most underrated albums that she has ever had on a side note. Anyway, that song that he guest appeared on was one of the most haunting songs that I have heard in quite some time. I vowed to check for him when he came out. Well I didn't find him...he found me. A bullet and a target makes me want to protest any and every cause! There are a couple of songs that lag but overall, I am very pleased with this album! ...more info
  • Pure Spirit
    I find it really difficult to categorzie Cope's music (and never really understood the point of that anyway) but what it is: good to listen to, good to dance to, good to memorzie all the words of (he is a gifted storyteller and also has something worthwhile to say). Each of the excellent musicans in the band bring a different attitude to it - from hip hop beats and funk bass slapping. Buy it and go see them live! I have never seen an artist who can inspire an audience to vibe pure love for an entire concert...I've seen him 5 times because I leave feeling so high! And on top of all that - the man is...humble?...more info
  • I had to cope with this CD...
    1 good song on CD, which is the popular Pontiac song...which isn't that good when you listen to the whole song. Pontiac clipped the song to really make you feel like the actual "Sun" is going to rise, and your haulin ass- a good drop the top cruise song, but the song is truely about a lady in the back seat-which is his wife, giving birth to their "SON". Took the whole feel out of the song and enjoyment away and gave TOTAL different meaning. I can't figure if they are trying to be a hard metal band in some songs, or if they are wanting to be thugs in others. Would not purchase again, definately a 1 hit wonder. Pontiac gave them their 5 minutes of fame....more info
  • Nothing entirely "new", but a masterpiece in itself!
    When I popped this thing into my computer (Mine does play in the computer, don't know why since I've read a few complaints about that...), I just intended to play it as background music. See, I'm part of a website for listeners that gives away free CDs in exchange for an honest opinion of them. Not all of the CDs have been great and I wasn't expecting this one to be!

    Anyways, it did take a few plays for it to "hit" me. I initially started repeating the even # songs - 2, 4, 6... Even though #2 is really silly lyrically (it's cool at first until you hear the last line), I think it's powerful.

    This CD isn't an entirely "new" sound. I don't know why everyone expects CDs to be so unique, I definitely think there's a bit of mastery involved before you can move on. He's definitely mastered his style. It's moving, honest. (And oddly enough, I love how he sometimes sounds like he's singing with a mouthful of marbles.)

    I'm giving it 4 stars because the CD is good enough to share with friends, without having to worry about hearing it on ClearChannel stations 90 times a day! I can't wait to hear him live.

    If you like my review, please vote for it! If you want details on the Free CD site (I'm all about sharing) or have other questions about this album, AIM ME ~WinterGetsMe~ Thanks!...more info
  • If they don't stop playing this in my office...

    ...I am going to kill somebody....more info
  • Finally
    Finally a kinda unknown album I don't have to give justice to (aka West Indian Girl) Amazing album. This guy is gonna be big. Get him now! ...more info
  • Better than anything else out there,.
    I love "Between a bullet and and a target" This sound only is 4 stars. I'm glad to fianlly escape the stupid nu-metal and rap that seems to be everywhere. Get this today!...more info
  • One of the best albums of 2004
    Set aside copyright or CD issues. This is not the artists choice, this is a bigger problem with the whole record industry, and has nothing to do with a "review" about the music. I get the feeling some people have not actually taken the time and listened to this entire album before deciding to write some type of disgruntled review, which is ridiculous. This is one of those rare albums that each and every single song on there is absolutely amazing. The kind of CD you put in car and enjoy the ride, because each song makes you move and sing along. The kind of album you put in when friends are over and while they are moving to the beat they ask who it is because its like nothing they've heard before, but love it. I love music of all genres, from rock to hip hop to country, and this just hits on every mark. This is a brilliant album, and a brilliant artist. ...more info
  • Fabulous from the start
    My first exposure to CC was on the U. of Penn radio station
    WXPN. Contact was the song. I loved it. It was raw, radical,
    funky, fantastic. I was hooked. When the CG Recordings came
    out I ran to get the cd. In my humble opinion, this is one of
    those classic cd's that will outlast the test of time. What a
    talent; one that will appeal to all types of music lovers, from age 12 (my Son) to age 52, my dear old friend Joe.Go get this CD
    NOW...more info
  • simply lovely
    I first heard Citizen Cope and I was instantly hooked. This CD took a couple of listens to truly appreciate. But now I think it's his best one yet. My favorite songs are Bullet and a Target and Hurrican Waters. Great CD!...more info
  • Nice bluesie type flavor
    This is an awesome CD! Everytime I listen to it I like it even more. "Bullet and a Target", freakin' rocks. Not sure what it is, I normally listen to Korn, Tool and Fear Factory and that type of music. Don't get me wrong, there are some slow tunes, but none the less it sounds nice cranked! ...more info
  • another sell out
    Yes his is the song in the tv commercials for the Pontiac auto. Why do so many musicians so readily compromise themselves and agree to whore their music out to crass commercial interests? True, everyone needs money, most people like money, blah blah. But for music that is supposed to be intensely personal, and communicate directly with a listener, i am only now becoming inured to how easily these "artists" become sell outs....more info
  • Don't Listen to the Negative Feedback
    Citizen Cope is one of those bands that I will isten to their CD's 20 years from now. I saw CC open for Gomez, then a small show at the Paradise Lounge and then a bigger one at the main room at the Paradise. Both Citizen Cope CD's are great. They are amazing live. He has such a great magnetic voice and stage appearance. Citizen Cope has not jumped on the bandwagon and is not a sell out. I do not think he compromised by being on a commercial. I am not a huge fan of that but I don't care because his music is awesome. I wish people could play that in my office. It would make the day go by so much faster. Unless you are a music snob, you will love this cd....more info
  • Citizen copee review
    fairly good album, great style of music, bullet and a target classic of course, i also liked pablo piccaso, and penitentary. its a shame u cant get more good music like this in Australia...more info
  • Fabulous
    I absolutely love this cd. It catches you right from the start with its unique beat and amazing lyrics. I'd recommend it to anyone, no matter what kind of music you listen to....more info
  • Shockingly amazing album
    I can not believe how great this album is. I first heard the song "Son's Gonna Rise" on a commercial and instantly downloaded the song because I wanted to hear it again. When I had the oppurtunity to get the CD for free through a site, I hesitantly ordered it (I redeemed the CD with points I had accumulated for doing random activities). After I receieved it in the mail, it sat around for a while before I actually got around to listening to it. I wish I had listened to it sooner.

    My like all the songs, but my favorites are definitely going to have to be "Bullet and a Target", "Pablo Picasso", "Penitentiary", "Sideways", and "Hurricane Waters"...and that's about half the album. I can't get this out of my CD player.

    His voice is very soothing and relaxing. I have recommended this CD to pretty much everyone I know. ...more info
  • Brilliant Songwriter
    He's an incredible lyricists and a great vocalist. The style is not particularly original but it doesn't need to be. I don't normally like the singer-songwriter with a guitar model of making music, but Citizen Cope is on point....more info
  • Top Ten
    Having heard Citizen Cope on Santana's latest, I kinda knew what to expect when i bought this album- but i wasnt expecting to be adding it to my top ten list. Right off the bat "Sons Gonna Rise" grabbed me but it seemed like day after day, i was picking a new favourite song. I am a DJ at a few bars and played "Bullet & a Target" one night and had 5 people (one of them being the owner of the bar) ask me what the song was, so i knew it wasnt just me. If you like G. Love, Jack Johnson, or Gomez I suggest you pick this up....more info
  • Huge Disappointment
    I was looking foward to Citizen Cope's follow-up to his self-titled debut ever since its original release date of summer 2003. Once you listen to it, it is apparent why the album was the reason Cope got dropped from Dreamworks and it took 2 years to get it released. On his debut, Cope was able to create stories with characters we cared for, and could actually sympathize toward, Cope's storytelling skill seems like it was missing from The Clarence Greenwood Recordings. I thought he did a bad job with the songwriting on this album, songwriting was not a problem on his debut. Cope showed himself as musically gifted on his debut, again, is missing from this album. His trademark "folk-hop" style, in which he fused folk with hip-hop sensibilities, which made his first album stand out, is completely missing here. On his debut, Cope established himself as a gifted storyteller of urban folk tales, with The Clarence Greenwood Recordings, it seems as if Cope has lost all of his talent....more info
  • Listen to the COPY RIGHT notices
    I like the guy.. The album is decent.. Not great, but good enough that I've gone out of my way to listen to certain tracks over and over....

    BUT... and this is a BIG BUTT... The copyright protection is total bullshiat. You can't put this album on your computer, ipod, pace maker, etc.. It is extremely annoying and enough for me to call SKUNK at this stink bomb... DON"T BUY THIS ALBUM.. SET A PRECENDENCE that it is not OK for artists or record labels to determine "how" we are supposed to listen to them. This is not ok....more info