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Apple Cinema 30-inch HD Flat-Panel Display
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Product Description

Includes: DVI cable, FireWire 400 cable, USB 2.0 cable, and DC power. Apple 30" LCD Cinema Display - This huge 30" computer monitor is perfect for the prosumer and professional alike. Imagine multi-tasking with multiple full-size windows open simultaneously, or editing video with a super-wide timeline! It has a native resolution of 2560x1600, and a contrast ratio 400:1, for stunning quality on a Mac G5 powered computer. Brightness - 400 cd/m2 Viewing Angle - 170 degrees horizontal / 170 degrees vertical Antiglare Hardcoat Screen Treatment Kensington Security Port User Controls - Display Power, System Sleep, System Wake, Brightness and Display Tilt Connects to a Macintosh via a digital DVI connection Macintosh system requirements - Power Mac G5 and NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL graphics card (offered as CTO option for new Power Mac G5 customers and as a kit for current Power Mac G5 customers (M9593G/A) PC capable only if Windows PC is equipped with a dual-link DVI graphics card (some resolution adjustments may be required)

  • 2,560 x 1,600 optimal resolution, 16.7 million colors, Brightness 400cd/m2, Contrast ratio 700:1
  • Industry-standard DVI connector
  • Design complements the latest Power Macs and PowerBooks
  • 2-port USB 2.0 hub, 2 FireWire 400 ports
  • Requires NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL Card

Customer Reviews:

  • nothing short of perfect!
    Owning this monitor so far (two months) has been just wonderful! It took no time at all for me to get utterly spoiled by having a huge space to open multiple documents, multiple programs, everything at my fingertips. Plus, the display quality is drop-dead gorgeous. (And since I spend 8-12 hours a day staring at it, that's a big deal!) I would absolutely recommend this to anyone in the market for a high-end monitor. ...more info
  • Gamer Card Compatibility
    Just wanted to let everyone know that it's been confirmed with multiple owners that the Asus V9999 Gamer Edition based on the 6800 (not GT or Ultra) supports the optimal 2560x1600 resolution....more info
  • Watch out for bad pixels!
    LCD monitors inherently can be manufactured such that they end up with a few dead/bad pixels. This shows up as a colored dot on the monitor when certain colors are displayed. Apple needs to do the right thing and take a stand on quality control. Samsung has recently adopted a 'no bad pixel' policy on their monitors and Apple should do the same.

    Apple's policy is that it's not considered a defective monitor unless there are 5 ore more bad pixels or a cluster of 3 or more clumped together. Apple states that out of the millions of pixels that high resolution monitors have, a few dead bad ones isn't considered a problem. This policy is not fair when such a large number of these Apple monitors do actually make it to the retail stores with bad pixels. The first one I received had a bad pixel that was visible all the time and the replacement also has 2 bad pixels that are visible sometimes, when certain dark colors are being displayed. I was told point blank by the Apple Store that I would not be able to return it again, without paying an exhorbitant 10% restocking fee.

    While the monitor is beautiful in case, design and quality of the overall picture, the pixel issue is a serious issue for me. I feel it's unfair that I have to pay so much for a monitor that contains visible defects. And while I'm living with the bad pixels right now and don't notice them all the time, it still bothers me that Apple doesn't step up and do the right thing, especially on such an expensive item....more info
  • Brilliant product. Productivity enhancer.
    I have been recently converting from PC -> Mac at home. Have an iMac 24" and a 17" MacBook Pro. Been using the MacBook to transition between work and home, and now can do a lot of my development for work on the MacBook (I am a programmer).

    I use a 24" Dell at work, and have been pretty happy with it -- though I have been lusting after a 30" Cinema Display just due to the fact that it looks really nice (like a work of art in comparison to the childish looking 30" Dells). But I didn't really want to pay the price premium ($400 difference between the two). So I've been patiently looking around hoping the price will drop. Well, the local Apple Store had a demo model that was never even used for cheaper than the Dell! The box looked beaten up (they have been shuffling it between the floor and the back room every week) but the monitor was in pristine shape. Plugged it into the MacBook at the store, and I was sold!

    While 1920x1200 on the 24" Dell was a nice bump up from the 1600x1200 I was used to with my home 21" Dell, 30" at 2560x1600 was a revelation. I finally feel unconstrained by my desktop, especially when I have my 17" Laptop screen next to it for miscellaneous windows, or reference materials (I am a programmer as mentioned above). I can have code views side by side on my main monitor, which I had never been able to do before and I am no longer flipping between applications. XCode's debugger basically yearns for screen space like this thanks to the multiple floating windows (an irksome 'feature' in XCode).

    I can have my Windows XP installation running fullscreen on my 17" laptop monitor at full resolution and can do cross platform development very easily now on one machine.

    I honestly feel unchained and unleashed. This monitor is well worth every penny, even at full cost (and Amazon is a bit cheaper than what you will find at the Apple store, unless you look at refurbs). I got the 3 year Apple Care on the monitor (is $99 and can be purchased anytime in the 1 year base warranty) since this thing is a significant investment and $99 is almost insignificant compared to the price of the beast.

    My monitor was manufactured in late 2005, so some of what I mention may or may not apply to later model monitors. The monitor is VERY bright, and out of the box seemed to be slightly biased to red (at least compared to my laptop screen). Well, after calibrating it it turns out that the laptop was just slightly calibrated towards blue. Go figure. I seem to be more tolerant towards blue shifts than red evidently. If you have a window that is all white, there are slight color shifts towards the corners. But this is apparently based on view angle, because if you move your eyes towards the corners, the shift disappears. Again, it is very slight and you would have to have your entire window be white to notice it.

    Mac users: By default, the software that is installed ties the power button to shutting off your machine (though it prompts you before it does shut it down). This was slightly odd to me. But you can change the preferences so that the power button in fact powers down the monitor and not the machine.

    The controls on the side are touch sensitive, and have little tactile feedback other than the depression that they sit in. For the first hour when I would be adjusting the monitor I would be constantly turning it off because I would just brush against the button. After a while, you memorize the exact location of that button on the side ;)

    The monitor itself can pitch up and down, and that's pretty much it. It sits on a low friction base similar to the iMac, and can be rotated left and right via the base very easily. I am actually impressed by how easy it is to move these things. My 24" Dell at work takes more effort. Speaking of the Dell monitor, I have suddenly noticed how cheap, even their 30" one feels now. There is something about having an item that is aesthetically pleasing, and the Apple Cinema displays certainly excel in that regard. The Dells are starting to look (with their hybrid silver/black designs) rather childish in comparison when placed side by side with the Apple unit. To be fair, the Dell is a lot cheaper than the retail price of this monitor, and that alone will be enough to make it the better purchase for many users. Also, the Dell has a 3 year warranty by default, while you have to pay $99 for the Apple 3-year warranty.

    I also on occasion do studio photography work of children (mostly *my* children these days, as I have gotten too busy to take on clients anymore but I digress :) ). Taking some of my 13 MegaPixel RAW photos from my Canon 5D and displaying them on the 4MP monitor took my breath away. Looking at some from my kids' Christmas shoot was great. I can see details that I had almost forgotten. You'd have to get large prints to see this sort of detail at a glance. Photographers: You MUST have this monitor!

    So I say: Indulge yourself with this purchase. You will not regret it! At the end of the day you not only have a monitor, but a very nice looking piece of furniture too....more info
  • Does not work with PNY Verto 6600GT !
    For the ones reading the previous reviews here .. this 30" does NOT work with the PNY Verto 6600GT. I assume the version of the PNY 6600GT that is produced now is different from the older one (which had 2 DVI ports, the new ones have 1 DVI and 1 VGA). The newer one is not dual-link-DVI capable, it's not possible to run 2560 x 1600 with that graphics card (I just tried, bought the PNY 6600GT from Amazon, but I have to return it because it doesnt work with the 30" display).

    Regarding the display : simply the best you can get ! I love it. Great design, works great, only has 1 pixel error (on 4 million pixels !). The pixels are so small, the pixel error is hard to see at all ... I found it after having the display 6 months, it's just too small to recognize, it's kinda invisible.

    Most newest generation graphics cards can support the 2560 x 1600 (i.e. the 7900 gtx cards), but it's never wrong to take a look at the tech specs or email the manufacturer to make sure. If you are looking for an AGP or PCI card, you gotta look for the Nvidia Quadro FX4000, Matrox Parhelia DL (DL!), or the Asus V9999GE Gamers Edition (not the normal VE or VD editions, it gotta be GE to run 2560 x 1600)....more info
  • Beware!
    Be careful with this product. There are a number of problems present in the current model of the 30" ACD.

    The most notable one is the famous 'pixel-dancing' or flickering problem. You can read all about it in the following Apple discussion thread:


    Scroll down to the end and you'll see that this problem is still very much present in these displays.

    I'm now going for my second replacement since I purchased the original display, and I hope I get a decent display this time. It seems to be a hit or miss situation, I'm afraid.

    Despite this, however, if you do receive one of the good displays, you'll absolutely love it. Just make sure you buy it from somewhere you can obtain a replacement and, in the worst of cases, a refund....more info
  • Perfect size, great quality.
    At first I thought this screen was going to be too big, but after a few days it felt just right. It's sharp and contrasty, and you can't really have enough screen real estate to keep multiple editor windows open. It does produce quite a bit of heat - hopefully Apple will come out with an LED lit version soon. Until then, this certainly beats the 23 inch, which was already a great screen. Apple uses high quality LCD panels and the image quality you get in return is very good. This is the perfect screen if you have to stare at one for most of the day....more info
  • Just Plain Beautiful!
    I bought this monitor for my Apple Power Mac G5 and it has been wonderful to own it. 30 inches of beautiful viewing and this is a perfect screen for playing games on. You really do have to go all out on this one because it costs almost or the same as the Power Mac G5 at around $2,999.99 which is extremely expensive but it really isn't too expensive for a LCD monitor at this size. The styling Apple did on this monitor is similar to the PowerBook and it looks amazing. You can use this monitor on Windows computers too. It has 2-Port USB 2.0 Hub Built-In and a 2-Por FireWire Hub Built-In right in it! Native Resolution of 2560x1600 pixels. I think this works the best of G5's but I guess you can use it on any computer you like. I would recommend this display to you because it has everything you need. Check it out!...more info
  • A must have for design professionals
    The 30" Cinema Display is THE display that designers, especially print designers, need, without any doubt whatsoever. After my original 22" Cinema Display suddenly died after 9 years of excellent use, I decided to upgrade to the 30" and I haven't looked back. For the first 3 days it seemed HUGE, but on the 4th day it began to feel normal to have this much screen real estate. I can view 2 web pages side by side, and most importantly, I can work on brochures and packaging at full size and see the whole thing. Those who say that Apple's monitors are too expensive are those who don't understand the value of buying a quality item, and are only interested in price. I work on my Mac every day and the ease of use and productivity I get out of the unit more than makes up for the higher price. Color fidelity is about the best I've seen. The screen is VERY bright and I keep it at near its lowest setting. Colors and clarity are unmatched by any other monitor. The matte screen is reflection-free and easy on the eyes.

    At full resolution the monitor is 2560 x 1600 pixels, at 100 pixels per inch. Apple is known for its superior quality control and superb design. Works with Macs as well as Windows computers. Highly recommended....more info
  • Why get 1 if you can have two
    I started my computing with a Mac+ with a 10" screen. Many Macs later I now have a G5 with Quad Processors and two 30" Cinema Displays. All I can say is FANTASTIC. Crystal clarity for all my digital darkroom work and slideshows. To run two 30s I bought the NVIDIA Qiadrp FX 4500 graphics card. Both displays work seamlessly as one virtual display. When I am writing on the right display I can (and do) run a slideshow on the left one. When I am doing research I can spread out 6 full pages and still have room left over for my iTunes window, dictionary window and more. Adjusting the screens is simple, there are extra firewire and USB slots on the back of the Displays for convience. One final note. The increase of photographic clarity from a 23" display to the 30" is outstanding. If you work with video or photographs get one of these babies....better yet, get two! ...more info
    You will love it, and you will be the envy of your friends. ...more info
  • Apple 30" Cinema Display and PNY 6600GT
    I received it today, and it's a monster. If you've seen one in a store, it looks twice as big on your desk. Until a few hours ago, I was running two 20" aluminum cinema displays on a PNY 6600GT. After doing online research about using the 30" display under Windows XP, I found that the "functional" cheap solution being used is in fact the PNY 6600GT (Verto 128MB DDR3 with two DVI connectors). Considering that the other two most noted solutions, QuadroFX 4000 AGP or Parhelia DL256 PCI, are going for $600+ on ebay, I was willing to give my old beater a try. Besides, I didn't feel like buying another AGP card with PCIE taking over the world, or sacrificing the only PCI slot in my Shuttle XPC (SB75G2).

    To my great relief, the monitor worked on the card right away, even showing me the POST and Windows start-up screen (it did for the 20" displays, too). But to my absolute delight, the card is actually running both the 30" and a 20" in 32-bit color. The 20" looks absurdly small next to the 30", like I didn't water it enough or something. The 30" is enormous enough that I think it might be better were it curved! Maybe I'm just sitting too close.

    The only problem with the 6600GT is that the DVI jacks are so near each other that I had to take the plastic housing off of the 20" plug to fit it below the 30". I'm not a gamer, so I can't say whether the card performs well for that. It feels as zippy as with the 20" on regular windowing tasks. I use Eclipse, Flash, Photoshop, etc., but no video editing or 3D stuff.

    The screen had a slight warm cast that I didn't like. Nvidia's control panel let me adjust it manually, and now my 30" and 20" look almost identical. My biggest fear was of course dead pixels. By the good grace of lucky ducks, this is the third panel I've gotten from Apple with no dead pixels. Brightness is uniform but for a very very subtle drop in the far lower left and right edges. It's not apparent unless you put white there and actively look for it.

    In any case, I bought it to get more programming panels on the screen at once, and it does a fine job at that. I'm using the 20" for browsing and, alas, a few panels that STILL don't fit. Apple, where's 3840 x 2400?? I strip one star cuz it's crazy expensive.
    ...more info
  • Just a note - not compatible with new MacBooks, but is with MacBookPro
    Although this is listed in the "compatible monitors" section by Amazon for the newly announced (yesterday?) MacBooks (the iBook replacements), you need a dual link DVI output to drive this monitor - the MacBook does not have this video output while the MacBook Pro does....more info
  • Breathtaking
    Great display, beautiful design. Using Parallels I run 3 computers at once on this display: the Mac, a Windows XP virtual machine, and a Windows Vista virtual machine (I'm a software developer). Plenty of real estate for my 3-machine "lab." I'm also a digital photography enthusiast and the big screen makes working with thousands of photos in Aperture a joy. This display would be perfect if you could raise and lower it, but I won't subtract stars because I knew about this limitation when I bought it....more info
  • Stunning Picture on this Display, could use a refresh in some specs...
    Just got the 30" Apple Cinema Display, after agonizing for months on which brand/model to buy for a large desktop monitor. I've had this for 3 days now, hooked up to my 17" Mac Book Pro notebook, and my initial impression is that the picture is stunning, much better at home that when I've seen these on display at several other stores, including the Apple Store. The colors and brightness are amazing out of the box, and I still haven't had a chance to use a color calibration tool, waiting for a Huey Pro to arrive in the mail early next week.

    After much agonizing, and A LOT of research on other brands/models, I recommend this monitor. A couple of items, this model could use a slight refresh in specs, no iSight camera, can't buy standalone anymore, there should be one integrated into the bezel, like the iMacs and notebook computers from Apple. Also, if there is going to be a hub for ports, add a couple of firewire 800 ports alongside the USB and FW 400 ones already on it. Other than that, I say go ahead a buy, you will not regret it!...more info
  • Amazing view--but get the extended warranty
    I love my Apple Cinematic Display. It's the best monitor I've ever had and I've had several. The color's crisp, the text is easy to read. Both computer and TV images are sharp and beautifully rendered. The tilt is a useful feature that prevents strain looking straight on.

    Note: You do need to get the extended warranty. My display is currently in for service and I'm VERY glad I made the investment on the AppleCare service.

    My service plan called for the monitor to be sent away for repairs. I believe there is an option to upgrade your AppleCare and get in-home repairs. If you are buying a monitor today, look carefully at your warranty plan options and make sure you get one that will get your monitor back to you ASAP. Once you have one of these wonderful displays, it's VERY hard doing without them. ...more info
  • A Stunning Display
    After seeing this display in person, I had to run out and buy one. In Windows at 2650x1600 it seems to display things about the same size as my 20" monitor does at 1600x1200, but you get more than twice as much on the screen as the 20" (2.1333 times to be more exact).

    Besides hearing about how stunningly beautiful it is, here are some things you might like to know about it:

    It will hook directly to a MacBook Pro's DVI port without any adapters or mods, and display at full resolution. If you're using it on a PC, you need dual-link DVI capability (not the same as dual DVI). I thought this would mean paying a lot of money for a new video card, but it doesn't. I called ATI and ordered a Radeon x1650 Pro PCIe card direct, which cost $150. It displays at the full 2650x1600 resolution with no problems, has 512MB DDR2 memory, video out, and though it includes several cables and adapters, none are required to hook the display up. In fact it seems faster than my two year old $700 card did. I do mostly digital photography (Photoshop), and it is plenty fast. I don't think that unless you're doing 3D modeling or serious gaming, that you'll need anything more. It is also Vista ready, so it can handle all the features of Vista (translucent windows or whatever. I don't have Vista). There are 3 plugs on the cable. One is the DVI plug, the second is a Firewire (400 not 800), and the third is USB. The latter two are to provide you with 2 USB and 2 Firewire ports at the back of the display.

    Now for the drawbacks, or should I say drawback. The only positioning adjustment is the ability to tilt the display. Although it is easy to rotate the image 90 degrees, it would require rigging something up to rotate the monitor. There is no height adjustment so I can't squeeze the center speaker of my audio underneath the display (I'd call it a monitor, but since it's Apple, they refer to them as displays).

    Included software assist you in setting the levels and color to the right settings. When I bought it, I considered it an extravagance, but after using it for a few weeks, I've changed my mind. It increases productivity immeasurably being able to keep multiple windows open, not having to zoom in and out while editing photographs, and being able to display 39 columns (64 pixel) and 66 rows (20 pixel) of an Excel spreadsheet.Or 3 legal size pages at 100% side by side in Word without scrolling. Pretty cool, huh?

    It's also extremely stylish, and along with my DiNovo Edge keyboard, it could go in a museum.

    When I bought it from Amazon, it was $1,924 plus a 5% discount at the time, no tax, and $10 shipping. It came out to be about $125 less than what I would have paid from Apple with their education program discount (since they charge 6% tax and I'm also getting 3% in rewards bonuses using my Amazon credit card). But even at full retail it would have been worth it. I am in love with this display!

    Any of you gamers interested in an ATI Radeon x850XT Platinum graphics card? Oh yeah, the new card takes up only one slot instead of two, so there's another bonus...

    Originally I was going to use this display with my MacBook Pro for my digital photo work, but now that it's connected to the PC, I literally can't take my eyes off of it. Does anybody know of a cable or switch that would allow me to use it for both and switch between them conveniently?

    If you buy one piece of expensive computer hardware this year, this display should be it. You won't regret it.

    I am delighted with this purchase!!!

    ...more info