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Audio Advantage Micro USB Sound Card
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Product Description

Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro - This USB home theater audio device gives you a realistic 5.1 surround sound experience on a standard set of headphones! You don't even need surround sound audio to begin with either. Even stereo music gets the surround sound treatment with the Audio Advantage. There's even a built-in S/PDIF output for pass-through of Dolby Digital & DTS sound to digital speaker systems or home theater A/V receivers. Audio Control Center software included

  • Easy replacement for any sound card on any computer with a USB port. On computers with older sound cards, you can have a richer and fuller sound experience with it's built in amplifier.
  • Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Headphone and 5.1 Virtual Xear multi-speaker simulators for creating 3D surround effects. Audio out options include the ability to plug in a headphone, speakers, or an optical cable using the included SPIDF adapter.
  • Wide variety of digital ambiance settings for simulating many different effects. Listen to DVD audio with spectacular simulated home-theater surround-sound on stereo headphones.
  • Multi-band equalizer with user-defined presets for adjusting tone, included on the Audio Advantage Micro CD that ships with the unit.
  • Powered by the USB bus - no external power needed! About the size of a pack of gum. Works with all standard stereo headphones with a mini-jack

Customer Reviews:

  • cheap alternative for a good sound
    If u search a good stereo sound card (and have had a decent stereo speaker..or headphones of course), that's plug and play, ease of installation driver, get this turtle beach advance micro...,the sound it produced is so loud and clear like turtle beach webs promised...and it is really improve sound quality of my sennheiser HD 555 if i try to connect it in my laptop. The only thing that i dunt rate 5 of this thing is bcoz ... it is not compatible somewhat in mac os, and i guess it's ONLY compatible with win os platform...more info
  • Amazing!!
    I am utterly amazed with this product. I had ordered it 2 days ago but it arrived just today even though I picked SUPER SAVING SHIPPING!! I thought it would arrive next week, but has really amazed me by delivering it today.

    With that said, the product itself is quite amazing. The installation went smoothly and easily, although the rebooting didn't make me happy. The audio quality is superb and far exceeds my old internal audio card. There is no internal computer noise that I used to always hear with my old card and it is much louder that I have to put the volume low just to listen to music with my earphones!

    5 out 5 product. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Use caution the first time.
    The good news is that the tiny USB Turtle Beach Voyetra Sound card and its software work fine with my laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. The bad news is that I was hoping it would also work on my Mac Mini running OS X and on my portable running Linux but it doesn't. It does what it says it will do but I was hoping for more. The manufacturer never promised that they had hired a Linux or Mac programmer but I was hoping they had.

    Caution: Do NOT use headphones the first time you plug it in. I seldom read instructions until after a disaster and this little sound card was set at maximum volume at the factory. Fortunately I had it plugged in to a stereo system and not directly to my ears. I only rattled a few windows....more info
  • Turtle Beach Product Review
    The product is well priced and it works great. It is simple to deploy. It is a good buy. ...more info
    I have a sound blaster sound card installed in my machine,
    I get this for virtual DJ to hear the second input, but I am using for master output because it's better then the sound card that I have installed in the computer. Almost no deep noise, Awesome bass. Crazy.
    I'll buy one more for my office computer to listen music with it....more info
  • Worthless.
    First of all, this device is incompatible with Windows Vista. This shouldn't really come as a surprise, as Microsoft's new OS tripped up more than a few of my devices. Essentially, since the software/Turtle Beach driver package won't work, it simply functions as a speaker jack. If you have need of a $30 USB speaker jack that asks you to install it every time your computer is booted up, I have the product for you. It looks as if Turtle Beach will not be releasing Windows Vista drivers, meaning those of us who upgraded are pretty much out of luck.

    This would be excusable if the device actually functioned, however. Again, the Vista compatibility issues are MS' problem [mostly], not Turtle Beach's. The reviews stated that even with MS' generic audio drivers, the Turtle Beach is a step above integrated sound. This is false; the sound that is emitted from the card is simply abominable. Scratchy, hissy and distorted are the first words that come to my mind. It's unfortunate, too, because the treble/mid-range seemed spot on in the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Snow (Hey Oh)". The static being emitted from my speakers/headphones (I tested with both) was just too much, though. Think AM radio and you have the picture. The bass was absolutely horrendous and tinny sounding -- essentially ever drum blast sounded high pitched and empty sounding, as if someone was tapping a can.

    Save your $30 and put them towards something else. A weak effort from Turtle Beach. ...more info
  • Way too loud for in-ear headphones with Linux
    Even when unchecking the "Loudness" switch in Gnome's volume control, my Sennheiser CX300 headphones cause me pain when connected to this sound card at volume 2/100 (the lowest setting that produces sound)....more info
  • Worth the money
    I bought this device strictly to use with my Dell Inspiron laptop while watching DVD concerts---only with my headphones. The software allows you to choose from a concert hall environment to a padded cell! Actually about a couple dozen choices and yes, they do make a difference. You can also adjust the direction of sound, from stationary to "moving" from side-to-side, etc. I went straight to the website to download the software for my Vista Home Premium instead of using the installation C.D. For the cost of this little sound card, it's worth every penny!

    Jerry ...more info
  • Awesome sound
    I own three of these now. If you're tired of the tiny sound coming out of the headphones jack in your computer, this is for you. For a small price this unit takes sound out through the USB port and it comes out loud and clear. One minor drawback is that the volume up and down buttons on the laptop operate the onboard sound card and will not affect this sound output. Volume control comes through the software provided. All in all, it's a fantastic bargain for better sound....more info
  • Excellent replacement sound card
    Bought this as a replacement sound card for my notebook. Excellent cheap fix, was a little worried about how loud the volume would be but this thing is loud. It nearly blew my ears off with in-ear headphones.

    Windows XP detected it straight away and it even comes with an extension cable, so that you don't have to have it hanging precariously out of the back of your notebook, waiting to get snapped off (very impressed with this forward thinking).

    Very happy....more info
  • Excellent for optical out and MythTV. Linux compatible.
    My computer has optical audio output but it was not supported under Linux. I disabled the output in the BIOS and put in the Turtle Beach card. It performed immediately on reboot. In mythTV, I let the device be ALSA: default and that took care of everything. Now i have all of my speakers working well. I haven't tried this dongle under Windows but I'm sure it's even easier....more info
  • GREAT!
    I love it, perfect for djing. Great sound! I even game with it and when I wear headphones it gives me an advantage b/c I can hear where people are!...more info
  • New sound for an old computer
    Outstanding product. It can take an old computer without sound and quickly adds sound via the USB port. At last I have sound on my old work computer. ...more info
  • Vista and DD/DTS
    I use the SPDIF output to connect to a DD/DTS 5.1 speaker system (Pioneer HTS-GS1 5.1-Channel Surround Sound System for the Xbox 360) from a Windows Vista laptop. It's nearly flawless. I experience some crackling/popping noises with some music files (not DVD's) but I can work around it by toggling between the SPDIF and analog ouputs in the software. For the price, I can live with this infrequent nuisance. Overall, a fantastic product for the capability it adds. Why don't laptops come standard with SPDIF outputs?

    Go to TB's website for the latest Vista drivers....more info
  • Outstanding
    This is a very quiet soundcard. I don't hear any extra unwanted noise. Music is crisp and clear. It does everything I bought it for.
    ...more info
  • Wow, this blows
    I loved this little guy initially, but have had all kinds of problems since then. It doesn't like it when I surf the Internet. I start getting all kinds of static. I have to remove the device from the USB port, then reinsert it to eliminate the noise. Swearing also helps. I've also had to reinstall the drivers several times. And it simply stops working occasionally. Highly disrecommended....more info
  • No more hiss
    I bought this to eliminate the hiss, buzz, and crackle from my on-board audio, and for that purpose it works flawlessly. I didn't need to install any drivers under xp or xp64....more info
  • Works great on a Mac!
    This thing is super simple, and works excellent. The reason why I got it was to reduce the number of connections to my macbook laptop when I plug it in. I now have my audio going through a USB hub with all of my other peripherals and things are nice and simple! I come home, plug in my power, USB hub, and external monitor and I'm all set.

    The sound quality is perfect - there is no humming or buzzing, just clean and clear sound. The thing I really like is that my macbook automatically switches to the USB soundcard when it is plugged in - otherwise it switches to the laptop speakers. I don't have to worry about a thing - it just works....more info
  • Now I Got Sound
    After months with out sound now I have sound. Good stereo sound better than hoped for....more info
  • value for money USB sound
    I ordered this item off Amazon last week, got it delivered pronto for my notebook. Installs immediately, bundled software is great and the simulation of 5.1 is pretty accurate.

    What can I say, perfect match for my Sennheiser headphones !...more info
  • Excellent for its purpose!
    Using a Thinkpad T40, I have the Advantage micro connected to a USB port with installed drives. I then use the digital (s/pdif) output connected to a Denon ADV-M51 mini desktop stereo system. I encode all my CDs using Windows Media Player and iTunes at Lossless bit rates.

    The sound quality is far superior to the headphone/line output of my notebook when connected to this system. Using high quality Sennheiser HD-595 headphones, the sound quality is exceptional. No distortion, no hiss, wide dynamic range, full frequency response, no ground loop hum. This is about as good as it gets with a system of this type.

    I suggest problems folks are having are not in the Advantage Micro but in another part of their system.

    ...more info
  • Great sound
    (NOTE: I haven't tried the SPDF output, just stereo ...)

    I purchased this as a poor-man's "docking" solution - so I could plug in my USB hub and have audio connect at the same time. Much to my surprise, the sound quality was NOTICABLY better! I had no idea how bad the sound on my laptop was until heard the difference. I ended up buying a 2nd one for work - this makes a HUGE difference and I strongly recommend it.

    BTW Windows Vista just recognized this and it worked with no special drivers. That's with the analog Stereo output; your mileage may vary if you want the surround sound digital output.

    Happy listening!...more info
  • Excellent sound
    I really like the sound of this gadget. After installing the software (the included CD wouldn't load, but the drivers were on the support section of their site) I ran the output first into a set of Sony headphones and then tried it with my old Labtec powered speakers with sub.. Might not be to everyone's taste, but I liked it. Plenty of volume, customizable EQ, etc.

    I would not agree with it having "soundcard" as a keyword, since it is strictly an output device. I had been looking for a USB soundcard as a second soundcard for my computer, and Amazon recommended this device. But since the company has a pdf of the manual on the page, I would have known that if I'd been sensible and downloaded the manual first. Still, I like the sound and with a bit of rethinking as to which soundcard will do what, I find it more than useful enough.

    They would have had 5 stars on this unit if it weren't for the installation CD. Or more properly, if it weren't for the item in their support pages' FAQ about how if the installation CD won't work, then it's something wrong with your machine because CD discs almost never fail. If it had been my machine, then why does the machine have no problem with other discs and why were all three machines in my household unable to load it? Bad bulk burns *do* happen, and there aren't many companies that do a lot of quality control checks on their installation CDs. If it was a relatively rare problem, then it logically wouldn't be a "frequently asked question", now would it?

    Suggestion to Turtle Beach, a better answer might have been "That happens with every company's install disks at least once in a while, but click here to download the very same drivers and software. And thank you for buying Turtle Beach."

    But once I had the installation software, everything went without a hitch. The device sounds really good, and it wasn't hard at all on an XP machine to get it to "play nice" with the sound hardware already installed. Overall, for someone looking for a nice sounding audio output device that fits a USB port, I'd definitely give it two thumbs up. ...more info
  • WARNING! Read this before considering this sound card.
    A while back, my sound card went out and I had to look for a replacement external card. I bought this, and while I can say that the sound that it produces is up to par with the previous built-in sound card, what it lacks is an input jack. If you are needing to record, you will NOT be able to do so with this card. This isn't a complaint about the product (as the 4 stars will clarify), it is just a warning to anyone buying this to not make the same mistake I did in assuming there is an input jack. For simple listening, it does the trick, but if you need to record, keep looking....more info
  • Limited Mac Utility
    First of all, I have every reason to believe this device is powerful and useful under Windows XP. This review should be disregarded by Windows users.

    I bought this USB audio adaptor hoping it would do one thing: allow the Mac OS X DVD Player to send raw DTS audio tracks to my Logitech Z-5500 speakers. There are other, more expensive, devices which provide this functionality, and I hoped for 5.1 digital DVD sound on the cheap. No decoding required, just the raw stream off the disc.

    Turtle Bay doesn't provide any Mac software, so my hope depended on Mac OS X recognizing whatever generic USB audio interfaces the device provided. I've written USB drivers, so I know this is theoretically possible if there is a standard protocol for a digital raw audio mode. Such protocols are why you can plug just about any thumb drive, mouse, keyboard, camera, etc., into a Mac and it just works without needing a separate driver. So, in theory, it might work.

    Unfortunately, plugging this device into my PowerBook did not add a digital out option to DVD Player's preference dialog. So no go with the 5.1 sound. However, it does give my Mac a clean digital optical stereo output (using the Audio MIDI Setup application under Utilities). No hums! iTunes has never sounded better, so I will keep it but I wish it would do just a little more.

    Neither Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4 (Tiger) gives me 5.1 support....more info
  • really like this card
    I really like this card. I have an older mac and this card really does the trick....more info
  • Good product
    Small and convenient. Good sound. Need to reinstall the driver sometimes when change USB socket. It would be better if comes with a longer USB cable....more info
  • great sound
    Despite the product's limited Mac capabilities, I bought this for a use with a Macbook who's headphone jack was pooping out. I can't address the bundled Windows software. However, what IS apparent is the sound; the sound is cleaner and fuller than what I was getting from the Mac's own jack.
    I had originally purchased a couple of those 99 cent adapters also from Amazon. They were such crap that I threw them out. Well, you gets whatcha pay for....more info
  • Its True, Better Sound From Laptops
    Even with a good laptop soundcard, its placement within the laptop's EM frequency filled environment adds unwanted distortion and noise to the output. You probably won't notice much of a difference though unless you are using a better set of headphones then say, iBuds. I am using this DAC (digital to analog converter) with my Toshiba Satellite X205-S9349 17-inch Laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7100, 2 GB RAM, 240 GB Hard DRive, HD SuperMulti DVD Drive, Vista Premium) and Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones which is a pretty advanced desktop replacement with Harmon Kardon speakers and even a sub-woofer yet it totally removed background hiss on my iTunes mp3s. It has a fairly good amp in it too so it can power higher ohm headphones though I haven't tried it. I also haven't tried the optical out, but that is just an added bonus for those with 5.1 surround speakers. ...more info
  • optical = no computer noise
    My old Dell D600 has noisy, lousy sound, but would otherwise function nicely as an MP3 player. Purchased a cheap SIIG USB adapter w/o optical, and while it did reduce the noise significantly, it still had some noise when the hard drive on the laptop was accessed. This adapter still has the same artifacts as the SIIG when using the analog connection, but when using the optical, it's crystal clear. My old Dell D600 now plays noiselessly through my home receiver at 44.1khz with no drivers required on XP SP3....more info
  • Gets the job done
    Item works as described. I didn't install the drivers that it came with. Just plug it in and windows will install a default driver. I'm using ASIO4ALL and Foobar and am getting 44.1kHz sampling rate via optical cable to my receiver. Sounds great!...more info