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Cameron Cookware Mak'n Bacon
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Product Description

This microwavable bacon cooker lets the grease and fat drip off the bacon as it cooks. It lets you cook more bacon at the same time and at a faster rate. Cool-touch handle makes removing Make'n Bacon safe, while the drip pan lets you pour out unwanted f

  • Cooks bacon in the air and not in the fat. 50% reduction in fat intake
  • Capture the fat in the tray - keep it for other uses or dump it
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Less mess and less fat
  • Only one paper towel section required

Customer Reviews:

  • Still the Greatest Bacon Cooker in the World
    This is the third of these I have owned. One got lost in moving, one got melted in the oven by mistake. I love really crisp bacon and this little devil really comes through. I also like to save some bacon fat for things that just have to have it to taste good. Every now and then, I can just dump the contents of the bacon booker into a little plastic tub and put in the fridge. I use disposable cups so that when I replace one, I can throw out the old one.

    It amazes me that a young girl came up with this idea. Hooray for her!...more info
  • Bacon Done Right
    Bacon comes out perfectly with the grease in the bottom. Easy cleanup without all the paper towels....more info
  • Quick & easy to use
    Cooks bacon to perfection in microwave oven. The fat drips off into the tray beneath. Just wipe it out with a paper towel. Couldn't be easier. Much healthier too. ...more info
  • Does Not Work
    Contray to the other reviews, this unit does not work for anything over 4 pieces. The reason is that the strips hang vertically and you end up getting half-cooked results. We used it for just 3 days and have come back here to get the Presto 5100 which works perfectly.

    We had one of the Presto models in the past, and, as you can see by their product, the strips hang 'apart' from each other for an almost 100% cooking result.

    The "Mak'n Bacon" is going in the trash....more info
  • Great way to make bacon
    Impressive. Mak'n Bacon is the easiest way to make bacon in the microwave that I've seen. If you can deal with 'bent bacon', then this is what you need to purchase....more info
  • Mak'n Bacon
    Love this product. Was hard to find. You only have to use one paper towel to cover splatter & grease is easy to pour out. Just make sure that you take bacon off while still warm or your bacon will be folded in half. Only con is that you have to keep up with small piece that holds stands when storing....more info
  • Eating more bacon
    Cooking bacon is much easier and neater with the Mak'n Bacon. The bacon curls up a bit when it cooks but if you remove it from the rack immediately and lay it flat on a paper plate or paper towels it'll flatten out. You have to determine the cooking time...3 minutes worked well for me. Also very easy to clean. Great product! ...more info
  • the best!
    This is the best bacon cooker on the market! Easy to use, easy to clean, and healthier way to cook bacon rather than laying it in the grease. This young lady who invented "makin bacon" certainly needs to hear what a wonderful product she came up with! I ordered them for all of my friends for Christmas and they LOVE it! ...more info
  • Makin Bacin
    We have one micro bacon dish and just ordered this for our son who is well pleased....more info
  • sure beats the frying pan !
    Mak'n Bacon is a good product which works as expected. cooking is much faster, taste about the same, and clean-up a lot quicker than if using a frying pan.

    with my 1000w microwave, i make 4-6 slices in 2-3 minutes. with a paper towel covering, oven splatter is minimal, and washing the unit is easy, though some drippings need persuasion.

    i still prefer microwave cooking between doubled paper towels as compared to Mak'n Bacon, as the former gives nice flat pieces (great for BLTs !) and even less fat. otoh, timing is more critical there unless you enjoy paper fibers with your bacon.

    nits : the hanger parts are a small pain to keep track of, in the drawer or in the dishwasher. instructions embossed on the back of the unit are hard to read; black plastic might work better for that.

    i like it !...more info
  • Cameron Cookware Mak'n Bacon
    This is an amazing cookware invented by a young girl. This is the second
    one I have purchased and it really does the job cooking bacon. Don't
    know what I would do without it. Excellent product and highly recommended
    to others that are looking for a good way to cook bacon....more info
  • Easy to use for small bacon jobs
    I really like this bacon cooker. It works best when I only want a few slices for my family. I can only cook about 4 to 5 slices because putting more than that will cause the bacon to stick together. You would have to pull the ends apart (and they're really hot) in order to get nice flat pieces of bacon. I usually drape the bacon all the way across the top of the T shapes. That way the ends don't stick together during cooking. It's easier to flatten the bacon out when cooking is finished. I like that the tray is really easy to clean. You just pour the grease off at the end of the cook time. Bacon is really crispy....more info