Hamilton Beach 31197R Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie, Black
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Fits 7.5 lbs chicken or two 12 " pizza / Cook up to 33% faster with convection / Revolving rotisserie for juicy meat / Easy to clean / Convenient controls

  • Hamilton Beach #31197R Large Toaster Oven/Broiler

Customer Reviews:

  • Just What I Was Looking For!
    Since we purchased this oven about month ago, I have only used my regular
    oven once. I prefer to use Hamilton Beach's Counter top Convection Oven . It is plenty big to roast a chicken.
    I opted not to use the rotisserie seemed like more work,
    when can just throw the chicken in a pan and use the broth in soup etc. Our Pizzas come out great.
    I like that we save so much energy and not to mention heating up the house in warmer months with this oven!
    Was really surprised how fast it cooks compared to a toaster oven.
    This heats up and cooks really well .
    It does a better job than my regular oven!
    I will only be using my regular oven for
    large turkeys from now on.
    This is so Easy to clean too.
    I had bought a regular toaster oven 6 months
    ago then came across this at Farm & Fleet
    and it was near half the listed price here.
    I snatched it up and so glad I did!

    ...more info
  • Hot & Shoddy
    Ordered one of these based on the reviews. Talk about shoddy construction. The outside walls are thin metal - pressing with a finger could dent. Edges of the metal are not smooth and don't meet together well.

    What others said about Hot - it gets really hot. Being that it is tall, can't have it under a upper cabinet - as the cabinet bottom gets blazing hot.

    Returned....more info
  • Hamilton Beach countertop convection oven
    great mutiple baking options; heats quickly; has a timer or a stay on feature; very lightweight oven and is easy to lift or move; easy for a group to use, such as in an employee lunch room; WATCH OUT though, as the outside metal surface areas of the oven also reach extreme heat as you're cooking. Do not place anything on top of the oven or assume it is as easy for kids to use as a microwave. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    I bought this oven a little over a month ago from walmart.com with site to store delivery. It's cheaper but takes 3 weeks to arrive at the store. It doesn't come with a pizza pan but two shallow baking pans. More like cookie sheets. They're aluminum so the heat makes them curl up when you use them. They work fine though. I cover them in foil to make cleanup easier. I baked a 5# chicken on the rotisserie. It came out nice and tender. It took 3 hours and I used a pop-up so I wouldn't overcook it. I didn't have the weight of the chicken centered, although I followed the instructions. Use kitchen string to tie the chicken real tight. I used dental floss (that was all I had)and couldn't get it tight enough. The chicken legs and breast kept hitting the pan underneath. I finally took the pan out and just let the crumb tray catch the drippings. It just barely contained the drippings. Everytime the breast was in the down position the rotisserie hesitated before continuing on it's rotation. When the breast was in the up position the rotisserie sped up a bit. It didn't affect the cooking at all but I imagine it could wear on the motor after awhile. I baked a "Freshetta" pizza and it turned out better than when I used a regular oven. More moist. I used the convection setting for that. I've also baked asparagus and that turned out real good. I baked a frozen enchilada on convection and didn't allow for the shortened cook time so I overcooked it. After using the oven and letting it cool it was easy to wipe down. I really like the oven. I use it every couple of days. ...more info
  • Just wuv it
    Hey this is great will get another one for the camper, I see some think it shouild be cool to the touch but my big oven and stove will burn you after it gets up to temp this is a great lil over and it is not so little...more info
  • The little oven that could - does
    I bought this because I live in a studio that gives me a counter top range but no oven. I saw it got some good reviews so I thought I would give it a shot. Best thought I had in a long time.

    I have never used the rotisserie in the oven at all - don't cook anything that would need it.

    I have baked, broiled, roasted, braised in this oven now for almost 3 years. I have never had a problem at all. I have baked 2 loaves of bread in the pan, baked bread on the pizza accessory in a round loaf and a mini Italian loaf, baked cakes and brownies. All came out just the way they should. Reheating pizza with the convection control is excellent and it does not get dried out hard as it does in the microwave. Did a big Moroccan tagine in a tagine clay pot in the oven with no problem. I have cooked in glass, clay, tin foil and open on the pizza sheet and on the pan with the rack and all worked with no problems. Stuck a tinfoil tray on the bottom shelf and put hit water in it when I baked bread to add steam to the process and that worked as well.

    Only complaint is finding the sheet pans or baguette pans to fit items that are too long. The oven is approx 12x12 inside so you have to take that into account. That is the reason for the mini Italian loaf. The regular pan for it was 17" long and thus would not fit.

    Overall I have to say that you will not find another oven at anywhere near this price that can even come close to what this little workhorse will do. Highest recommendation....more info
  • Love it!
    I've had this oven for about two years now and it is probably the most used thing in my kitchen. It's also a real bonus, having an extra oven for large cooking jobs like Thanksgiving dinner. We use it for cooking just about anything. The only negative thing I have found is that the temperature is not accurate. However, I have a small oven thermometer resting on the rack inside and it is easy to regulate. One big plus -- having two racks to cook on. Most of the other toaster ovens have only one.

    In summary, if it stopped working tomorrow, I'd order another one right away. We love it....more info
  • The Best Little Oven
    I received my first convection oven (Cuisinart) as a gift about 5 yrs. ago, but my family outgrew it. After purchasing and returning the Cooks oven from JC Penney, I was desperate to find another convection oven. This oven was a great choice. The slide-out crumb/drip tray makes it very easy to keep your oven clean. The heavy gauge baking pans (two, 12 X 12 in.) don't warp when heated like most. The motor is whisper quiet. I hate timer dials that tick--this one is so quiet, you hardly hear it ticking. The exterior of the oven gets very warm; however, it cools off very quickly after it's turned off. There is so much room in this oven and it hardly takes up any counter space. I first seen it at Kohl's for $149.99, but purchased it at Kmart for $89.99. By the way, it wasn't even on sale! You won't be disappointed by this oven....more info
  • Don't burn urself...
    I just purchased this item yesterday from Kohls for 78 dollars because I price matched the Walmart price...YAY

    The only function I have used so far is the rotisserie. The instructions tell you to preheat first...I did that...Then, while trying to place the bird in the hot preheated oven I burned myself. It is quite a task to get the spic inside the oven. It's made like kinda like an arrow. You have to fit the pointed end in the hole which is impossible to do without burning something, your arm, clothing, potholders, etc.

    They should've made the spic easier to drop in like the one on the Foreman rotisserie....more info
  • Absolutely perfect!
    I had wanted this oven for so long and finally bought it. I am sooo happy with it. It is perfect in every way! You can cook virtually anything in it. I have cooked all sorts of things, including cakes, pies, muffins, chickens, all types of appetizers, broiled meats ... everything! Everything turned out great too. I love the large size of this oven and the temperatures go up to 450 degrees. You can use it with or without a timer too. This thing has all of the features and settings you will need. I love that I can put a regular full size muffin pan in it. There is so much room in there! The inside of the oven is not coated with anything (like a nonstick coating) so there is no worry of anything chipping or flaking down the road. The slide out crumb tray is a huge plus. This oven WILL throw off some heat too, so keep that in mind. It fits perfectly under my cupboard, on the countertop - looks like it belongs here! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good toaster oven, and then some! This is much more than the typical toaster oven! Awesome product!...more info
  • poor choise
    this is without a doubt one of the worst purchaces i have ever made;i was replacing a Farberware convection over, saw this on sale, it looked good , so i bought it. One week to the day the fan sounds like someone sticking a screwdriver in it, what a racket, the temp is way off , almost 50 degrees, and the timer iff almost 10 min, when it works. Buying this oven would be throwing your money away in my opinion....more info
  • Don't think twice --BUY IT!!
    This is an AWESOME oven! We have the world's smallest kitchen -- boiling an egg is enough to give you heat stroke ... and our HOA Rules prohibit the installation of a vented fan above the stove. We reached the point where we only baked in cold weather. We gave up on homemade summer pies, pizza, stromboli, cakes, bread... BUT NO MORE!!! This oven ROCKS.

    We use this little bugger practically every day. In fact, not more than 5 minutes ago, we finished baking a lovely cheesecake. YUM!

    The covection does indeed cut cooking time by 33% -- and in some cases, more.

    We are vegetarians and cannot speak for the rotisserie function -- but for baking anything from cookies to pies to cakes to casseroles to vegetarian meatloaf to pizza and even bread -- it's fantastic!

    This oven is very easy to keep clean-- not a total counter hog and in all is an excellent buy. When winter rolls around, I'm going to give my regular oven its final cleaning. YA HOO!!! ...more info
  • Not quite as described
    Thia little oven -- and I mean "little" -- takes up a lot of counter space, but provides very little usable interior space. I'm looking for a replacement for my ancient Farberware that would hold THREE 9 x 13 pans or a whole chicken. The inside of this oven is SMALL, SQUARE, and usable only with the included small square pan that is too small to hold the juices from a small roast chicken. If all you do is re-heat 12inch pizza, well, then, it's probably a good buy for the price. BY THE WAY, READ THE RETURNS POLICY CAREFULLY -- THERE'S A RE-STOCKING FEE even if the product description is misleading....more info
  • What a great oven!
    I shopped around for a convection oven and narrowed the choices between the Cuisinart oven and the Hamilton Beach oven. I chose this one cause of the reviews, price (on sale at $69.99 at Bi-mart), had the pans with it and the quality. I've always had good luck with Hamilton Beach products. I still have the hand mixer bought 20 years ago and still works.

    We have a small kitchen and I love this oven! It doesn't heat up the whole kitchen. Baked cookies, cakes, roasted chicken (yum!), casseroles; its like a miniature version of our large oven.

    It does get hot on the top and the back so allow 10 inches of space around it. It does quickly cool down once it is turned off. I have it on the counter between the kitchen and dining room so it works for me.

    I've owned it for 2 months now; hope it will last a long time. Watch for sales or coupon off; may find a bargin.

    As of today, Nov 30, this oven is on sale for 59.99 at Bi-mart, 30 dollars off the regular price....more info
    I normally don't write reviews-- infact, this is my first.I just HAD to give a review because this oven is FANTASTIC ! I feel like a child at Christmas OVERJOYED with a PRODUCT that EXCEEDS it's DESCRIPTION !I purchased it because I wanted an oversized one. Not having used a convection before, I had no idea what I was missing ! It arrived today and I just tried it with a frozen pizza. The convection REALLY DOES BAKE FASTER. Whereas it would have taken 12-15 minutes to bake in a regular oven ( 15 in my previous counter-top oven), the pizza was done a bit before 10 minutes with the convection. I realize that I'll have to watch the time on all convection baking not to overbake-- because it bakes so much faster. I was THRILLED to find that it has a 500 degree temperature setting-which was NOT advertised-- because I like to bake my own fresh, vegetarian pizzas and you ideally need 500 degree Temp. I had researched all counter ovens previously to find one with a 500 degree setting and could not-- only the ovens well over $300 and even some of them don't.The oven in style is just GREAT, too-- it looks and handles like an expensive one. And, the door is GLASS so you can see inside. EVen if the oven was NOT a convection, the style and OVERSIZE features permit you to use it in place of your regular --which is what I wanted. 10 STARS and a, truly, DELIGHTED customer !
    ...more info
  • Lasted 2 1/2 yrs.
    I bought this at Sam's Club 2 1/2 yrs ago and it was a dandy little oven. A few of my friends bought it, too. Over the past three weeks, we've had a problem with overheating after setting at 325F or 350F, resulting in burned tops of food. The convection feature is questionable. I haven't continued to use that because I didn't see an appreciable difference in time saved or quality of cooking. Next purchase will be without convection. At least this performed well for more than two years....more info
  • It's the "Prius" Convection Oven
    I am a total foodie and home chef -- I cook all the time and I love my little oven! My favorite features: it's fast to heat up (I actually never use the timer -- I use the "stay-on" feature, it's quiet (the fan comes on when it's in convection mode but it's very barely audible) and it holds a lot!

    I don't have an oven in my apartment and I do A LOT of roasting/baking but I've been able to do everything I want in this little "Prius" oven. My favorite uses: roasting vegetables (good caramelization), finishing fritattas, baking cookies, reheating food (it's super quick), cooking pizzas (great crust). The oven does get hot on the outside but I work with it by warming plates on top or keeping dishes warm while things are cooking inside.

    I made an amazing roast chicken and vegetables dish that came out super tasty and moist but it did take awhile. Probably 1/2 hour longer than in a normal size oven. I haven't used the rotisserie thingy yet. . . soon though!

    My only complaints would be that I would like the broil function to be hotter and I now have baking pans that are too big to use in this oven.

    With tax and shipping, it cost about $150 and it was the best deal ever! I wanted one of the $400 ovens but it was out of my budget and this works amazingly well for me for only $150 bucks. I use it everyday!...more info
  • great cooking, little attention to detail
    I like the way this unit cooks. It is even and crisp. However, the unit power light burned out after two uses. The timer also doesn't work unless you choose "stay on", making the timer useless.

    I'd have to say for the $60.00 price tag it is still a good oven.
    You get what you pay for....more info
  • Excellent Unit
    Owned this oven for over a year now. Holds it temp, and the timer is within a minute of being correct, which is about all you can expect from a dial type timer. Easy to clean, and comes with plenty of attachments. My only problem, I got it just before a move and lost all books and info packs that came with it during the move.
    Before it died, I had a very nice pizza oven, but is unit cooks pizza much better. Crusty, but chewy crust, and the pepperoni is just browned about the outside edge. ...more info
  • Great product. Will buy for me too
    I just bought one of these for my son for Christmas. We broke it in Christmas day -- my granddaughter made a beautiful and delicious baked hen.

    Setup was a breeze, just take it out of the box, wipe it down and plug it in. I didn't notice a long warm up time as someone else stated, and it did take a little longer to cook the chicken than the recipe (using a standard oven) suggested.

    My son has used the rotisserie to cook game hens and he reports it works very well.

    As soon as I recover from Christmas spending, I'll get one for myself!!!!

    Bought this one at WalMart for $82 and it was Site to Store, so no shipping charge....more info
  • Don't Bother !
    The oven came out of the box DEFECTIVE -- it did not heat at all! The rotisserie turned, the lights came on, but NO HEAT at all! I removed the chicken and tried plain 'ol baking -- NO HEAT. Now I have to drag the darn thing back to the store! No more Hamilton Beach products for me! If Hamilton Beach's "quality control" does not detect such a major problem, how can they detect smaller ones? ...more info
    I've having this oven for more than 2 & half years. Absolutely love every feature of it. I don't understand with the bad reviews on this product. How could this be compared with a $30 or $40 ovens. This is a keeper. It is so quiet, easy to clean up. It heats up your food in minutes with nice convectional feature. Of course, every product has its good & bad sides. But I haven't found one in the past 2 & half years. This product will meet your expectation & beyond. ...more info
  • Arrived broken
    My oven arrived broken, in that the center knob will not turn from broil. Unfortunately, I didn't buy it from Amazon, so returning it will be a pain.

    It was smaller than expected, about 12" deep, 12 1/2" across, and 10" high (from upper to lower heating element, which is not all usable space).

    Anyone who owned a Farberware Convection Broiler Oven will be underwhelmed. ...more info
  • convection motor
    I own the large capacity rotisserie convection oven. After owning it for 2 years the convection fan is dead. However as a broiler and rotisserie it still works. Now I have to have it repaired or get a new one....more info
  • Bottom Element Broken
    Based on your reviews, this oven had a lot of promise... but it never baked anything, everything was burnt on top and mushy runny on the inside.

    I have no other oven. After several months of owning it and trying to cook a variety of things, I discovered that the problem is the bottom element, it doesn't 'light'.

    I can broil things to my hearts content, but the temperature inside the over never gets above 250 degrees. I can't figure out how to get it fixed. I am very disappointed....more info
  • Arrived broken
    My oven arrived broken, in that the center knob will not turn from broil. Unfortunately, I didn't buy it from Amazon, so returning it will be a pain.

    It was smaller than expected, about 12" deep, 12 1/2" across, and 10" high (from upper to lower heating element, which is not all usable space).

    Anyone who owned a Farberware Convection Broiler Oven will be underwhelmed. ...more info
  • Cooks Great -- Better Than Expected
    With the approach of summer, the fact that the temperature reached over 90 degrees here, and I didn't want to cook with my regular oven, I bought my first convection oven, the Hamilton Beach Countertop convection oven. The instructions state to warm the oven for 10 minutes before first use to get rid of any odor/smoke tendencies. I didn't detect any odor or smoke. My first time cooking with the oven was a 2 lb. roast. I used the timer and after one hour on convection, the roast was done. The meat was juicy and tender. I was amazed at the even cooking and the fast cool down of the oven --in just 10 minutes I was able to clean it. The oven does emit warm air up to a foot away from the glass door, I didn't feel any heat coming from the sides or top, they are hot to the touch. Still this was way better than having my regular oven on when the outside temperature is over 90 degrees! The inside of the oven is very large and comes with 2 racks which can be height adjusted, a rotisserie assembly, broiler pan with rack, and a pizza tray. I would have given 5 stars if the oven had a continuous cleaning interior and the broiler tray were non-stick....more info
  • Wonderful concept that falls short
    This product meets the claims of the review.There are two features I recommend be improved.First they need to insulate the unit because the outside of the unit really get hot,do not touch.It is an inconvenience to have to unplug the unit after each use as the manual cautions.You are afraid to leave it while plugged for fear that something might happen, not knowing what danger a plugged in unit pose even though is shut off.While I was aware of these features before I puchased this unit I find it odd.

    Apart from these two draw backs I love the unit.I have cooked fish, meat and baked goods.The convection feature makes great crispy frys.

    The delivery was on time and in perfect condition kudos to the shipping folks....more info
  • I Like It!
    I really like this little oven. The food I've made is good and tasty. The meat is very juicy when using the convection feature. I also use it to make yummy caramel rolls. They are high and fluffy. The convection feature is also quiet. I was a little surprised at that. The rotisserie works. I used it today to make a 4 lb. chicken. Tasty and juicy! What I don't like is the squareness of the inside. Only square or round pans go inside, no 9 X 13 cake pans. Also the instruction manual can be a little vague. More recipes would have been nice. Clean up is easy. All in all, I am satisfied....more info
  • Favorite Kitchen Tool
    We received this oven as a wedding gift 6 months ago. Since that time I can count on one hand the number of times I've turned on our main oven. We used this almost on a daily basis. It heats up in a fraction of the time my regular oven, uses less energy and heats food faster. I've cooked bread, cakes, pies, casseroles and much more using the convection oven. It also came in handy on Thanksgiving - no worries when something couldn't cook at the same temp as the turkey!

    This oven is also very user friendly and compact. It tucks easily into our pantry shelves yet has enough capacity to cook two pies.

    Note - this oven does not have a toaster function, although you can broil bread, but you have to manually flip it and it takes a while.

    I plan to buy one for my mother, and would recommend this oven to anyone who is tired of heating up their conventional oven to bake one item....more info
  • Absolutely splendid for 3 months
    This item cooks the best french fries (I like Zesties) and pizza and whole chickens... most used appliance I have until the convection blower went out after 3 months... now it's just the same as everyone else's toaster oven... sad but it was great while it lasted...more info
  • loved it at first...
    Yes I loved my oven at first and bragged about it all the time. It bakes bread, roasts chickens, cooks frozen fries nice and crisp, but the convection feature was what I loved... it gave the chicken a nice crisp skin, made the pizza taste like you'd get at a pizzaria... but it quit after 3 months or so. So now it just bakes and broils. It does that well, so it's still a nice oven, but disappointing to have a non-convection oven again....more info
  • ?
    works good. have not had any problems with anything i made in it. it is a little bigger than i expected. i like that it has a timer on it and when the timer is done the oven goes off. so you wont burn anything....more info
  • big value for little bucks
    I just love convection ovens having owned a Faberware for twenty years. When it was cashiered, I did research on Amazon.com for a replacement. The Hamilton Beach seemed the best and I have put it to the test for almost two years. It is slighly smaller than the Faberware(not made anymore) but does have a rotisserie which works wonderfully. I put whole chicken fryers, chicken breasts, and 3-5 lb pork loins on it. Mouth watering good!! It does cook much faster than an oven and because of this and it energy savings my oven is never used. Two minuses would be the door opens down from the top and not from the side so you run the risk of dropping something on it and breaking it and it also does not seal well but does not seem to affect cooking. Controls are easy to use and read. Comes with plenty of racks and trays. Works just great for baking also. Im very pleased with it....more info
  • My only oven for 2 years
    I bought this oven when I moved into a very small apartment with only a hotplate and microwave for cooking. I used it to make casseroles, pizzas, banana bread, chicken, fish, etc. and it worked very well for me. Now its my back-up oven but I have never regretted buying this oven - I definitely got my money's worth!...more info