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Yukon Advanced Optics 4x50 Night Vision Monocular
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Product Description

Yukon's durable, lightweight, compact NVMT Night Vision Multitask line is as versatile as night vision comes. With the use of accessories, the palm-sized, water-resistant, plastic body encased in rubber armor, can change from a hand held monocular to riflescope to a head mountable view to a photo and video component. Also, Yukon's exclusive PULS System Infrared (IR) Illuminator minimizes batter drainage and increases range.

  • 4x50 Night Vision monocular with infrared illuminator
  • Hand carry, 1/4" rifle mount, 1/4" tripod or head mount
  • Great for game-spotting, search and rescue, camping, hunting, nature viewing
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Includes hand strap, carrying case, and lens cover

Customer Reviews:

  • Used it on Halloween
    I used this NVMT for the first time last night while handing out candy on my porch. I didn't spook the younger kids but I definetely made some of the older ones jump. My wife and i had a blast. The NVMT itself is small. The buttons are in a perfect place so you don't have to move your hand around to push them. It has a fucus on the objective lens and on the eyepiece which I though was easy to focus in on people. I liked the night vision overall, I'll keep it handy for home security. Pretty straightforward and practical....more info
  • keep searching
    I bought this yukon and returned next day. Its' very pratical, light, has all kind of adaptions, very good design but I was unhappy because the focus is not good. You can't see very clear. Also I see unconfortable to turn the diopter, you really need to take it off of eyes to turn it because your fingers doesn't fit very well between your eyes and the lents. Also I see the IR very weak. I am writing this just because I bought it because I read all reviews and I thought everybody was right, so now you have a change to make your own seaching and if you decide to get one of this, you will remember what I wrote. I own a Night Owl Optics NODS-3, and it has better clarity, focus and better IR than this Yukon. But I am still looking for better one. ...more info
  • Seeing is believing. I look forward to it.
    I bought my Yukon NVMT with the specific intention of watching deer during the hours of darkness and to give me advance warning of wandering red deer stags during the autumn rut and people with dogs. The unit is light and portable and I got a camera fitting and a smaller objective (2x24) for extra functionality. However it has so far proved something of a disappointment in the field - and has consistently failed to out-perform a pair of Meade 10x50 binoculars from way down the price scale in low-light conditions. This may be because I have pretty good night vision myself and have yet to try the NVMT in total darkness or whiteout mist. Or it may be because I have been sold a duff one (just in case anyone from Yukon is reading this!) Certainly I have found it difficult to spot a fallow deer with it which I could pick out the outline of in near-darkness with the naked eye. It is also a pig to focus, especially with respect to adjusting the main lens. The unit operates in lowlight with out being switched on. Switched on it can see 40-50 yards in dim light. In very low light the infra-red source makes for a much brighter image over 15-20 yards. A real downside of the infra-red is that when you use it in woodland it reflects back off the trees so if you are scanning you get an alternate series of dark and bright vertical bands but presumably that must apply to all infra red devices! On the upside you can spot deer hidden in undergrowth because their tapeta lucida reflects the IR. Overall my view is that it still has potential but it has yet to prove itself. That will happen when I reach for it in preference to the binoculars.
    ...more info
  • Inexpensive, nice design, very decent night vision
    I'm new to the night vision world, but I'm happy with my little Gen 1 yukon unit. Initially I wasn't very impressed (I think we are all a little spoiled by seeing the night vision footage on TV) but after a little more practice/ use I'm more than satisfied. The IR illuminator really makes the difference here. Also the weight is fantastic-- very light. Way to go Yukon!...more info
  • Incompetent Seller
    I'm sure the product is good (haven't tried it yet), but the seller, ACE PHOTO DIGITAL leaves much to be desired. You might consider another seller for this product. I ordered two of these, one to be sent to me in Michigan (free shipping) and one to be sent to California (charged shipping). They sent both to me in separate boxes. Great. Now I had to ship it to California at my own cost in addition to what I already paid to have it erroneously sent to me.

    Now I can well understand mistakes - it's sometimes busy and people aren't paying full attention. So I approached the call that way and expected to hear the customer service manager apologize and cheerfully refund the shipping costs that I paid. However, when I called to request a refund for the shipping that it cost me to send it to California, they refused and would only offer to refund the cost to erroneously send it to me. How is that fair? I don't think it is. We're not talking about major dollars here - it was a difference of $3.50! Amazing that this $3.50 is more important to them to retain than keeping a customer happy. Is $3.50 much to me? Heck no, but I do care about the principle of fairness. ...more info
  • Good piece of kit, laminate it and take it to the field!!
    Having used NVG's in training and war (PVS-2/4/5/7's), I had limited expectations when purchasing this (1Gen). I was much more than pleasantly suprised when I received this and tested it for the first time. The NVMT easily outpaced my memories of the PVS-2 and bordered on the quality I was familiar with with the PVS-4/5's. Passive is quite good, but IR source light shows a dramatic difference in visibility and clarity. Rubberized coating good feature....more info
  • Same as all the others
    This is a GREAT product. Doing your research like I did? you can stop here. The lighting is amazing and if you turn on the built-in IR, there's nothing you can't see. The only 2 pieces you have to keep track of is the battery spring and cap. I was looking for something to play with and I got a real professional grade product.
    As for the guy who gave it 2 stars, the one who said it wouldn't shut off right away, that's because scopes retain whatever light they are able to trap. The light dissipates after about 30 seconds, he just had to wait....more info
  • Good Night Vision
    I was considering a Night Owl night vision when I ran across this NVMT 2x24. In my ignorance I based my purchase purely on looks, thought the NVMT just looked cooler (don't know anything about night vision). Got it at the house on Friday and have no regrets. Small, almost fits in my pocket. Not heavy at all, focuses good. My cat knocked it off my kitchen counter and it still works. I got on the yukon americas site and saw they have a camera adapter, need that. ...more info
  • pretty good, for the price
    pretty good, more of an item you would use for night spotting and/or medium range night observation. mounting accessories are almost a most to truely use to its max potential....more info
  • greatly dissapointed
    All the reviews gave this item good marks. I'm unable to see that well in the dark with mine. I was reaqlly dissapointed in this unit. Don't recommend it....more info
  • A great little scope for the price...
    This a quality piece of work, especially when delivered to the door for $149.95. The clarity of vision greatly exceeded my expectations both with and without the use of the built in IR illuminator. Be careful when scanning across a surface that may be reflective, it will sizzle your retina's momentarily. Have a CR123A battery on hand and you are ready, almost instantly, to begin viewing. An excellent buy....Lynn ...more info
  • Not the product, but the company - ignore the 4 stars
    I'm just getting over a very bad experience with tigerdirect, so I thought I'd warn you all. I ordered the Yukon Advanced Optics 2x24 Night Vision Monocular new, thinking it was coming from for some reason (of course I found out later it was from It arrived not looking new at all. The box wasn't sealed and there were no instructions. No problem if it worked, but it did nothing but light up indicating it was supposedly turned on. Definately broken.
    I wrote tigerdirect, got a return authorization number and spent $15 mailing it back to be replaced I thought.
    Almost a week after they recieved it (I had delivery confirmation), I wrote to find out what was happening with it only to receive a reply 2 days later telling me that they don't exchange products bought over and supposedly I was refunded the money. My account isn't showing it yet, but I'm assuming they are good for their word on that.
    Not neccessarily a bad company, I'm sure it isn't standard practice for them to send defective merchandise, but the customer service was almost nonexistant. Had I known I wasn't going to receive a working product in exchange, I would have bought another (from someone else) last week.
    Just a warning fyi, you may be better off buying from one of the other vendors on if you are going to get this....more info
  • For a 1st Gen Night optic, Outta the park
    I bought this just as sort of a fun toy to play with in Iraq. I couldn't be happier with it. I can see so well in almost 0 lum, I barely ever need the IR light. For basic spotting, this thing gets my 5 stars. Love it. I don't even check out NODS anymore from the arms room. ...more info
  • OK, I guess
    After some of the reviews I expected more, but as the phrase goes. It's OK for the price. I got this because I often camp in a remote area and my young kids get a little nervous when things go bump in the night. I thought we'd be able to look out into the woods and see all the critters at play and ease their minds, but so far I haven't seen a thing. I also try to use it to keep an eye on our dog when he goes out at night. I have a fenced in wooded yard, but it would be nice to check up on him when he gets quiet. I have to use the infrared light to see him if he's any farther away than 10 yards, and it doesn't help much beyond that when he goes into the trees. The field of view is narrow, and the bubble affect of blurring around the perimeter cannot be discounted as barely noticeable, as some reviews have said....more info
  • Cheap
    This is a poorly constructed piece of equipment. Having just returned home from Iraq, I think my expectations were too high for this product. It focuses poorly, the IR feature does not work that well. I would tell anybody looking for something like this to spend the extra money and get a better one. I wish somebody had told me that. Ive got a very costly paperweight now....more info
  • 4x50 Night Vision Monocular NVMT3
    Great little unit for the price. Expected a very grainy image with splotches but the image is pretty sharp and no splotches. Able to see objects with ambient light at night (stars or moonlight). For dark or shadowed areas the IR illuminator lights it up like a floodlight (only out to about 50 yards though). It has a protection circuit for inadvertent exposure to bright light but you'll know it. Even the moon is way to bright to view with this scope. It has a tiny hole in the lense cover for use or testing in normal light situations but I wouldn't even dare turn it on in direct sun light outdoors. ...more info
  • Works great
    This night vision monocular works great. We are able to see all the wildlife that visits at night. ...more info