Deluxe Hedgehog II
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Product Description

He grunts, he squeaks, he rattles. Harley the Hedgehog II does it all, and drives your dog crazy in the process. He's the soft plush toy with an attitude that your dog will love for exercise and entertainment.The soft plush material retains your own personal scent, which gives your dog a feeling of security and companionship. In labrador and other dog tests, 95% of dogs chose a Plush Puppy toy over plastic squeaky dog toys.Plush Puppies have it all:Excellent way to exercise your pet.Great for interactive play both indoors and out.Softness of toys is safe for year-round indoor play.Made extra strong and durable.Made specifically for dogs--no plastic eyes or noses to chew off and swallow.Machine washable. Harley the Hedgehog comes out looking new again.

  • Extra large
  • Unique characters
  • Plush toys
  • Great Fun
  • Harvey the Hedgehog

Customer Reviews:

  • Almost lasted 6 months
    Well it lasted 6 months so I'm giving it a 5 star rating. Our large alpha male husky is notorious for not allowing a squeaker to live peacefully inside anything within his reach. It was great while it lasted - he carried in around and slept near it and loved to play fetch with it....more info
  • Great dog toy
    I have two great danes and they love this Hedgehog. They were well worth the money. Thanks...more info
  • My dog's FAVORITE!
    My dog prefers the Jumbo Brown Hedgehog however, he loves these toys. If he has the choice of anything... these are what he is going to play with. It's hours of self entertainment as well as with his humans. He's a large dog and plays hard. These toys are durable. GREAT TOYS!!!...more info
  • Hedgie's the BEST!
    Our dog (a black lab mix who is extremely hyperactive!) has had several of these hedgehog toys and loves them to the max! She plays with them . . . allows us to throw them for her . . . and even sleeps with them. She often just nuzzles and nibbles at it as she loves the noises it makes. After several months, they begin to disintegrate as she continues to play . . . until she finally wears a hole in them . . . at which time she unstuffs her hedgie and loses the privilege of playing with it. Then, she's without until we find another for her. I highly recommend this toy for dogs who like a soft, squishy, squeaky toy!...more info
  • A part of the family!
    My dog is notorious for wrecking stuffed animals and breaking squeakers but this toy has lasted a long time. He loves that it squeaks, grunts and rattles but more than this it has become part of the family. It comes to bed with us and is the chosen toy to go to family gatherings and even when other dogs come over to play it's the favorite! We are on our second one in three years and as long as they keep making them we'll keep buying them!...more info
  • XLarge DELUXE Grunting Hedgehog II (Gray)
    I gave this to my GSD and he loves it, the only problem is the grunt, and squeal noise makers didn't function very long. He loves the toy !...more info