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Instructional Swim Belt
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Beginners can learn to swim quickly with an instructional swim belt. The provides the beginning swimmer with increased buoyancy and, most importantly, increased confidence. It may also be used for aqua aerobics. 60" belt buckles on and tightens easily. Soft, comfortable closed cell EVA foam will not chip, break or absorb water.

  • Floatation for swim training or aqua aerobics
  • Soft, comfortable closed cell EVA foam
  • Will not chip, break or absorb water
  • 60-inch belt buckles on easily

Customer Reviews:

  • best flotation for preschooler
    I have purchased water wings, a swimsuit with built in flotation materials and a life vest for my Daughter, who is learning to swim.

    She took swimming lessons a the Y this year and was given a swim belt to use. She did better swimming with the belt than anything else I have tried, so I bought her one. It is just enough flotation to keep my Daughter a float, yet she has to work her arms and legs a bit. Using the belt, my Daughters self confidence in the water has grown immensely! Definitely a must have for those just learning to swim....more info
  • Therapy for adults
    Since having back surgery, I've been using the 4-module belt for therapy in the pool. It's very lightweight, folds up to put in my backpack for travel and keeps my 160+ lbs. afloat very easily. I highly recommend it....more info
  • EXCELLENT product for price....
    I just purchased both the three and four module swimbelts to have around camp when we have company. We are expecting a 77 year old aunt and a 10 year old granddaughter in a few weeks and these will be excellent to make lake swimming more comfortable for them. I tried the 3 module and it held me up nicely (well over 160 pounds). I would like to see a stretchy belt that would help the modules stay put better.

    Although my husband and I both are used to swimming in the lake, we both use a better version of the spongex belt that is one piece. We both can swim but lack the stamina that we had when we were younger. The belts that we use have stretchy belts and one piece of spongex that wraps around your back (or front if you desire). These are more comfortable and stay in place but they were more than THREE times the price.

    All in all these cubed belts are a great swimming aid and can work well for adults and kids that need a bit more "security" or are learing to swim. At this price, they are definitely worth a try to see if they work for you.

    Aqua-Cell Swim Belt - Adult Swim Belt 3-Module...more info
  • Great for little swimmers
    This belt is great for little ones just learning to swim. It keeps them in an aligned position in the water, rather than just bobbing straight up like a life jacket or water wings. This is the same product that the YMCA uses in their swimming lessons. ...more info
  • Best swim aid for kids
    Our local YMCA uses these at their toddler and preschool swim classes. It's completely adjustable with 60" of belt. The 'bubbles' are on the child's back and therefore out of the way. Unlike a lifejacket, this does not allow the child to just float. They need to keep moving and therefore actually learn to swim, first by "running" in the water and then by stretching out to a normal swim posture. Once the child progresses in his or her skills, the 'bubbles' can be halved and reduced until the child can swim without any help....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    Makes you work just enough to stay afloat. Provides the right amount of buoyancy for a good workout....more info
  • Good for young and old
    We love the belt it has really helped our son with swimming on his own and help with balance. Every parent in swim class has now bought one, it is better than anything that they had at the Y to borrow. Our friend used it in the ocean on vacation.
    Good for any age kid or adult. My son this a skinny 2 year old and it stays on with a shirt under it....more info
  • Perfect
    This product is wonderful for teaching children how to swim. They can't use their arms when they are using arm floaties so they don't learn to swim as quickly. My daughter(6) and step-son(7) both learned how to swim in a couple of days with this swim belt....more info
  • Just perfect
    I got this belt because it's the one my son's physical therapist uses in his pool therapy. It's great because it gives them some support but not too much. You can also remove floats as they get more comfortable in the water....more info
  • Swim Belt
    Instructional Swim BeltThis belt was purchased for our Grand-daughter for her to learn to swim. It was very helpful for her to use her arms to swim, instead of the arm bands we had for her. In a few weeks, she was swimming on her own. Jean Angney...more info
  • Good Belt but buy with FOUR segments NOT three
    The bouancy of the belt is very good and the quality is good, I bought the belt with only three segments thinking it would fit my 3 year old better than the 4 segment belt. WRONG. Depending on where you put the three segments (since it is hard to equally place them) it flips her either forward forcing her face in the water (which she is not ready for) or backward making it hard for her to learn to swim. If I had purchased the larger belt I could place one segment on each side and one in back and balance it with one also in front. It is a good product if you can balace the floating segments. I plan to buy the 4 segmented one since the 3 segments are basicallly worthless to me....more info
  • Swim belt purchase
    I am pleased with the swim belt which I recently purchased. It is much more comfortable to wear than the belts that are used in my water aerobics class at my local community center. I also like the belt because it can fit compactly in my luggage for travel so I can continue my exercise on vacation. The only criticism that I have of it is that sometimes the belt which connects the flotation blocks gets twisted a bit and that causes one of the blocks to be turned the wrong way, thus offering a bit of resistance in the water. ...more info