Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multitool with Leather Sheath
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Product Description

The New Wave multitool from Leatherman features improved pliers and wire cutters, externally locking knives, a file, and a saw. All the internal tools are positive locking and include scissors, flat 1/4-inch bit driver with Phillips head, flat screwdrivers, can opener, reversible eyeglass screwdriver and wire Stripper. Comes with handy leather sheath. Made in USA with Domestic and foreign parts.

The Wave multitool's compact folded shape hides a wealth of tools and blades within.
The Wave Multitool From Leatherman: Better than Ever

The most popular full-size Leatherman tool is now better than ever. Larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters and all-locking blades make the new Wave an essential piece of equipment for any job or adventure. The pliers have been redesigned to withstand more than double the previous squeezing load, and the new bronze bushing makes one-handed knife access a smooth operation -- plus, the one-at-a-time blade selection function means that the tool you want is the tool you get. The versatile Wave comes with a durable and attractive leather sheath.

The Wave includes several screw bits for added versatility.

Expand your Wave's capabilities with the optional bit kit, pocket clip, or lanyard ring (not included).
User Features

This Wave model has four exterior blades that can be accessed even while the tool is closed. (Note: the knife blade can only be opened when the tool is closed.) You can open the blades with one hand by placing your thumb in the thumbhole at the base of the blade, and rotating until the knife is fully extended. This securely engages the locking mechanism.

The saw and file both have nail nicks at their tips for easy access. The locking mechanism is marked with a padlock symbol on the tool itself. To unlock the blades, all you have to do is press the locking mechanism toward the handle until the blade slides past the lock.

Accessing the interior features is a snap, too -- just grip the handles and rotate them open. Each interior blade can be opened by using the nail nicks. The scissors extend in the very same way, and they lock into place for secure, safe use. And of course, it's easy to change the tool bits, too. Just remove the bit from the driver and pop a new one into place.

Optional Accessories (not included)

Expand your Wave's capabilities with the Bit Kit, offering 21 double-ended bits. Or, you can add a pocket clip and quick-release lanyard ring.

What's in the box:

The Leatherman Wave multitool and a leather sheath.


All Leatherman products are covered by a 25-year limited warranty. If within 25 years from the purchase date of your genuine Leatherman tool you find any defect in material or workmanship, you can count on the manufacturer to make it right with fast warranty service. To obtain warranty service, return your tool to Leatherman Tool Group. Depending on the tool defect, they will decide whether to repair your tool or replace it with a product of equal or greater value. No variations, upgrades or refunds are offered.

Multitool Capabilities:

  • Needlenose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hard-wire cutters
  • Clip-point knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Wood/metal file
  • Diamond-coated file
  • Large bit driver
  • Small bit driver
  • Large screwdriver
  • Ruler (8 inches)
  • Bottle/can opener
  • Wire stripper
  • Lanyard attachment
  • Two double-ended bits

Key Tech Specs:

  • Length closed: 4 inches
  • Length open: 6.3 inches
  • 100 percent stainless steel blades and tools

The Leatherman Tool Group and its History of Quality

In 1975, Leatherman Tool Group founder Tim Leatherman was inspired by leaky pipes and a cranky car on a budget trip to Europe -- and thus the idea for his first pocket survival tool was conceived. Since then, Leatherman has become an internationally recognized company with hundreds of employees and a wide variety of durable, versatile, stylish products. Created with bold designs and truly rugged construction, Leatherman products are a perfect addition for tool kits, emergency sets, and glove compartments everywhere.

  • Full-sized 18-tool multitool
  • 2 pliers, wire cutters, 2 knives, saw, scissors, 2 files, 2 drivers, bottle opener, 2 double-ended bits, more
  • 100 percent stainless steel
  • Includes lanyard attachment
  • 4 inches; 8.5 ounces; 25-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid Product
    This is my first leatherman and I love it! It is extremely well built. It's light enough to carry in your pocket with the extra pocket clip you can buy. I now carry this baby with me everywhere I go everyday. I use this thing all the time!

    I recently used the saw blade and it worked like a charm. The main cutting cuts very nice as well. I gave it one less star because the head on the smallest driver already broke a little bit. Overall i'm very happy with this product. I do believe they should have included the pocket clip with it but I guess business is business. The case that comes with it seems to be VERY VERY cheap. I don't use it so I really can't comment and more on it....more info
  • Hey, its a Leatherman
    It's a Leatherman. What more can I say. I bought this to replace my 15-year old Leatherman that finally had to be retired after years of construction abuse. The price on this item was $15 less than I could buy locally....more info
  • The best leatherman to date!
    I have owned Leatherman's for years. And the Wave is the best of the bunch. The most versatile while still being compact and lightweight, forget about the bit options on any multi-tool...what a waste! You will lose the bits, and they are proprietary so expect to pay to replace them. For an ultralight I like the looks of the skeletool, but this is the one that remains on my belt from camping to hiking to working on the job or working on vehicles. I find leatherman to be better than the other brands (Gerber, SOG, don't even consider the made-in-china store brand stuff!) I was raised on Victorinox swiss army knives, but after my first leather man, I haven't gone back. Victorinox still makes a great product, but the overall utility of the leather man is far greater. Until they improve significantly on this one somehow, it will stay right with me....more info
  • Junk!
    The day after i got the Leatherman wave i examined and cleaned the parts after having lightly tested the saw blade on a piece of soft pine wood. When i opened it up and barely squeezed the pliers the metal strip beneath the joint broke away from the handle. Now the pliers are completely useless and i didn't even use them once on a job. Spend your money on a better tool, such as the SOG Powerlock. Leatherman tools are going down in quality....more info
  • good tough do everything tool
    This is my go-to tool for darn near everything..I am a audio visual technician, this tool is a "must have". I had the first model wave, this is a minor improvement.
    The swappable head function is brilliant....more info
  • If Survivor Man uses it, it has to be good!
    In the show Survivor Man, Les Stroud takes on nature with almost nothing. But whatever the situation is, he always carries his "multi-tool". This is that multi-tool....more info
  • Leatherman - New Wave
    I bought this as the one I should've bought in the first place (I originally bought a cheaper imitation). I paid the price though when I actually tried to use the imitation, it not only tore my hands up but barely worked.

    Don't settle for less! Get the Original - Get the Best - LEATHERMAN! Made in Portland Oregon USA!...more info
  • great tool
    I was debating between the Leatherman Surge or this wave. I used the surge in school and felt that it was too big to comfortably carry around. I was hoping the wave would be better. Generally it's a great tool. The Surge has better scissors, but the Wave is very compact--not truly comfortable to carry around in pants, but definitely in Jeans. Overall, I'm very happy with the Wave, it feels just as good as the Surge, but is more compact. I carry it around all the time. Additionally it's a full 20 dollars cheaper than the surge (79.99). ...more info
  • Good Buy
    I love my leatherman, never leave home with out it. Its sharp, strong, and extremely useful in my field....more info
  • Great tool
    This tool is worth every penny. I was lucky enough to get it on sale at Amazon and although I saved some money it's so good that I still wish I had purchased it sooner.

    The wire snips are great, the knives are perfect. This tool should be on every sailing, out-door or handy enthusiast.

    I carry this tool with me every day....more info
  • broken screwdriver
    the first day i recieved this tool i tried to unsrew a large screw with the large screwdriver and it snapped at the base. i had the earlier model, which was great but the redisign seems to need a little re-engineering. i would not recommend it....more info
  • A very good Amazon deal
    The Leatherman New Wave tool is one of the better deals on Amazon. By itself, and at the list price, the Leatherman Wave is an expensive indulgence--a tool with most of its functions covered quite nicely by a good-sized Swiss Army knife like the Swiss champ. Amazon's pricing makes the Wave Tool affordable enough so that you can have both, as I do, choosing the right tool or tool element for each situation.

    I myself do a lot of work with cordage and I find the Wave Tool's one-handed opening blades wonderful for measuring and cutting, allowing me to hold the measured point in the line with one hand while I get out the tool with the other. The pliers are actual pliers with well-functioning wire-cutters, the blades are real blades (so how *am* I going to sharpen the serrated blade?!), and it does what it's supposed to do well. You can't ask for more than that in a tool and, on Amazon, the price is definitely right--right enough to be worth my while.

    One note to the consumer though, some of Amazon's suppliers offer the bare tool while others will bundle it with other things like the nylon sheath, or a few additional tool bits for the tool's carrier for not that much additional money. Fair's fair, I bought the tool I bought and I'm very satisfied with it, but if I were shopping for it right now, I'd look a little harder and find a supplier on Amazon who offered you just a little bit more.

    Hope you find this useful...more info
  • Very Satisfied!
    This item was exactly what I wanted at the best price and arrived, unbelievably fast. Thank you...more info
  • Another great Leatherman
    This model is among the most useful of the confusing array of Leatherman tools. I don't go outside without it.
    ...more info
  • Leatherman Wave
    I love this tool. If you are doubting buying it, buy it. You'll regret it if you don't. This is the finest tool I have ever owned. Gerber doesn't have a thing on Leatherman....more info
  • good tough do everything tool
    This is my go-to tool for darn near everything..I am a audio visual technician, this tool is a "must have". I had the first model wave, this is a minor improvement.
    The swappable head function is brilliant....more info
  • Amazing Quality
    I purchased this item for my 12-year-old son and he loves it it. He says that it is exactly as described. Great for camping, fishing, and all manner of outdoor activities. He recommends this for all outdoor enthusiasts!...more info
  • Good but hefty multitool
    I've had the new Wave since 2006. I'm not a professional handyman, although I do have the reputation as the "fixer" in my extended family, from computers to household items to cars.

    I own 3 different leatherman products: this wave, a juice S2, and a squirt P4. The wave is the beefiest (and the heaviest) of them all, and that's understandable considering all of its functionalities. I'm emphasizing the weight because (at more than half a pound) it effectively precludes having the wave in the pocket; if you're getting one without the sheath, save yourself the trouble and buy a sheath. An argument can be made if you're wearing jeans and have the clip, but since I don't wear jeans to work, it's not a consideration.

    Even in a sheath, the Wave is not my EDC (every day carry) because of the weight; my current EDC is the Squirt. The wave rides on my belt only during long or outdoor trips, and it's complement of tools shines for those occasions.

    I have owned Victorinox tools as well (Champ and Centurion). In comparison, Leatherman tools are generally beefier but Victorinox' have smoother action and better finish. As a matter of fact, everything about the Leatherman Wave is pretty much beefier and sturdier, and it comes at a price: weight. Victorinox' answer to the Wave is the Swisstool Spirit, and at 5.7 oz it's far lighter than Wave's 8.5 oz.

    They all work well, so it comes down to personal preference. Leatherman Wave is my choice because the knife is a serious one with a thick spine. ...more info
  • Everyone should have a Leatherman multi-tool
    This multi-tool has so many useful gadgets on it yet it folds up into the size of a small pocket knife. It comes with a sheath that can attach to your belt so it's easy to access and carry. It's also made out of really durable metal: this is no cheaply-made tool....more info
  • Versatile and with a good grip
    I'm by no means an expert on these things, but so far I've used it for camping and small nits and fixes around the house, and I'm impressed by the grip and handling. I have had previous experiences with smaller victorinoxes or even smaller leathermans, but having a good grip is a great plus. Knife is sharp and even when used against hard surfaces, it doesn't chip or break. All in all, a good all rounder....more info
  • Friggin Perfect
    The best multi-tool for me, i dont need all the tools, just some of the more basic stuff.

    The New Wave is great...more info
  • Holiday gift victory!
    For months before Christmas my son had "suggested" this tool for a present. When I found it on Amazon at this terrific price I couldn't pass it up. His face was priceless when he opened the gift! I was really impressed with the quality and versatility of the tool once we got it out of the package. Now I understand why he was so persistent. I know this will be the first item he packs for camping for years to come!...more info
  • A Great Buy
    I originally was going to purchase this product through a major department store; Leatherman and shealth came separate. Once I was ready to complete the order the Leatherman was out of stock. I came to Amazon and found the Leatherman and shealth could be purchased together. It was about 25% cheaper too. My husband is very happy with the Leatherman product. He was skeptical on the quality of the leather shealth but it has lived up to his expectations. ...more info
  • Leatherman Wave
    I bought this as a birthday present for my husband and he loves it. We live on a farm & this tool certainly comes in handy for all types of needs.
    I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants a multi-tool that is not so bulky to carry around....more info
  • leatherman
    My husband loves his leatherman. We have had four. We did have one that we had to have replaced. Which was very easy with the lifetime warrenty. The others were lost. (I wonder if leathermen could weld it to my husband.) We keep buying more because my husband can't function without them. Great product... Definetly one of man's best friends....more info
  • Great Multitool!
    I've owned this for about 3 months and believe me when i say it is amazing. I cary it everywhere i go. Feels very sturdy for such a small tool, blades are easy to open and close with one hand, perfect variety of tools. It has a real quality feel to it. If you're on the fence with this just buy it already! WAY better than anything gerber or vixtronix ever made....more info
  • Leatherman New Wave vs Original Wave
    I purchased the New Wave to replace my original design Wave multitool that I used for years and lost. I have been using it daily for several weeks now, just like I did my old one. This is actually my 4th leatherman multitool I have owned since the late 80's. Each has been a trusted companion, and each new version has been an improvement over the old.

    I prefer the beefier knives and better locking mechanism, as well as the accessory pocket clip of the new Wave design, but I do miss the variously sized regular screwdrivers of the old Wave. I used those frequently, although the trade-off is understandable.

    I was concerned the new phillips screwdriver would not work well, but it performs fine. I was also worried that the very small screwdrivers would be useless, but they have proven capable - and now I do not have to carry a separate set of precision screwdrivers with me.

    The new scissors are somewhat smaller, but they work very well, maybe even better than before. They seem much sharper than the old scissors.

    I am very happy the the tool adapter of the old model still works perfectly with the new model. I also like the stronger feel of the new design, although the old felt very good in this regard.

    Overall I prefer the new design. I give it a solid 5+ star ranking, just like the old design. But I do miss the several sizes of screwdrivers hard-mounted in the old....more info
  • Buy this for your husband
    I bought this leatherman tool for my husband about 3 years ago and he still tells me all the time that he uses it EVERY SINGLE DAY. A few of the tools have bent with use and he just sends it back and they fix it or send him a new one. The sheath has had to be replaced as well but you would expect that with use in an industrial environment. When we go on vacation he doesn't want to take a chance by packing it in his luggage when we fly and he really misses it! ...more info
  • Great Tool
    I bought this to replace the other WAVE tool I had returned for repair. It has a few improvements over the last one and is just the right size. I use every tool in it....more info
  • Not as smooth operating as old Wave
    I received the old Wave about five years ago as a gift. Then I bought a couple of these to give as gifts. The leather holster/sheath is cheaper and not as nice. The pliers do not operate as smoothly as the old Wave. Someone cut costs and hurt quality....more info