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Kensington DomeHub USB 2.0 (7 ports) Weighted Hub 33118
List Price: $38.99

Our Price: $33.86

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Product Description

Since 1903, Acco Brands has grown from a small manufacturer of paper clips and fasteners to an international team of leading office product brands in 60 locations worldwide. Acco designs innovative products to help you work more efficiently, more comfortably and more productively then ever before.PRODUCT FEATURES: Seven additional USB 2.0 ports; Fully backwards compatible with all USB speeds (USB 1.1 & USB 2.0); Stunning contemporary design with weighted base and non-skid feet, also comes with a desktop extension cable for use with a Laptop or desktop computer; Links 1-7 devices; 7 LED's to signal use of each port; Includes power adapter to ensure full power to all ports; Easy to use, Plug and play.

  • Weighted base and non-skid feet stay put
  • Seven USB ports to connect up to seven devices
  • USB 2.0 delivers up to 40 times the speed of USB 1.1
  • Free FlyLight included
  • Works with USB 2.0 and 1.1

Customer Reviews:

  • Great item, but...
    I bought this USB hub for an older (2005) iMac. It certainly solves the problems of dealing with multiple USB-powered peripherals. One issue I did notice was that when I had 5-6 plugs used, my computer had difficulty starting up... in fact, it didn't start up until I unplugged all but 1-2 devices. Certainly, I wouldn't blame the product for this. It may be my older iMac, or one of those weird tech issues that never quite has a reason. I suppose it may be like plugging too many electrical devices into an extension cord. Whatever the case, it is simply something to watch out for. Oh, and it isn't exactly weighted as the product blurb states. I doubt that it would tip over, but that has more to do with its shape. You aren't going to be able to plug and unplug without moving the hub - which is sort of what I expected....more info
  • The best usb hub
    This kensington usb hub is one of the best I've ever used. It's so useful and practical because its wieghted and doesnt move when you plug usbs on it. It's simple and sleek, you should definately invest in this convenience....more info
  • not as good as my original
    Although the same make and model, the Kensington 7 port hub does not work as well as my old original.
    ...more info
  • It does what is says
    To the point: It says what it does and does what it says. Something nice for a product these days. The port on the top is especially useful and the hub is quite stable. It came with a power adaptor but I decided to try it without plugging it in. It seems to work perfectly fine unplugged from a power source. Also came with a light that plugs into one of the USB ports. I have it plugged in but I am not sure why since it isn't bright enough to provide more than a candle's worth of light. Still, it looks interesting. I have not regrets with this product....more info
  • Excellent hub, terrible light!
    I bought this USB hub because I needed another hub and I liked the design of the DomeHub. The fact that it came with a flexible light accessory was secondary and didn't influence my decision away from other hubs. I just thought that the light would be a good little way to provide additional illumination, specifically on my keyboard, at night when I am working at my computer.

    Unfortunately, the light beam it way to concentrated to really be useful. If the light passed through a convex lens or something similar to diffuse and disperse the light, it would be a lot more useful. As it is now, the light beam is no larger than a few inches in diameter and is is very bright, then quickly drops off until it is dark a foot or so from the center.

    I can't complain about the USB hub though. It was easy to connect, it looks cool, and it provides 7 additional USB connections (including a top access port) that I desperately needed. I would buy another one or recommend this to anyone, but I would tell them to forget about the light unless improvements are made....more info
  • It has its goods, it has its bads
    On the positive side this thing is weighted so it does not slide around on one's desk everytime one moves something plugged into it. In addition it has a fairly long USB cable to plug into computer and an adequate one (about 4 feet) to plug into extension cord.

    On the negative side, the USB plugs are too bunched together and make more difficult than it should be to unplug and plug in devices when there are already many plugged in. In addition, the plugs are in the BACK of the unit instead of the front (another inconvenience factor). You need to rotate the unit around to plug in your devices. One would think common sense would dictate that the USB plugs be in the front with reasonable spacing between each other adjacent to the light that corresponds to each plug (indicating it is plugged in). For the person who has to perpetually plug and unplug devices (after all, is this not the reason one purchases something like this?) this device is not optimal.

    With some minor design modifications this could be a five star but in its current state only a three. ...more info
  • Great Hub!
    This is a great product. The shipping by the seller was really fast. The hub is sturdy and stays put on the desk. Well designed. Would definitely buy this again....more info
  • Not enough power
    While it's ok to power devices that need very little power (like a mouse's receiver) or devices that have their own external power, it's awful for powering devices that need bus power. I had connected several small devices to it like my mouse's receiver, USB TV tuner, dvd writer and 2 external hdd that need bus power. My iomega hdd started making clicking noises every now and then and due to iomega's infamous "click of death" reputation, I started fearing the drive was going to die soon. However, I unplugged it and plugged it directly into the USB port of my laptop, and the sound went away. At times, if I connect it to the hub also it doesn't make that sound everytime but does return later. A few days ago, my WD passport drive started making similar noises. Same thing... connected it to my laptop directly and noise gone. Today, I've connected these drives to another USB hub (which has external power) and that USB hub plugs into this hub. So far, so good, hope that scary sound doesn't return (because when a hdd makes those kind of noises, it gives my heart the flutter :( ). But, I don't like this hub one bit due to this problem....more info
  • Good customer service and good product
    I bought this in Sept 08 and had no problems with my laptop. It was a plug and play and was recognized without issue. Recently I noticed that some of the lights hadn't been coming on consistently. I tried plugging it into another laptop and just thought the lights went bad because it appeared that the connection was still working. But then again the things it was connected to also had wireless capablility too. So i wasn't sure. But today I realized that 4 of the 7 usb ports had stopped working. So I unplugged it and set it aside to look for my receipt and book that came with it. I then went to the kensington web page and found the customer service phone number and called it. My call was answered almost immediately by a very pleasant lady. She took my info and asked me if I had tried plugging it into another computer and I told her I tried two laptops but if she would hang on i could try my desktop. Of Course, when I plugged it in there IT WORKED!!! Isn't that always the case. I asked her if from time to time it needed to be unplugged to clear and plugged back in. She said she never really heard that before but if it works then all the better. So, It is a good product. It has not had a problem connecting anything I have tried to plug into it, and if by chance you ever notice the lights go out on the front, just try unplugging it for 20 minutes and plugging it back in again. IT WORKED FOR ME. The thing I like the best about calling customer service was that (unlike many other manufacturers) I actually got through to a live person, who was pleasant, and very interested in helping me resolve my issue. because of that GREAT support, I would buy another product from this company. ...more info
  • Nice price, great product, and it's so cute too.
    This is a good price for this duo (I shopped around at some local office stores before purchasing), and for me is absolutely perfect for my needs.
    Maybe it goes without saying (considering "weighted" is in the title), but this is NOT something you'd want to cart around with you, say in a bookbag, on a daily basis. It's maybe about a pound? It feels substantial. For my purposes though, it's perfect. I can set it up in my home office and plug in my keyboard, mouse, usb drive, pen drive, and all sorts of other randomness without the plugs bumping into each other. I haven't yet experienced any pulling out of the plugs like another reviewer, but mine is situated really close to my left hand, so I can easily pull things out. However it doesn't feel after a week of light use that it's going to be a problem. The whole setup connects to your laptop/desktop by a skinnier cord than your normal USB cord. It looks pretty durable and I rather like this feature - makes for less bulk on my desk. Being a Mac laptop user, I should say the looks factor is high (cute next to my white mac), AND I have noticed absolutely no hiccups in speed accessing all of my devices. In fact, I think the printer starts up and spools faster when connected to this than directly to my laptop, but maybe that's just my wishful thinking since I'm no longer waiting to plug something back in while it does its work. Oh, yeah, and the light's pretty cool too - not exactly a reading lamp, but nice to throw in my school bag and pull out at necessary times (like library reading sessions perhaps). It coils up pretty small and is handy. All and all, I think it's a great product if you're looking for something pretty and fairly permanent on your desk to connect all those peripherals. Thinking about buying a second one for my office at the U. ...more info
  • Stopped working after 1 year of use
    It stopped working after 1 year of use. It just turned off one day and had no power. Other than that I liked it....more info
  • Excellent hub, useful design
    Darn good stuff, this is: a high-speed USB 2 hub with 7 ports.

    The cool little LED fly light, and a USB extension cable just add to the value of this hub. The hub itself is fairly heavy, a bonus when you have a half-dozen USB cable gadgets hanging off of it. My previous hub, a small cigaret-pack size, was always sliding around on the desktop.... sometimes it ended up hanging halfway to the floor. With the Kensington, that's a thing of the past.

    I also like the LED light... I often work at night when it's quiet, and entering my AV editing room/office it's very possible to step on (or trip over) any number of cables, instruments, what have you. With this little lamp lighting up the room dimly, I can see well enough to navigate around the obstacles. I often aim it at the keyboard so I can still glance at the keys to make out the characters... my monitor doesn't really illuminate the keyboard from its position on the desk. so it's been handy. I like that.

    The attached USB cable concerned me at first. I thought it was wimpy (it's quite thin). However, it has not failed me after months and months of service, so no complaint there.

    The ports are arranged at slight angles to one another, so USB cables and gadgets don't exactly plug in parallel to one another. They "fan out" some, so the hub requires a bit more desktop space (behind itself) than its own footprint. Plugging in cables takes a bit of getting used to because of the slight angles, but the connectors feel solid and I've had no troubles there.

    The 7th port is on top of the dome, which is handy if you have PDAs or MP3 players; it's also a good spot for the fly light!...more info
  • Refurbish?
    I ordered 1 set, when I opened it, it had lots of scratches. Amazon was kind enough to send me a replacement but it came with scratches as well......more info
  • good product but
    I got my usb hub from freecycle ( so it didn't cost me anything and I didn't have any documentation or power supply. When it
    wouldn't power my external harddrive I came here and read all the reviews to find out what external power supply and polarity was required. I found nothing but several others with the same issue. Even the website is sadly lacking in this regard.

    I will add it did power my external harddrive for awhile then stopped.
    I determined with a volt meter that there is 5 volts positive center on
    the power receptacle and tried a RadioShack adjustable power supply but
    it still wouldn't power the harddrive so instead of fooling around anymore
    I just plugged the external harddrive into a usb port on the computer and am using the Kensington hub for my card readers, Traveldrives, printer, & camera and for those it works fine.

    After contacting customer support I can confirm that the power supply is 5 volts center positive. Here is their response:
    The polarity of the voltage of the power supply is as follows:

    5 volts.
    2.5 amps.
    Centre Positive
    ...more info
  • Huge disappointment
    They claim the light is included free with the hub when they should have edvertised that you pay $35 for the light and get the broken hub free. Item DOA. Unable to return it now as it got buried in a pile on my table when I received it and I ended up opening it (to find that it never worked in the first place) beyond the return time. I paid a third of the price for a smaller hub from Belkin that I have been thrilled with. More expensive and bigger does not always mean better. Be careful for lemons as I am not the first buyer to warn of this situation....more info
  • Good idea
    Saw this as a deal of the day. Read the reviews on Amazon and several other sites and decided to give it a try. I bought one for me and my husband. It has freed up all but one port on my computer. I have a zip drive that I still use and the domehub would not recognize it. It's not that old, but too old to use with this hub. But, I have connected the following items to it and they work fine - a scanner, a laser printer, a Maxtor external drive, a flash drive and the mouse, plus the free light that came with the dome hub. It easy to connect and disconnect the items, and the domehub does not take up much room at all....more info
  • Cool little dome
    Because of the weighted base, it stays put (unlike most USB hubs). The quirky space alien craft look and silver finish fit right into my Mac office. Very nice....more info
  • Best USB hub ever
    I love this USB hub for a number of reasons. The ports are spaced apart well, it's weighted so it doesn't get tipped over or moved around by the USB cables, the LEDs help you know when you've got a good connection, and the convenient port on the top is perfect. However, my favorite feature is that all of the USB ports are fully powered. This means I can put my iPhone, iPod, cell phone, USB mouse--everything--into this hub, and it just works! You'd be surprised how hard it is to find this on other hubs in this price range. The frosting on the cake is the included flylight, a $10-20 value....more info
  • 4 years no problems with 2 of these hubs.
    I have 1 for my office and 1 for my house- they both work great. I bought them in 2005. No problems. The weighty feel helps them stay put when I am plugging/unplugging devices or cables.

    Great hub for me in my experience. The light is ok, too....more info
  • Another waste of money
    The idea is great. A compact port to handle all those extras for the computer, but the hub worked for less than a month. I still have the light, but dumped the hub. Don't waste your hard earned money....more info
  • Compact but Full Featured
    The hub takes little disk space but has room for all my USB components, including a handy top port that works great for the transmitter for my wireless keyboard and mouse, eliminating the need for the wired extension that came with them. The weighted base and rubber feet hold the dome in place, unlike the old one that was always sliding off the computer and around the desk. Plus, the 2.0 is significantly faster than the old-style USB I had....more info
  • Simple and excellent
    Upgrading my desktop computer a year ago, also meant upgrading my usb hub to one that is 2.0 compatible. Most USB hubs are about as attractive as the average power strip. I liked the silver color of this Kensington hub, it matches my aluminum iMac, has the footprint of an average beverage coaster. The added weight, keeps it where I want it, instead of where the various cables decide. I also like the hub on top. It's the perfect place to for a flash drive or USB game controller. I agree with others about the usb light, I have never had much need for it, perhaps others with a laptop and do a lot of flying might. ...more info
  • "Hub" a bubba
    Nice unit, heavy weight and lots of room for your devices. The flylight is "fly"!...more info
  • Finally
    Finally found USB hub that doesn't slide around once other things are plugged. Came with this cool light that I haven't found much use for yet, but it's still cool....more info
  • great item
    Weighted hub, never moves. Easy to plug into to, looks great on a desk. If you need a hub, this is the one to get....more info
  • Dome Hub
    Ingenious design, doesn't slide around and a flexible light for seeing in the dark, this is a must have for laptop owners....more info
  • great product, worth the couple extra $
    I bought one of these for my wife's mac. Its been absolutely great! I really like the fact that the hub is weighted, so it doesn't move around all over the place like a cheap plastic 4-port hub would. I have not had any issue with usb plugs coming out of the slots. There are six ports in the back of the unit, and the seventh is on top for items like thumb drives which you want to be able to access quickly. The other six ports are a little harder to get to if you have a cluttered desk, but otherwise are fine.

    The included usb flex light is useless, don't factor it in your decision whether or not to purchase this product.
    ...more info